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Happy Monday!

This chapter is from Tsukasa’s POV, so we will be able to see things from his perspective, but I think that he sounds a little like an abandoned girlfriend or something. Maybe it’s just me.

Anyways, enjoy the chapter.

I, hate Oda Akira.

Akira, I don't know how, but somehow, he had not changed ever since kindergarten, and we were always in the same cla.s.s.

I had even thought that this wasn't just us being inseparable, but some kind of curse.

Especially for high school, even though I had gone to a fairly high-leveled school that the students from my hometown were not accepted into, he was, for some reason, there, and we were once again in the same cla.s.s.

However, that person completely didn't remember, and he talked to me that one time in middle school as if I was a stranger,

『Nice to meet you, I'm Oda Akira. What's your name?』

Akira and I were in the same room for about ten years, you know?

During that time, we pa.s.sed by each other many times, and there were even times when we were deskmates.

I'm not bragging, but because I was fairly well-featured, I stood out more than Akira.

That guy, didn't remember any of that.

The reason why I hated Oda Akira, that was because, he's always aloof, and always looking down on people. Also, he would completely forget about things that he had no interest in, I hated that about him too.

It was the same even when we came to Morigan and I had become the hero.

TN: again with the 'モルガン'…

It seems that Akira who excelled in erasing his presence had become an a.s.sa.s.sin, and he would occasionally disappear and aimlessly go somewhere.

Why doesn't he understand that it's important to stay together when in a foreign place!?

Why, doesn't he look at me?

I'm the hero.

I don't have the spare time to bother with a single person.

However, whenever I think about Akira, I would be seething in anger, and I simply cannot keep calm.

Because I'm the hero, it wouldn't do if I do not keep calm at all times, like the legendary hero.

As the hero, even when I raised the morale, Akira didn't care, and on the contrary, he looked over towards me, visibly shocked, as if looking down on me.

On top of that, even when I was going to scold him for leaving the training as he pleased, n.o.body knew where that guy's room was.

I wanted to yell, 'Don't joke with me.'

If he doesn't cooperate, we won't be able to defeat the demon king.

Someone who destroyed the harmony of the cla.s.s shouldn't be in the cla.s.s.

That guy is always by himself anyways.

There's no one who would be that guy's ally.

Even though that's what I thought.

「Akirkun, how are you doing?」

「Not bad. However, it's only my training menu that is too spartan.」

「Ahaha. But, aren't you doing fine? Though even Zeal-kun gave up on this menu.」

「Maa, I had trained my body.」

Before I knew it, he had become friends with the knight commander.

Moreover, I had a feeling that he's gotten better at concealing his presence than before.

Even though the status of I, the hero, had not grown as much as expected, that guy, in a place that I didn't know, had improved his ability.

It wasn't likely that he would be stronger than me, the hero, but it would be inexcusable for an a.s.sa.s.sin to catch up to the hero.

For the upcoming capture of the dungeon, I will become powerful enough to frighten Akira and the knight commander.

I'll make you realize that my status as the hero, was different from yours from the very beginning.

「Just you wait, A–ki–ra—-!!」

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