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Were the beastmen stupid?                

No, it's not exactly right to call them stupid. Any race able to survive for so long in this world, and even own territory, couldn't be described as dumb. After all, their opposites, the intelligent gnomes, don't even have a capital city. All around the world, gnomes were like tribes of slaves, living under the grasps of various powers.  

Beastmen weren't idiots, and their shamans could even be called "clever," but the beastman race had an inherent weakness.

Most of them had evolved from various monsters, and so they were more bloodthirsty and bold compared to the other races. Not to mention monsters, even wild animals have such a trait. They were born with a love for fighting, a fearless att.i.tude, a heart full of hatred, and were able to find conflicts even during peaceful times. Even when dividing rations they would fight over who gets the larger pieces of meat. Even when not in heat, the male and female beastmen would fight. When they did go into heat, the battles would escalate and become even more chaotic. If it were monsters, it would be a bit better as it would just be males fighting males. But after evolving into beastmen, the strength of the females also improved greatly.

Therefore, when spring came around, female beastmen would also huddle round, because a one night stand could result in their death.
They saw how fragile life, and would swear revenge if a friend were to die, but they never mourned very long.  They would not shirk away from great conflicts; blood and death followed behind their footsteps. They were "people," yet they lived like prairie beasts. Even the chiefs of wealthy beastmen tribes could never learn the delicate and romantic lifestyle of human n.o.bles.

Therefore, they're not stupid, but rather too simple-minded to know how to scheme_(:зゝ∠)

It seems that they might just actually be dumb –>_–>

Daeniste and the crowd of city guards craned their necks and stared down in disbelief at the one to two hundred burly beastmen with their maws wide open, hollering at the top of their lungs, seemingly expressing their desire to fight. Their nostrils were flared open and snorts tore through their nose as they breathed. This was originally a terrifying scene, but for some reason, even the most cowardly soldier didn't abandon the wall.

They had received too much of a shock from Xu Jun's words.

It turns out…the beastmen that instilled fear throughout the entire continent were actually a group of idiots?

Although they didn't speak, their faces that revealed their curiosity and desire to gossip said it all.

Xu Jun: "…"

Hey, don't be like this! I didn't directly say that the beastmen are stupid! They're a pretty strong race on the continent so can you all be a bit more serious!

The hero felt like he had been a bad influence on these children. Although saying the enemy was strong before a battle would affect morale, they also couldn't just mindlessly attack the enemy. What if this group of children really began to think that beastmen are really weak?

Wouldn't that be a case of an incompetent teacher misguiding his students?!

Below the city walls, the beastmen huffed and began to attempt their jump up.

On the city wall, with Daeniste taking the lead, the city guards flashed an ambiguous smile in unison: ah, so these are beastmen! What depressingly low intelligence they have!

Xu Jun felt it was necessary to give this group of children a lecture. _(:зゝ∠)_ 

However, looking at the group of beastmen, whose brains were clearly wired differently from that of an average person, Xu Jun couldn't say that they were smart without a clear conscience.

At a glance, this kind of method was able to keep the beastmen at bay at the foot of the city walls. All they had to do was wait for the City Lord's personal guards to arrive at the scene. However, at this moment, it seemed something had finally clicked within the beastmens' heads. They seemed to have also discovered that it wouldn't do for them to just keep foolishly jumping up and down/ They needed to find another method.

The city guards saw the beastmen's slight hesitation and immediately became somewhat nervous. Suddenly, they realized that this wasn't a game, but rather that they were waiting for the arrival of a desperate battle for their life. They were all quite young; young to the point where they couldn't cope with such a terrible reality. Thus, they decided to prioritize their own lives and escape.

What if the beastmen suddenly became clear-headed and forcefully charge their way into the city?

The young soldiers were all wearing light armor. This kind of armor could at most resist the stabbing and slicing of a light-weighted sword. It couldn't even block an arrow from a powerful bow two hundred steps away, not to mention the beastmen's sharp claws and teeth, as well as the terrifying war-beasts they rode upon…a gentle swipe of a paw…already there were soldiers who couldn't help but look off to the side. There lay the recently deceased soldier who had been easily chopped into two halves by a beastman.

Who knows what the beastmen would do in the next second?

No, it was better not to know.

Amidst the beastmen a one-eyed rabbit beastman jumped out. He was quite short, but was able to jump an extraordinary height. It was also him who had just jumped up to the height of the ramparts twice in a row. However, he always ran out of stamina at the end and slid back down to the bottom every time. The short rabbit spoke as if his vocal chords had been destroyed by ash, letting out a piercing and irritating voice, "Great Chief! I have an idea!"

Standing at the forefront, the one hailed as "great Chief" stroked the war-beast beneath him and whipped a slap across the rabbit beastman's face. "Speak!"

The rabbit beastman smiled ominously towards the ramparts, and almost caused a few of the cowardly guards to leak urine. Then they heard him say, “we can make a tower of beastmen and then jump up there!"

The great Chief shouted, "good idea!”

Xu Jun: "…"

Daeniste: "…"

The other city guards: "…"

That really is a good idea.

Even Demon King Rozenke, dwelling within Xu Jun's body couldn't help but think that the beastmen really brought stupidity to a whole other level.

However, it was said that the Abyss Lord and Ice Lord, two powers that had fought on equal footing with the Bright G.o.d's Church, had been pushed all the way back here by a mercenary group composed of beastmen. So, what was going here?

He remembered how the Ice Lord had ashamedly reported back: the beastmen's strength was endless, they knew not of hunger nor thirst, were cunning and despicable, and fought without a care for their lives.

To think he had really believed it.

Looking at them now, perhaps limitless strength and not knowing hunger or thirst might be true, but cunning and despicable… Ice Lord, you weren't messing around with me right?

Demon King Rozenke frowned and noted down in his mind two frightful inferences of "the Flame Lord gave a false military report telling me the hero is a hypocritical and detestable human," and "the Ice Lord's intelligence might not be as high as it seems, as he was beaten by the beastmen."

This emperor's subordinates, cough, these are this emperor's subordinates!

…Afterwards, it would be best to Xu Jun what kind of race the beastmen really are.

Xu Jun obviously did not know that under his guidance, the Demon King had created this kind of misunderstanding about the Ice Lord…pitiful Ice Lord had labored for so long, but is now being suspected of being brain-damaged by his monarch.

If it were someone else, they would probably go find a new job.

The beastmen stacked themselves up one by one. The rabbit beastman who had come up with this great idea didn't get any special treatment. Instead, because he was the one to come up with the idea, the beastman chief nostalgically remembered the rabbit's loyalty, plucked him off his war-beast, and threw the beastman onto the ramparts.

"Rabbit beastman: "AHHHHHH, CHIEF, AHHHHHH!"

The chieftain raised his fist and shouted encouragement: "You lead the charge! I'll be up there soon!"

The rabbit beastman hollered until he nearly destroyed his voice. He just wanted to slap himself now! Why I am such a blabbermouth, why am I such a blabbermouth! In a beastman tribe, especially a bandit one, what benefits could one get by speaking out?  No one cares if you're using your brains or brawn to fight! In this group of beastmen, behaving lively gets you put in the suicide squad!

However, beastmen naturally worship mighty warriors. If they started to panic, then they wouldn't need to keep living anymore.

This rabbit beastman bawled out tears, and with them, the true state of things. If he were still able to speak right now, he definitely would have had thousands of swears he wanted to send to the beastman chief. It was a shame that he was terrified and could shout out nonsensical howling. That's right, even among the bloodthirsty and brave beastmen tribes, there were a few gutless wretches! Chief, why can't you understand this?!

However, the beastman chief thought that he screaming out of excitement. With a slap, he stacked up the war-beasts on the ground before stepping onto them and propelling himself upwards—bang!

The war-beasts let out a tragic howl.

Meanwhile on the wall, the "vanguard" rabbit beastman was killed by a single stroke of a nervous city guard. Before his death, he lost control of his bowels. The smell made the surrounding people frown.

The bandit chief beastman who was jumping up was infuriated. "You—d.a.m.n humans!"

–stop screaming, it was you who threw that unfortunate rabbit up here!

The author has something to say:

Beastman chief: Bunny rabbit was so cute! How could you have killed him!

Xu Jun: …Bunny rabbit was so cute, if he was made into a roasted rabbit, that would be even better ~(≧▽≦)/~

Author's Niche:

Ok, here's a chapter for the holidays! Going on vacation soon so I cranked one out as fast as I could. Sorry if there are more mistakes than usual, I'm just really sleepy right now.

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