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“Why do you think eldest brother still hasn’t got a heir?” The fifth old master Zhao Tian Kun seemed to have a bellyful of words, his eyes gazed over the rather restless second older brother Zhao Tian Kun, he continued saying, “That’s because he wants to take revenge on those people who urged him to give up on Zhao Ying Guan back then, he hates that we didn’t help look for him, rather encourage him to give up on that son!”

“He feels guilty, and don’t want us to feel right either!”

With stunned faces everyone looked at Zhao Xing Kun, both afraid, and suddenly realised, there were also some people with a quizzical expression, but clearly there was a definite reason for Lord Wu’s words. Everyone began to whisper.

A cousin of the Zhao family stood up, he was now over seventy years old, but he took good care of his health, his words were clear, he said, “Nephew, I don’t believe in Tian Kun’s words, but it really is quite inappropriate for you not to have an heir so late.” Immediately his tone changed, “If you blame others for Zhao Ying Guan…, you really shouldn’t, it was him who made a disgrace of himself then, speaking of it his ending was also his fault.”

Zhao Xing Kun evidently respected this elder, his expression was extremely unsightly, but he still walked over to help the old man sit down, he released a breath, the rim of his eyes red, like he wanted to cry but again thought he should resist, he said, “I know.”

Zhao Xing Kun immediately caught everyone’s attention, everyone’s gaze were focused on Zhao Xing Kun’s face, waiting for him to continue.

“I don’t hold a grudge against anyone.” Zhao Xing Kun swept his gaze over Zhao Tian Kun and Zhao Zhen Kun, he said, “I spoiled Ying Guan, when he abandoned his wife and child, I had decided he wasn’t my son.”

“Then why do you still not have an heir?”

“That is because…” Zhao Xing Kun’s gaze lingered on Xiao Zhen Shan’s face, sighing he said, 

“Because, I have an illegitimate child, that person has been adopted by the Xiao family Xiao Zhen 

Shen. I have a child, so why would I allow an outsider to be my heir?”

The madam Mao Shi turned deathly pale, using her finger she pointed at Zhao Xing Kun saying, 

“You…” Before she could finish the words she fainted straightaway.

Everyone rushed to help, some were supporting the madam, some were calling for a doctor, the house was in chaos, when the madam regained consciousness, she practically jumped up, slapping Zhao Xing Kun with a heavy hand, her mouth shouting, “You old b.a.s.t.a.r.d, didn’t you promise me back then, all your children will be from me, how could you all of a sudden have an illegitimate child? 

How can you face me?”

Some people did not imagine Mao Shi would actually slap Zhao Xing Kun, they hurried to restrain her, one said, “Older sister, are you confused?” Another also said, “Sister-in-law, calm down, which man does not have wives and concubines, having an illegitimate child isn’t a big issue, how can you defy your husband like this?”

Mao Shi acted like she had eaten a strength pill and could not be restrained, in this chaos she again slapped Zhao Xing Kun twice, they weren’t light either, Zhao Xing Kun’s cheeks were like two steamed buns, Mao Shi yelled, “Don’t get in my way, I’m going to beat him to death, then I’m going to commit suicide, after all there’s nothing to live for, how can my life be so bitter?”

Who would have thought that the previous scene of swords drawn and bow bent, now it actually became a farce, already no one paid attention to today’s main character Zhao Jin Yu, urging people, inciting the flames, detached she only continued to sit at the side drinking tea.

Chen Rong watched Zhao Jin Yu retreat to her side, she placed some melon seeds into her palm, saying, “Don’t worry, there will always be a way.”

Zhao Jin Yu knew this was her comforting her worried she wouldn’t be able to stay, but she actually almost couldn’t keep the melon seeds in her hand, thinking about it…, this wasn’t something an outsider could jump into, should she cracked melon seeds between her teeth as a spectator for the show?

It couldn’t be said she was too cold-hearted, too indifferent towards Zhao Xing Kun, honestly it’s because affections still hadn’t been built up with her grandfather and grandmother, that’s why she was not moved emotionally like people would have thought.

Xiao Zhen Shan always knew Zhao Xing Kun took care of him a lot, he also knew he was adopted, but he never thought before…, his true ident.i.ty was unexpectedly the son of Zhao Xing Kun! He stared blankly standing in his place with an expression of complete loss.

Zhao Rui Zhi who had not said a word at all moved to his side, lightly pushing Xiao Zhen Shan’s arm, saying with a delicate voice, “Older brother Zhen Shan, are you okay?”

Her tender and soft feminine voice made Xiao Zhen Shan regain his thoughts, he released a breath, in a rather sceptical voice he said, “Younger sister Rui Zhi, can you tell me if I’m dreaming?”

Zhao Rui Zhi gaze held a lot of shock, but hidden in the shadows was an unsuppressed joy, she said, “Older brother Zhen Shan, everything you heard is real…”

Xiao Zhen Shan patted his cheeks roughly, “Am I really the son of the eldest old master?”

Zhao Rui Zhi cutely nodded, saying, “Older brother Zhen Shan, isn’t that a good thing? Didn’t you always say to me, you don’t know who your parents are? Saying we were both the same.” At that point she lowered her head showing a sad expression, “In the end you and I are different, I knew your ident.i.ty was not common, who would have imagined it would be like this, congratulations older brother, from now on you can return to your biological parents’ side.”

Hearing Zhao Rui Zhi’s words, Xiao Zhen Shan with a red face, said, “Younger sister Rui Zhi, are you making fun of me? No matter what my background is, I’m still your older brother Zhen Shan, this will never change.”

“Obviously you’re my older brother Zhen Shan.” Zhao Rui Zhi smiled, but that smile didn’t reach her eyes, with a distressed loneliness, she said, “From now on you are the Zhao family’s righteous child, and I’m only an adopted daughter…”

Only then did Xiao Zhan Shen realise, if he really took his place with his family he wouldn’t be able to marry Zhao Rui Zhi, because he and Zhao Rui Zhi would become siblings, how could the Zhao family allow such a thing?

“It’s not like that.” Xiao Zhan Shen wanted to eagerly hold Zhao Rui Zhi’s hand, but she avoided him, this made Xiao Zhan Shen very upset, he hurriedly said, “Then I won’t move to the Zhao family.”

“Do you know what you’re saying?” Zhao Rui Zhi tender-heartedly looked at Xiao Zhan Shen, “This is the main branch of the Zhao family, you’re the person the Zhao family’s property will be pa.s.sed onto, in the future you…, do you know what you’ll give up?”

“I know.” Xiao Zhan Shen firmly nodded.

As the madam Mao Shi was a very strong-willed woman, her strength wasn’t weak, she kept on slapping Zhao Xing Kun on the face, and had picked up a chicken feather duster from the floor chasing and beating Zhao Xing Kun…, she beat him from the central room to the courtyard, in this way a lot of people ran after them into the courtyard, now only Zhao Jin Yu remained in the main room, that’s why she very naturally saw Xiao Zhan Shan and Zhao Rui Zhi confessing to each other in the corner.

She suddenly felt worried for Zhao Xing Kun and Mao Shi, one was an extremely scheming adopted daughter, and the other was a somewhat sincere yet rash young man, with just a few nudges he could give up the family’s property, for a woman…, it wasn’t that she looked down on Xiao Zhen Shan’s feelings, in fact she actually envied him for being so sincere and frank, but when were the matters of the world so simple? Xiao Zhen Shan allowed his emotions to affect his decisions in such a way, he didn’t think things through, he only did things he liked, again how would he survive?

The continuously silent stone around Zhao Jin Yu’s neck finally couldn’t help say, “Your cheap uncle really cannot be in a position of power. He wouldn’t even know his north from his west with a woman’s sweet-talking. He doesn’t even care about repaying the kindness of his adoptive parents for bringing him up.”

Zhao Jin Yu always knew of the stone’s poisonous tongue, but at his words now she felt like it hit the nail on the head, pushing down on her agitated thoughts, she said, “I only wanted to use the Zhao family’s power to help adoptive father…, who knew things would become like this?”

The emperor hearing Zhao Jin Yu’s powerless words, his heart began to ache all of a sudden, he wished he could grow two arms to hug Zhao Jin Yu, fulfil all her wishes.

Once these thoughts emerged it was somewhat difficult to keep under control, the emperor felt he was now increasingly running out of patient…, it was like this always withered up heart suddenly became invigorated, his heart was very happy, once these feelings were resuscitated they simply could not be supressed.

“As long as you wish, we will help you.” The emperor said.

Zhao Jin Yu reached out to touch the stone, not knowing if it was an illusion, but she actually felt the stone pull back, as if it was shivering bashfully, there was a burst of warmth in her heart, she said, 

“Right now I’m actually hoping you didn’t lie to me before, if you really are the current emperor…, with one word my adopted father would be fine, I would also not be here watching this farce, I can leave and live the life I want.” Before she had thought she had no relatives in this world, she needed to earn a living for herself with all her effort, even though she was free she always lacked an anchor, she felt like duckweed, but ever since she found out Chen Rong was her aunt she felt her life was again heading in a different direction, wouldn’t it be good to experience another kind of life travelling with Chen Rong?

Now however for her adoptive father she will patiently endure everything, her marriage will also be decided by the Zhao family…, she couldn’t see where her life was heading.

The emperor really wanted to say, we are the emperor…, only he thought about it and restrained himself, if he allowed Zhao Jin Yu to leave the Zhao family, how would he be able to get her to enter the palace? Of course, he had other ways of getting her into the palace, but how else would he make 

Zhao Jin Yu enter the palace with the ident.i.ty as the daughter of the Zhao family? He didn’t want people to look down on her because of her ident.i.ty…, because this person was his treasure.

Zhao Jin Yu did not know however that the emperor was thinking over thousands of thoughts in a moment, planning what her life will be.

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