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Chapter 61
61 – Occupation

It was searching. For the warmth of a home.

The place where It had dwelled until now had become impossible to stay in after a long time.

For that reason, It looked for a new Home Tree.

The place It had dwelt before was extremely comfortable.

It has existed for a long time. It has been in numerous places.

Among them, the place that It lived until recently was the most comfortable.

However, it could not stay there any longer.

So, It decided to look for a new “Home tree”.

The place where Humans lived together, was called a village. It had been seeing many Human villages, but It cannot find the suitable place for It to stay.

It moves slowly from a corner of a street of a town or city to another.

It is not visible to Humans. That is not true, as some Humans can hear its voice and those who can see It are even less.

While weaving through between Humans, It was looking for a place to stay.

However, It couldn’t find the “Home tree” that It really likes.

Will there not be anything suitable even in this village?

When It thought about such a thing.

It finally found it.

A “Home tree” that is suitable for It to stay at.

It can understand by just looking at it. The “Home tree” is even more comfortable than previous “Home trees” that It had stayed.

When It was pleased that it found a new “Home tree”, It quickly approached the “home tree” while skipping.

A chair with extravagant decoration.

An old man who was sitting on the chair opened his mouth towards the person kneeling before him.

“… I see. He is a very thoughtful person.”

“Yes. As the person who was in charged of the scene, I judged that with his way of thinking, we will be able to save more lives, so I let him take over as commander.”

“Oh, I do not mind. The one who is in charge of the site is you. It would be fine if you judged so.”

The old man reclined his body to the back of the chair and smiled slightly shy.

“The knowledge from a foreign country… How is it? From your perspective, do you think you can can spread that foreign country’s medical knowledge to this country?”

After thinking for a while about what was questioned, the kneeling person looked up to the old man and answered

“I am afraid that it is impossible. It is because that knowledge conflicts with this country’s common sense, and the n.o.bles won’t stay quiet, even if your Majesty the one who spread it.”

“Is that so…”

The old man closed his eyes with his back at the chair.

If it by himself, there will be no problem to incorporate anything good, but to convince the surrounding people is another story.

The old man slowly lost in his thoughts without moving a bit.

A long time had pa.s.sed. Meanwhile, the kneeling person as well as the guard escorts standing behind the old man waited without complain for the old man to return from his thoughts.

And then.


When the old man opened his eyes, he looked down at the kneeling man.

“Giuseppe… Tell the old man that I want to talk with you again together with your father.”

“By Your will.”

The kneeling person – Taülorde Chrysoprase lowered his head again towards the old man in front of him and tried to leave the audience room.

“Wait a minute, Taülorde.”

However, an unexpected voice called him, and Taülorde stopped to look at the person who voiced it.

“Your Highness… When did you…”

Taülorde’s lin

e of sight was directed towards the back of the overlapping curtains behind the throne – the extravagantly decorated chair sitting by an elderly.

No, Taülorde was watching a boy’s face peeking behind the curtain.

The boy emerged from the curtain’s shadow.

His age is around 14 or 15 years old. A teen who looked to be a bit under the age of maturity, and with one look, people could understand that everything on his body was of the highest grade.

And even though he showed up, the knights including Taülorde were surprised, but they were not to blame.

The boy spoke towards the old man sitting at the throne, ignoring Taülorde who stopped, with no ill intent.

“Hey, grandpa.”

“What is it?”

The man on the throne responded to the boy’s voice with a laid back atmosphere.

“Just now, the one grandpa talked about is the rumoured magician right?”

“Yes, that’s right. What seems to be the matter?”

“Perhaps grandpa, to call Grandpa Giuseppe over, meaning that the magician will also come… aren’t you going to call the royal palace?”

The man on the throne didn’t respond to the boy’s question, and just laughed.

However, the boy take it as an affirmation, and a smile similar to the man on the throne was shown on the child-like face.

“So, then… Will you let me meet the magician?”

Morning… the time is closer to daytime.

Finally Tatsumi woke up, picked up the wrist.w.a.tch by the bedside and checked the time.

“… Uwa. Have I been sleeping till this late hour…?”

Surprised to wake up at around noon, while casually looked beside him, there he saw the sleeping face of his beloved woman.

Looking at the restful sleeping face, Tatsumi unintentionally smiled.

Usually, Calcedonia wakes up early in the morning and prepares breakfast, but she seemed to be overslept today.

While thinking that something is wrong, Tatsumi recalled yesterday’s incident and thought that it can’t be helped.

Yesterday there was an accident at the royal palace, and Calcedonia used magic until her mana and strength was exhausted.

“You must have been really exhausted huh, Calsey.”

Tatsumi thought so as he tried to get out of bed softly as to not wake up Calcedonia who was sleeping happily.

However, as he looked closely, Calcedonia holds his arm tightly.

Tatsumi narrowed his eyes lovingly as he gently opened up her fingers and pulled his arm.

Well, he was thinking of washing his face before Calcedonia woke up, and when he tried wearing his indoor shoes, he felt something amiss.


When he looked at his feet, the shoes were reversed.

“…That’s strange. Even though it was supposed to be aligned when I went to bed…”

After re-arrange the shoes, Tatsumi wears them again.

“…Did I remember it wrongly?”

Tatsumi left the bedroom to the well while tilting his head.

“Um, I’m sorry!!”

Calcedonia who seemed to have woken up finally went to the living room with disheveled hair.

“Good morning, Calsey. Today we were given a day off by the church, so you don’t have to worry.”

He made a report about yesterday’s incident to Giuseppe, and was given a special day off as a reward for their work.

So today, both of them can relax from morning.

“But, but, for Husband to be hungry…”

“That’s why, when I got up earlier, I prepared a meal. Well, compared to Calsey’s, I can’t make anything extravagant.”

When he was still in j.a.pan, Tatsumi was someone who never did any of their housework.

Even when living alone, he mostly ate take-outs, and he never did any home cooked meals.

However, it is necessary to know how to prepare some dishes, as he has to go outdoors such to go monster hunting.

“That’s not alright! To make Husband’s meal is my important job! Only this role cannot be given by anyone else! Even if it’s my dear Husband!”

Calcedonia was flamed up with a strange sense of purpose. To that, Tatsumi couldn’t help but smile bitterly.

“If that’s the case, I’ll ask. Truthfully, I am actually hungry.”

“Yes! I’ll prepare it right away!”

With a happy smile, Calcedonia nods while immediately headed to the kitchen.



When she entered the kitchen, several wooden dishes that were supposed to be cleaned up last night were on the kitchen.

“…Strange. I remembered that I cleaned it up…”

Calcedonia tilted her head. However, she thought of using the dish for preparing breakfast for now and started preparing it.

That day Tatsumi and Calcedonia stayed at home all day, but strange things often happened.

The tea that she put into a container to drink it later, before she knew it is already empty.

They also missed some dish during meals, even though they didn’t remember eating it.

The window that should’ve been closed was open.

Also, the laundry that was dry was taken in, and the bedroom which was not used during the day was cleaned unknowingly.

“…Perhaps, there is someone here other than us…?”

Tatsumi murmured while sitting in the living room.

When he was still in j.a.pan, he heard about mysterious strangers settling in the ceiling and so on.

Tatsumi who remembered that thought that someone had settled in the house unknowingly.

“I may have to search through the house then…”

“No, I do not think it will be necessary. But, as Husband said, there is no doubt that something had settled down.”

“Whaa? Something settled down?”

Tatsumi lifted his body from the chair unexpectedly and looked around the room uneasily.

However, unlike Tatsumi, Calcedonia seemed calm.

“I think… I think that a Brownie had settled down here.”


Brownies are spirits that dwelled in homes.

Although the Brownies sometimes caused mischief towards the people living in the house, despite the fact that they never show themselves publicly, Calcedonia explained to Tatsumi that if anything it is an existence that watched over the house and their occupants.

Although it is certainly not mischievous, won’t it be a problem if it continues?”

“That won’t be a problem. If you prepare a small meal for the Brownie at the kitchen, it will not cause any mischief. In fact, it is said that when a Brownie lives in a house it will bring good luck.”

“Whoa. It’s like a zashiki-warashi, don’t you think?”

Well, since it is just a harmless spirit, Tatsumi thinks that it is fine for it to stay.

Moreover, if it brings happiness for the household like zashiki-warashi, there is no reason to refuse.

Also, if the Brownie likes the house and their occupants, it will sometimes help with housework as well. That was why the laundry was taken in and the bedroom was being cleaned.

Well, was it the house and both of us the reason the Brownie liked us?”

“Perhaps, I think so too.”

Tatsumi and Calcedonia laughed heartily.

“Alright… then, Brownie. Let’s get along from now on…”

“Thank you very much.”

With this, Tatsumi and Calcedonia decided to welcome the invisible patron.

“Ah… but, me and Husband’s bedroom at night… don’t peek alright?”

Calcedonia added so at the end while blushing, with Tatsumi glanced at her smiling.

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