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Li Faxian shook his body and straightened up. He looked at Qin Feng with a domineering face. "Do you know the consequences of talking to me this way? The last person who did spent seven years in prison!"

"The consequences? I want to know. Tell me." Qin Feng didn't hit him any more. He knew it would be difficult to really convince Li Faxian, but this cop was Jia Quan's pet. He ate and drank very well at Jia Quan's feet, barking too happily. Qin Feng knew that the one phone call he made was not enough to get Jia Quan to really protect Zhao Jun and Sister Flower. He needed to put some pressure on the real top dog of Tianhe's underground, and Li Faxian was a good starting point.

Li Faxian showed a cold expression, but then suddenly calmed down. He couldn't understand Qin Feng's behavior. Thoughts raced through his mind. Where on earth did this boy come from? He'd heard that Ji Dongchen had been beaten up by a newly hired waiter at the Free Man Bar. It seemed that he was quite fierce, as Ji Dongchen's four bodyguards never even got close to him.

This a.s.sistant manager was very confident and his technique was absolutely top-notch. Was he that same waiter?

Li Faxian sucked in a sharp breath and asked, "Are you the one who beat up Ji Dongchen?"

"Yeah, that's right," Qin Feng said. "He came to the Free Man Bar but he did not play by our rules, so I had to teach him a lesson."

Qin Feng's words had a double meaning. He was warning Li Faxian that if he behaved himself from then on, Qin Feng would not be concerned with him any longer. But if he remained obstinate until it was too late, he shouldn't blame Qin Feng for the consequences.

The situation was now very delicate and Qin Feng would not be able to keep a low profile. Because of Shark Kun's sudden intervention, the whole of Tianhe could soon descend into madness. The disappearance of the eight hired killers would definitely make Shark Kun angry. He would definitely seek revenge. This was not the end of it.

Qin Feng knew that it was now necessary for him to show his strength.

All previous designs and plans had to be thrown out, and protecting Zhao Jun's status so that Sister Flower could find safety in his shadow was no longer an effective tactic. No plans would be more reliable than Qin Feng's own efforts to protect her. Since he couldn't avoid it, he had to face the problem head on.

Of course, until Shark Kun took action in public, Qin Feng would still keep a low profile as much as possible. Perhaps there would be a turning point in this matter. After all, what Shark Kun needed to consider was not only his personal feelings, but also the entire Chinese market. An annual cash flow of hundreds of billions of Yuan was no joke.

"So do you know how things work around here?" Even though Li Faxian knew that Qin Feng was quite capable, he had no fear at all. He still firmly believed that after operating in Tianhe for so many years, no enemy could stand in front of him and Jia Quan. Could Qin Feng's fists. .h.i.t harder than the entire munic.i.p.al police force?

Only if he could subvert the established system of power, which was absolutely unrealistic in this magical country.

The way things worked had stayed the same since the beginning of time. The common people would never think of exceeding the ruling family. The world would devolve into chaos if that happened; the whole country would be broken up and the nation would be destroyed. China had been peaceful for so many years because it followed this rule. Any organization that tried to jump out of the existing framework would be suppressed until it was eliminated.

Of course, this was the grand scheme of things. But from the point of view of Qin Feng's challenge to Li Faxian, Qin Feng really did not have a good chance of winning, because there was another pair of eyes keeping watch over this incident. He hoped Qin Feng would make such a mistake. That Li Faxian and Jia Quan couldn't do anything to him didn't matter. There were still law enforcement departments at higher levels than theirs. Gu Shaoyun had plenty of means - all he needed was a suitable crime to pin on him.

"Just cut the c.r.a.p. I'm always waiting for you. Now I'm going to sleep, I'm tired." Qin Feng couldn't be bothered to talk to Li Faxian anymore. He didn't want to think too much now. In any case, there would always be a way to solve this problem later. As long as no one was threatening Sister Flower, everything was OK. He still needed to think about what he would do with the list, so he didn't have the time to waste on such dregs.

"Well, you sure are full of yourself. I'll remember you," Li Faxian said indignantly as he trotted toward the door. He was afraid that Qin Feng would tackle him again and quickened his step.

"Oh, look at you. You are just a dog; all bark, no bite," Qin Feng thought. He picked up the remaining two slices of watermelon on the table and ate them in one breath, wiped the corners of his mouth, and then lay down on the soft sofa, "Ugh, I am dead tired."

Qin Feng woke up dazed and confused, not knowing how long he had slept. When he opened his eyes, he could make out Sister Flower through the haze.

"You're in early, Sister Flower."

Qin Feng glanced at the watch on his wrist. It was already 12:30 at noon. He had actually napped for more than three hours, which was already enough for him to recover. The feeling of fatigue had been eliminated from his body.

"Not so early. I heard you came in before nine." Sister Flower sat next to Qin Feng. He tried to stand up, but she pushed him back down, "If you are tired, you can lie down for a while. It's fine."

Qin Feng took a deep breath and relaxed his muscles, looking up at Sister Flower. "I had nothing else to do and I got up really early, so I just came here. After all, I've just replaced Kun, so I have to set an example."

"Haha, don't worry about it. Everyone feels very good about you. You are here to manage things and they believe in you," Sister Flower said. "Did Direct Li from the police come by?"

"Yeah, but things got a bit messy. I kicked him out," Qin Feng said disdainfully. "I can't give good face to a person like that. At first I tried being humble and giving him face, but he didn't care, so I had no other option."

Sister Flower frowned. "You have to control your temper. You are no longer a waiter. You represent the Free Man Bar and he is the chief of police. I have never dealt with him - it was always Kun who did that - but from what I know of Li Faxian, he will try to take revenge on you. He has always been quite unhappy with the Free Man Bar, and you just fell into his trap and gave him a reason to punish us. But honestly, that guy really is very irritating. I can't stand him either."

"It's all right, Sister Flower, I can handle him. I would never do anything to implicate you or the Free Man Bar." Qin Feng patted his chest with a confident grin.

"Come on, stop bragging. He is an official, while we do business. We are quite different. What can you do against him? He can arrest us for any made-up crime he wants and we'll still have to bow down and apologize to him. Alright, just forget it; you have no experience with this kind of stuff. I'll contact Kun and have him send more money over. Li Faxian will probably come here again before the National Day, expecting to get some money from us."

Sister Flower had already handled such problems before, so she wasn't too bothered with it. But in the Free Man Bar, they all had to bow down to Li Faxian, and that was the truth.

Everyone had to understand that.

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