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Happy Monday!

There’s two things that I want to let you guys know. One, there was a mistake in the previous chapter when Amelia told Kurou that she wanted him to tell her about the battle (with the demon king). That should’ve been her asking Kurou to teach her how to fight. I’ve already changed it in the previous chapter. I hope this doesn’t confuse anyone.

The other thing is that the perspective will change to Akira in the second half of this chapter, so please be careful of that.

With all that said, I hope you enjoy this chapter.

ED: Ignite

Two people and one animal could be spotted walking along the red leaf covered road. Given how many leaves were on the ground, it looked as if they were walking on top of a red carpet, though the animal wasn't walking but instead riding on top of someone's shoulder.

「…well? How far do you plan on following me?」

Kurou said this without looking at Amelia who decided to walk next to him.

「Until you agree.」

Amelia answered while staring straight ahead.

Kurou scornfully laughed.

「Give up. I don't plan on taking a disciple or teaching others my techniques. In the first place, these techniques are not so simple that a princess can just learn them if she wants to.」

However, Amelia was stubborn and unlike what her reserved appearance might imply, she wasn't planning on backing down.

Yoru shook his tail.

「I need to have more resolve than that. It's obvious that I would have to put in at least this level of effort in order to catch up to Akira.」

Kurou shook his head and hastened his pace.

Regardless, Amelia continued to follow him.

After walking for a while, Kurou finally caved in and looked over at Yoru.

「…what should I do so that this girl will give up, monster.」

Yoru laughed scornfully just as Kurou did before and answered.

『Give up. Miss Amelia's stubbornness and her gluttony are the two things that are unrivalled in this world.』

At those words, Kurou finally stopped walking.

「A long time ago, I too took in disciples just like everybody else and taught them my techniques. Unfortunately, they all, without exception, lost their minds and left.」

So?, Amelia tilted her head in confusion.

「I am strong. I'm a silver ranked adventurer, though I may be weaker than you who were selected to be the representative of the beastmen.」

TN: Amelia should be a silver ranked adventurer, but here, the author mistakenly put her as a gold rank.

She indifferently said that as if she was grumbling about it.

Kurou stared at her side profile.

「That's obvious, isn't it. It has nothing to do with which race you were born as. The strong will be victorious.」

The wind picked up, and Amelia's white hair and the red leaves danced in the wind.

Yoru just looked on at this magical scene.

The command from his master Akira was to stay with Amelia.

From the very beginning, he had no intentions of interfering.

「Those who are weak also have a chance to turn things around. They fight in order to seize that chance. Akira seized it with his own hands. Now, it is my turn to do so.」

She tightly clenched her hands.

「I want to learn your…no, the first generation's hero's techniques.」

「…maa, that's it.」

After Mile explained the rules for how one should behave within the guild, he looked at Akira.

The explanation was truly a formality. It even included common sense things like properly apologizing when you're in the wrong and the prohibition of leaving the restaurant without paying your bill.

I figured now was a good time to bring up the biggest question on my mind.

「There is a system in place for duels, huh.」

With a slightly troubled look on Mile's face, he laughed.

「Yes. the number of duels increase every year, and now, it is a form of entertainment for the many hot-blooded citizens.」

I've heard that beastmen were overwhelmingly more hot-blooded than other races, so maa, I was also in approval of the duel system.

Of course, there was no such thing as a duel system in the human and elven Adventurer Guilds.

The Adventurer Guild even has organized gambling around duels.

Seems like it's becoming quite popular as a spectator event.

「For example, just the other day, a human who wasn't registered with the Adventurer Guild and a yellow-ranked party got into a fight on the main street. That human was the guildmaster's guest, so they shouldn't have picked a fight with him! Not only did they lose miserably, but their qualifications were revoked  and they were expelled from town while still under the effects of the young man's magic.」

Oya, that sounds familiar.

Was that fellow some a.s.sa.s.sin who used that as a pretense to demonstrate his abilities?

「Come to think of it, that guest of the guildmaster looked almost exactly like you….」

Mile looked at me, and stiffened.

「Are you alright? Your face is pale.」

The scene of Mile pointing at me while opening and closing his mouth was extremely amusing.

「Oi, why are you pointing at an adventurer.」

Another adventurer came out from behind Mile who was frozen.

That person, looked at me and tilted his head as if recalling something.

「If I remember correctly, you are….」

I too had some recognition of him.

Before I even started trying to recall it, the other person had answered.

「You're the a.s.sa.s.sin-kun who crushed the yellow ranked party.」

When I heard that, I snapped my fingers.

「Aah, you're the guild member who Linga pushed the cleaning up onto.」

Nn?, the we looked at each other.

Mile watched the two people and was trembling, trying not to laugh.

「Maa, well, I'm Yamato. Nice to meet you.」

Ahem, he cleared his throat and held out his right hand.

I gripped that hand firmly.

Something about this guy reminded me of Kyousuke.

「I'm Oda Akira. I should be the one saying that. Please take care of me.」

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