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"In your dreams!"

Wan Shi gave a stuffy snort. Suddenly, he let out a roar that sounded like a thunderclap. The cold Qi that had swept out from Toad's body rolled back.

Dong, dong, dong …

A scorching aura spread out from Wanshi's body. The veins on his body bulged out like thin snakes swimming around. The sound of blood flowing was like the beating of a war drum. As his eyes turned red, he roared and hot air gushed out.

"Barbarian bloodline!" Someone below the stage whispered.

The barbarians had refined the blood into spirit, and the power of their blood and Qi was extremely strong. The ancient barbarians were capable of capturing dragons and battling dragons and elephants. The sound of blood gushing out was extremely terrifying.

Wan Shi's figure shot out explosively, his fist smashing towards Mu Chan with a loud bang.

"Reckless fellow." Causing Toad to snort coldly.

When he opened his mouth, there was the sound of a toad. The spirit energy in front of him surged, and a snow-white spirit toad appeared. Its back was bulged with ice crystals and its eyes were vermillion red.

Ice Spirit Toad!

The price of a living Mysterious Ice Spirit Toad was several times higher than the value of the Mighty Dragon Elephant's corpse. A mouthful of cold air spewed out; even a Violet Lake Stage cultivator would be frozen.

In an instant, the cold energy collided with Wanshi's fist and instantly froze his arm in a layer of extremely thick ice at a speed visible to the naked eye. Wan Shi instantly felt the blood in his arm freeze.

Causing the figure of the toad to move, it shot up, and a white light flickered on its feet as it swept towards Wanshi's neck.

At this moment, his brows were covered in white ice crystals. His face darkened as the spirit energy in his body, mixed with his blood, burst out.

Unmoving Mountain Art!

As the spirit energy in his body surged, the Qi and blood of his body surged like a battle drum. The ice crystals on his body suddenly exploded.

With a bang, Toad's foot landed on his neck. With a creaking sound, Wanshi's body was pushed back more than ten steps.

"You overestimate yourself!" It made Toad snort coldly.

The Ice Spirit Toad attacked again. The cold air surged, and the cold air it breathed was like white snakes dancing in the air. It instantly shot towards the ten thousand stones.

The ten thousand stone basin's large fist danced as blood energy lingered and spirit energy burst out. The countless amounts of cold energy in the surroundings were instantly vaporized. However, the cold energy from the Ice Spirit Toad continued to surge in. In the blink of an eye, his legs were frozen and his arms were numb.

With a bang, the toad kicked out once again. One of the ten thousand stone heads collided into the light barrier, and with a hualala sound, it rolled onto the ground while panting heavily.

"It caused Toad's strength to increase so quickly. With the combination of our strength and that Icemountain Toad, the men from the Heavenly Alliance wouldn't even have the strength to fight back." Someone in the audience whispered.

"That's right. After all, Ling Chan is the leader of the Spiritual Alliance. He was ranked 20 on the Earth Board last year." I probably haven't even used my skills yet. "

"Then why don't you hurry up and place your bet?"

At this moment, the situation in the Fulfillment Realm was basically one-sided. On the Spiritual Alliance side, the stakes were as high as 60 million, while the Heavenly Alliance side only had around 10 million.

Almost everyone had clearly seen the situation. However, there were a few people who had a fluke in their hearts. After all, this was a 1: 6 ratio.

"Hurry up and end it, don't let it happen again." Someone below the stage urged.

Onstage, it caused Toad's face to sink. The previous round had completely overturned the absolute advantage and caused him to lose face for the Spirit Alliance. He definitely wouldn't lose face in this round!

Wan Shi stumbled as he stood up. He roared as the spirit energy around his body burst out. His eyes were scarlet, and his entire person was like an ancient beast as he charged towards the giant toad.

The defensive power of the barbarian bloodline was extremely astonishing. Moreover, the defensive power of the spirit art cultivated by the Ten Thousand Stones was also incredible. Therefore, his entire body was like a walking defensive wall.

With an explosive boom, a yellow blade radiance abruptly rose from beneath the toad.

Causing Toad's body to shoot up into the air, he sneered, "To think that you still have the strength to fight back."

"Mysterious Ice Toad!"

With a soft shout, the Ice Spirit Toad let out a gurgling sound. Its scarlet tongue spread out, and five streams of cold air interweaved, flying into a giant ice toad that crashed into Wan Shi's body and exploded.

Ten Thousand Stones was instantly frozen, as if he was an ice sculpture.

"I will count to three. If she doesn't admit defeat now, she'll freeze to death!"

In the Heavenly Alliance, Liu Wenchuan and Lin Yuqing's expressions changed. Ruan Yue was heavily injured and unconscious. The two of them had just entered the sect, so they did not dare to act rashly as the invitation to the Moon Banquet was a matter of life and death for the Heavenly Alliance.

The two of them looked at each other and saw the hesitation in each other's eyes.


cried Toad contemptuously.

At this moment, everyone in the audience was whispering to each other, "The Heavenly Alliance is still struggling. What's the meaning of that?"

"Who wouldn't say? "Oh right, why haven't I seen Ning Wufeng?"

"He's the hope of the Heavenly Alliance."

"Probably because they fled after sensing that something was wrong. "Hah." Someone laughed.

Anxiety appeared in Ye Yi'er's eyes. She didn't see Ning Wufeng either. What was going on?

"He won't run away." There was only one possibility, and that was that something had happened to Ning Wu Feng!

Thinking of this, she could not help but panic.

Zhao Lin'er snorted lightly and said, "Let's say that brat runs fast. Otherwise, he'll be the one who will be frozen into an ice sculpture."

She broke into a smile, feeling indescribably pleased in her heart.


At this time, Liu WenChuan clenched his fists and wanted to stand up. After which, his aura loosened up and he became powerless.

Admitting defeat meant that the Heavenly Alliance had no other choice.

In the previous battle, Elder Sister Ruan Yue did not admit defeat even in the face of death. This round, Shixiong Wanshi would definitely do the same. Surviving was even more difficult than dying in battle!

At this time, Situ Shan stood up and pretended to be sad as he said, "Since the situation has developed to this point, the result is obvious. Don't let your life be harmed."

The meaning behind his words was for the Heavenly Alliance to surrender.

"Right, admit defeat." "What's the point of competing?" The people who were betting on the Spirit Alliance also followed one after another.

In the VIP room, the well-dressed Ye family's young master, Ye Zhiqiu, had a smile on his face, "How much did I bet on you?"

"Young master, you bet fifty million." The person beside him whispered.

"That's boring. We can only earn this little bit of money in a single game." He curled his lips.

In the room next door, the middle-aged man surnamed Li asked, "What, is there any news about Ning Wufeng?"

"Yes." Lord Tang whispered.

In this match, Shi Wanshi had been defeated. The remaining two freshmen of the Heavenly Alliance would definitely not be able to afford the loss. It seemed that the bottom of the Heavenly Alliance had already been decided.

In a booth in the southeast corner, Ning Wufeng bowed and said, "Sorry for the trouble, grandma."

The Purple Bamboo Medicine Mother rolled her eyes at him, "You don't need to give me any orders, I know that very well." "Ice Spirit Toad, come!"

She giggled and grabbed towards the arena.

And on the arena stage, there was not even the slightest difference between the two. His face was cold, "Since that's the case, don't blame me for being impolite."


Before he could finish his sentence, his voice was immediately drowned out by a loud explosion. Countless ice crystals shot out, and the powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuations were completely unguarded as they flew towards him.

"What's going on?" It caused the toad to spin and crash into the light barrier, but its brain had yet to come to terms with it.


The entire arena was shaking, and 10,000 stones were hurtling towards them. Spiritual energy, blood, and Qi surged throughout their bodies, and their auras were extremely shocking.

"How could this be?"

Everyone in the audience was shocked.

Situ Shan was even more shocked. "I've been frozen by the Ice Spirit Toad, how can I escape?"

The Ice Spirit Toad was an existence that could even freeze a Violet Lake Stage cultivator.

However, it wasn't just him who didn't understand. Even the Ice Spirit Toad's owner, Ling Chan, didn't understand.

With a bang, the toad was struck by a fist from Myriad Stones, and its body was sent flying once again. The ten thousand stone fist blasted out, causing the toad's ribs to creak as a large portion of it was broken.

Puff …

A mouthful of blood sprayed out, causing the toad's entire body to tremble.

"How hateful!" He gritted his teeth and wiped off the blood from the corner of his mouth as he coldly snorted.

The audience was in an uproar. They never thought that the situation would actually be reversed.

"Could it be that the Heavenly Alliance is about to erupt?" Everyone whispered.

The two brothers didn't say anything, but their expressions were terrifyingly gloomy. They had the confidence to take down the Heavenly Alliance, so how could there be any problems?

With just toad's strength, how could he lose to 10,000 stones?

"Mysterious Ice Toad!"

As the toad roared, the spirit energy throughout its body surged, and suddenly, its expression changed drastically. Tens of thousands of stones blasted their way over.

The Ice Spirit Toad did not listen to his commands.

"How could this be?" Once again, the toad could no longer sense the existence of the Ice Spirit Toad.

His face instantly turned deathly pale. With a bang, he was sent flying by Wanshi's fist. He fell to the ground and panted heavily.

Blood dripped down.

The Ice Spirit Toad had actually disappeared! The strength he was so proud of had actually disappeared. The terror in toad's heart could be imagined, it was as if he had suddenly lost his way.

"Kill him!"

At this moment, Wan Shi's eyes were bloodshot. He didn't notice anything unusual. The Barbarian Bloodline was growling. He only had one thought in his mind — fight!

With a bang, the toad was sent flying once again. It landed heavily on the ground like a dead dog.

"What's going on?"

The people who were betting on the Spiritual Alliance were starting to get restless. The Spiritual Alliance was doing this again and again. It couldn't be that they were betting on them together with the Heavenly Alliance, right?

In the VIP room, the silk-clothes wearing young master Ye Zhiqiu's face darkened. He asked in a low voice, "How did this happen?"

He had bet fifty million on it. This was clearly an extremely good situation, but it suddenly became like this. His expression was extremely ugly.

In the room next door, Elder Li stroked his beard. With a face full of doubt, he said, "This group of Heavenly Alliance brats really made me look at them in a new light."

Puzzled, Lord Tang asked, "Could it be that someone is secretly helping?"

"Could it be Ning Wufeng?"

His eyes suddenly lit up as he asked this. After all, the Heavenly Alliance's two victories were too strange. Both of them were on the verge of a breakthrough and were on the verge of a desperate counterattack.

"Ning Wufeng?" Elder Li rubbed his chin, revealing a playful smile. "I hope I can see him."

At this moment, the situation on the stage was very clear. This caused Toad to be much angrier than before, losing a lot of breath.

The Spirit Alliance's defeat had already been decided!

The Heavenly Alliance was temporarily out of danger.

In a room in the southeast corner, the Violet Bamboo Mother toyed with the Ice Spirit Toad and giggled. Ning Wufeng stood at the side and said, "Thank you for your help, grandma."

The Purple Bamboo Medicine Mother rolled her eyes and lightly said, "Brat, the remaining grandma won't be able to help you."

At this time, the only forces left in the Heavenly Alliance were Liu Wenchuan and Lin Yuqing. Their opponents were the Third Alliance last year — the powerful Wen Alliance.

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