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An Old Acquaintance


The beastmen bandit's leader had died. The remaining beastmen no longer seemed to possess the will to live. Their hairy and ugly faces displayed grief. Some beastmen were especially emotional, spraying tears and snot all over their human opponents.

However, not a single human expressed disgust. Everyone knew that the battle had reached its climax; they had reached the point of no return.

—The only sound was the Wilderness City's Lord giving orders while swinging around his sword. "Leave a few alive, leave a few alive!"

After this command was pa.s.sed down, some inexperienced soldiers fell into confusion. A skunk beastman managed to escape a soldier's attempt to capture them and proceeded to spray noxious fumes right into the soldier's face. The fumes suffocated the soldier, making his entire body feel sluggish; half his arm was nearly cut off because of this.

A nearby soldier tried to block a strike for him, but had their wrist dislocated from the force of the blow. In the end, the young soldier's arm was still torn off.

In the past, the beastmen had always prospered from employing guerilla tactics. Why was it that this time they had attacked in advance, and even turned it into a fight to the death? The battle wasn't as relaxed as it might seem. Already ten casualties had occurred, which was only slightly better compared to previous battles—this drop in casualties was all thanks to a single fighter who was braving the frontline. Atop the city walls, he twirled and drifted about, stabbing out in every direction. In this way, he single-handedly killed over a dozen beastman.

This warrior, who looked to be even younger than the City Lord's son, wielded a longsword in an efficient and fluid manner. Most people his age loved attention and preferred to perform techniques that were flashy and beautiful, but quite impractical. They appeared idiotic in the eyes of true warriors, but this young man did not. It was clear that his wounded shoulder had yet to heal, but he seemed unaffected by it. His body moved freely; his every motion was perfectly controlled. A tiger beastman pounced at him from behind—as if everything were under his control, the young man tilted his body and evaded the attack.

—However, the truth of the matter was that Demon King Rozenke was carefully observing the situation and informing Xu Jun about what was happening in their surroundings.

Such a performance could be likened to a street performer performing tricks with swords.

The movements of street performers were all well-rehea.r.s.ed. Only after practicing hundreds or thousands of times, could they achieve such coordination.

However, this young fighter was facing off against enemies, terrifying enemies, who wanted nothing more than to tear at his flesh and drink his blood.

What kind of hardships must he have endured to become the way he is now?

The City Lord thought to himself, if only my John were still alive…

The captain of the Personal Guard glanced towards his esteemed City Lord, noticing that his City Lord's mind seemed to have wandered off. He shook his head. Ever since the City Lord's eldest son had died in battle, he would always begin to lament after seeing any outstanding young lad. Regardless of the time or place. The captain was f.u.c.king tired of it.

If you want to lament! Then just stay in the city and lament there! Don't f.u.c.king go up onto the wall!

The captain of the Personal Guard secretly thought about sneaking up behind the City Lord and just knocking the man out. After that, he would carry him down the ramparts—this all seemed very feasible to him. After all, this was a battlefield, and the City Lord wouldn't be able to tell who had knocked him unconscious.

One becomes experienced in this sort of thing after doing it many times.

The beastmen were practically defeated. War-beasts began raising a ruckus, clawing away at the gate. Xu Jun asked Daeniste to toss a calming spell down into the crowd to stabilize the situation. Because of this, Daeniste learned a new trick: a calming spell could actually be used like this! He had always believed that calming spells were supposed to save people while frenzy spells were used to restrict the enemy!

"I need to tell this to Nar after I get back!" He excitedly exclaimed. A red flush covered his face, making him appear especially alluring.

Xu Jun felt that if he continued to look, he would become bent. "f.u.c.k, why does a man need to be this good-looking?"

That is called good-looking? Being that soft and plushy is good-looking?! Demon King Rozenke felt that the Hero's judgement of aesthetic was extremely problematic. "Are you actually into people like this?!"

His next sentence was about to be, Xu Jun, I misjudged you! Fortunately, however, Xu Jun regained his senses, and seriously considered the question. "No, I like people who are bit tougher."—For example, Anna from the butcher shop in White River Town.

Demon King Rozenke felt that, as expected, this Hero could still be saved. He nodded his head with restrained n.o.bility. "Tougher is better."

…Only ghosts know what he was thinking of.

In that moment, the Hero and the Demon King were holding a pretty **(not really) conversation. A certain captain of the Personal Guard was preparing to knock out his City Lord with a solid smack, and carry him down the city wall. As the war-beasts didn't have much resistance to magic, the calming spell had knocked them into a state of heavy drowsiness. Nar had also finally finished organizing the citizens' escape. Together with Ti Na, he rushed towards the South Gate.

The beastman invasion this time may have had something to do with this little beastman who had the apt.i.tude to become a shaman.

It was a shame that this beastman was only obedient when Xu Jun was around. With Nar, the little beastman was extremely bratty. He kicked his two legs, refusing to be held by Nar. Nar really had no idea of what he should do.

After all, he couldn't just beat Ti Na since he was still so small!

He really didn't understand how that Hero Xu Jun had managed to keep this child under control!

So as to be able to quickly help the Holy Son, as well as throw the brat in his hands to someone else, Golden Knight Nar chanted out, "The almighty Bright G.o.d brought this suffering upon me, and so this suffering carries with it the Bright G.o.d's will." Only after this did his emotions stabilize slightly. He really couldn't stand this brat anymore!

Ti Na: "Ugh, can you ride a horse properly! Ahh, you're going to kill me with all this shaking! I want to go find Xu Jun! Yours truly can't stand you!"

Who exactly taught this small child to say "yours truly!"

—Xu Jun!!!

Xu Jun heaved a great sneeze. "Who is insulting yours truly!"

The beastman across from him also became infuriated. "Who dares call themselves 'yours truly' before yours truly!"

The Wilderness City's Lord, who had not yet been knocked unconscious and dragged off the ramparts, heard this young man's coa.r.s.e speech and could not help but frown. He remembered that when his eldest son John was still around…he never spoke in such a manner.

The esteemed City Lord suddenly felt old tears rising up.

The Personal Guard Captain looked at the surrounding beastmen, who were being suppressed, but still fighting fiercely. He was the one who truly felt like crying! City Lord, can't you act a bit more like a normal human being!

Like this, two or three minutes pa.s.sed. Xu Jun felled two beastmen without killing them. He remembered the City Lord telling them to leave a few alive. Indeed, one or two beastmen should be left alive to question about the reason behind the a.s.sault. The Personal Guards who had arrived barehanded suddenly rushed towards the war-beasts below the city gate and began fighting. The war-beasts had a low intelligence comparable to that of low-level beastmen. Having been hit by Daeniste's calming spell, every single one of them had become absentminded. Only after getting beaten black and blue did they finally respond and begin to bite and tear at their enemies.

Sorrowful howls and painful bellows suddenly filled the city below.

However, it was clear that the humans were about to win.

This would be a major victory. They had destroyed largest gang of beastman bandits in the vicinity. In the future, it would be impossible for these bandits to gather up any consequential manpower.

Finally, after generations of waiting, humans could finally live a bit better.

At this moment, from beyond the city, the sound of hooves hammering against the ground rolled towards the city.

"Brothers, sisters! Charge!!!"

"Let those detestable humans know the taste of regret!!!"

A cloud of dust rose from the rapid galloping, which reached a speed only an adult moonlight colt could catch up to. Once they got closer, what appeared to be horses from afar were identified as bounding sand leopard beastmen.

They wore custom boots, which was the source of the sound of trampling horseshoes.

At the forefront was a young, male sand leopard. His four limbs were long and powerful; his face was roguishly handsome. Xu Jun, borrowing the light of the moon, made out the fellow's face and suddenly felt as if he had crossed through worlds again.

He remembered a certain afternoon where he had been afflicted by a paralysis poison during a battle, and so a sand leopard had crept up wanting to ambush him. That fellow had no combat experience. He waited until Xu Jun had already recovered half his health before pouncing. Of course, Xu Jun counterattacked perfectly and killed him.

—Wait, that's not what happened. To demonstrate how magnanimous he was, Xu Jun hadn't killed him.1

That sand leopard's face perfectly overlapped with the beastman below the city walls…his name was Kanaman.

Kanaman raised his head just to see that the powerful beastman bandits were all but extinguished. He furiously ground his teeth and thought: f.u.c.k, I arrived too late! If I came earlier, I could've forced the humans to hand over Ti Na by threatening to join these ravenous wolves!

The beastman bandits had called themselves strong, yet it seems they couldn't even take a beating!

Kanaman couldn't think of a better solution to get back his brother from the humans. The beastmen were unfamiliar with human society, thus there was no way for them to find Ti Na by themselves… Ti Na was only seven years old. Those d.a.m.ned perverts loved beastmen his age.

Humans! These utterly disgusting, insatiable humans!

Old and new hatreds coursed through his entire being. Kanaman looked at the people on the wall and saw the face of an unforgettable b.a.s.t.a.r.d.


The author has something to say:

Hero Xu Jun: Suddenly, I became a villain who bullied a beastman…

Demon King Zeze: No worries, this prince will shield you!

Of course, Zeze mocked himself, he would need to take off this mask known as Prince Ryan_(:зゝ∠)_

Translator's Niche

[1]This little event was described more in depth in Chapter 9. In summary, Xu Jun had still had some paralysis poison from the monster he was fighting on his blade. He cuts Kanaman, and Kanaman gets paralyzed. Before leaving, to show how generous he was, he threw a healing potion into Kanaman's mouth to cure him of paralysis, but “forgot” to open the bottle. ⏎


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