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Zhou Liang saw the situation and was in a hurry to retreat, "Don't, don't. You stay back."

Zhou Liang was hiding in a window sill like dodging a plague, but Zhou Husha duped her way up, circled her arms, and wrapped Zhou Liang up directly.

"Zhou Liang, you have no conscience. You don't miss me. Do you miss our son?"

Zhou Husha stroked her already high belly with one hand. "It's been 20 weeks, heh, time goes by so fast."


Zhou Liang felt dizzy. He was really speechless. Three months ago, Zhou Husha said that she was pregnant. Zhou Liang was talking to her at that time, but his feelings didn't always match. At the beginning of her contact, Zhou Husha performed quite well, but later he found out, in fact, she was faking it, pretending to be particularly pure and simple. This made Zhou Liang very relaxed, and he didn't think much about it. After having had s.e.x with her, Zhou Husha began to require much more, thinking about spending his money every day to buy this or buy that.

This was of secondary importance. Zhou Liang didn't care about spending that money, but Zhou Husha's character was not good. Once, Zhou Liang's friend saw Zhou Husha playing ball with a gang of guys in an upscale billiards hall.

She was still in the crowd, hugging a guy and holding a cigarette in her mouth, as if she were a little lady.

But in front of Zhou Liang she was a good lady's posture, which made Zhou Liang once very distressed. When Zhou Liang asked her, Zhou Husha didn't admit it.

Zhou Liang left a mind and sent someone to follow Zhou Husha for a few days. He knew this was wrong, but the key was that the woman's mind was too heavy to be worthy of respect.

Sure enough, a few days later, her behavior was caught.

Zhou Husha said that she was a graduate student of Shanghai Jiaotong University. In fact, she was a third-rate junior college student in Su City. She liked fights, bars, smoking, drinking, and so on, which were completely different from her disguised image, and all of which had something to do with Zhou Husha.

Looking at the photos of his men, each of them showed Zhou Husha's prodigality and lies. Zhou Liang was angry and punched the wall with a fist, and his anger was burning with rage.

During this period of time, he also intended to sink his heart to talk about a section of love. He naturally also put into the mind.

But he didn't expect it to be a scam.

At that time, Zhou Liang really wanted to call out Zhou Husha to slap her on the mouth, and then broke up with her.

But his subordinates in order to confirm Zhou's lies, went to her hometown, which was almost the poorest place in the economically developed Su City.

Zhou Husha's parents divorced from an early age of hers, and there was a younger brother in the family who was just in the fifth grade of primary school. He was very beautiful, but the family was very poor. Her mother lost her left leg because of a car accident, and she cooked and crocheted baskets at home every day and then let his son take them to the market and sell them.

Zhou Husha was originally very motivated when she was in town, because her younger brother had a sudden fever and needed to be transferred to another hospital after he became pneumonia. But Zhou Husha's family could not even bring out a deposit of 500 yuan for hospitalization, so Zhou Husha had no way out and wanted to borrow it from the village. But she did not expect to meet her cla.s.smate, whose family was very rich. He gave Zhou Husha two thousand directly and did not need her to return. But he had a request, that is, she needed to drink with him in the evening and sing with him.

Zhou Husha's mother was in a hurry and threw away all her crutch at home, crawling on the ground, fearing that her son might have something wrong, and repeatedly telephoned Husha to make sure her younger brother was cured.

She had no way and she had to agree to that cla.s.smate's request at that time. Her mind was pure and she thought it was only to eat a meal and there wouldn't be anything else.

However, she didn't expect that that night she was drunk, or to be exact, drugged and had s.e.x with that cla.s.smate. She lost her first time and was photographed by her cla.s.smate. If she dared to say it, the picture would be posted on the Internet. At that time, Zhou Husha would never want to be a human being in her life.

In their countryside, girls were very conservative. Encountering such things, they would generally choose to be silent. They would be more concerned about later life and reputation.

Zhou Husha did not have any idea, cried for a long time, and also chose to be silent.

She knew it would be useless for her to resist, and life liked to joke about it and bully honest people.

Good men are bullied by people. She knew that.

After leaving the room, Zhou Husha went to the vegetable market to buy a knife. In the evening, when school was over, she stopped the cla.s.smate, deliberately led him into an empty alley, stabbed him with a knife, and stabbed him in the thigh with a knife body of seven or eight centimeters. With only one knife, the boy knelt.

Zhou Husha searched his bag and found the then-popular Nokia N96, deleted photos of her and smashed the phone.

At that time, there was no backup, cloud, or even U disk. Mailbox was rarely used. As long as she deleted the original photos, basically nothing would happen.

After that, Zhou Husha changed and became a notorious problem student in the school. The boy who had been stabbed almost became a cripple and rested for three months to recover. When he returned to school, as he saw that Zhou Husha, he would hide away.

Originally a top student, Zhou Husha's grades plummeted, and even she failed to pa.s.s the examination of the first county middle school. In the end, she had to go to the specialized college of "three plus two" form, majoring in nursing.

People would change. Every day thing they encountered would stimulate the human mind to a certain extent.

It was because of that night that Zhou Husha completely changed her life.

But after learning about her family situation from his staff, Zhou Liang became soft for a moment and changed his mind.

He believed that Zhou Husha did this also was helpless. After all, the family needed her support. That she had crooked thought when she saw him such kind of benefactor was also the human nature.

After all, it was not easy for her to be alone in Su City.

Thinking of this, Zhou Liang absolutely left a trace of dignity to Zhou Husha, and did not show the ugly things of Zhou Husha. He just said that they two's personalities did not agree and were not suitable for each other.

At first, Zhou Husha was a little guilty, thinking that the matter had been revealed, but after seeing Zhou Liang didn't find anything, she began to cry and make a scene, and then took the pregnancy to say something.

Zhou Liang did not say anything, but directly shot 1 million.

Having never seen so much money, Zhou Husha was a little blindfold. She looked at the bank card before her eyes with an excited face.

Zhou Husha still took the money and turned away.

Zhou Liang thought the things would be completely finished but did not expect that today she unexpectedly appeared again, but also carrying the child of nearly five months back.

This was a real surprise.

"What are you looking at. Do what you have to do."

Zhou Liang glanced at his subordinates. He was in a very bad mood.

When the words fell, he looked at the smug Zhou Husha and shouted, "Come with me to the office. Don't lose face yourself outside."


Zhu Fangguo cooked nutritious eight-treasure porridge at home and put in all the cordyceps and sea cuc.u.mbers that Zhou Liang had brought in, waiting for Zhu Fei to return to deliver them to Zhou Liang's company.

Zhou Liang these days worked too busy. Every day after work he had to come back to cook for him and Zhu Fei. Zhu Fangguo saw this in the eyes. He understood it was awful.

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