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Chapter 20

Chapter 20: My heart! It aches! (1)

The alleyway immediately filled with people as uniformed officers came and went. Miao Yuan and Milu were squeezed to the side. In a stupor, she watched the silhouettes come and go, like pieces of paper floating here and there. An ambulance was parked in front of the alleyway, and some panic-stricken men and women were escorted into it. Of course, some people had to be lifted inside.

Miao Yuan heard two plainclothes officers smoking and chatting.

“It’s him? That’s the guy?”

“Right, right, it’s him. Didn’t you see? He’s the second one to be lifted out. One shot to the head and it shattered. So cool!”

“Talk about real skill… I just saw the SWAT1 team on that side. That expression, hah! I bet he’s stupefied!”

“Those people are just different. I heard they stayed on the Western border. In five years…” The man paused and slid his hand across his throat in a slicing gesture, “More than 200.”

“No way… that’s just for scaring kids, right?” The other man clearly didn’t believe it.

“Hey, don’t doubt me. Even if you a.s.sume that he’s killed no one before, that was still a human life!”

Miao Yuan turned her head over to look. The second person to be lifted out just so happened to pa.s.s in front of her. The stretcher was soaked in blood and his head was split open…

Miao Yuan’s face instantly became deathly pale. She supported herself on the wall and vomited her guts


Twelve Cents came over with the Armed Police, who were clearing the area. Sui Bo promptly dragged him to ask, “Third platoon leader, what happened inside?”

Twelve Cents, the third platoon leader, was so excited his voice started shaking. “You guys don’t how unparalleled our captain is. No one on earth can compare. Let me tell you, the Ministry of Public Security had sent three snipers who were so frozen that they couldn’t even open fire. But will that crazy explosive guy even wait for you? That guy was already pushed to the point of desperation. Then, our captain went over and borrowed a sniper’s gun and aimed. Right then and there, without any hesitation, he said there was no problem. That Ministry of Public Security’s SWAT team was struck dumb. They said, ‘Captain Chen, stop with the jokes.’ I wish you could have seen our captain’s expression. Now that’s what I call calm. Captain said, ‘Bring my gun over. If I use my gun, there definitely won’t be any problem.’ Then we brought his gun over. Within ten seconds—Bam! After firing, Captain stood up and then without even a second glance, he said, ‘There’s no problem now. Go take a look.’

Sui Bo and the other young soldiers revealed an infatuated expression, as if worshipping some G.o.d. With a pale face, Miao Yuan fished out her phone to make a call. It went through, but was quickly hung up.

Seeing this, the third platoon leader immediately tried to

to explain. “Captain was just pulled away by the Ministry of Public Security. There’s probably still some business to take care of. Don’t worry, Sister-in-law. How about you return with us back to our station? After Captain’s done with his business, he’ll definitely come back.”

Miao Yuan’s mind was a blank slate; she just wanted to see Chen Mo. Whoever would help her reach that goal, she would follow. In a daze, she climbed into a police car and rode to the station. Only when she reached the gates did she realize what had happened. She refused to go inside and wait, and insisted on waiting at the sentinel’s check point. The reason was simple. She wanted to see Chen Mo at the earliest possible moment. What if, when Chen Mo came back, he had other stuff to do? He would go off again. She had to stake out the front gates to stop him.

Miao Yuan sat in the sentinel’s room. With stiff fingers, she sent Chen Mo a message: When will you come back? I’m waiting at your station’s gates.

After a long while, there was a reply. Miao Yuan’s fingers shook with excitement. After opening it, she gave a long sigh of relief.

Chen Mo replied: Immediately.2

That doggone b*st*rd still had a doggone b*st*rd’s good points. For example, they never lied and always meant what they said. So when Chen Mo said “Immediately,” you bet he would mount the fastest horse. Within a few minutes, Miao Yuan saw

Yuan saw a police car blaring sirens and coming down the street. Chen Mo stepped out of the car with his gun, and waved to the officer in the driver’s seat. He didn’t even have the time to turn his body before Miao Yuan came rushing to hug him.

He was taken aback by her embrace. Opening his arms, he hugged her before patting her cute head. “What’s wrong? I’m fine…”

Chen Mo thought that she was probably terrified to find out that her boyfriend was some gun-wielding murderer with bloodstained hands who had just now even killed a man with ease. She was probably frightened to death.

The police car gave a loud honk and the police officer inside rolled down the window and snickered.

Chen Mo kicked the car door, a heavy thud following after.

Miao Yuan looked up at him, her eyes glistened with held-back tears and she looked pure and innocent. Chen Mo quietly helped wipe her face, to which Miao Yuan held his hand.

“Chen Mo…” Miao Yuan stared fixedly at him.

“What’s wrong? Um, if there’s anything we’ll…” Chen Mo felt a little embarra.s.sed. The d.a.m.ned officer was still loitering on the side, watching the drama unfold, and unwilling to leave. The sentinel at the gate already couldn’t stop his gaze from trailing over.

“Chen Mo, I think, I just think… what do you want to eat right now? I’ll make it for you.” The thought suddenly entered Miao Yuan’s mind.

Ah?! Chen Mo was baffled.

“I just saw that… that saw that… that person.” Miao Yuan’s train of thought returned and immediately, she started ranting nonstop. “So gross. You must feel sick to the stomach. Those public security people are really, utterly useless. I pay my taxes to keep them alive, yet they can’t even pull the trigger. You even had to…”

Chen Mo heard the skidding of tires from behind. The police car had left.

“Chen Mo, what do you want to eat? I just bought a tub of really good cheese. I can bake a chocolate cake for you. Let’s go out and eat something good… Then everything will be all right. Don’t be scared…” Miao Yuan saw that Chen Mo didn’t speak a word, and slowly lowered her voice. “Chen Mo, did I… say something wrong?”


Chen Mo lowered his head to look at this girl who was wrinkling her brows while rambling. She had said to him, Chen Mo, don’t be scared.

It was so absurd he didn’t know what to make of it.

She was pitying him. She said, I’m so disgusted, you must feel even worse.

She said, How are those people so utterly useless? You even had to go help.

She was truly angry and her heart was in pain for him.

Chen Mo lightly coughed. This feeling of his seemed foreign. He had never experienced it, and was at a complete loss.

Hearing the cough, Miao Yuan immediately responded, “Chen Mo, are you cold?”

“Follow me!” Chen Mo grabbed her hand, pulling Miao Yuan towards the direction of the dormitories.

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