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The Second Seal : Bontenmaru's Clan

"Today's the day of the month where you go back to have a family dinner with the Date Clan, Hime."

"Wuuu. No, I don't want to go."

"Hime. How can you be afraid of your own mother? It's not like she’ll eat you up."

"Mother is pa.s.sionate about the creation of strange dishes. Maybe if I'm not careful I'll be caught and turned into fried tempura and be eaten... ...Wuuuu."

Bontenmaru was born with a weak stomach.

When she was young she had eaten a dish her mother, Yoshihime, made with a great amount of chilli and hot peppers, resulting in an extremely spicy dish that caused Bontenmaru to have a severe stomachache and nearly lose her life.

Bontenmaru's high fever and near-death state during that time caused her to lose her right eye. It was so horrendous that rumours of 'Yoshihime wants to poison her child whom she resents because her child does not have the blood of the Date Clan' began circulating in Yonezawa.

Of course, these baseless rumours were intentionally spread by the malicious people who did not like Yoshihime and Bontenmaru. But Bontenmaru who was very perceptive seemed to realized her mother was extremely demanding of her, or perhaps it would be better to say that, because of that incident, Bontenmaru feared Yoshihime from the bottom of her heart.

"Kojuurou, you should also know Mother's cooking is full of strange things. Someday, I will definitely be poisoned by Mother.

"Haa... ..Hime's delusions really are such a headache. Kanetsugu-dono, please say something."

"Kojuurou-dono, there's no need for any convincing here. All that needs to be done is to tie her up, throw her onto a horse and send her to Yonezawa directly."

"Oioi, What are you saying?! A mere freeloader dares to say such a thing~!"

In the Date Clan, there's a tradition of gathering once a month for a family dinner in Yonezawa Castle[1].

Today is the day for that said family dinner.

Kanetsugu did not care about Bontenmaru and restrained her, though she put up a desperate struggle, it was useless.

"Mego~! Come and save your Onee-sama who has been captured by the follower of G.o.d!"

"Onee-sama, Mego also needs to go to Yonezawa Castle."


Megohime who had bandages tied around her entire body was actually really looking forward to the unique cuisine made by Yoshihime, and had already mounted her beloved horse and began to set off.

Kojuurou also mounted on another horse and followed behind Megohime, while Bontenmaru was tied to the back of Kanetsugu's horse and was taken away.

"Let go of me! St-stop, if this goes on the true demon king sleeping within me will awaken!"

"How noisy… Stop shrieking some weird lines with that weak, kitten-like voice. I'm going to go deaf."

"Speaking of which, why do you need to go for the family dinner of the Date Clan?"

"Maybe Mogami Yoshiaki will take this opportunity to a.s.sa.s.sinate you. I am under orders from Kenshin-sama to protect you and must monitor you properly.

"Even though Uncle is a human, his soul is close to a demon, right? Furthermore Kane-tan must be a virgin, right? If uncle sucks your blood out you'll become an undead gugugu!"

"Y-you rude b.a.s.t.a.r.d! What are you saying in front of Kojuurou-dono!"

"Did I hit the bull's-eye? Gugugu~, Kane-tan really does have some teasing value."

"Wuwawa~!? S-shut up! You're such a headache!"

"Don't hurt my b.u.t.t, wuahhhhhhh~!"

'Ko-Kojuurou-dono. Just in case, I would like to know who else will be attending this dinner."

Faced with the shy Kanetsugu, Kojuurou gave a hearty smile and replied.

"Aside from everyone here, firstly we have the head of the clan, Date Terumune-sama, Hime's father. He is a good natured man, so much so that he doesn't seem like a Sengoku general. Even though he knows nothing about war-related affairs but he has won the love and adoration of the ma.s.ses."

"Ah... what a miracle that he is able to keep his own castle and city with his personality that isn't suitable for this chaotic era."

"After all, Oshu has alliances formed by political marriages everywhere. Forming an alliance with a man who possesses the traits of strength, brutality and cunning, namely Yamagata's Mogami Yoshiaki, played a large role."

"So it was like that."

"And then there's Hime-sama's mother Yoshihime, Mogami Yoshiaki's younger sister."

"Her mother is the complete opposite of her father, skilled in combat and familiar with stratagems, especially her ability to fight in one-on-one duels which is said to be greater than Mogami Yoshiaki and is the strongest in Oshu, that’s why she is feared by the people around here."

"Oh, it makes one can't help but think of an image of a fierce G.o.d."

"No no, she's someone who is as cute as Hime."

"So it's like that huh... but I don't think that Bontenmaru is cute in the slightest bit."

"Wuuuu~! I am very cute, mind you!"

Kanetsugu started beating Bontenmaru's b.u.t.t again to make her shut up.

"Ku~... To be spanked by this mere Kane-tan is such a great insult. Uooooooh, if I wasn't hit by the sun's rays, the natural enemy of the demons, I wouldn’t have... "

"At any rate, can you not wear the Nanban cloak whenever you go outside?"

"This is a tool that is necessary in order to seal the devil king inside me and preventing it from awakening gugugu."

"Yeah yeah I get it. Kojuurou-dono, who else will be attending?"

"There's also Hime's younger brother Jik.u.maru-sama. He is still a young child that had just learnt how to walk."

"Hey, Kane-tan. Don't ignore me! Give me a surprised look and ask, 'What is this sealing tool for?'"

"I am really surprised, to think that Bontenmaru actually had a younger brother."

"Since I have a younger sister, what so strange about having a younger brother!"

"Even though your residence has your sister, Mego-dono present, but I've never even glimpsed the shadow of your brother."

"Jik.u.maru-sama who is still very young is always accompanied by his mother, the number of chances for him to encounter Hime in the Nanban haunted house that is Hime's residence is extremely rare."

"So it's like that"

"Jik.u.maru is Father's biological child; so naturally he gets Mother's favour. The retainers are also looking forward to replacing me with Jik.u.maru for the position of successor."

Kanetsugu frowned.

Against her younger brother who had Terumune's blood flowing through his veins, the chances of Bontenmaru becoming the clan's successor were very slim.

"Other people would be... Hime's cousin Date Shigezane. Shigezane-dono would most probably be busy catching insects in the woods so the chances of her attending the banquet would be lower."

"Date Shigezane?"

"Even though she is around the same age as Hime, but she is a tall girl who looks more mature. However she always preferred catching insects rather than eat her meals since long ago, ahaha."

"Today's weather isn't bad. It's a good day to be out catching insects."

From the depths of the forest, came the sound of insects flapping[2] their wings.


It was a swarm of locusts.

A large swarm of locusts flew out from the depths of the forest.

Kanetsugu could not help but place her hand on the hilt of her blade, ready to draw her sword.


"Oh, if it isn't Shigezane gugugu."

"Hime, are you on the way to the banquet?"

From the forest, a person emerged with a large group of locusts. Her almost fully nude upper body was covered with a green sleeveless leather jacket. She was a princess-general whose helmet was decorated with a caterpillar and armed with a katana.

Bontenmaru's cousin, Date Shigezane.

'I'm not sure whether if she reached p.u.b.erty too early, but she looks completely different from Bontenmaru even though their ages are similar.'

'Furthermore her development is better than mine...' Kanetsugu who looked at Shigezane's chest could not help but sigh.

"Gugugu is Shigezane not going?"

"Today is the harvest day of locusts. If I missed this period of time, I won't be able to catch them in droves."

"Shigezane really still does like insects."

"Not only are insects cute, but they're also full of nutrition. If Hime also eats more locust Tsukidani[3], you'll also grow taller."

"How irritating, I don't need locust Tsukudani or anything like that."

"They're obviously so cute..."

"Wait, just how did you catch this many locusts in the blink of an eye, how exactly did you make them gather together?" Kanetsugu could not help but ask Shigezane.

"Speaking of which, Hime who is this… ah, could this be an attempt to kidnap Hime? Then in that case... ..."

"Die!" Shigezane shouted while slashing at Kanetsugu with her katana.

Not relying on a stance, she simply relied on her wrist strength.

What ferocious wrist strength, what ridiculous speed, she could be said to be a genius in utilizing her wrist strength.

And it was without a hint of hesitation.

If Kanetsugu was not an expert in martial arts, she would have probably been unable to dodge this blow and lose her life.

"It’s not like that. I am a retainer of the Uesugi Clan, Naoe Kanetsugu! I came here in order to protect Bontenmaru."

"Seriously? So, I was mistaken eh… how boring."

"Shigezane, tell Kane-tan the esoteric method that you used to gather the locusts together."

"I understand."

However, Shigezane was not too good at expressing herself.

So instead, Kojuurou gave a succinct explanation in her place.

"Isn't Shigezane wearing a metal skirt?"


"There's a cable installed in there. All she needs to do is start the device to emit sounds that only insects can hear."

"Oh... ..."

"Attracted to that sound, the insects naturally gather around her. This is Shigezane-dono's machine that she invented herself."

Working hard for three years before finally finishing her "Insect Ap.r.o.n", Shigezane suddenly seemed to change into a different person entirely, with bloodshot eyes and clenched teeth.

'Could she still be after my life?' Kanetsugu could not help but think, but it seemed to be Shigezane's love for insects exploding out.

"This way I can gather all kinds of insects and heartily enjoy eating a variety of tsukudani! Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!"

Shigezane let out a strange sound before returning into the forest with her locusts.

"Kanetsugu-dono, Shigezane-dono is a child that belongs to the wild just like you saw. She's called the "Princess who loves insects."

"What a fearsome expert, looking at her from another perspective, she completely doesn't seem like a child."

"That's because even though she is large in size, Shigezane-dono is actually very innocent, not really understanding much about things such as life and death. Therefore in combat she's ruthless and very powerful."

The intelligent Kojuurou as well as Shigezane whose bravery was unparalleled.

'Bontenmaru already possesses wise and brave retainers to serve as her left and right hands,' Kanetsugu ruminated.

"Shigezane's chest is larger than Kanetsugu's too gugugu."

"Hey can you just shut up already!"

"Don't spank my b.u.t.t! DON'T HIT ME!"

"We can already see the city."

Megohime who was wrapped in a Nanban cloak extended her hand and pointed. In front of their eyes was a small elegant city on a vast plain.

Kanetsugu, who was accustomed to the main fortress of Echigo's Uesugi Clan, Kasugayama Castle[4] which used treacherous mountain paths to turn it into a fortress, could not help but blurt out what she was thinking in her heart due to her surprise at how Yonezawa Castle looked.

"This is the city?"

Immediately, she was kicked on the b.u.t.t by Bontenmaru who was tied to the horse's back.

"Kane-tan really doesn't have any manners, hurry up and scram back to Echigo."

For Kanetsugu who did not know how to be tactful, she would sometimes make a faux pas like that.

However, no one could easily enter Yonezawa Castle.

"Bontenmaru, it's still the same, we won't be able to get pa.s.s easily."

What was happening exactly.

In front of the Castle gates stood a young princess

She was a young and bewitching princess who did not look twenty years old.

Pet.i.te and slender.

Yet that pair of falcon-like sharp eyes seemed to share some similarity with Bontenmaru.


This person was none other than Bontenmaru's mother, Yoshihime.

"Mother? That Princess? Isn’t she too young!? Unless she gave birth to Bontenmaru when she was eleven or twelve!"

Kanetsugu spluttered.

"Wh-wh-wh-when she was around my age, this person an-an-and a Nanban man actually... Exactly what were the circ.u.mstances that caused this kind of shameless thing to happen?!"

Something as simple as this was able to cause the conservative Kanetsugu to be on the verge of a nosebleed. On the other hand, the astonishingly large amount of killing intent being omitted from Yoshihime's pet.i.te body is causing one to feel overwhelmed.

"You can use whatever method you want, bring it on Bontenmaru."

From her appearance she completely looked like a cute princess who had grown up in a privileged family, but that ferocious gaze as well as her killing intent, was the most obvious sign that the blood of the Mogami Clan which was feared as the most vicious clan in Oshu flowed in her veins.

Mogami Yoshiaki who inherited the position of the head of the Mogami Clan also possessed monstrous, unparalleled strength that instilled a great deal of terror among the inhabitants of Oshu, the combat prowess of Yoshihime who was stronger than her brother was therefore difficult to picture.

'Why did such a powerful princess choose not to become a general, but instead became the ordinary wife of Date Terumune?' This was something that Kanetsugu could not understand.

On the other hand, Bontenmaru was trembling and blubbering, "Wuuu, scary, scary." at Kanetsugu’s side.

"There isn't anyone who will tremble at the sight of their mother… get a grip."

Kanetsugu pulled Bontenmaru closer to her and untied her restraints.

Bontenmaru then dismounted and trudged over to Yoshihime while crying, "Wuuah~ Wuuah~."

She trembled while pulling out a Tanto[5] that is usually used by children...

"O-O-Mother, i-i-it's been a long time since we last met. Bo-Bo-Bontenmaru has been ve-very well behaved."

"Have you really been well behaved?"

"O-O-Of course. When Kane-tan of the Ue-Ue-Uesugi Clan came to visit, she looked extremely happy when I extended a warm reception to her."

"Wait a minute, I never received a warm reception from you at all!"

"Oi... shut up you d.a.m.ned freeloader! N-No, what I meant to say is, how can you be so disrespectful in front of my precious mother? Can you please have some manners Kane-tan-sama.❤"

"I never expected such hypocrisy. Is this the 'true colours of the demon king?'"

"How irritating, this Bontenmaru is a pure, clean, innocent angel, right Kane-tan-sama?"

"Oi... don't blink your eyes while blushing, it's disgusting."

"Hime! It's time to show your mother the results of your training!"

Even though Kojuurou was cheering at the side, the difference in martial might between Yoshihime and Bontenmaru was akin to a cat and mouse and was completely in favour of Yoshihime.

"What's the matter Bontenmaru, if you don't charge at me, you won't be able to enter the castle."

"Hya Gu?!" Bontenmaru squealed from her mother’s unexpected declaration.

Yoshihime simply pointed at Bontenmaru yet Bontenmaru began trembling so severely that she almost began to spasm.

"Onee-sama, be brave!"

Megohime said in a soft voice and raised her fist to cheer. While Kanetsugu gave a sarcastic sneer, began to provoke Bontenmaru.

"I see. In actual fact the brat's mother is the true demon king. It seems that that d.a.m.ned brat has a really low stature in that demon power structure or whatever it’s called, no wonder the small and puny 'demon king' has no chance of winning."

"Sh...Shut up~!"

Bontenmaru gave a pathetic war cry, shrieking "Guaaah" while lunging towards Yoshihime, swinging the tanto in her hand.

"Wuaaaaaa! Mother, I'm sorry! The twelve apostles have descended once more to annihilate the whole demon world!"[6]

"How naive!"


Yoshihime sent Bontenmaru flying with a kick to her stomach.

"Wuuuu!" Bontenmaru gave a shrill cry of pain and lay on the ground moaning.

"Ah, the secret one hit kill technique that Hime specially developed with me didn't work... ...! It wasn't useful at all~!"

Just when Kojuurou wanted to dash to Bontenmaru's side, Yoshihime sent a piercing gaze towards Kojuurou that held her in place.

"Still not good enough Bontenmaru, with that small pet.i.te body you can't even come close to me."

"Gugugu, I pretended to be sent flying but in actual fact I wanted to throw shurikens[7] at you Mother."

"What kind of use does such a soft shuriken have?"

The shuriken released by Bontenmaru when she was rolling on the ground had also been easily cleared by another of Yoshihime's kicks.

Immediately after blocking Bontenmaru's attack, Yoshihime leapt forward and towards Bontenmaru.

"If you don't want to die then avoid this punch, Bontenmaru!"


"Both sides are to stop here, if this goes on, it will be dangerous so..."

The calm voice which prevented the mother-daughter fight from escalating belonged to a samurai that was about thirty years of age and had a seemingly average demeanour.

He was none other than Date Terumune.

The sixteenth generation head of the Date Clan.

A man who was completely ignorant in any war, yet widely acclaimed for his upright morals and n.o.ble values.

When compared with Yoshihime whose very existence was too bright to ignore, he was the complete opposite; a weak man who hardly stood out.

Nestling the infant Jik.u.maru in his bosom.

"O-Father! Bontenmaru has been well behaved!"

'I'm saved!' Bontenmaru who had just gotten to her feet jumped into the embrace of Terumune.

Yoshihime seemed to be a little unhappy.

"Eh, it ended like this? I still haven't given Bontenmaru enough guidance."

"Yoshi, let's end things here. Today is the reunion dinner for the Clan so..."

"If this child doesn't get enough training, she's going to become so lazy that she won't do anything else but play all day, you know? Bontenmaru is the Date Clan's heir; therefore we need to properly nurture her to become a powerful person."

"Yoshi's methods are a little too overboard, even though Bontenmaru is a prodigy, she's still a child in the end so..."

"Terumune-dono! Bontenmaru's education is my sole responsibility! Wasn't that the agreement we decided on when I got married into the Date Clan?"

"... ... Ye-Yeah it's exactly as you say so..."

"If the Date Clan's next head is like Terumune-dono and does not know how to wage war, this clan will eventually be annexed by the Mogami Clan! Therefore, I need to give Bontenmaru an excellent education in martial arts."

"Yes, you are right so..."

"Bontenmaru, come over here and let your mother hug you."

"O-Mother, please don’t tell me you are thinking of things like wanting to dislocate my joints while acting to hug me? Bontenmaru has been a well behaved child!"

"Who knows? Today I might dislocate your shoulder~. Bontenmaru do you know? There are times on the battlefield when you are being pursued by enemies and you can't escape unless you dislocate your own joints~!"

"Wuah! Bo-Bo-Bontenmaru has been a well-behaved child! Father save me!"

"Ah. Right... we-well... It's about time for me to go and eat so..."


"Could Terumune-dono be afraid of his wife?" Kanetsugu asked Kojuurou.

Kojuurou could only reluctantly reply, "It is as you have seen."

"I can only say, if Yoshihime-sama wanted to take over the Date Clan, then in just a single day the Date Clan and Yonezawa will belong to her."

"In other words, there's nothing strange if the Mogami Clan conquers the Date Clan at some point in time in the future right... ..."

"Right. However, Yoshihime-sama is not that kind of person. Although behave like this, actually she gets along well with the lord."

"I-I really have too little knowledge regarding these kinds of romantic relationships.”

"Furthermore, Yoshihime-sama had great expectations of Hime. She hopes that one day Hime can take to the skies as the dragon of Oshu. The reason why she subjects Hime to rigorous training in martial arts is because she wants Hime to one day become a hero."

"Before that even happens wouldn't she die at Yoshihime-dono's hands?'

In Kanetsugu's eyes, this wonderful relationship between mother and child was very wonderful.

However to Kojuurou who had always faithfully served the Date Clan and was well aware of the fact that Yoshihime and Bontenmaru's personalities were both terrifying, she could not help but worry about their relationship.

"I don't deny the fact that Yoshihime-sama overly strict guidance has produced the opposite effect, but it's also because Hime is too sensitive. To the extent where she thinks that her mother is strict towards her because she isn't loved."

"As long as both sides can have a long talk with each other, these sorts of misunderstandings aren't hard to resolve."

"But Yoshihime-sama is just such a person."

Kojuurou was concerned about Bontenmaru's future.

"I shouldn’t disturb the once-a-month reunion of the Date Clan, so I’ll be on the lookout outside in the hallway."

"Ah, then I will join you as well."


The reason why Kanetsugu exhibited such a rare understanding of the atmosphere, was not just because standing beside her was Kojuurou who was so 'handsome' that she could enchant one just by taking to them, but also because the Clan in front of their eyes was so bright that it was difficult for one to approach.

Kojuurou and Kanetsugu were in the corridor, separated from the dining area by a sliding door, keeping their guard up.

The reunion dinner of the Date Clan thus began.

Looking like a young girl just from appearance, Yoshihime had practically prepared all the dishes.

"Go ahead. I tried using large amounts of ingredients that was imported from Nanban, Luzon, and the Ryukyu Islands, in order to make these unique dishes."

When Yoshihime was not practicing her martial arts, no matter how you look at her she was a cute and lovely Bishoujo.

n.o.body would probably believe that she was a mother that had given birth to two children, Bontenmaru and Jik.u.maru, if they had met her for the first time.

"Much appreciated, much appreciated."

Let alone mentioning that the short man who lacked any charisma, Date Terumune was Yoshihime's husband.

"I am really blessed to be able to rely on the young and beautiful Yoshi."

The att.i.tude that Date Terumune treated Yoshihime, rather than it being the way a husband treats his wife, it's closer to someone being respectful to a some deity or something.

Or perhaps it was because he had the experience of being attacked by Yoshihime who behaved like a fierce war G.o.d.

"Father, Mother, Mego will begin eating."

"Oh, Mego. Eat as much as you like."

"I feel at ease seeing Mego-dono as energetic as always."


"Bontenmaru hasn't done strange things to you right? Things like suspicious rituals and living sacrifices."

"Mother, Onee-sama is the world's most gentle sister, she won't do anything that would make me cry."

"Bontenmaru is very straightforward in her love to Mego-dono, it’s a pity that she can’t be as familiar with other people. The number of people that Bontenmaru can be candid with are so few in number that I can count them using just one hand and even then, the number of fingers on one hand are still more than the number of people she can be frank with. It’s such a headache.”

"Yoshi, aren't you being a bit too harsh towards Bontenmaru?"

"Ara? It's Bontenmaru's father fault for being an idiot in martial arts."

"... ... I'll continue eating so..."

Even though Megohime also placed her arm in a pristine white sling without suffering any injury to said arm, the members of the Date Clan did not find it strange as they were well aware of it.


"Come Jik.u.maru, have some porridge."


Yoshihime smiled while feeding Jik.u.maru, who was sitting on her lap.

Even though they looked like a pair of siblings they were actually mother and son.

"... ...Wu!"

Bontenmaru was staring at Jik.u.maru enviously.

However when Yoshihime gazed at Bontenmaru with a "?" expression on her face,

"... ...Wuuu... ... I really want to eat some rabbit."

She quickly looked away and made up some gibberish.

"Bontenmaru. Just now your knife techniques were pa.s.sably good."

"R-Really Mother!"

Bontenmaru's eyes suddenly twinkled.

"But it is still far too much for that small body of yours to stand on the battlefield and wield the Tachi[8]. The reach is too short."


"In order to increase your lethal strength, more training with the shuriken might actually not be a bad choice."

"Bontenmaru will work hard, Mother."

"On the battlefield you will be surrounded by enemies coming at you from all directions you know. You need to train yourself until you acquire the skill to ruthlessly, emotionlessly and rapidly cut down uncountable numbers of enemies at the same time."

"Y-Y-Yes. As expected of Mother, Next time I will smear poison on the shuriken."

'That's the spirit. However Bontenmaru, if you want to use poison, your own body must have a certain amount of resistance against poisons for it to work. I suggest you mix a small amount of poison into your food occasionally to let yourself become accustomed to it."

"I'm grateful for your teaching, Bontenmaru is honored."

Faced with her mother who would only say such extreme words towards her, let's not talk about how she would feel. From an outsider's perspective, it seemed just like a mother and daughter having a conversation filled with killing intent while beaming happily.

"Onee-sama, how cool... ... ha... ..."

Megohime gave a respectful gaze towards her mother and Bontenmaru's conversation laced with killing intent.

On the other hand, Terumune was sitting at the side perplexed, 'This is the Mogami Clan's bloodline so...'

'It'd be great if Yoshi could treat Bontenmaru like how a normal mother treats her child, the way she's talking to Bontenmaru now is almost like a martial art or ninjutsu master instructing a pupil...'

'But still... Bontenmaru keeps expanding her knowledge in an increasingly weirder direction, could this be due to the influence of Yoshi's murderous martial arts instruction, so...'

"Hey, Yoshi, you can't train Bontenmaru to be that kind of human weapon. Bontenmaru is unquestionably a child prodigy blessed with the wisdom of Brahma so..."

"Terumune-dono, extraordinary wisdom with a superior ability to slaughter, won't such a person be unparalleled on a battlefield?"


"It's precisely because I hope Bontenmaru can live on that I turn myself into the incarnation of a monster master."

"What you're saying is not wrong so..."

"Should Bontenmaru be truly able to succeed in acquiring a strong physique, then she does not need to rely over-excessively on skills alone. Okay Bontenmaru, hurry up and eat to grow up faster."

"Ye-Yes, Mother."

Even though she said to eat, but the dishes Yoshihime prepared were truly too unique.

The smell of the exotic spices from Nanban and Luzon coupled with the traditional j.a.panese ingredients was a little on the off side. Furthermore, on the exterior it also had a suspicious appearance.

"Bontenmaru. This is a fruit from the Nanban [9] called the Pineapple, I added it to Hatcho miso with salt from Hakata to cook this sweet and spicy sauce."[10]

… Suspicious.

"For this dish I used a large amount of Capsic.u.m from the Nanban ships, and I also used Echigo's cold soba. When you bite into it, the taste of the spiciness of the capsic.u.m[11] mixed with the cold taste of the ice is really great."

Sure enough, it was very suspicious.

"This is a dish that I made by stewing a sawfish. I stewed and stewed and stewed the sawfish[12] until it turned black to make this highly nutritious and nourishing stew. Even though it looks roughly like miso[13], the taste is completely different. It can be said to be an original, primitive, raw taste of the wild. Well, to put it simply, it tastes like poo[14]."

… Too suspicious indeed.

Bontenmaru could not stop her body from trembling after she recalled she once nearly died after eating Yoshihime's cuisine.

"A-A-As expected of Mother, the meal is full of surprising dishes."

"Thank you for your praise but hurry up and eat, if you don't eat you won't grow up."

"Wu gu gu."

Bontenmaru's tongue was very sensitive, therefore when she tasted Yoshihime's dishes the damage she sustained was naturally, proportionally larger.

Bontenmaru could only feel an extreme sense of envy towards Megohime who could eat large amounts of these dishes that had an unknown origin without any change in her expression.

However, the person she envied the most was still Jik.u.maru who was eating porridge which Yoshihime fed him one mouthful at a time while in her embrace.

Jik.u.maru was with Yoshihime everyday while on the other hand she had to place her life on the line just to meet up with her mother once a month during the reunion dinner.

Although they were blood related siblings, but the difference in treatment given to both of them was akin to heaven and earth.

Furthermore these dishes were filled with very bizarre things.

Even though she does not know that Megohime really liked to eat these dishes, but to Bontenmaru, this was undoubtedly a round of torture.

'Even though Kojuurou denied it, but as expect Mother really hates me, doesn't she?'

Yoshihime had always been very tough on Bontenmaru. Therefore, Bontenmaru could not be blamed for thinking this way.

"Bontenmaru, you are the chosen one who was awarded the name of Brahma so..."

Terumune said as he clapped the shoulder of Bontenmaru who was crying and shrieking, "Can I not eat this Mother.".

"... ... Father."

"Bontenmaru bright red left eye, is the evidence that you have been granted the destiny of a great hero so..."


"The ambition of the Date Clan's sixteenth generation, I leave the unification of Oshu to you. Yoshihime is of the same mind, we both believe that you will become the prodigy that conquered Oshu so..."

"So that's why Yoshi is very strict regarding your education." Terumune finished.

"Like I always said, you will one day inherit the name of the founder of our Date Clan, Date Masamune so..."

Leaving aside the weird end to his sentences that Bontenmaru had already become accustomed to, that plain style of speaking touched the heart of Bontenmaru.

"Ara, the ambition of being the conqueror of Oshu is a little too small. Bontenmaru, your aim should be the conqueror of the world, no, it should be even higher okay."

"What's even higher than that, so..."

"Saa, not even I know. It's just that... ... Bontenmaru was born a little too late, if she wanted to go out and make a name for herself, there wouldn't be very much time left for her."

Yoshihime spoke of Kai's Takeda Shingen, Echigo's Uesugi Kenshin, Sagami's Hojo Ujiyasu as well as Owari's Oda n.o.buna.

It was Yoshihime's hope that the young Bontenmaru could quickly do battle against these supernovas of the chaotic times.

'That's impossible!' Bontenmaru shrieked.

Even so, Bontenmaru was barely able to prevent her body from trembling.

"The heroes who are competing for dominance over the world have already grown up and inherited their positions as the respective Clan Heads and are waging war in order to attain supremacy. Only Bontenmaru is too young. Furthermore this child is a lazy bug, the minute you stop paying attention to her is the minute she starts slacking off right?"

"It's still too early to throw Bontenmaru into the middle of a pride of lions so..."

"It's not too early, it's actually too late. This child is too timid, even refusing to show her face in front of our Clan's retainers, always trying to hide her eyes and hair from other people."

"That's because Bontenmaru is still a child. Her courage will grow as she grows up so..."

"How can this be allowed to continue, there's no way she'll be able to inherit the position of the Date Clan's head like that."

"I've already decided that Bontenmaru will inherit the position of Clan head so... Because Bontenmaru is a prodigy."

"Since the Sengoku era is approaching it’s end. Cautious late-bloomers won't be able to make it in time. If only Bontenmaru had a strong character like mine, then there wouldn't be anything to worry about."

"... ..."

Bontenmaru silently scooped up some of the food Yoshihime made and brought it towards her mouth.


Suppressing a lament, Bontenmaru was about to obstinately eat the food.

Just when Bontenmaru was about to place the food from Yoshihime's dishes from h.e.l.l into her mouth and face utter devastation of her taste buds.

Something unexpected occurred.

"Terumune-dono, it's been a long time since I last saw you."

Someone who was not invited intruded on the Date Clan's reunion meal.

He was a man clad in bearskin.

With a gaze akin to a ferocious tiger, he was somewhat similar to Yoshihime.

Furthermore he was tall and muscular. If one would compare the two, it would be as if comparing an adult with that of a small child.

"Ani, what are you doing here?"

"Oh, Yoshi, are you doing well?"

This tall and robust man was Yamagata Castle's lord, Mogami Yoshiaki.

Possessing both intellect and bravery, in order to establish a dictatorship, he mercilessly fought against his own father and brothers as well as his clan members, thus resulting in Echigo's Uesugi Kenshin labelling him as a treacherous and vile person, thereby becoming more wary of him. That was the man known as Mogami Yoshiaki, who came to Yonezawa without any warning.

"How did you get in here?"

"Well I brought a few army troops from Yamagata over. Furthermore, there are also supporters of Yoshi and myself within Yonezawa itself."

Behind Yoshiaki who sat right opposite Yoshihime, not only were there Yoshiaki's retainers from Yamagata, there were also roughly ten retainers from Yonezawa's Date Clan.

The whole group emitted a strange atmosphere.

"... ...Mego, go to the hallway where Kojuurou is."

Bontenmaru first allowed Megohime to flee, but her own actions were slow.

She was noticed by Yoshiaki and a greeting came.

"Oh, if it isn't Bontenmaru. Let your oji-san serve you some rice, come on."

"Oji, I have a bit of a stomach ache, gugugu."

Bontenmaru used her ninjitsu, Folding Back jutsu, creating an opportunity by flipping up the tatami mats and cunningly hid under them.

In order to prevent the retainers helping Yoshiaki catch a glimpse of her red eye.

If her red eye was seen be the retainers, there would definitely be ‘Troublemaker of the Nanban’, ‘The Date Clan is finished’ rumours like these.

"As always, she's as timid as a rabbit, isn't she?"

Yoshiaki drank a mouthful of wine and once again turned to Terumune."

"I heard that Yoshiaki-dono is still fighting against your esteemed father, perhaps you could let this Terumune be added to the arbitrators so..."

"Hng, Father has already been forced by me to go into seclusion."

"Ani, is what you just said true?"

"I, Yoshi, isn't a man who is satisfied with just Yamagata alone. I am the man who is heading to the capital, Kyoto, to have an audience with Shogun-sama. I therefore need to quickly pacify Ushu and ensure there's a harbour."

"Even so, Ani..."

"Father foolishly thought that I had let down my guard and thus began to stir up trouble again. I am a rakshasha who eats even shuras. The Tengu king of Dewa's three mountains. How can I not allow the b.a.s.t.a.r.ds at Yamagata to not experience my resolve. After this they probably won't dare to revolt anymore." Note:(rakshasha = demonic being from hindu mythology)

Mogami Yoshiaki said blandly.

"Ani is a monster."

"Don't put it that way Yoshi, since I am aiming for the world, this is essentially the last resort."

"This is also the helplessness of the Warring States era so..." Terumune added, continuing to quietly sip his tea.

"Terumune-dono, you are also worrying about Bontenmaru being the next successor of the Date Clan right? After all, Bontenmaru is not of your flesh and blood."

"Ani, what exactly are you trying to say?!"

"Maa, Yoshi, slowly hear me out. I once had a huge headache regarding how to treat you after you became pregnant because you fell in love with an unknown Nanban merchant that came from who knows where."

"That was, during that time the whole Clan was in chaos."

"Even though that hateful Nanban merchant managed to escape, leaving the country, but at that time Yoshi was already pregnant."

Yoshiaki trembled with rage, draining his cup in one go.

"How dare he lay his hands on my sister, that Nanban merchant absolutely cannot be forgiven. I can't wait to tear him apart limb from limb. Why was the father of Yoshi's child not me[15]?"

"I say, so what if Ani was Bontenmaru's father?"

"I would be anxious to loudly declare, 'This child is mine!' before burying myself into Yoshi's embrace! Wuoooooooo~ Wuooooooo!"

"Don't howl like a bear! Hurry up and shut your mouth."

"But this country doesn't allow siblings to be married to one another. So I could only marry you off to the neighbouring country's Date Terumune. Not long afterwards, Bontenmaru was born. One look at her and you'd know she was the child of a Nanban. Looking at Bontenmaru, I can't help but recall that d.a.m.ned Nanban merchant! Wuoooooo!"

"How long do you intend on talking about these matters that happened a long time ago... ... Why exactly did you come here, hurry up and go back home."

Yoshiaki suddenly stopped crying, and went closer to Terumune.

"Terumune, to this day I still feel guilty for imposing Yoshi who was pregnant with a Nanban merchant's child onto you."

"She's not imposing on me, when I first laid my eyes on Yoshi, it was love at first sight so..."

"For the Date Clan, allow me to give you some advice, it's better to allow the child who has your blood flowing in their veins inherit your position, look, isn't Jik.u.maru around?"

"The successor is the eldest child Bontenmaru."

"The blood running through Bontenmaru's veins is the Mogami Clan's blood, she's not a child of the Date Clan!"

"Because Yoshi is my wife, my wife's children are my children so..."

Even though he faced off against Yoshiaki's intimidation, Terumune did not falter in the slightest.

Even though he faced Yoshiaki who was releasing violent killing intent, Terumune was as carefree as a willow swaying in the wind.

Yoshihime looked at Terumune who had a weak presence with a gaze full of admiration.

Bontenmaru who was hiding under the mats ostrich style with the lower half of her body sticking out could not help but sob, "Father... ..."

However, the cunning and treacherous Yoshiaki was currently attempting to stage a coup within the Date Clan itself.

Absorbing a portion of the Date Clan retainers who recommended Jik.u.maru into his own Yamagata retinue, he brought his group of supporters to the current scene.

"Your Excellency."

"The Date Clan is a famous clan that has lasted sixteen generations."

"If the bloodline was cut off then we would have no alternative."

"But currently we have Jik.u.maru-sama present, therefore allowing him to inherit the Clan is more logical."

"Even if Bontenmaru is the eldest child, she is not your biological daughter. This fact should also be recognized by Your Excellency."

"Therefore she cannot be counted as the eldest child."

Teaming up with the retainers of the Jik.u.maru faction, Yoshiaki brought along his subordinates and arrived at Yonezawa.

As for Terumune as well as Bontenmaru who were surrounded in the room, Yoshiaki could have kill them anytime if he wants it.

The reason why Bontenmaru was unwilling to expose her eye in front of the retainers, was because she was aware of this atmosphere.

If she accidentally let the retainers see her eye, they most probably would runaway in fear.

"Ani! Isn't this simply a plot to split the Date Clan? How could you do such a thing!?"

Yoshihime yelled. However, Yoshiaki simply replied jokingly, "Maa Yoshi, how can I do something that would let you down. Don't make such a fuss, hehe."

"Terumune. Please swear right here and now that you'll make Jik.u.maru the heir, and then head into seclusion. Of course Jik.u.maru's guardianship will be handed over to me. Like this at the very least you'll be able to keep your own life as well as Bontenmaru's."

"Ani, Jik.u.maru is just a child who doesn't even know how to speak, if you don't stop here, I'll really get angry."

"Yoshi, aren't you to blame for not usurping the Date clan, making me have to personally get involved in this. You, the strongest warrior in Oshu who is even stronger than me, why are you here in Yonezawa raising the child of a Nanban, quickly come and fight together with me on a battlefield."

"It's no use. I will not become a warrior, I have already decided to train Bontenmaru to become the strongest warrior in j.a.pan."

"It's futile to do so. Bontenmaru is just a little brat with no future, look at her cowering under the mats showing her b.u.t.tocks."

Even though she was being pointed to and mocked by Yoshiaki, Bontenmaru was still unable to reveal herself.

'No matter what happens Father will never change my position as the heir of the Clan, even if he is tortured... ... wuuu, if this continues...'

'If only this demon eye was really able to release a strange beam that would bring down enemies,' Bontenmaru gnashed her teeth.

"Oi Terumune, answer me. You should know what will happen if you resist me!"


"Sealing off Bontenmaru's future paths, is something I cannot do so..."

"As you can see the respective retainers present belong to the Jik.u.maru faction. So what do you intend to do Terumune."

Terumune was forced into a desperate, hopeless situation.

Bontenmaru was thinking that she absolutely had to save Terumune, but...

'Wuuu, I can't, the demon king in my body refuses to awaken.'

"As I thought, I am not the demon king, the real demon king is Mogami Yoshiaki who defeated Father…"

“I have no way of imitating his methods,” Bontenmaru's heart gradually approached the brink of collapse.

For example, resisting Yoshiaki or something like that. n.o.body even dared to think such a thing.

'Impossible, I cannot win against Mogami Yoshiaki,' Bontenmaru already gave up in her heart.

'As expected, was I born too late... ...'

'Is the only option left for me is to propose that Jik.u.maru should be given the position of the successor of the Date Clan.'

Bontenmaru trembled as she made her decision.

However at this juncture, Yoshihime shouted.

"Bontenmaru! Stand up against the retainers, tell them you will never give up your position as the successor of the Clan!"

'If I shock them by letting them see my demon eye, it will endanger Father's life.' Bontenmaru was so shocked she did not dare to move.

"Why do you still hesitate. Let these traitors experience your strong will! Dispense justice on these unloyal fools!"

"... ...If I do such a thing, Father will... ..."

Bontenmaru's weak voice leaked out from beneath the mats.

"If you want to have a house for yourself, then come and fight, Bontenmaru!"

Yoshihime's cry, was similar to Bishamonten urging evil Rakshasa demons to obey him, filled with anger and spirit.

"... ... I can't abandon Father! I... ..."


In the instant where Yoshihime was in his own world,Yoshiaki placed his blade on Terumune's neck.

This time, Terumune has completely become Yoshiaki's hostage.

"Ani, Stop!"

"Hng, who's gonna stop? Yoshi, this is all for you! This gentle and weak idiot isn't fit to be your husband! Yonezawa is your city!"

"This time I'm free to kill and cut him as I please!" Yoshiaki once again逼向 Terumune, but Terumune was still unfazed.

"I don't wish to be a burden to Bontenmaru, so please hurry up and kill me."


"b.a.s.t.a.r.d! What kind of gaze is that! Look more scared d.a.m.n it! Aren't you afraid!?"

"... ... Father... ...!"

Even though Yoshiaki was not a brutal man who would go around casually cutting down other people because of his heated emotions, but one look at Terumune's clear eyes that held no emotion within akin to the eyes of an enlightened monk, and it was apparent that it would be difficult to restrain his anger.

'To think that this b.a.s.t.a.r.d is Yoshi's husband... ... d.a.m.n... ... If only that Nanban merchant did not exist, if he didn't, I would be enjoying each and every sweet and beautiful day with Yoshi.'

In modern terms, Yoshiaki had a severe sister complex.

Even though he, as a daimyo, had a spouse and children due to a political marriage, the only woman he truly loved was his younger sister Yoshihime.

Of course, this feeling was a pure and innocent love.

It was not just that kind of impure feeling where he wanted to do this and that with his blood related sister[16]

Yoshiaki finally could not stand Terumune.

"Eh, I might as well cut both you and Bontenmaru down right here."

"Ani! If you dare do that I will never forgive you!"

"Hahaha, Yoshi. Could it be that you can't cut me down? Do you want to cut down your Ani what has been so doting towards you? Do you want to cut down your pitiful Ani who was about to go mad when you ran off and eloped with that Nanban merchant!"

"... ... It's hopeless, Ani has already lost his usual rationality."

Yoshihime understood clearly that her brother, most of the time, was a rational and calm person. Although when it involved matters relating to his sister, he would become a different person entirely.

When he found out that she and a Nanban merchant fell in love with each other, the mental blow Yoshiaki suffered as well as the actions he had taken afterwards could only be described as abnormal.

Therefore Yoshihime was unable to do anything to Yoshiaki even when he was using Terumune as a hostage and threatening, "Terumune, if you don't let Jik.u.maru become the heir, I will kill you right here and now."

If Yoshihime opposed Yoshiaki for the sake of her husband, then Yoshiaki would definitely lose all of his remaining rationality and kill Terumune.

"Kane-tan, please go and save Onee-sama and Father."

Megohime requested to Kanetsugu who was currently observing the situation from the hallway.

"Mogami Yoshiaki's evil deeds cannot be forgiven. Even though I really want to help, but I'm afraid that if I hastily rush forward to help, Bontenmaru's already collapsed heart will be even harder to revive."

"Her heart has not collapsed yet. The reason why Onee-sama has not made a move is because she is afraid that if the retainers see her red eye they will descend into confusion and disarray, causing matters to go out of hand."

"Well, so it's like that. Are the people of Yonezawa originally so suppositious, Mego-dono?"

"Please save Father, if Father is killed, then Onee-sama will really..."

"To Father, Onee-sama was the child of his rival in love. Even so, Father still loved her as if she was his own child."

"Kanetsugu-dono, please. Even though I really want to help, I am still Hime's guard. As far as the retainers supporting Jik.u.maru-sama are concerned, I am a traitor on Hime's side, an enemy so to speak. My appearance would actually aggravate the situation rather than help it."

Kojuurou could only stand at the side gnashing her teeth, angry with herself for her negligence that allowed Yoshiaki to intrude and strike first while forcing out, "Hime's heart cannot be allowed to have hatred conquer it."

"His Excellency's kind heart has been inherited by Hime's heart. However if this goes on, Hime will be governed by the Mogami Clan's blood that flows in her veins and stray to the dark path."

"Kane-tan. Please save Onee-sama... ... "

'The reason why Bontenmaru was able to treat Mego-dono like her own sister, was precisely because she inherited the kind heart of Terumune who treated Bontenmaru like his own daughter.’ Kanetsugu realized.

Should Terumune be killed here, Bontenmaru would surely go astray.

However, if Terumune was able to be saved, Bontenmaru who had the benelovent heart of Terumune and the lineage of the resourceful Mogami Clan would one day become the dragon of Oshu.

'Kenshin-sama's prediction became a reality.'

Kanetsugu stood up.

"Let me first use my glib tongue to force the rebelling retainers and Mogami Yoshiaki shut up."

"I'll leave it to you."

"However Kojuurou-dono. Relying on me, who is an outsider, is insufficient. If Bontenmaru doesn’t show her face to the retainers, unable to muster up a strong enough will to face this situation head on, then the problem will remain unsolvable."

"Please, take this..."

In Kojuurou's hand was a black eye patch that was exuding an ominous presence, which was handed over to Kanetsugu.

It was different from other eye patches.

It was difficult to pinpoint exactly where the difference lay, but in any case the eye patch had a very strange aura.

'Although it isn't an item from the Nanban, it is still a suspicious little item,' Kanetsugu thought, surprised.

"Hime's weakness is her eyes that have different colours. Therefore, please pa.s.s this eye patch to Hime."

"But won't wearing the eye patch causes Bontenmaru to become more cowardly?"

"If it were an ordinary eye patch, perhaps she might. However, this eye patch is special, and will definitely be able to help Hime."

Although the origins of the eye patch were unknown, Kojuurou seemed to have been waiting for the right time to pa.s.s the eye patch to Bontenmaru.

"As expected of Katakura Kojuurou, there's now a chance of winning, I'm very grateful!"

Kanetsugu walked towards the room.

"Who are you?"

Yoshiaki gazed with suspicion at Kanetsugu.

However Kanetsugu did not waver.

Opponents that could not be defeated with Kanetsugu's glib tongue, would probably only be Bontenmaru when she was comfortable in her Nanban haunted house.

"I am Naoe Kanetsugu who serves Echigo's Uesugi Kenshin-sama."


"I am given full authority to deal with affairs regarding Oshu by Kenshin-sama. Kenshin-sama once said that Oshu has the wicked Mogami Yoshiaki who might harm Yonezawa's Bontenmaru. In other words what happened today was already predicted a long time ago."

“What nonsense!”

"What I said was the truth. In order to punish all the evil in this world, Kenshin-sama raises her flag of justice high and continues to wage war. Therefore, she naturally turned her justice filled gaze onto Yamagata, located not far from the north of Echigo."

"Even so Kenshin has to deal with Kanto's Hojo and Kai's Takeda, she does not have the spare military might to invade Yamagata."

"You're too naive Mogami Yoshiaki. As long as I, Kanetsugu, have this intention, I can use this glib tongue to immediately form a unit to invade Yamagata."

"How can a small brat like you be able to do such a thing."

"Go ahead and try me. If you release Terumune-dono and obediently scram back to Yamagata, then you'll be branded as the enemy of the Uesugi Clan. Come and fight a battle against me!"

"Wuwawawawa, what an annoying little brat! Wipe that smug expression off your face!" Yoshiaki yelled, but what Kanetsugu liked to do best was to have a smug expression on her face while sticking out her tongue to cause frustration to her opponent.

Yoshiaki was confused at the sudden and unexpected appearance of Kanetsugu thinking, 'Why did this b.a.s.t.a.r.d appear here'.

'... ...This d.a.m.ned brat actually doesn't matter, but if Kenshin were to really take action now it would not bode well. If I don't expand my territory, I don't have any means to fight Kenshin in a decisive battle.'

'I might as well directly get rid of this little brat now.'

'No no, if I really kill this brat it basically means I'm provoking Kenshin.'

"Terumune, it's all your fault for forcing me to the brink! Help me think of a plan!"

"Even if you say that I don't know what to do so..."

"If you don't think of a plan, I'll kill you!"

"That's why I asked you to just kill me earlier so..."

"Wuooooo! Threatening this guy is fundamentally useless!"

'This b.a.s.t.a.r.d Terumune is really ridiculous. I should really take the opportunity now and kill him.' Yoshiaki armed himself with a decisive killing intent.

"This is bad!"

Kanetsugu realised that her provocation to Yoshiaki went too far and backfired.

"Hurry up and come out Bontenmaru!"

Yoshihime gave a loud mournful cry.

"This is an eye patch Katakura Kojuurou-dono specifically prepared for you. Wear it and clean things up!"

Kanetsugu threw the eye patch at Bontenmaru who was still hiding under the straw mats.

Bontenmaru lifted her small hand from the mats and caught the eye patch, putting it on almost immediately.

"Hime! That eye patch is something specially given to you by Kai's famous strategist, Yamamoto Kansuke!"

Kojuurou held her blade in one hand, entering the room while protecting Megohime.

"When Kansuke-dono heard of Hime's situation, buckets of tears fell from his eyes. He said, 'For the pure paradise of an innocent young girl, I,Yamamoto Kansuke, am willing to give whatever help needed! I don't care if it's an eye patch or military equipment, I'll provide everything. If possible I'll even loan my residence to Hime and teach her my lifetime's worth of military arts, I'll even accompany in her bath when she's taking one!' He seemed to be the crystallization of a gentle and kind person!"

'No no, there's obviously some weird emotions mixed within that strange speech!' Kanetsugu thought.

Many of the retainers believed in the rumours that Bontenmaru's right eye was blind.

In order to stick to those rumours, Bontenmaru temporarily placed the eye patch over her right eye, yelling, "OOOOO, My body feels so light! Is this my true power!" and jumped out from under the mats"

Jyan jyan jyan

Striking a cool pose (Bontenmaru calls it her 'debut' pose) Bontenmaru leapt in front of Yoshiaki and the retainers.

"... ...For some reason I felt a strange chill at my back the instant I put on the eye patch. Forget it, Kojuurou! Since I've received YamaKan‘s[17] eye patch now, I am already unrivaled in the world gugugu."

"OOOO Bontenmaru-sama." The retainers of the Jik.u.maru faction following Yoshiaki exclaimed.

Bontenmaru had never revealed her face to the retainers up till now.

Bontenmaru had always been living in her Nanban haunted house converted from her mansion with only rumours circulating to the outside.

There was even a rumour circulating among some people that the princess did not in fact have different-colored eyes due to the mischief of a Nanban but in actual fact, she simply had such poor looks that they had to shield her from the public.

But how did she really look like.

"OOOOOOO" "Uuuuuoooohhhh" The group of retainers could not help but raise bird-like cries of her beauty.

The beautiful and cute visage of Bontenmaru was strikingly similar if not the same as Yoshihime who the retainers worshipped. Furthermore, she was more pet.i.te and also had a glossy blond hair which transcended the realm of mortals.

After using the eye patch to seal away her weakness which was her different colored irises, Bontenmaru reverted to her arrogantly smirking demeanour that she always displayed in her mansion, causing her cuteness to double.

"She's different from the rumours, how be-beautiful!"

"Is-Isn't this an extremely beautiful Hime-sama!"

"I want to give her a bath!"

"I want to accompany her to sleep!"

"Then I want to be responsible for accompanying her to the toilet!"

"d.a.m.n, to think that up to today Katakura Kojuurou has been monopolizing such a cute Hime!"

"Only Katakura Kojuurou needs to die today!"

"Prepare yourself!"

"Ehhh, why me?!"

Kojuurou who was mistaken as a boy, was extremely unlucky to incur the jealousy of all the retainers.

"Retainers who supported Jik.u.maru and allowed this fox into the city, if you apologize to Father now I'll forgive you gugugu! However Oji, you are the exception!"

Mogami Yoshiaki also couldn’t help but think, 'Oooo... ... what a beautiful girl that looks exactly like Yoshi when she was young!' and almost started drooling. '…No! I am currently holding Terumune hostage.' obstinately restraining his excitement.

"Hey, d.a.m.ned brat, what's going to happen if I refuse! If you want to kill me I'll bring Terumune down together with me!"

Bontenmaru suddenly started to cry, dramatically waving her arms and legs and starting a monologue.

"OOOOO... ... I can hear... ...the voice of Father ... ...' Shoot me as well as Mogami Yoshiaki! Shoot us both! Bontenmaru, only by stepping across the corpse of your father that you personally killed can you truly awaken as the demon king!'&q

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Oda Nobuna no Yabou Gaiden – Jakigan Ryuu Masamune Vol 1 Chapter 2 summary

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