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Chapter 586: Forceful Breakthrough, Combined Apertures Fifth Transformation


Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

All the invading sea monsters had already retreated, and the Primordial Sword Sect had also returned to its headquarters in Sea Dominion City.

Chen Fei had been notified to go to the Task Hall, where all the Combined Aperture Tempering realm cultivators had been commended. The rewards hadn’t been substantial, but they had served as a form of consolation.

In the eyes of most Combined Aperture Tempering realm cultivators, Min Yanlu’s return to contain the situation had been seen as a commendable effort. Although some had speculated about certain possibilities, they had kept their thoughts to themselves, not daring to voice them out loud.

Qin Haishan and his companions had been fortunate. Aside from Yu Shoucheng suffering severe injuries, no one had lost their lives.

Preserving one’s life had been extremely fortunate, and injuries could always be healed.

Tong Linyun had walked up to Chen Fei, and the two of them had left the Task Hall, heading towards the direction of the cultivation chamber.

Chen Fei had looked at the once bustling Sea Dominion City, now appearing somewhat devastated, with many streets and buildings reduced to rubble.

The unrestrained power of the Combined Aperture Tempering realm cultivators could easily have destroyed an entire city if left unchecked, and even a supercity like Sea Dominion City had not been exempt from such a fate.

Within Sea Dominion City, those who had suffered the most casualties had been the lower-level martial artists. Faced with the attacks of Combined Aperture Tempering realm a.s.sa.s.sins, they hadn’t had any chance of survival.

“Are the members of your sect alright?” Tong Linyun had stood beside Chen Fei, asking in a low voice.

“Yes. My clone protected them for a while. How about your side?” Chen Fei shook his head.

The ability of his clone to sense the presence of third-tier sea monsters in advance had indeed helped the Primordial Sword Sect avoid many dangers. Without the clone, considering the current strength of the Primordial Sword Sect, who knows how many people would have been lost by now.

From Chen Fei’s breakthrough to the Combined Aperture Tempering realm until now, only a few years had pa.s.sed. Although the Primordial Sword Sect had experienced significant development during this time, it was still relatively short.

The talent of martial artists inherently required time to manifest, and instant progress was impossible.

Therefore, the current strength of the Primordial Sword Sect was still somewhat weak, and they could only wait for time to pa.s.s before gradually developing.

“Some casualties on our side. Fortunately, your warning came early, and I was able to rush over,” Tong Linyun replied.

The defensive area where Tong Linyun’s sect was located was more forward-leaning than the Primordial Sword Sect’s, considering their stronger strength and the heavier tasks a.s.signed to them.

If Tong Linyun had arrived even slightly later, his sect would have likely suffered the loss of at least half of its members, which would have been a significant blow.

The few casualties now were already considered a stroke of luck amidst misfortune.

Chen Fei nodded. After a moment, the two of them returned to their respective cultivation chambers without discussing or exchanging questions about their cultivation.

Just experiencing the life and death struggle in Sea Dominion City, Tong Linyun felt immense pressure and desired solitude at this moment.

At this moment, everyone in the city felt immense pressure, including Chen Fei.

At the beginning, when Min Yanlu was not found in the city, and sensing so many peak third-tier sea monsters, as well as the possibility of fourth-tier sea monsters appearing, Chen Fei really thought that Sea Dominion City would not be able to hold on.

With Chen Fei’s strength, it would have been extremely difficult to escort all the members of the Primordial Sword Sect out of the sea monster horde.

Even with a bit of bad luck, if targeted by a late-stage third-tier sea monster or those traitors, Chen Fei would only have been able to escape alone.

If that were the case, the fate of those in the Primordial Sword Sect would have been almost sealed.

Chen Fei forced himself to enter cultivation, where insights into three different martial arts techniques began to appear in his sea of consciousness, gradually calming his mind.

Sensing the situation of the Combined Aperture Tempering realm within his body, Chen Fei realized that it was still lacking a bit to fully recover to its optimal state. After some consideration, Chen Fei decided to advance to the fifth transformation tomorrow forcefully.

Originally planning to breakthrough in three or four days, Chen Fei realized that he had been too conservative.

Chen Fei now intended to fully infuse the power of the spiritual treasure into his Combined Aperture Tempering realm, allowing it to recover more quickly, in order to meet the conditions for the forced advancement to the fifth transformation.

Previously, Chen Fei had subconsciously used the spiritual treasure in the most suitable way for cultivation. What was deemed most suitable was to utilize every bit of the treasure’s power as efficiently as possible.

However, each activation of the spiritual treasure consumed too many mid-grade elemental stones. Despite the seemingly abundant quant.i.ty of elemental stones in Chen Fei’s possession, it was actually not enough to sustain prolonged use of the spiritual treasure.

Therefore, Chen Fei’s mindset was focused on not wasting any bit of the treasure’s power, which indirectly avoided wasting elemental stones as well.

After all, using nearly a hundred mid-grade elemental stones every few hours was probably unmatched in terms of elemental stone consumption.

But in reality, as long as willing, the spiritual treasure could unleash even greater power. However, the consequence of doing so would be an even faster consumption of elemental stones.

The advantage, of course, was the ability to shorten the time needed for cultivation. However, the downside was that, with Chen Fei’s current quant.i.ty of elemental stones, it probably wouldn’t last long.

The Broken Ruler spiritual treasure appeared in Chen Fei’s hands, its gentle power enveloping him. The mid-grade elemental stones laid out on the ground began to disappear one by one, as Chen Fei sensed his Combined Aperture Tempering realm accelerating its recovery.

Using the spiritual treasure without considering the consumption of elemental stones made Chen Fei’s Combined Aperture Tempering realm feel somewhat reminiscent of when he had used the Celestial Azure Flower in the past.

The Celestial Azure Flower was hard to come by, or rather, it was something that most Combined Aperture Tempering realm cultivators could only dream of obtaining. Compared to the Celestial Azure Flower, acquiring elemental stones was undoubtedly much easier, and the difficulty was significantly reduced.

Of course, the quant.i.ty of elemental stones Chen Fei needed was quite substantial, often amounting to thousands of mid-grade elemental stones just to sustain the consumption of the spiritual treasure for a little longer.

What exactly did thousands of mid-grade elemental stones represent? It was roughly equivalent to the value of the elemental stones obtained from slaying a mid-stage Combined Aperture Tempering realm cultivator.

A mid-stage Combined Aperture Tempering realm cultivator, even within the Thousand Feathers Alliance, would be considered a notable figure. Even across a sea, others would have heard of their reputation.

Of course, the true wealth of a mid-stage Combined Aperture Tempering realm cultivator was undoubtedly more than just that. Many major a.s.sets were held within their respective sects, as well as some items that were difficult to liquidate in a short period.

However, even if Chen Fei were to slay such individuals, it would still be difficult to obtain those things.

But at this moment in Sea Dominion City, there was another avenue to explore, which was to slay sea monsters. Sea monsters held significant value as well, and one could also take on missions from the Task Hall to hunt down sea monsters.

One task, two sources of profit.

However, Chen Fei would definitely wait until he had exhausted all his mid-grade elemental stones before embarking on these endeavors.

With today’s gains included, the mid-grade elemental stones on Chen Fei’s person could still sustain him for a short period. After this time pa.s.sed, he could then consider how to obtain a large number of elemental stones.

If others were to find out that over ten thousand mid-grade elemental stones could only sustain him for a short period, they would probably go mad. They had never seen such a crazy cultivation method before, all for the sake of gaining a little more time.

Despite being under forty years old, which was extremely young compared to other mid-stage Combined Aperture Tempering realm cultivators, Chen Fei was still unsatisfied.

Desire, sometimes, could indeed be considered a driving force for improving one’s strength.

As time pa.s.sed bit by bit, the mid-grade elemental stones that had once covered the ground had now disappeared by more than half, and Chen Fei’s Combined Aperture Tempering realm had long since recovered to its initial state.

However, Chen Fei didn’t stop, because he discovered that his Combined Aperture Tempering realm could continue to improve its resilience under the special energy of the spiritual treasure.

Although it was very subtle, since he had decided to use the spiritual treasure to enhance his strength to the extreme, Chen Fei no longer cared about the issue of waste. As long as his strength could improve, everything was worthwhile.

This kind of improvement lasted for nearly a day. By the time night fell on the second day, Chen Fei felt that his Combined Aperture Tempering realm no longer responded to the special energy of the spiritual treasure.

It was evident that Chen Fei’s Combined Aperture Tempering realm had reached a kind of limit at this point.

Chen Fei opened his eyes and waved his hand, collecting all the mid-grade elemental stones on the ground into his spatial bag, while also putting the spiritual treasure back into the spatial grid.

After continuous cultivation for a day and a night, Chen Fei’s spirit not only did not tire, but became even more vibrant.

There was no need for any adjustments. Chen Fei was already at the peak state. It was the perfect time to break through the realm.

Chen Fei formed hand seals, similar to when he forcefully broke through to the fourth transformation. Immense pressure began to appear around his Combined Apertures, compressing it inward.

Compared to his previous breakthrough to the fourth transformation, this time, Chen Fei could clearly feel that his Combined Apertures were much stronger in resisting this forceful compression.

Breaking through the realm itself was becoming increasingly difficult, which was almost inevitable. This was why many people got stuck at a certain realm, unable to break through, wasting years in the process.

Chen Fei remained composed, a fissure appearing at his brow as the light beam from the Heavenly Eye projected onto his Combined Apertures, controlling every subtle change.

At the same time, the Profound Heavenly Sword began to operate. The Profound Heavenly Sword in the perfect stage, compared to before, could provide even stronger and more delicate power. With the control of the Heavenly Eye, Chen Fei’s Combined Aperture Tempering realm slowly began to contract.

However, halfway through this contraction, it gradually paused. At this point, it was still far from reaching the critical point of breaking through to the fifth transformation.

During the previous breakthrough to the fourth transformation, at least it reached the critical point before the compression of the Combined Aperture Tempering realm paused. But now, during the breakthrough to the fifth transformation, Chen Fei encountered problems much earlier.

This almost demonic-like forced breakthrough, although significantly shortened in time, also increased the potential dangers by a great deal.

Chen Fei’s hands changed seals, and the tremor of the Dragon-Elephant Induction Point within his body was faintly felt. Then, it leaped into the Combined Aperture Tempering realm, enveloping the entire realm.

During this forced breakthrough, Chen Fei had considered various possible problems and naturally had corresponding solutions.

Plan ahead before taking action, and know when to stop to gain benefits!

The addition of the Dragon-Elephant Induction Point broke the deadlock in an instant, and the Combined Aperture Tempering realm began to contract again.

One hour, two hours pa.s.sed, and Chen Fei suddenly opened his eyes. The Dragon-Elephant Induction Point suddenly contracted, and the Combined Aperture Tempering realm was immediately locked into a certain size.


A ripple spread from Chen Fei’s body, causing the vitality in the cultivation chamber to instantly surge backwards. The elemental energy within Chen Fei’s body began to compress and refine, while his aura steadily rose.

The backflow of vitality lasted for several hours before gradually returning to calm.

Compared to the previous breakthrough to the fourth transformation, today’s breakthrough to the fifth transformation surprisingly took even less time.

Chen Fei slowly clenched his fists, sensing the power within his body at this moment. He was just one step away from reaching the later stage of the Combined Aperture Tempering realm..

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