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"Yeah, well, at the end.. I have not heard your name yet...."

 When leaving the store, the man asked me.

"That seems so ..."

"... I will introduce myself anew .. My name is Loris. Loris Lendo. I'm the owner of a store in this city. "

 To be precise, at my circ.u.mstances if I don't give a name problems will arise.

 But man - the name "Loris" seems unable to convince him,

"Why do you care so much about my name? is the name of the benefactor of your life so bad?, is that it?"

I hope he leaves the doubts aside soon.

"I'm sorry, I was disrespectful to my benefactor... "

"I do not know why you want to keep your name a secret .... but I understood ... "

"Thank you, for saving my husband, please come again, we welcome you"

I nodded as answer, then walked toward the city.


To be honest, it's a pity that I had to say that I was Loris family.

Perhaps, I was lying... I really don't have a family....

Sometimes, I hoped this person was lying to me and all about his debt would be lies..

If so, it would be fine to eat him right?

I thought so.

Because an impulse inside me says.

Eat people.

If I can't resist, a bad person would be ideal not?

It would be like cleaning not?

But that man was a nice guy.

Therefore, I can not eat him.


It's a shame…….

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