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200,000 Yuan.

For Zhu Fangguo, who only earned 1,800 Yuan a month, this was a huge sum. He had never seen so much money in his life.

And, in the end, he wasn't injured too seriously, and had basically recovered after just 10 days. A few days in the hospital for 200,000 Yuan was indeed a very cost-effective sacrifice.

Jia Dapeng put the card on the bedside table, "The pin number is Zhu Fei's birthday."

Zhu Fangguo stared at Jia Dapeng and could not say anything for a long time. What was the meaning of this?

"Is there nothing that money cannot solve in your eyes?" he eventually said.

"I'm sorry, Uncle, I have said I was sorry and I've given my money as compensation. To be honest, you're the second person I have ever apologized to in my life, and the first one is my father. I apologize again for the damage I've done to you. I was wrong." Jia Dapeng bowed his head.

"I don't accept it. Take the money away. I will be pressing charges against you. If people like you aren't taught a lesson, they will continue to do evil in society."

Zhu Fangguo obstinately scrunched up his face and threw the UnionPay card on the table back at Jia Dapeng.

Qin Feng sighed in his heart. "The old man still has a little temper. He looks like a yes-man, but there is hidden strength in his old bones. He will not easily yield in the face of evil."

Hearing Zhu Fangguo's response, Jia Dapeng, who had been repressing his anger, exploded. "What do you mean, d.a.m.n it? You stinking old man, I gave you enough face, right?"

He stepped toward Zhu Fangguo, rolling up his sleeves.

Qin Feng was ready. He jumped forward, slamming into Jia Dapeng's shoulder. Jia Dapeng bounced back like he'd hit a brick wall. If not for Zhang Dali catching him, he would have fallen over.

Qin Feng said with cold eyes, "If you want to make trouble here, you're going to have to go through me. But I have something to say first: this time, I will not be lenient!"

Qin Feng knew clearly that Jia Dapeng's five followers were not simple well-wishers, and they seemed to all be well-trained. Among them, he had already fought with Zhang Dali in the woods behind the Bar on the night of the arson attempt. Qin Feng knew that he had not exerted all his strength. This guy was definitely not to be underestimated.

Of course, Qin Feng was not afraid of them. Even if the five of them attacked him simultaneously he would have ways of dealing with them, but Zhu Fei and Zhu Fangguo were close by, which made him a bit uneasy.

It was better to avoid a fight if possible.

Jia Dapeng, of course, was not afraid of letting things escalate. Since he was being provoked by Qin Feng, he stuck out his chest, ready to fight!

"s.h.i.t! Get him! d.a.m.n, I feel like I'm choking. I can't believe I can't deal with this guy myself right now!"

Jia Dapeng was furious, his voice trembling. Patients and their family members poked their heads out of the neighboring wards to see what all the commotion was about, looking on in amazement.

Zhang Dali, seeing things were getting out of hand, grabbed Jia Dapeng, "Dapeng, Dapeng, calm down! Calm down!"

Qin Feng knew that no matter how arrogant Jia Dapeng was, he still had to take into account his public standing. His father was a public figure and this was a sensitive period. Any unflattering video of him posted online could cause problems.

Jia Dapeng coming to apologize now was meant to put an end to the existing bad blood. If the grudge could not be resolved and new hate was generated, then the situation would become even more difficult to control.

Zhu Fei had already taken out her cell phone and started recording a video. She wanted to record Jia Dapeng's ferocious face and display it to the public, letting the citizens of Tianhe see how the son of the director of the Public Security Bureau was behaving himself; coming to the hospital room of the old sanitation worker he had beaten up on the street only to start another fight. What justification could this have?

Qin Feng, like a lone guardian, stood in front of Zhu Fei and Zhu Fangguo, protecting them with his own flesh and blood.

Jia Dapeng suppressed his rage and yelled at Qin Feng, "OK, you can get away with it this time. You got lucky today, but just you wait!"

Jia Dapeng turned around and left, violently kicking open the door of the ward. The door bounced back from the wall with a loud clatter, almost hitting him in the face.

Zhang Dali stepped back and retreated out to the corridor. He gave Qin Feng a meaningful look, and walked away without saying anything.

The ward fell into a long silence.

"Zhu Fei, do you know this b.a.s.t.a.r.d?"

Although Zhu Fangguo was straightforward, he was not stupid. He knew why they left.


Zhu Fei struggled to find a way to explain this to her father. "Remember He Yuan? When I was a kid, she was always coming to our house to play with me. When I came to Tianhe, you ignored me and I had no other friends, so I got in touch with her. It was not so easy to find her, but we get close pretty quick. One night, when I was sleeping, she called and said she was drunk and asked me to go to the club to pick her up, so I went to meet her. This Jia Dapeng was there, and he was..."

She had always felt guilty about her father's injury. If it had not been for her involvement with Jia Dapeng, he would not have been so angry that day and would not have stopped in the square. Even if he had stopped there and was scolded by her father for littering, he wouldn't have been so inhuman, right?

Although this was only a baseless a.s.sumption, Zhu Fei's always felt a little guilty in her heart. She did not want to complicate things, so she never said anything about knowing the a.s.sailant, and in order to make her father feel at ease with his injury, she lied to him about the a.s.sailant being taken away by the police and put on trial.

"You silly girl. That He Yuan has always been trouble. Stealing things, deceiving her parents, cheating teachers, cheating students… What are you doing with her?! What have you been doing all these years?! Are nightclubs places for good girls? You... You want to kill me!"

Zhu Fangguo's concern and nervousness for his daughter were borne of his fatherly instincts, but he never thought he would say something like this to Zhu Fei.

This was supposed to be just a father admonishing his daughter for misbehaving, but for Zhu Fangguo, it was a rare thing to do.

Zhu Fei was stupefied for a moment. Then, she started laughing. Although she got scolded, it was worth it, and she was OK with it, because this was proof of her real father's concern for her from the bottom of his heart; a subconscious instinct.

Therefore, in the depths of his mind, he recognized her as a daughter.

Zhu Fei was happy like a child with a bag of marshmallows, dancing happily around the ward. Qin Feng also felt a wave of warmth in his heart seeing this. "Uncle, don't blame Fei Fei. When she arrived at Tianhe, she had to find herself a friend. Who knows what He Yuan is like after so many years? Anyway, this Jia Dapeng is the son of an important official, who has been a spoiled brat since childhood. An hour before he came to the square that day, he was making a fuss at our house and I beat him up, so he was in a bad mood and was looking for someone to vent his anger on, so..."

Qin Feng scratched his head with an embarra.s.sed smile. "In fact, I must apologize to you. If I had not hit him, he would not have attacked you."

"Not necessarily," Zhu Fei interjected. "He has no virtue and no qualms about murder and arson."

"What did you say?" Zhu Fangguo did not care about any of that, but he picked up a clue in what Qin Feng had just said. "He was at your doorstep? You two already live together?"

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