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It's been quiet, too quiet. Ever since the tournament that milk drinker never come to make trouble anymore, actually there are rumors that he left school.

Was it good or was it bad he doesn't know, all he know is that the hara.s.sments are gone and there are no more hooligans picking up on Luna and Stephanie... well at least paid ones anyway.

Sitting at a corner, Lucas was s.p.a.cing out the window, completely ignoring both cla.s.s and the glare the history teacher giving him.

Life have been dull, nothing interesting happened in the academy, cla.s.ses and request could only do so much to quench his boredom.

Elea has been busy doing who knows what, while the girls keep doing things without involving him with the excuse being it a girl secret so he doesn't have friends to hang out with.

Sighing, he lay down on the desk. Sometimes he wish that milk drinker to start up some sort of trouble so he have something to do.

.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..

38km from the coast of the Holy kingdom of Katolin, a small cargo ship dock itself on a quick makeshift pier.

As soon as the walking plank are placed, pointy eared people start climbing into the boat and come back out with crates floating by their sides.

Among the influx of people, one hooded figure stood at the helm of the ship before they jumped directly to the white sandy beach.

As she flip mid-air her hood fell off, revealing her beautiful facial features and her silky long golden hair. When she lands her emerald green eyes look straight to the eyes of the man in front of her calmly.

The man continue to observe the workers unload the ship before eyeing a specific crate filled with stones. When he look at the little girl in front of him a grin is plastered on his face.

"You manage to collect the materials we need ahead of time, impressive."

The girl hearing the praise quickly beamed up and puff her chest put, patting it with pride. "It is done by this great I after all, of course I will bring satisfying results."

"Heh cheeky as always aren't you, go ahead and head to the mess hall, dinner is about to be served." The man said, patting the girl's head.

"Hey! You're messing my hair and can you stop treating me like a kid dad, I'm already 22!" The girl complain with a scowl as she tidy her messed hair.

"Hahaha only 22 not 34 yet, you're only an adult after you went through your coming of age ceremony, now move along Yao Yao dad still have work to do."

Nodding the girl quickly ran off into the line of trees. Shaking his head the man sigh before looking back at the workers.

"Kids grow up fast don't they."

.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..

86th floor, Carnivores Forest.

'I wonder how long it'll take for us to reach the top? From that stupid port 4 floors ago, we are at floor 86th. we could have gone up faster if we don't explore and collect materials but hey what is a dungeon run without loot, you understand that right?'

Master at it again... I wonder who he mentioned by "you".

Sitting by a lake, Val and Vayne are surrounded by burned gra.s.s, trees, and burned corpse while both are reading leisurely.

'The thing is reading another one of those again huh... I really hope it doesn't get corrupted by it.'

"Alright, breaks over. Let's go." He said as he took the books and quickly went ahead, I tailed him soon after.

Master is strict and master never spoke nicely, but master is kind and master cares a lot about me. Master is like prince Elyon from the story, not quite honest with his feelings.

'Every time I fight this thing is always just watching ever since floor 95th, it's annoying having a dead weight with me but it is something rare so I can't just abandon it right? Yep that's it, it's not because having a companion is less boring than being alone.'

Master's thoughts and emotions... I could always hear and feel them, master doesn't seem to know how to operate the link but I'm glad for it. After all, master could never lie to me with this.

'It's eyes turn blue with those dancing golden light again, I wonder what emotion this one meant?'

Ehehe master always watching me makes me happy. don't worry master, just like the slave princess Rikka I will always stays by master side.

.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..

83th floor, Carnivores Forest

Fire... Raging fire, purifying this G.o.dd.a.m.n forest. When we exit the boss room we found the elevator port right outside of it, activating it let me able to go back to the 100th floor as well as tell me the sections name's.

This place is Carnivores Forest, and the one below is Beast domain. At first I thought it was just bad naming sense but it was proven to be the correct name quickly, other than some herbs, mushrooms, roots, and couple materials we found, everything else be it the tree or the animals or gra.s.s or just the bush at the side turn out to be flesh eating monsters.

This place is s.h.i.t and I am freaking glad I learned fire spells otherwise I don't know how long I will be here.

Besides if it weren't for the materials I won't even consider exploring this section and just steamrolled my way up.

Oh thinking about the trees that actually remind me, on the previous floor one of the tree almost got me but the thing react in time and cut it down. I've never seen it's eyes turn like that before as it chop the tree to pieces, it's eyes were glowing red coated with burning liquid gold, it was beautiful yet menacing at the same time.

Talking about it's eyes I could list some that I've learned so far. Silvery gray are her neutral natural eye color; glowing red with burning liquid gold is when it's angry, maybe; blue with dancing golden sparks, that I don't know; sparkly white when it's scared or anxious; and starry black when it's hungry.

It actually made me a bit wandering, why was it angry back then? I mean I can't "die" just from being rip apart so it shouldn't be a big deal, isn't it?

Sigh well whatever, I'm sure everything will be clear as long as I keep it close and observe it everyday.

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