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Qin Feng stood in the place, looking at Sister Flower leaving farther and father, more and more blurred, he cried very badly, standing there like a child, his legs were as heavy as lead, his fingers were unconsciously beating. Tears were flowing across his jaw and dripping on the cement stone steps. The military slogans in the distance were shouting loudly, but in the heart of Qin Feng, he was struggling, almost suffocated, the sound reverberated and transformed into a mournful bell, which burst into his heart.

Sister Flower not dare to wipe tears, she was afraid that her sadness would be seen by Qin Feng, let the wind beat on her face, slightly cool, but contrasted to the inner struggle, she was sadder because of the sadness of Qin Feng.

Until she came out of the playground and met a corner, she quickly turned and leaned on the back wall of grandstand, crying loudly.

She cried out uncontrollably. The departure was too abrupt. It was like Xiao He who had pa.s.sed away. She was separated from two people overnight.

One was her brother, the other was Qin Feng who had already entered the heart of Sister Flower.

In a lot of times, people would act unwillingly, these years were very casual for Sister Flower, she seldom did anything reluctantly, for example, flattering the police, giving gifts to leaders, flattering Zhao Jun and building relationship with wealthy people. She didn't like it, not willing to do it, for the loss of popularity and money, she had other ways to earn them back, she never worry that Free Man would turn bad because of these.

But this time, she finally made up her mind to get rid of the "entanglement" of Qin Feng and be herself.

"Qin Feng, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you, I have no way, you are very excellent, in my eyes, you are the best man in the world. But you, but you have a better opportunity to create your glory, open your bright life, I do not understand the army, but I know, you can make success, to leave the story of your own in the history of Chinese army. You can definitely make it. Qin Feng, don't blame me. I will pray silently for you in Tianhe. You must pay attention to your safety, never follow Xiao He's way."

After she finished her words, she dropped her tears again, she squatted on the ground and her tears wet the ground, several officers were pa.s.sing by, they saw this scene, did not know what had happened, they wanted to console, but did not dare to interfere.

Xiao Jinhua also knew that she could not stay here for a long time. Qin Feng was likely to catch up.

She fled and ran away, and found Gu Shaoyun by other fighters of special forces, and finally got the belongings of Xiao He.

She drove Land Rover Aurora of Ru Ru and soon came out of the barracks.

She was afraid to meet Qin Feng again, Gu Shaoyun wanted to keep her, he was about to call up all the special fighters to hold a welcome party for Sister Flower and to have dinner with her in the evening. But Sister Flower refused directly and drove to expressway of leaving the capital.

On the way, Sister Flower opened the speed cruise, watching the front, the road was very suitable for driving, there were very few cars on the road, she was reminding everything of Qin Feng and Xiao He. Her brain was running quickly, every fragment, every paragraph of memory would rethink carefully, she was afraid of missing every bit of wonderful time.

When she returned to Tianhe, she would face a lot of trouble. If Qin Feng was with her, Zhao Jun, Ji Jiangshan, Jia Quan, Li Faxian and Meng Zhaolin would be afraid of him, if he did not come back for a long time, those clever old guys were sure to find a way to compensate themselves for what they had lost.

Sister Flower would definitely become their target.

But she was not afraid of them, she had survived from the most difficult time, now she had her own savings and career, no matter what happened, she could handle it in Tianhe.

But in the time of late evening, at the end of a busy day, at half past three in the morning, when Sister Flower was standing at the door of Free Man, looking at the desolation of corner, would she had recalled Qin Feng again?

All kinds of possibilities, Xiao Jinhua had thought about them. Anyway, she could not let herself have any connection with Qin Feng, which would be bad for him.

Poor but with a lofty will. Xiao Jinhua had not been looked down on these years. This time she was lucky to see a friendly leader called Kang Mingyang, who had a good temper. But he expressed his dissatisfaction that Qin Feng went to Tianhe too often. It was a serious violation in the army. Only Qin Feng had such energy and characteristic to do it. If it was someone else, it would have been sent to military court.

Sister Flower had a younger brother who was a soldier for many years, so she knew a little bit about it. General Kang didn't express himself very clearly because of Xiao He's death, how could he express so directly that he wanted Qin Feng to leave Tianhe?

But wasn't it was what he meant?

Sister Flower was not silly, she understood that.

The decision was right, even though it was unpleasant.

Sister Flower did not regret. In the future, when she was lonely, drank more wine, smoked a cigarette, went shopping, and went to Dali, on the sh.o.r.e of Er sea, listened to the melodious song, bathed in the bright sunshine, and watched the flowing of the clear river water. Would the wave in her heart calm down?

If it really didn't work, she could casually find a boyfriend to deal with it.

This was the ultimate trick to deal with the entanglement of Qin Feng.

Of course, Sister Flower did not want to do this until the last moment, in these years, she was peace and quiet alone, too happy, free and easy, if a person appeared beside her suddenly, she would feel unease.

All her brain was stuffed with Qin Feng, when she was tired, she thought about Xiao He again. In a word, on the way home, Sister Flower's brain cells had died a lot. All the follow-up things had been planned: brought her brother's belongings to her hometown and buried it. She planned to deposit more than a million RMB he had left in an account, which would be saved as a life-saving fund. She wouldn't take the money until she had to.

Qin Feng returned to his apartment like a walking corpse. He lay on the cold bed. It had arrived at dusk. The sunlight slanted through the window and shined on his face. He didn't say a word for the whole afternoon.

Sometimes he would shed tears, but he wiped away tears quickly and stubbornly.

He could not believe Sister Flower was a lady of that kind. He did not understand what he had done wrong.

Why did she leave him mercilessly?

Was it because Xiao He was died for him?

Was it because Kang Mingyang had ordered her secretly?

Was Sister Flower really a perfidious person?

He didn't understand.

When it was getting dark, someone was knocking on the door heavily.

It came the voice of green dragon from outside. "Qin Feng, I know you are inside, open the door."

Qin Feng was too lazy to get up. He picked up his cell phone and he called back green dragon who had called him five times before. "What's wrong?"

"Are you in the house? Open the door!You're crazy. You have locked yourself in the house for a long time. If not because chief Gu told me that Sister Flower had been here, you are in the apartment. I would not know you have come back. Open the door quickly. "

At the same time, green dragon knocked the door again and again.

Qin Feng had no choice but to throw away his cell phone and drag his heavy body to open the door.

Tonight was doomed to be a restless night, and alcohol was the best anesthetic for them.

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