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Chapter 1185 - Xiaobao Knows Who’s Reliable

Xiaobao Knows Who’s Reliable


Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“I didn’t have time to tell you.”

After the surgery, Shi Qiuran was not sure if she could live for long. She was afraid that she would suddenly leave Qian Qian, so she put in a lot of effort to organize a set of recipes and prepare for her future departure.

After dinner, Shi Qian brought Xiaobao to play in the living room while Fu Sinian cleaned up in the kitchen.

Shi Qian turned around and glanced at Fu Sinian.

He had his sleeves rolled up and was wearing an ap.r.o.n. He looked like a good family man. It had been a long time since they last met. It was so long that it felt like a lifetime had pa.s.sed.

Fu Sinian looked up and realized that Shi Qian was looking at him. He smiled at her.

Shi Qian immediately looked away.

Fu Sinian carried a fruit platter to the living room.

“Honey, have some fruit.”

“Eat again? We just finished eating not long ago.”

“Your body is recovering now. If you don’t eat more, how can your stamina keep up?” After Fu Sinian finished speaking, he carried Fu Xiaobao and walked to the kitchen.

When he came out again, Fu Xiaobao had a milk bottle in his hand.

“Aiya, I forgot to give Xiaobao some water.” Only then did Shi Qian remember that Xiaobao had yet to drink water.

Xiaobao finished the water in one go. It seemed like he was really thirsty.

“After half an hour, it’s time for him to have some rice noodles and vegetable paste. Add another meal and then it’s time for him to sleep.”

Shi Qian looked at Fu Sinian suspiciously. “How do you know Xiaobao’s schedule better than me?”

“I learnt it naturally. After all, I’m Xiaobao’s father!”

Shi Qian realized that Xiaobao didn’t reject Fu Sinian as much as when he came last night. It must be because his mother was too unreliable.

She had thought that she was very capable! Now, it seemed that she was really not qualified to take care of Xiaobao at all.

Xiaobao knew who was more reliable.

Fu Sinian put Xiaobao down and went to prepare the vegetable paste. Shi Qian walked towards the kitchen curiously.

Fu Sinian had already steamed the carrot and pumpkin. Unexpectedly, they had been blended into paste already. There was also a hard-boiled egg at the side, and the egg yolk had been taken out.

He looked very professional.

“In another month, Xiaobao will be able to eat some soft porridge. By then, there will be even more ingredients to add.”

Shi Qian hugged Fu Sinian from behind. “I thought you didn’t care about Xiaobao at all. I didn’t expect you to secretly do more homework than me. You even know how to change diapers, bathe Xiaobao, and make supplementary food. Did you secretly go back to take care of Xiaobao, so you’re so proficient?”

Fu Sinian turned around and hugged Shi Qian in his arms. At the same time, he stuffed the egg white into her mouth.

“Oof! I can’t eat anymore.”

“Don’t waste it. Eat it obediently.”

Shi Qian ate it helplessly.

“Let’s put it this way. When Xiaobao grows up, I have the right to say that I helped with cleaning his feces and urine to raise him up.”

“As expected!” Shi Qian punched him. “If I had known, I wouldn’t have come to find you so easily. I’ll let you keep sneaking around! When Xiaobao grows up, let him call you Eldest Uncle!”

The words ‘Eldest Uncle’ agitated Fu Sinian.

He thought of the bees and b.u.t.terflies who were staring at Shi Qian and interested in her.

“I’m considering arranging for Cheng Ye to come to Beijing. The Lin Corporation’s business has already spread throughout the country. It’s more convenient for him to be in Beijing.”

“Sure.” Shi Qian had the same intention.

“In the future, you don’t have to partic.i.p.ate in any social events. Let Cheng Ye handle the collaboration.”

Only then did Shi Qian understand his intentions.

It turned out that he was afraid that she would meet Guo Cheng and the other rich children again.

“Are you afraid of being my brother-in-law?”

“What brother-in-law? Nonsense!”

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