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Chapter 478: Explanation

Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

A month later, more than a dozen large ships carried members from two sects and the residents of Primordial Water Island, embarking on their journey to the Sea Peak City.

The once bustling Primordial Water Island quickly turned desolate, with only a handful of remaining residents, as the majority had chosen to leave.

This might be the only opportunity for Primordial Water Island’s residents to migrate to another maritime region and gain official residency rights.

Otherwise, given the strength of Primordial Water Island’s inhabitants, obtaining residency in other coastal cities would be nearly impossible, as most bustling cities within the Thousand Feathers Alliance were already overcrowded.

By migrating alongside the Primordial Sword Sect, they essentially marked themselves with the Primordial Sword Sect’s imprint. The sect would also allocate housing for them in the new location, ensuring their livelihoods.

Compared to the remote Primordial Water Island, the Sea Peak City thousands of miles away undoubtedly offered much more prosperity and abundant resources. In such a place, with a little diligence, one’s destiny might change for the better.

This was in stark contrast to Primordial Water Island, which had remained secluded for decades, with no sect or faction choosing to settle here in the past. It’s easy to imagine just how barren this place had been.

During the course of the month, apart from everyone continuously preparing their belongings, there was another significant event – the Sunken Water Pavilion decided to merge with the Primordial Sword Sect.

After discussions between the two sects, the Primordial Sword Sect agreed to establish a separate lineage within the sect to accommodate the members of the Sunken Water Pavilion.

Interestingly, this request was not initiated by the Primordial Sword Sect; instead, it was the Sunken Water Pavilion that proposed it.

The Immortal Cloud Sword Sect and the Yu family had chosen to ally with the Primordial Sword Sect due to the presence of Chen Fei, a strong cultivator in the Combined Aperture Tempering realm. Therefore, the Primordial Sword Sect’s decision to migrate to the Sea Peak City posed no problems.

However, for the Sunken Water Pavilion, the question remained: What would be their status and ident.i.ty in the Sea Peak City?

As allies of the Primordial Sword Sect?

The status of allies is typically suitable when the strengths of both parties are relatively equal, but it was evident that the current strength of the Sunken Water Pavilion couldn’t support such an alliance.

If they were to become subordinates of the Primordial Sword Sect, it could be managed, and initially, the Primordial Sword Sect a.s.sumed this might be the direction the Sunken Water Pavilion would choose.

After all, when both sects arrived in the Boundless Sea and left the Immortal Cloud Sword Sect, it was because they didn’t want their respective sects’ legacies to disappear. Thus, they chose to stick together and settle on the remote Primordial Water Island.

Almost everyone from both sects believed that this situation would persist for several decades, and even Qiu Qingsheng and others, who had confidence in Chen Fei, believed that several decades wasn’t a long time.

After all, breaking through from the Aperture Tempering realm to the Combined Aperture Tempering realm, if it could be accomplished in just a few decades, would be a great stroke of luck for them.

No one had expected that Chen Fei would become a Combined Aperture Tempering realm powerhouse so quickly.

For both sects, this was naturally a tremendous surprise, but it also posed a choice for the Sunken Water Pavilion. Should they continue to follow the Primordial Sword Sect, or should they leave and develop independently?

Developing independently would preserve their legacy, but everyone in the Sunken Water Pavilion understood that they had almost no chance of producing a Combined Aperture Tempering realm powerhouse, and their cultivation techniques themselves were not comprehensive enough.

Extraordinary individuals like Chen Fei wouldn’t appear in a sect whenever they wished. Such occurrences could be hoped for but not realistically expected.

Therefore, if the Sunken Water Pavilion were to choose independent development, there was a possibility that one day they would truly vanish into the Boundless Sea. Although the Thousand Feathers Alliance nominally provided protection, in reality, dangers lurked everywhere.

Having a late-stage Aperture Tempering realm cultivator was simply insufficient to sustain the long-term legacy of the Sunken Water Pavilion.

One of the reasons the Sunken Water Pavilion had initially chosen to follow the Primordial Sword Sect was also Chen Fei. Besides the Immortal Cloud Sword Sect being kept in the dark, the Sunken Water Pavilion also knew about Chen Fei’s immense potential.

When the Sunken Water Pavilion followed the Primordial Sword Sect, they hadn’t secretly hoped for Chen Fei to one day break through to the Combined Aperture Tempering realm and lead the entire Sunken Water Pavilion on this extraordinary journey.

Now that Chen Fei had indeed become a Combined Aperture Tempering realm powerhouse, the Sunken Water Pavilion had to make a choice – whether to stay with the Primordial Sword Sect or not.

After weighing the pros and cons, the Sunken Water Pavilion chose to join the Primordial Sword Sect as one of its lineages. Compared to the Immortal Cloud Sword Sect, the Primordial Sword Sect’s advantages were immense, or rather, Chen Fei’s advantages were immense.

A Combined Aperture Tempering realm powerhouse in their early thirties, with such talent, compared to the declining trend of the Immortal Cloud Sword Sect, the two were incomparable in value.

It was clear that in the foreseeable future, the Primordial Sword Sect would thrive for several centuries more. Joining at this moment was undoubtedly the best choice for the Sunken Water Pavilion.

Moreover, due to their previous collaboration on Primordial Water Island, when faced with the Sunken Water Pavilion’s decision to join, the Primordial Sword Sect extended the utmost sincerity.

Within the Primordial Sword Sect, the Sunken Water Pavilion retained the right to independently recruit female disciples, and the main lineage wouldn’t interfere. Resources gained by the entire Primordial Sword Sect would also be allocated in part to the Sunken Water Pavilion.

Of course, now that the Sunken Water Pavilion was part of the Primordial Sword Sect, they would naturally have to shoulder the responsibilities of the entire sect.

In summary, this arrangement preserved the Sunken Water Pavilion’s right to maintain its own legacy of cultivation techniques and provided them with a protected harbor, ensuring they didn’t have to worry about being engulfed by the Boundless Sea’s waves.

As time pa.s.sed, the true integration of the Sunken Water Pavilion into the Primordial Sword Sect was only a matter of time. However, this was already the best choice that the former Sunken Water Pavilion could hope for.

In the world, there are rarely ways to have it all.

If there were such a way, it would involve having complete control over your own life and wielding power entirely on your terms. Only then could one possibly achieve the best of both worlds.

The overall strength of the Primordial Sword Sect had slightly expanded due to the Sunken Water Pavilion’s inclusion, and their relationship had become increasingly harmonious as they belonged to the same sect.

On the open sea, more than a dozen large ships surged through the waves.

At this moment, on the deck of one of the ships, several people were waiting. After a while, the cabin door opened, and an elder from the Primordial Sword Sect walked out with a slightly excited expression, constantly muttering to himself.

“Elder Zhao, have you gained some true insights into the Zhongyuan Sword?” one of the people on the deck asked as they saw Elder Zhao come out.

“If I haven’t gained any insights after Elder Chen’s personal guidance, my head might as well turn into a block of wood,” Elder Zhao replied with a hearty laugh upon hearing the question from the others.

With that, Elder Zhao pointed forward with his right hand, forming a sword-like gesture.

In an instant, a force field spread in all directions, and the people on the deck felt a sudden weight in their bodies. The force field quickly dissipated, but when an expert made a move, much could be deduced from it.

Just that simple demonstration earlier had already given the people on the deck a glimpse of Elder Zhao’s proficiency in the Zhongyuan Sword. Compared to before entering the cabin, Elder Zhao had indeed made significant progress in his understanding of the Zhongyuan Sword.

And this was in such a short time; as Elder Zhao continued to digest his insights, his proficiency in the Zhongyuan Sword was bound to continue improving.

With these thoughts in mind, the gazes of those on the deck turned even more eager as they looked towards the cabin. To receive personal guidance from a Combined Aperture Tempering realm expert was something that the members of the Primordial Sword Sect had never had the opportunity to enjoy before.

Not to mention guidance, even the chance to meet a Combined Aperture Tempering realm powerhouse was a rare occurrence.

After all, when they initially visited the Immortal Cloud Sword Sect, Tong Zhongqiu didn’t even bother to meet with them, and the appearances of Gong Guanzhi were few and far between.

“It’s my turn,” Wu Guangyin called out and walked straight into the cabin.

The attendants on the deck promptly deducted ten thousand contribution points from Wu Guangyin.

Ten thousand contribution points might not be much, as most of the elders within the Primordial Sword Sect possessed tens of thousands or more contribution points.

However, with the sect’s resources available, many Aperture Tempering realm elders couldn’t exchange these points for anything valuable.

But now, being able to receive guidance from a Combined Aperture Tempering realm expert for just ten thousand contribution points was a deal they couldn’t pa.s.s up.

Wu Guangyin approached the cabin and respectfully opened the door. Inside, he saw a figure, which was none other than Chen Fei.

However, upon closer inspection, one would notice that Chen Fei’s gaze at this moment seemed somewhat vacant, displaying a noticeable difference from an ordinary person.

That was because it wasn’t Chen Fei himself but rather a shadow clone of Chen Fei.

It was unclear whether it was due to the Thousand Threads Technique, the Great Completion of the Suppressing Dragon Elephant Spirit Tempering, or Chen Fei’s breakthrough to the Combined Aperture Tempering realm that had brought about this change.

Chen Fei’s shadow clone could now exist for extended periods and automatically absorb the spiritual energy of the surroundings to replenish itself. It didn’t require Chen Fei’s direct control and could handle some simple tasks independently, such as imparting cultivation techniques.

Following Chen Fei’s instructions, the shadow clone was to automatically demonstrate the intricacies of the seven inheritances from the Primordial Sword Scripture when asked.

Chen Fei had sensed that the Primordial Sword Sect was relatively weak in terms of strength and had devised this method to slightly boost the sect’s capabilities without having to personally manage it.

“Elder Chen, please guide me on the Water-Jade Sword,” Wu Guangyin said respectfully to Chen Fei’s shadow clone, showing no signs of disrespect.

Since Chen Fei had broken through to the Combined Aperture Tempering realm, he held a position similar to a Supreme Elder, though he himself preferred not to be addressed by such t.i.tles.

So, as of now, people within the sect continued to address Chen Fei in accordance with the established tradition, and there had been no change in this regard.

However, given Chen Fei’s current age, it was almost inevitable that he would become the Supreme Elder of the Primordial Sword Sect in the future, following the natural progression.


Chen Fei’s shadow clone glanced at Wu Guangyin and didn’t utter any unnecessary words. It directly began practicing the Water-Jade Sword, moving slowly since it was for instructional purposes.

It even paused at times to explain the key points of the techniques and the flow of elemental energy.

Except for the absence of the fusion of Combined Aperture Tempering realm and physical body, the comprehension of all other techniques was identical to Chen Fei himself. Therefore, this demonstration fully showcased the essence of the Water-Jade Sword.

Wu Guangyin stood by, his eyes wide open, unwilling to miss any details. If there was anything he didn’t understand, he would immediately ask, and the shadow clone would provide explanations.

In the midst of questions and answers, an hour pa.s.sed by in the blink of an eye..

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