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Also, I have added a line so that you will know when they have flashbacks, switch perspectives, etc. I hope this helps some people.

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「So, what happened after that?」

Amelia asked that as she sauteed the finely chopped vegetables.

Amelia's cooking skills had made great improvements.

Because Akira had always been in charge of the cooking, Yoru never noticed that Amelia's lack of cooking experience.

However, if she continued to learn, maa, she may be able to become a decent cook.

『After that, I did not meet that guy again. I even forgot to search for his magic signature when I came to this town.』

The day we came to this town, a spell had come flying from who knew where.

It was at the exact moment Akira used his shadow magic.

Concealed by Akira's burst of magical power, the spell reached Yoru.

Akira's magic control had not yet reached Yoru's level, therefore, he was oblivious to Kurou's magic.

At that place, the only one who seemed to noticed the spell was Guildmaster Linga.

「Come to think of it, I've heard from otousama that there was a person within the previous hero's party who excelled in magic and was on par with the demons. So it was Kurou.」

Yoru nodded.

There was a single criteria to be selected as a member of the hero's party for each tribe.

That was, for one to excel in either martial arts or magic, be peerless in that area, and possess overwhelming skill.

In Kurou's case, it was magic control.

『That day, when Master-dono and Miss Amelia returned to the inn, I went to go meet that guy.』

「So you came, 'Adorea's Nightmare'.」

Kurou had waited for Yoru at the hill where they had first met.

Yoru frowned and did not say anything in regards to that arrogant way of talking.

『That's quite the att.i.tude for someone who called me out. And, I was bestowed the name 'Yoru'. Stop calling me by that name. That was a hundred years ago.』

When Yoru said that, Kurou gave a smile filled with contempt.

And then, he corrected Yoru's words.

「It's only been a hundred years. Besides, for you monsters who are almost immortal, something like a hundred years will pa.s.s by in a blink of an eye.」

Certainly, beastmen could live up to a hundred years more than humans but that pales in comparison to monsters who could live almost indefinitely unless they were killed.

『…leaving that aside, what business do you have with me. Why did you intentionally use your magic at the exact time when Master-dono invoked his?』

Kurou twitched at the words "Master-dono".

「I thought that there was something strange about your magic…a name…so, you became a familiar, huh? Is it alright for a monstrosity like 'Adorea's Nightmare' to serve a mere human and moreover, the race that is well-known for being the weakest? Maa, if it's that demong king, of course he would command you to do it.」

Yoru flicked his tail in annoyance.

He didn't come here to talk about this.

In the first place, this was only the second time that they've met.

He wanted to yell, 'what do you know about me' or rather, 'what do you know about demon king-sama'.

『What do you want.』

When pressed a second time, Kurou gave a deep sigh.

「Your master, from my intuition, is probably that young man who possesses a large amount of magic. There's a lot of things I want to ask him, so bring him over. Let's see, how about I fix that broken sword?」

Yoru didn't say anything as he stared at Kurou.

That gaze was different from the one that he usually used as he looked at Akira and Amelia, it was so sharp that one could say that it could kill someone.

Good grief, Kurou shook his head.

「Did you not realize it? That sword is something that the first generation hero had forged. The sword has as much magic as a single human. On top of that, the person himself who is in possession of the sword has almost the same amount of magic as the demons. Even from here, I know what he is doing. …right now, he is doing well with that elven princess.」

TN: remember, this is a past memory, so while Yoru was meeting Kurou, Akira and Amelia are alone in the room at this point in time. Kurou seems to be using some sort of skill to see far away to look into the room where the two people are staying at, but the skill itself was not specified, only mentioned vaguely.

Hou, Yoru let out a voice filled with admiration.

It was not that he admired that skill of Kurou's, but the fact that the relationship between Akira and Amelia seemed to be progressing at long last.

Even so, Kurou was in a bit of a good mood, so that could be considered a good thing.

『However, you didn't ask me to come here just to repair the sword. What else are you hiding.』

Kurou waved his finger at him.

Yoru felt somewhat annoyed at that gesture.

「If I told you, then you would, without a doubt, go coordinate with that Master-dono of yours. Try to figure it out by yourself a little. A hint, let's see, it's something that your Master-dono has but no other human does.」

Yoru wordlessly tilted his head in confusion.

What was something that Akira had that other humans did not.

Nothing came to mind.

「Also, here's the list of materials that I need for repairing the sword. Bring them over in a few days.」

He sent a piece of paper flying towards Yoru using wind magic.

Listed on it were the monster parts that seemed challenging to collect.

『There's this too, huh.』

「It's just that. …come to think of it, we've had this conversation just now.」

Kurou was stifling his laughter, and Yoru was staring at his face.

This was the first time he's seen him laugh.

And that look on his face, it was not one that someone who thirsted for revenge on the royal family of their own tribe could possibly have.

However, there's no way he could ask if he had already gotten his revenge.

Because, Yoru was at fault as well, though indirectly.

「…that kind of thing happened back then, huh. So that's why Yoru's been brooding the entire time after that day.」

Amelia started transferring the food that she had finished cooking onto the plates she found on the shelf. While she was at it, she also garnished the food with juice from a fruit.

『So you've realized it.』

Yoru's tail stood erect.

He was happy that she noticed that something had been wrong with him.

「Maa, the one who noticed first was Akira though.」

Amelia let out a small laugh, picked up the dish, and then headed towards the smithy next door.

It was now lunch time. Kurou had stopped working and was waiting for her inside.

「Aah, sorry. You were probably not used to that.」

When he said that honestly, Amelia and Yoru stared in amazement.

Kurou silently put the food into his mouth, not paying them any attention.

There was not much of a response when he ate it, but he didn't say that it was bad either.

It seems that it was edible.

「Nee, I heard about you from Yoru. Did you get revenge for your younger sister?」

Suddenly, Amelia asked that, as if she had just recalled it.

Yoru looked at Amelia, startled, wondering what she was saying.

Kurou's hand stopped.

「…not yet. The one who killed my younger sister, the current king's nephew, is still living carefreely.」

Answering that, Kurou had an extremely anguished look on his face.

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