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"wake up brother" A sweet voice trying to wake up chi yang.

"brother wake up if you going late father will mad on you"

when listen this voice he feel it was voice of his little sister. He open his eyes saw a little child with energetic atmosphere. He say to her " chi chu I will came down in minute "

"brother gets ready faster I will be waiting downstairs" after saying this she get out of the room.

chi yang got up from bed really excited to start a new life. He remember that he not check his status

"system show status"

Name - chi yang

Age- 3 years old


LP points-0

t.i.tle-person of bad luck,child which make G.o.ds sad for him,world traveler,G.o.ds blessed child


Strength - MAX



Luck-MAX(it was -100 after host get luck system it goes to 0)


Elemental affinity-


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Skills-(host not have one yet)

"wow, my status is op(overpower) I make that b.a.s.t.a.r.d father and bother life" when chi yang thought that a system voice came out.

"system warming host will seal till he will 6 years old"

after hearing this chi yang stock that his power where seal but why and try ask the system

"system why my power is a seal?"

"host power is seal because host powers are op and host cannot control it so the host will train in this 3years in otherworld"

chi yang was unhappy because he can not use his and he has to wait for 3 years

"system if I go to another world for 3 years, not every will

think I go missing"

"host does not have to war about it system will make a clone of host and make it as act as host memory of 3 to 6 years old"

"host system want you to get ready you will transfer to another world in 10 sec

system start countdown 10..9..8..7..6..5..4..3..2..1.

transfer will start "

suddenly a magic circle appears out of thin air and make a bright light which makes chi yang close his eyes

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