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The crowd was shocked by what Dylan had said. But as the more they thought, the more it made sense. The four heads indeed seemed to have conspired against Dylan.

They never expected that the tides would be so quick to change. Just a minute ago, they were scorning Dylan for being arrogant and miserly but now it seemed that Dylan was just a visionary so he was able to easily predict and deduce the contention behind the actions of the four heads

"It was as the adage goes, the young will surpa.s.s the old." An old man admiringly said. He did not expect Dylan to have the level of insight that he has.

"Amazing!" The men surrounding the store gaped. Dylan's explanation has clearly made a fan out of them.

"He's so charming." The women stared with fervent gazes on Dylan's strikingly handsome face.


It was just as Dylan had said. Due to​ his humble background, they thought it would be easier to manipulate Dylan. Although he was outstandingly smart that he was able to perfect the n.o.ble Test, they thought that maybe it was just because he diligently studied. They thought that regardless of how smart he was, his wisdom would not be as such.

Their line of thought was not wrong. However, they didn't know the fact that Dylan was a transmigrator and had the experience of two lives coupled with being an experienced veteran in business. Not to mention, that business in Earth was even more severe and heartless due to the presence of social media, Dylan had an unpspeakable edge in management compared to them.

" How could this be?" Okemos Charon, the head of the Charon clan, tremblingly said.

"How were you able to see through it?" Arman Heinze​, the Sect Master of the Quadra Fang Sect, asked hoa.r.s.ely.

"Simply because I am Dylan Ford." Dylan smiled dashingly as he showed his dainty white teeth with his deep black eyes shining with confidence. He appeared to be a daringly handsome commercial model who just said a catch phrase which made countless girls around the store to feel arrows piercing through their hearts.

"Ahhh!" Some girls fainted in front of this sudden attack. Some had completely red faces which they attempted to cover with their two hands. Some didn't even notice themselves opening their mouths.

"So handsome." Even the female employees who accompanied Dylan for a long time and was able to adapt to seeing his beautiful face every day, felt their faces burning. They rarely see him smile so confidently like that.

"..." He said it as though it was just a matter of fact that him knowing it was not something out of the ordinary which left the four heads speechless. He said it in a neither overbearing nor nonchalant manner but with confident majesty!

Dylan was able to cause such as reaction in front of the crowd. because after making his spirit core evolve to the Supreme Core. His aura has also evolved with him. This aura contained the majestic air of a Supreme being that came from the cosmos!

Dylan himself did not know this. Seeing their bewildered reactions, he only joyfully thought to himself, 'Nailed it.' The line he said just now was something he mimicked from a popular light novel back on Earth. He felt really great that he was able to deliver it so confidently.

"But I would not mind helping you get closer with the Premier Hall. However, you have to agree with just one condition." Dylan suddenly said.

"Really?!" Steven Bulwark, the Firebull Schoolmaster, had his jaw drop from this statement.

"Ehhh?!" It was not just him but the entire crowd was dumbfounded. They clearly did not expect that Dylan could still agree despite the disadvantages of the deal.

"What could that condition be, Young n.o.ble?" Yander Cooper, the master of the Steelheart Sect inquired respectfully.

"To become my subordinates. In other words, I want your​ businesses to become subsidiaries while my business would be the conglomerate." Dylan calmly stated.

"Subordinates?! Subsidiary?! Over my dead body! Don't get too c.o.c.ky just because you have the backing of the Premier Hall, you brat!" The speaker was Steven Bulwark who was known for his unreasonable att.i.tude once triggered.

"Schoolmaster, restrain yourself!' Okemos Charon, the oldest of the four, scolded Schoolmaster Steven's foul speech.

"Can Young n.o.ble change the conditions of the deal?" Yander grimly said.

"As you wish. Give me 50% of the shares of each business." Dylan flatly said.

"Young n.o.ble, don't take this too far! Giving you 50% of the shares is the same as being your subordinates!" Yander also became furious at Dylan's conditions.

"Young n.o.ble, can you please be more considerate? You could add more but it has to be within​ our business bottomline." Sect master Arman spoke in a respectful tone while suppressing the anger he had.

"Fine. Give me 10% of shares from each power. I also want 55 Low Earth Rank Techniques: 15 battle techniques, 15 movement techniques, 15 defensive techniques, 10 secret​ techniques. I also want to have the core cultivation manuals of each power. I want the Firebull Schoolmaster to supply me with 60 patches of Scorching Bullgra.s.s every month. I also want the Steelheart Sect to forge me 83 High Spirit Rank weapons and whole body gear. Next, I want the Quadra Fang Sect to give me 100 drops of origin foundation beast. Lastly, I want the Charon Clan to provide me with 80 pills for energy recuperation, 80 pills for healing wounds and 80 pills for dispelling ailments such as poisoning, paralysis and etc. I want this all in seven weeks time." Dylan frugally demanded.

"You!! Don't ask for a mile when we're only giving you an inch!!" Arman roared in anger.

"I believe that Sir Arman doesn't quite get the situation here. Aren't you going to use me as a tool for you to get closer to the Premier Hall? So what's wrong with me demanding all of this? I am merely stating conditions. Remember it is you who needs me not the other way around. So you don't have the qualifications to demand anything from me. I'm already being kind enough that​ I have changed my conditions twice now. So I advice you to not test my patience." Dylan still maintained the faint smile on his face but one could notice that his voice has gotten increasingly colder.

"..." The four was silent. They suddenly realized that he was right. It was them who needed him not the other way around. Why did they come here? It was to create a partnership so that their business whose growth has become stagnant all these years would be allowed to develop once more.


The crowd shuddered when they heard Dylan's demands. They first felt that Dylan was being generous when he mentioned that he was only demanding 10% of the shares. However, as he continued with his demands even the crowd's expression turned aghast.

This was because he appropriated it with the rate of production of the products of each sect. All of his demands were at least 50% of the production of each power within 2 months but he demanded it within 7 weeks that would mean that he was demanding approximately 60% of their production within 7 weeks!

Not only that, the number of Low Earth Rank each power had was only around 25 which meant that there were 100 manuals all in all. However, Dylan demanded for 55 of these techniques which was evidently more than half of the total number! He even demanded for the core cultivation manuals​ which were all at the Mid Earth Rank!

This was not a deal! It was outright extortion!!

Only someone with sufficient knowledge and had thoroughly researched about those four powers would be able to make such demands. It made the crowd think that Dylan prepared for their arrival with the conditions already in his mind.

"Maybe he knew that they would specifically come?" Someone asked.

"But there was over 2000 businesses in the entire city!" Another argued with that thought.

"That's right! How was he able to ascertain that these four specific power would come to him and negotiate?!" A man beside the person who just argued agreed with him.

"That would be impossible." An elderly person shook his head.

"What if he didn't knew that they would come?" A kid thought out loud.

"What are you mumbling on about, kid?" A n.o.ble reprimanded the kid.

"What if he just knew all of the businesses?" The kid ignored the n.o.ble and continued to speculate.

"Stop day dreaming, kid. That's impossible." A lady sneered at the child.

"That's true. This is not a place for you to openly talk, kid." A suitor of the lady kissed up to her by saying.

"How are you sure? We thought that getting a perfect score in the n.o.ble Test was impossible but he did it. So how are you all sure that it's impossible?" The child curiously asked.

"That~" They tried to retort but what the kid did make sense.

They knew that Dylan only stayed here for less than two weeks and he couldn't have studied the history, geography and lifestyle of the city elsewhere since it would only be bought within Inner Proximity Cities or the Capital City. From what the rumors, Dylan came from a Middle Proximity City and he was even ignorant to what the n.o.ble Test was.

If they estimated the time frame that he used​ to study...

Thinking about this, they were all shaken. The crowd felt like they were looking at a monster as they thought of how he only used less than 2 weeks time to study for the exam and even got a perfect score. Maybe​ he really knew every single business within the city...


Even the princess was shocked by this sudden turn of events, she really thought that Dylan was the one being cornered but now, it appeared that Dylan was the one hunting them instead.

She didn't expect this level of intellect and cunning to come from a man who wasn't even 2 decades old. Although she had seen many youthful prodigies who were undoubtedly ingenious, never had she thought it would be on someone as young as Dylan. Of course, she knew another exception, a true monster when it came to shrewdness and genius.

She subconsciously looked at the man besides her. The Puppeteer of Death, Conor Keynes. His achievements in the art of war could only be described as terrifying.

"You knew?" The girl asked.

Conor merely smiled instead of answering. After a moment of silence, he spoke with a smile. " Shouldn't we be going to the Soaring Cloud City now?"

"Fine." The girl unwillingly agreed. She turned around and left without garnering much attention.

"Dylan Ford, what an interesting guy." Conor offered a side glance. He smiled as he shockingly disappeared as though he rode with the wind.

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