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After Chen Ruo Yu had finished eating the bread, she sat for a little longer. The sky had already turned dark and there were many mosquitoes in the garden and she had already been bitten several times. When she looked at her watch, it was nearly 7.00pm.

Meng Gu didn't reply her text messages, nor did he call or appear in front of her.

With things like this, can it be considered that she has won?

Chen Ruo Yu threw the plastic bags and bottle away in the garden's trash can before she slowly made her way into the hospital building and went to the toilet. After that, she had left the hospital and slowly walked to the bus stop. All along the way, she did not meet any familiar faces. She should be at ease but instead, she was feeling weird.

Did she really scare that Mongolian doctor? So after this, he would not dare to casually provoke her, right? She had used the right strategy and hit the bullseye. Her plan was too effective, too satisfying but why is she feeling down. What's wrong with her?

Chen Ruo Yu thought for a while and concluded that it must be because she provoked by Nurse Tian. It was really nasty of Meng Gu, such a big man sending a woman, his nurse to deal with her. This was an unexpected affront and therefore she felt angry.

But now she doesn't feel angry at all. She feels...ah...how to describe it...? Lost? Melancholic?

Did she use the right words?

When she reached home, Chen Ruo Yu surfed the internet.

"Lost" means emotional emptiness or loss of emotional support and the word "Melancholic" refers to being sad and depressed because of frustration or disappointment.

This is strange.... Chen Ruo Yu frowned as she looked at the computer screen. She did not feel empty, ah... She still has so many things to settle. She felt so emotionally enriched that she could almost cry.

Emotional support? Not at all, her emotional support was not from that Mongolian doctor. Disappointment? Obviously, she had repelled the enemy and won the war.

Liang Sisi walked in with a big bowl, sat beside Chen Ruo Yu and stared at the computer screen. Then she stuffed a big mouthful of noodles into her mouth and incoherently said, "Ruo Yu, looking at your appearance, you're not lost or melancholic. You have lost your love."

Chen Ruo Yu stiffened and quickly waved her away "Go..go...go and eat your noodles. Don't spray noodles at me."

Lost her love? Did she lose her love again?

Lost her love twice because of only one man?

Wrong! Wrong! She had long given up on loving him!

Liang SiSi swallowed her noodles. This time, she was able to clearly express her high opinion.

"If this is not losing your love, then there's another explanation..... feelings of spring."

**(Feelings of spring means blooming feelings of love for someone.)**

Chen Ruo Yu stiffened again. That is worse than losing her love.

"Ruo Yu, what's the matter? Recently your behavior is really weird. If you have any questions on love, you can ask me. Based on my experience, it's enough for me to write an advisory encyclopedia of love. I will tell you everything I know and I will tell you frankly."

Chen Ruo Yu fiercely shook her head.. "I don't have any questions on love."

"Really?" Liang SiSi sounded a bit disappointed. "If you have any emotional problems, you can also ask me too."

"I also don't have any emotional problems." Chen Ruo Yu continuously shook her head. 

"Thar's alright then." Liang SiSi sympathetically looked at Chen Ruo Yu for a long time before she left.

Chen Ruo Yu heaved a sigh of relief. She stared at the words "Melancholic", gritted her teeth and shut off the computer.

The whole night, Meng Gu didn't reply her text messages nor call her. Chen Ruo Yu kept.thinking about this and at the same time, she also kept thinking about calling home. She thought over and over again but still had no idea how to speak to her family. She continued thinking until she finally went to bed and told herself to wait until tomorrow to make the phone call home.

In the middle of the night while she was sleeping soundly, her phone rang.

Still drowsy and not fully aware of her surroundings, she subconsciously grabbed her phone and pressed the answer b.u.t.ton.

"Chen Ruo Yu, have you finally lost your mind?" A thunderous roar sounded from the other end of the phone. Chen Ruo Yu was shocked and immediately became alert.

Oh..! My G.o.d! This devil Meng Gu is here to kill!

"Dr. Meng, what's the matter?" First, she pretended to be foolish.

"What do you mean by the last message sent to me? Did the fox spirit take over your body?"

**('fox spirit' is considered the spirit of seduction)**

"Ah..? What? Wait a minute, let me check the time first." She tried to delay for a moment to think up countermeasures.

She looked at the time...2.45am!

His grandmother! Even if anyone says this is not his way of taking revenge, she really definitely will not believe it.

"Why do you have to bother about the time? I was so busy that I didn't even have the time to breathe until now. My meal has not been digested yet when I saw your text messages. Was your head kicked by a donkey?!" She even dared to tease him! Is she tired of living?!

So fierce!

In the middle of the night, Chen Ruo Yu's brain was not very active and was totally suppressed by Meng Gu's imposing manner. She did not dare to show that little flame of anger that ignited in her just now when she looked at the time.

Chen Ruo Yu remained silent.

"Speak!" Meng Gu said harshly on the other side of the phone.

"Dr. Meng, it's very late now. Let's meet up another day to discuss the deep contents of this issue. We still have to work tomorrow, we should rest, ah. What do you think?".

"Tomorrow I'm off-duty so I can sleep in. I have plenty of time to talk now!"

Look, this is really his revenge. What had that Nurse Tian said to him.

Chen Ruo Yu became silent and did not know how she should continue with the conversation. So she simply said, "Wait a minute."

She tossed her phone aside and ran to Liang SiSi's room, "SiSi.., SiSi.., now I have an emotional problem to ask you."

"Ah..?" Liang SiSi was shaken until she woke up and was in a daze. "What is it?"

"Emergency!!! The question is.... if a man called a woman in the middle of the night to ask questions that the woman cannot answer and the woman does not want to be entangled with him, what should she do?"

"Switch off the phone and sleep." Liang SiSi simply replied.

Chen Ruo Yu hesitated. "But if I do this and arouse the man's hatred, then later hopelessly run into him again, what should I do then?"

"When you wake up, think about it then!"

That makes sense!

Chen Ruo Yu hurried back into her room, gently picked her phone up and checked, Meng Gu did not hang up and was really waiting for her.

How terrifying.

Switch off the phone and sleep!

Chen Ruo Yu acted decisively and everything was settled, and the world is quiet and peaceful once again.

She slipped her phone under her pillow, her heart beating ferociously, she had done well and felt proud of herself.

Chen Ruo Yu laid down on the pillow on top of her phone, she soon fell asleep and didn't think much about the matter and the fact that there's a price to pay for acting brave.

The next morning Chen Ruo Yu got up from bed and got ready to go to work. The moment she turned on her cellphone, she received a text message.

~My Dear! You are dead! Remember to miss me!!~

Those 9 words revealed the piercing sharpness of Meng Gu and he also added exclamation marks. Chen Ruo Yu could visualize him gritting his teeth and sneering as he wrote it.

"Ahh!" She shrieked in alarm and almost dropped her cellphone.

Last night, she was definitely sleepy and was muddle-headed. Now, what should she do next?

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