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Marle is a 16 years old girl who outblooms even a flower and a novice adventurer.
She has a proper occupation of a Tamer.

Currently, she received a request to deliver a letter together with her partner, the slime Rin, and left their hometown towards the neighboring town.
The neighboring country is five days away on foot. On the way, they haven’t encountered any monsters nor bandits because the public order isn’t bad. It’s a peaceful journey.

But, on the fourth day, Marle was on the verge of crisis.

「…… Uu. Rin-chan……」
「What is it, Master~?」
「…… I’m at my limits, help me! I want to take a bath!」

Right, she didn’t bathe in the last four days.
It was a peaceful journey, but there was no water place. Thanks to that, monsters and bandits are extremely few, but that also means that there’s no water.
Especially a girl like Marle has who has no stamina. She reduced her baggage to the minimum.

Naturally, she couldn’t afford to bring water to clean her body with her.
Veteran adventurers would learn water magic to fix this issue, but Marle and Rin are unfortunately novices. They haven’t earned enough money from the request to learn the water magic yet.

Such her, after walking for four days towards the neighboring town finally noticed.

「…… I stink of sweat! My body is itching! I will be laughed at if I enter the town like this! I’m a maiden in a pinch!」

To Marle who wants to be regarded both as an adventurer and a girl, it was a matter of life and death.
By the way, the water is abundant in the village and Marle was bathing every day.

「…… Then, would you like to enter me~?」

Rin said while gracefully shaking her jelly-like slime.
――A slime bath. I’ve heard about it. That thing where you subst.i.tute bath with a slime.

「…… But, using Rin as if you were a tool, I would feel bad」
「It’s the only way I could help Master. If it’s for Master, I will do it!」
「Or, will you enter the town with a dirty body?」

Marle decided to accept Rin’s goodwill.

Entering the forest, she takes off her sweaty and dirty clothes.
Marle is used to undressing while bathing in the river, but it’s not even a water place, and because it’s just a slightly away from the road, she feels embarra.s.sed.

「I will clean your clothes too, okay?」
「I’m sorry Rin-chan, I will let you drink plenty of clean water once we get to the twon」
「Yes! I also want to eat meat」
「Un, let’s buy a fat piece of orc meat with the reward!」

Mogumogu, Rin gulped down the clothes. Slimes are variously convenient and they are also able to eat the dirt off of the clothes.
They are called the living detergents, but the number of Tamers is few, and there are seldom any weird masters who let their monsters do something like that.
Although slimes are omnivorous, they are usually given human food sc.r.a.ps and kitchen waste.

However, in order to be helpful to Marle, Rin took in the clothes inside her body in high spirits.

「Now then, it’s Master’s turn next」
「U, un」

Softly stepping forward, Marle entered the bath from Rin’s side who spread her body.
Although not necessary, the bath is the feature of slimes.
Tsupun, when soaked in the chilly, viscous liquid, Marle felt a warmth similar to a wooden chair.

「Oou, there’s a bit of coldness and warmth from somewhere…… it feels strange」
「Ehehe, Master’s dirty waste is tasty~」
「Hiyowa! T, that tickles, Rin-chan」
「But, Master’s dirt is sticking to you~」

Rin vibrates tremblingly. And indeed, there was a feeling of dirt falling off Marle’s body.
I’m sorry to Rin, but it feels good. Marle Thought.

「Ah, uu…… somehow, I’m sorry for being so dirty」
「No, no, it’s a treat since it’s Master’s」
「…… Somehow, slimes are high leveled, aren’t they……」

※In this case, Marle isn’t talking about the level or status of slimes, but their fetish.

「U, um. Although I trust Rin-chan, please don’t dissolve even me, okay?」
「It’s just the waste products~ I will make your clothes extremely clean as well」
「Wow~ slimes are super handy. Rin-chan I like you, I super love you」
「I also love Master~」

Rin slightly trembled in embarra.s.sment.

「…… N? What’s the matter, Rin-chan」
「Panties…… I intended to dissolve only the dirt, but I dissolved it whole」

When she took a look, the underwear floating inside Rin disappeared. They were nowhere to be seen.

「Hey, are you sure that I’m all right? You won’t dissolve my bones even though you intended to dissolve only the dirt, right?」
「I, it’s fine, I will suck it politely! The panties were delicious, so I just!」
「You sound just like a pervert from that remark, Rin-chan!」
「You are generally correct」
「I was right!? Will I be really alright!? You won’t really eat me (s.e.xually)!?」
「Because I love Master, I won’t do it without consent!」

So she would do it with my consent?

「What to do, this feeling of my partner whom I trusted looking at me with the eyes of a predator. And now, that I’m completely nude swallowed inside that very partner, isn’t my present condition already that of play? 」
「…… Can I eat the socks too? I don’t have enough」
「No~! I don’t have a change of panties too, but my feet would seriously hurt without socks, it’s seriously a matter of death and life!」
「Tsk~ Here, I made you clean, Master」

Rin spat out the clothes and hung them on a nearby branch. Marle’s clothes became perfectly clean just like after doing laundry――her panties disappeared though.

「By the way, it’s a little bit too late, but can I ask you something, Rin-chan?」
「What is it, Master?」
「…… Rin-chan is, umm…… a female, right?」
「Yes! I’m female!」

Marle breathed in relief. I’m glad, if she were male, I might have lost my chance to marry.

「I love girls」
「As a friend! It’s as a friend, right!? Rather, why did you say it now, it wasn’t really necessary, was it!?」
「Umm, I said it because Master looked uneasy……?」
「Sorry, I feel even more uneasy after that……!」

After that, Marle who’s body got cleaned thanks to Rin waited for her clothes to dry and safely arrived to the town with a clean body.
However, before going to receive the reward, she went to buy panties first as she was panty-less.

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