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Chapter 297: The Little Tyrant's Apt.i.tude

A certain master frowned. She turned to look at the hand she raised, and then glared straight at it!

Zhu Yao raised her head and looked at the thing in her hand.

The h.e.l.l!

With a wave of her hand, she threw out the bottle. "It's true!"

Only then did his expression soothed quite a bit.

Haah! It was truly tiring to have a master who was on odds with medicinal pellets.

Zhu Yao heaved a sigh of relief. Yu Yan however suddenly took a step forward and pulled her into his embrace.

Before she could even react, her vision was a.s.saulted by a dark figure, and her lips were heavily pressed onto. A familiar scent instantly filled her nose.


Why did she suddenly receive a blessing?


Just when she was about to speak up, a certain someone had already came charging right in in a familiar fashion, tender and lingering. She had to admit, though a certain someone was not enlightened in this aspect, his ability to learn was pretty impressive.

Though she did not understand why her master was being this abnormal, since she could not resist, then she should just enjoy it!


Let the blessing grow even more ferocious then.

Little Eighth who had settled down on her head and was watching the entire scene: "…"

Should he leave for a while?

Zhu Yao was a little dispirited throughout the day, sensing that something was about to happen. Even when it came to trafficking… ah pui! Even when it came to searching for little radishes, she could not lift up her mood to do it either. Only after she sensed abnormal movements with the spiritual energy within the sect did her sixth sense became reality. The abnormal activity with the spiritual energy there was not very obvious. If not for her powerful divine sense, even she wouldn't have been able to sense it. The thing she was truly worried about, was the fact that the ripples of spiritual energy belonged to the little tyrant.

She felt her heart skip a beat as she turned around and flew back to Ness Cesary Sect. When she arrived at the cave residence where little tyrant was isolating himself in, about seven people had already gathered there.

Sect Master Qu Jiang and three Nascent Soul Elders. Even Sovereign Wu Fu was among the crowd as well.

"Haah, what a pity!" She could hear Qu Jiang's sigh from afar.

Zhu Yao immediately squeezed in. "What happened to Little Bai?"

Little Bai was sitting at the center with a pale complexion, and the spiritual energy surrounding his body was considerably chaotic. There were even faint traces of them scattering and leaking out. An Elder was presently sitting behind him, healing his injuries.

"Greetings to senior-martial aunt!" Qu Jiang and the several Elders greeted her in unison.

"What's going on?" Zhu Yao looked towards Qu Jiang.

His expression changed, and he said with an unfortunate tone. "Zhiyuan… failed in establishing his Foundation. Fortunately we realized in time, so his fundamentals shouldn't be damaged."

"He failed!?" Zhu Yao was stunned, unable to believe what she just heard. "Little Bai's apt.i.tude is pretty good, isn't it? So how could he possibly fail?"

"This… disciple doesn't know." Qu Jiang had the same doubts as well. This child's fundamentals had always been rather firm, and he was the one who suggested to go into closed-door training to establish his Foundation in the first place as well. Yet, he still failed. Fortunately, it was just Foundation establishment, so even if he failed, at the very most he would simply lose two levels of cultivation. He just had to re-cultivate once more.


Suddenly, little tyrant spat out a mouthful of blood. His chaotic spiritual energy earlier instantly scattered completely, and his complexion grew even paler. His cultivation instantly fell from the Essence Paragon level back to the third level of Essence.

"Little Bai!" Zhu Yao took a step forward and quickly held onto the little tyrant who was about to collapse. She placed her fingers on his pulse, making it look as casual as she could. Fortunately, though there were damages to his meridians, his Dantian was still rather intact.

"Grandma…" Little tyrant raised his head and looked at her, his expression looked a little dazed.

Just as Zhu Yao was about to console him, the Elder sitting behind him stood up with a stunned look. "How… How is this possible!?"

"Junior-martial brother Qu Ying, just what in the world happened?" Qu Jiang frowned. Normally, a Nascent Soul pract.i.tioner like him should have been able to easily suppress the chaotic flow of spiritual energy belonging to a Foundation disciple. How could he possibly fail?

Immense anger instantly surfaced on Elder Qu Ying's face. Pointing at Little Bai, he said. "He… He's not a duo spirit veins holder!"

When these words fell, everyone looked at him with a confused expression.

"Junior-martial brother, what do you mean by those words?" Qu Jiang had a faint guess, but he still asked, unwilling to accept the thoughts he had.

Qu Ying coldly snorted, as though he had suffered from some sort of huge prank. Trembling in fury, he glared at Little Bai. "Hmph, when I was helping to guide his spiritual energy earlier, I discovered that there were faint traces of other spiritual energy mixed within his body, and they were not as pure as that of the duo spirit veins. I harboured some suspicions, so I inspected his spirit veins. I discovered that there were still three other spirit veins sealed within his body, and they were exposed after his failure in establishing his Foundation."

"Three others! Then wouldn't that mean…" He possessed the trash penta spirit veins?

"That's impossible." Little tyrant had a face of utter disbelief. Disregarding the heavy injuries on his body, he refuted. "I clearly possess the metal and fire duo spirit veins. How could they possibly turn into penta spirit veins?"

"I will have to ask you that." Qu Ying's fury grew even further. "You're clearly a trash penta spirit veins holder, yet you impersonate as a duo spirit veins holder, what's the point of that?"

Little tyrant grew even more anxious as he explained. "Impersonate? No, I did not!"

Unfortunately, no one present believed him. Even an idiot would know the differences between duo spirit veins and penta spirit veins. A sect would spend a large amount of resources to raise a duo spirit veins holder, but never raise a penta spirit veins holder.

In an instant, everyone looked at Bai Zhiyuan with disappointed and enraged eyes.

"Umm…" Zhu Yao held onto Little Bai who was moving haphazardly about, and spoke. "Can I ask something? Under what sort of situations can one conceal his own spirit veins, preventing the Spirit Testing Stone from testing them?"

Qu Ying replied. "Either seal the spirit veins before he begins taking in spiritual energy into his body, or his cultivation level exceeds that of an Azoth Core…"

When he spoke till there, he paused. Only then did the crowd finally realize something was amiss. Bai Zhiyuan was merely at the Essence stage, so it was naturally impossible for him to conceal his own spirit veins. Another method was to seal his spirit veins right before he even began to cultivate. Bai Zhiyuan grew up in the sect since young, and he had his spirit veins tested before three years old. No matter how talented a child was, he could not possibly have such a scheming heart at three years of age, right?

"So what if he's not the one who did it?" Qu Ying still could not let this go. He possessed the metal and fire duo spirit veins as well, which was why he was helping Little Bai who had the same spirit veins curb the chaotic spiritual energy. Who would have known that after making his move, he discovered that he actually possessed the penta spirit veins. Adding that he was not mentally prepared, even he received some repercussions with his cultivation as well. This was also the reason why he was enraged, and that he made been made a fool out of. "Even if the person who sealed his spirit veins isn't him, he plays a huge role in it. I simply don't believe he isn't the slightest bit aware of it before this. A disciple with a greed of a wolf should not be underestimated!"

"Senior-martial uncle…" Little Bai's complexion was already pale to the point where not even a single trace of red could be seen. His eyes were filled with pain from suffering such a huge blow, yet he still wanted to explain himself. He turned to look towards Qu Jiang. "Sect Master, you must believe me. This disciple definitely doesn't have anything to conceal in his heart. I truly am unaware that… I'm actually a penta spirit veins holder."

"Zhiyuan…" Qu Jiang believed him, after all, he watched this child grow up with his own eyes.

"Senior-martial brother Sect Master!" Qu Ying continued. "This wind can't blow too long! Otherwise, where's the prestige of our Ness Cesary Sect? How will the various sects see us? Think about it. If everyone is like his sort, how can our Ness Cesary Sect keep its foothold in the cultivation world? This time, because he only cultivated two types of spiritual energy, it created a false image of an Essence Paragon, and then he was only discovered after he forcefully tried to establish his Foundation. If he were to cultivate in all five types of spiritual energy now, who will be able to realize it? Wouldn't that be a waste of our sect's resources? No matter if he knows about it before this or not, we can't just leave things unsettled like this."

Little Bai's figure faintly trembled as he clenched his fists at the side. A while later, he spoke with great pain. "Senior-martial uncle, please be at ease! This disciple will personally leave the Inner Sect…"

"Hmph!" Qu Ying coldly snorted and turned his head away.

Qu Jiang had a difficult expression as well. Qu Ying was right. Concealing spirit veins was usually a taboo in the cultivation world. As a Sect Master, responsibility laid with him, and he indeed could not take it as if he had just seen nothing. Sighing, he stepped forward and said. "Zhiyuan, after this, pack up and leave the Main Peak!"

"Then come under my tutelage, and go to Skybond Peak!" Zhu Yao continued.

The crowd turned their heads one after another and looked at her as if they were looking at an idiot. Qu Ying's reaction was even more intense. "If he heads to Skybond Peak, how is that a punishment anymore? He's a disciple who holds penta spirit veins, how could he possibly have the qualifications to enter Skybond Peak?"

"But I'm a penta spirit veins holder as well!" Zhu Yao childishly pointed at her own nose. Before despising others, first consider the person taking the bullet, can you?

"This…" Qu Ying was backed into a corner, his face was flushed red from anger.

Little Bai turned his head around, his eyes reddened in an instant. "Grandma…"

"Good boy!" Zhu Yao stroked his head. This grandma shall cover you.

"Little martial aunt, you… how can you be this nonsensical?" Qu Ying's beard fluttered in fury, yet he did not dare to argue with her head-on. He looked around, and then he looked pleadingly at the only DemiG.o.d Sovereign at the side. "Senior-martial uncle Wu Fu, how do you see this matter?"

Wu Fu frowned as well, a little disapproving of Zhu Yao's clear protective behaviour. Sighing, he spoke. "Junior-martial sister Zhu, it is indeed not appropriate to take him in under Skybond Peak. Skybond Peak is left behind by our ancestor of Ness Cesary Sect, and should only benefit descendants who comprehend his intentions. As for this child, based on this matter alone, even killing him wouldn't be excessive. Not only is taking him in under Skybond Peak not a punishment, it has instead turned into a reward."  

"I don't see it that way at all!" Zhu Yao patted on Little Bai's head as she looked at Wu Fu and said. "You people want to punish him for his mistake, but that can only happen when he did make one! He basically wasn't aware of his spirit veins being sealed at all, otherwise he wouldn't have taken in only two types of spiritual energy all these years, no matter how stupid he is. Not to mention he wouldn't have court death by establishing his Foundation this way either. As they say, those who are unaware are innocent, so even if he is in the wrong, he can only be faulted for not discovering the problem with his spirit veins in time. If that's the case… as his elders, all of your experiences are richer than his, and all of you possess more knowledge than him as well. Since none of you realized this till now, on what basis can you blame him then? If he's wrong, all of you are in the wrong too."

The crowd exchanged glances. Qu Jiang's face especially, had a trace of guilt flashed across it.

"Furthermore…" Zhu Yao continued. "All of you state that penta spirit veins holders are not qualified to enter the Skybond Peak, then may I ask Sovereign Wu Fu and the various Elders this? Is it because of my poor memory? Among the rules in Ness Cesary Sect, is there any written rule that states a spirit vein restriction when it comes to a disciple joining a Peak or Hall?"

Crowd : "…"

This time, even Wu Fu was left speechless. Indeed, though the various sects took spirit veins in high regard, there truly wasn't such a rule. For a moment, the crowd grew a little hesitant.

Qu Ying at the side grew even more anxious. He had an explosive temper in the first place, and he hated being made fun of the most. Adding that he had a stubborn personality, he no longer cared about his status and immediately burst out. "This is plan sophistry! No matter what you say, I see that there's no redemption for the wrong made by this Bai Zhiyuan, and he has to be ousted from Ness Cesary Sect. I will never agree to having the resources of Skybond Peak be used on someone like him."

When his words fell, it looked as if everyone else had woken up as well as they all began to grow hesitant.

Zhu Yao's expression instantly turned cold. To the very end, he simply could not bear to have those things from Skybond Peak be privately used on little tyrant, right?

"Sect Master, what's your decision?"

"This…" Qu Jiang had a complicated look as well.

"Grandma." Little tyrant tugged on her sleeves, and shook his head in despair. "Forget it." Turning around, he gave Qu Jiang a heavy bow. "Thank you, Sect Master, for your many years of teaching. This disciple… Zhiyuan, will now leave Ness Cesary Sect."

After saying that, he heavily kowtowed three times, and then struggled to stand up.

"Wait a minute!" Zhu Yao's heart ached, holding onto him. "If you want to go, then let's go together."

He suddenly opened his eyes wide. "Grandma!"

"I already told you I want to take you under my tutelage, so I will naturally have to stick to my words, and it takes effect immediately. Since you're my disciple, then your wrongdoings are my responsibility. Why don't we get ousted out together then?"

"Little martial aunt!" This time, it was Qu Jiang who grew anxious, as he reached out his hand to hold her back. "How can you possibly leave?"

"Junior-martial sister Zhu, do not act impulsively!" Wu Fu persuaded as well.

"If you leave, what are we going to do about Skybond Peak?" Qu Ying blurted out.

See, as expected, she was just a gate guardian. Zhu Yao sighed. After scanning the crowd, she said. "If I were to say, that the formation of Skybond Peak has already been dispelled?"

"Even if it's dispelled, you can't… What!?" Qu Jiang opened his eyes wide, as he looked at her in disbelief. "Y-Y-You… You're saying, Skybond Peak is now…"

"You can now enter and exit it freely."

The place turned silent for two seconds. Glows of excitement seeped out of everyone's eyes. There were even some people who impatiently turned to look in the direction of Skybond Peak.

With the formation dispelled, the treasures in Skybond Peak could now be taken out freely. Those artifacts were all left behind by the ascended ancestor. Just how many were there, they wondered?

"Senior-martial aunt, is the formation of Skybond Peak really dispelled? How did you dispel it?" Qu Ying took a step forward, once again confirming.

"When I was tidying up the mystic arts and techniques inside, I saw a description related to the formation. I merely wanted to test it out, and I didn't expect it to actually dispel the formation. In the first place, the reason why I'm here today is inform you all about this." Zhu Yao glanced at the crowd that could hardly conceal their excitement, and casually continued making up her story. "Since the formation is already dispelled, I'm going to return Skybond Peak to you. That way, there shouldn't be any problems with me leaving Skybond Peak, right?"

"Grandma…" This time, it was Little Bai who grew anxious and wanted to speak up. Zhu Yao shook her head, signalling him to keep quiet.

How could Qu Ying still possibly refute her now? His head was filled with thoughts of what treasures there could be inside. Qu Jiang however had regained some of his calm, as he took a step forward and said. "Since little martial aunt is able to dispel the formation, this further proves that you share a fate with Skybond Peak. Why mention returning it?"

"Senior-martial brother, now what you said is wrong." Before Zhu Yao could even speak up, she was interrupted by an Elder at the side. "This Skybond Peak was left behind for our sect by our ancestor in the first place, and it does not belong to a single person. The trial of bestowing Skybond Peak to the person who could solve the riddle back then was just a wild speculation by the descendants as well. Though senior-martial aunt Zhu carries the merit of dispelling the formation, she has simply done what she was ought to do. Furthermore… With her apt.i.tude of penta spirit veins, it's already a heavenly fortune for her to form her Azoth Core in just five years." The meaning behind his words were: She occupied Skybond Peak for five years, and had even formed her Azoth Core. She has already been treated well enough, so returning it was something she ought to do.

Chapter 298: Return to its Former Owner

"Junior-martial brother!" Qu Jiang was a little infuriated. Wasn't this simply killing the donkey the moment it left the millstone?

"Junior-martial nephew Sect Master." Sovereign Wu Fu suddenly spoke up as well. "Now that the formation has been dispelled, it will definitely arouse greed from various places. Junior-martial sister Zhu is just an Azoth Core pract.i.tioner as well, so her staying in Skybond Peak is even more inappropriate."

Qu Jiang was stunned to the point of swallowing back his reb.u.t.tals. Indeed, now that the formation was dispelled, the excuse of only his little martial aunt alone was able to enter the hall could no longer be used. The moment this news were to be spread, the various sects and clans would definitely have reddened eyes. As to what would happen then, no one would be certain. Even if he had the heart, he could not allow Zhu Yao to continue carrying the t.i.tle of the owner of Skybond Peak.

Turning his head, he glanced at Zhu Yao who still looked as calm as ever. Guilt instantly filled his heart. In the beginning, he accepted her ident.i.ty as his little martial aunt mostly due to convenience. Among the people in the sect, including him, they refused to recognize her in the depths of their heart.

However, after so many years, he had truly come to like this little martial aunt. In these few years, no matter was it in the sect or outside, she had truly played her part as his little martial aunt, and she had even done better than he hoped. She had never brought up a single request, but when it came to things he brought up, she would accept them all as is. He even had a feeling that she was born suitable for this status.

Qu Jiang was frustrated without end, while the others had already begun to excitedly discuss about the matters concerning Skybond Peak, and they even wanted to request Zhu Yao to bring them over to take a look.

While they were discussing, Zhu Yao took the opportunity to ease little tyrant's injuries. After hearing such a request, she did not reject either. Bring the crowd of people, she mightily returned.

Everyone was unable to hide the excitement on their faces, and even their pace was so quick they could almost fly. Zhu Yao suddenly imagined herself leading a bunch of irritating children out to set off firecrackers during the new year.

However, the moment they arrived at the entrance, they were dumbfounded.

"Senior-martial aunt Zhu, this formation…" The formation was clearly still on the door, when was it dispelled?


The h.e.l.l, how did she forget about the formation which her master had placed?

The corner of Zhu Yao's lips twitched. She immediately sent a voice transmission to Peapea within her robes. "Master, how do you dispel this formation?"

"Five Element Profound Lightning Formation." Master's clear voice resounded in the depths of her heart. Some sort of image instantly appeared within her mind, including the incantation to dispel the formation, the structure of it, and also the basic steps in establishing it.

Zhu Yao attentively looked through them, and immediately understood. A learning method like this was simply too awesome.

"This is a formation that was added after." Zhu Yao took a step forward. Following the method taught by her master, she easily dispelled the formation. She turned around and looked at Qu Jiang. "Alright, now Skybond Peak is officially handed over to you."

The eyes of the people present instantly shone as they impatiently walked in. Qu Jiang was the only who remained with a guilty look.

"Little martial aunt…"

"Are you constipated?" His face was distorted into a mess.

The corner of Qu Jiang's lips twitched, sighing. "I hope that little martial aunt can forgive us, this Skybond Peak…"

"No matter." Zhu Yao waved her hands, as she said without a mind. "This is something w.a.n.g Shang left behind for you people in the first place. What I did was simply look after it for a few years. Don't worry, everything inside is still there, I haven't moved a single tile… Uh, alright, I did pull out one tile." And I had even given it to someone else. "I don't think I can return it anymore, let's just treat it as my wages for these five years."

"…" An entire building filled with treasures, yet she only pulled out a single tile? "Haah! Since little martial aunt dispelled this formation, if you wish to take Zhiyuan as your disciple, then I…"

"No need, I'm planning to leave with him."

Qu Jiang grew anxious. "Little martial aunt, are you really planning to leave Ness Cesary Sect?"

"Leaving is the better option." Zhu Yao patted on his shoulders and said in a meaningful manner. "Haah, Little Bai is also victim in this incident. Even if you don't pursue this matter in the end and protect him with everything you can, the blame for concealing his spirit veins will definitely be put on him. From then on, his life will most likely be more difficult than those disciples who possess penta spirit veins in the first place. Though you and I can look after him to some extent, we can possibly watch over him at every instance." Public opinion was a very terrifying thing. "I don't wish to see him walk on the wrong path because of this."

She wanted to find a disciple with penta spirit veins in the first place, and raise him into a much better role model than Ye Qingcang. After finding out that little tyrant carried the penta spirit veins, she felt he was basically a pie than fell from the heavens. No matter what, she had decided to craft him into a world idol.

She was just applying him for a school transfer right before the start of the idol cultivation plan.

Qu Jiang was solemn. What his little martial aunt said was right. From a duo spirit veins genius to a penta spirit veins trash, Zhiyuan could be considered to have been destroyed. Rather than letting him stay in the sect and be discriminated for the rest of his life, why not let him search for an opportunity outside? The heavens might not be blind?

Thus, Qu Jiang stopped persuading and followed the crowd into the hall. He turned his head back to look at Zhu Yao who was waving him goodbye outside. A strange feeling instantly filled the depths of his heart.

As he walked into the hall, he saw many strange and mystical treasures left behind by the ancestor in the various rooms. He was happy alright, but he was not as excited as he had thought he would be. When he arrived at the main hall, on the floor that was tiled with spirit stones, only a single square-shaped piece was missing at the very center. It was especially conspicuous. He once again recalled what little martial aunt Zhu had said, that she had not touched a single item inside, except for a single tile. It seemed like it was true. But why? Why did he feel so constricted, as though he had picked up a sesame but had thrown away a watermelon?

This constricted feeling peaked when he was no longer able to see Zhu Yao and Bai Zhiyuan, but his attention was immediately robbed away by the pile of miscellaneous tasks he had to do after.

Ness Cesary Sect had now obtained Skybond Peak in its truest sense. With this amount of wonderful items, they naturally had to use them. But who was going to use them, and how? These had brought about more difficult questions. No matter how they were to split them, there would be people with opinions. Patriarch Qu Jiang's head was now comparable to the size of two. Putting aside his inner dilemma, he still had to account for external factors. By distributing so many items down, there would definitely be people who would raise their eyebrows, after all, the various sects and clans were not blind. In an instant, the number of people coveting Skybond Peak grew.

With how this situation had developed, they did not dare to spread the news that Zhu Yao had already left, nor did they pursue Little Bai's matters further either. Adding that Qu Jiang was letting this matter go intentionally, other than the few higher-ups who were present on that day, the matter concerning Little Bai's spirit veins was not disclosed. Other than than one fewer disciple and a senior-martial aunt in-name, there were not many huge changes to the daily lives of the people in the sect.

However, in this world, there were no walls which wind could not seep through, a slip would occur long enough. There would occasionally be various types of idlers coming to probe the place, and the various sects and clans would come up with many reasons to make their visits. It was impossible for Ness Cesary Sect to avoid these.

With how things were, it would have been better if they did not obtain Skybond Peak in the first place.

Of course, Zhu Yao who had left the sect was completely oblivious to this. She was presently deftly stepping on her flying sword, with a pea on her left hand, a bird on her right, and behind her was even a fat d- ah pui, young man!

Initially, she had wanted to return to Tranquil Valley. However, seeing the heavily injured little tyrant, she had no choice but to find a town to settle down. She decided to just treat this as a sightseeing trip.
Before they had yet to reach the nearest pract.i.tioner's town, her new follower little tyrant spat out a beautiful stream of blood. She had no choice but to stop, planning to heal his injuries.

Though his injuries were easy to heal, the spirit veins sealed in his body was difficult to solve. It seemed to be a unique formation that prevented others from sensing it. If she were to make an error in dispelling it, suffering a rebound would be the lightest of consequences, while the immediate destruction of his spirit veins would be the heaviest. Though Zhu Yao was very confident in her formation techniques, she could not help but hesitate at this moment. So, she decided to seek help from the audience, uhh… her master who was in the pea.

Yu Yan did appear, but he did not agree nor disagree to help. He simply stared coldly at little tyrant who was sitting on the ground puking blood. The cold aura emitted from his body was even about to condense into actual ice itself. A single word was glaringly written on his face: Irritated!

Putting aside that he had to always heal his half-dead disciple, who the h.e.l.l was this brat? On what basis should he save him? As expected, his disciple's disciple or whatever, was really hateful!

Little tyrant trembled from the stare. Instantly, he felt that surrounding temperature had lowered quite a bit, and the chilling wind was even about to freeze him. Who is this person? So scary!

"Grandma…" He could not help but call out to Zhu Yao. He was frightened to the point that he had even forgotten about puking blood. "This… This senior is…"

Only then did Zhu Yao recall that he had never met her master. Thinking that he was going to be with her from now on, she decided not to conceal the facts. "This is my master."

"Mas… Could it be w.a.n.g Shang…" He naturally thought about Skybond Peak.

"Of course not!" Zhu Yao shook her head. "This is my master whom I met long before entering Ness Cesary Sect, my one and only master."

Little tyrant was still confused. Wasn't his grandma a dandelion demon? If that was her master, then… was he an even older dandelion?

"Alright, little tyrant." Zhu Yao patted on his shoulders. "From now on, we are all on the same boat, so let me introduce them to you. This is my little brother." She pulled out the stupid bird who was still laying on her headdress.

Little Bai: "…" Putting aside her master, what's the deal with her little brother? That was clearly a bird! Were there blood relations between a dandelion and a bird? The world of demons was really hard to understand.

"He's called Feng Ba, just call him Little Eighth." Zhu Yao continued her introductions. "As for my master, you can call him… Grandpa!"

"Aahh!?" Shouldn't he call him grand ancestor? The h.e.l.l was grandpa? Were the levels of seniority among demons this messy?

Little tyrant still had the same confused look, while Yu Yan however was instantly healed by that 'grandpa' word. Grandma, grandpa. Just by hearing them, they sounded like a pair. Mn, he liked it!

Instantly, he was no longer that against to releasing the seal, and his expression soothed a little. Making a hand seal with one hand, he chanted an incantation. Then, waving his hand, a white ray of light seeped into the center of little tyrant's forehead.


"Ah!?" Little Bai hurriedly sensed his body condition, and realized that restricted spiritual energy in his body was indeed flowing smoothly now. There were now three more foreign sources of spiritual energy, and they were all empty and s.p.a.cious. Wasn't this too quick? Even a Nascent Soul pract.i.tioner did not dare to dispel it without any preparations, yet he with a single wave of his hand, he was able to… Were all old dandelions this incredible?

Just as Little Bai wanted to express his feelings of reverence, the grandpa who just took office suddenly looked at the sky. "It's late, sleep!"

Indeed, the sky was already dark, with the moon hung high up surrounded by stars. However, there was still quite a bit of distance from the town. It seemed like they had to camp outside today…

With a wave of Yu Yan's hand, the empty plot of land in front of them shook, and in a few moments, a straw cottage began to automatically build itself. Little Bai opened his eyes wide as he watched this scene unfold. He was actually able to build a house by combining earth and wood mystic arts in an instant. The abilities of this grandpa were unfathomably deep. It seemed like they did not have to sleep in the wilderness today.

Little Bai was excited. However, he simply watched as that powerful grandpa pull grandma into the house, and then… he closed the door with a bang.

Injured personnel Little Bai: "…" This went different from what he imagined it to be!

Suddenly, the door creaked open, a fiery red thing was thrown out. He caught it with his two hands, and it was actually a fiery red little bird. It was Little Eighth.
A man and a bird, stared at each other!

Little Bai: What happened to being master and disciple?

Little Eighth: What happened to being siblings?

Zhu Yao glanced at her master who pressed her down onto the bed right after entering the cottage, yet did not do anything outrageous at all, and did not even forget cover her with a blanket before returning back into the pea.

Zhu Yao: What happened to being a couple?

The moon was as cool as water.

Bai Zhiyuan adjusted his inner breathing, never had he experience a scarcity of spiritual energy as he had presently. A trace of piercing pain flashed across the depths of his heart. He grew up in Ness Cesary Sect ever since he was young, and he had always been working hard to become a good disciple that could make his master proud. When he was young, he did not understand what it meant to go into a life-death closed-door training. He thought that his master did not like him, and thus was not willing to come out to see him. That was why he worked even harder than the rest of his senior and junior martial brothers, wanting to raise his cultivation, and wanting to establish his Foundation faster than anyone else.

Who would have known that in just a few days, he lost his master, he lost his cultivation, and had even been ousted by the sect. Not to mention he had even dragged his grandma into this…

"Hey, I'm warning you, don't touch my feathers." A tender voice suddenly sounded from next to him. "If you dare to pull a single one, I will fry you!"

Little Bai was startled, as he dumbfoundedly look at the fiery red bird next to him. "You… You can talk?"

"So what if I can talk?" Little Eighth rolled his eyes. "I'm even fluent with the languages of demonic beasts, demons, G.o.d races, and various other languages."

Little Bai inspected him for a moment. Initially, he had thought that he was just a bird with bright coloured feathers. Though he was a little fat, but the spiritual energy he possessed was not rich. At the very most, he could be considered a first rank spiritual beast. He never expected that the bird could actually speak, and he seemed to have awakened his spiritual intellect.

He curiously stroked the bird, but was slapped away by Little Eighth's foot. "What do you want? Don't touch my n.o.ble feathers. If you touch them and they become as ugly as my seventh elder sister's, how am I going to live then?" The feathers of a Phoenix could not violated. "If not because my seventh elder sister begged me to look after you, I wouldn't waste my time talking to a mortal!"

"…" Even though he was clearly thrown out here as well.

"Are your injuries better now? If you're fine now, I'm going to sleep." Little Phoenixes need their sleep.

So the bird had been staying here because grandma was worried about his injuries. He nodded. "I'm already fine, just that my cultivation…"

"You lost your cultivation?" Little Eighth interrupted, and said without a mind. "Don't worry, though my elder sister is ugly, she possesses lots of knowledge. With just the little bit of cultivation you human pract.i.tioners have, with her here, you will be able to cultivate it back in no time."

Little Bai bitterly smiled. If only it was that easy. "I now… have penta spirit veins."

"Isn't that great?" Little Eighth nodded and said. "My elder sister is too."

"That's different."

"What's different?"

Little Bai was stunned, for a moment he did not know how to answer either. Indeed, his grandma had the penta spirit veins as well, and even Ye Qingcang had them too.

Chapter 299: Little Tyrant, You Must Become a Good Person

"I really do not understand you human pract.i.tioners." Little Eighth shook his bird head. "Is a long life really that important? You humans will do anything to achieve this goal. From the moment you people are born, you people will fight for resources, fight for opportunities, all of you will fight with your lives on the line wanting to ascend and attain the Dao." He suddenly recalled Cheng Qingdiao, the person who dared to kill a G.o.d for longevity.

"But, isn't attaining the Dao and becoming a deity all pract.i.tioners wish for?" Little Bai sighed. "I was admitted into a deity sect ever since I was young. Other than cultivating, what else can I do?"

"Anything." Little Eighth's mood instantly worsened. "In any case, if my seventh elder sister wants to help you, then I can only comply with her wishes. However if there comes a day where you dare to hurt her…" His tone turned cold, as he continued with emphasis on every word. "I will definitely destroy your soul."

He said with such affirmation, that even Little Bai could not help but tremble. It was as if he could really do it. He could not help but feel puzzled as he stroked his scratched hand. "Just what kind of beast are you?"

"Your sister's a beast!" Little Eighth immediately bestowed him with another scratch. "You stupid human, I'm a Phoenix, one of the G.o.d races, alright? Don't label me as one of those low-grade beasts."

"Phoenix… A Phoenix looks like this?" Little Bai evidently did not believe him. Would a Phoenix be so round? Not to mention his entire body was covered in fluff. Clearly, he was a bird that had just broken out of his sh.e.l.l.

Little Eighth however was not conscious of it in the slightest, as he intentionally shook his own wings. "How is it? Are you shocked by my elegance? How can a mortal beast be like…"

Little Bai did not refute, instead, he immediately materialized a water mirror in front of Little Eighth, reflecting a fiery red ball.

Little Eighth: "…" What is that stupid-looking bird?

He turned to look at Little Bai, only to see his pupils reflecting the exact same fiery red ball.

"Ah———!" His scream instantly pierced through the skies.

Little Eighth: "…" Could it be that he had never seen himself in the mirror before?

When Zhu Yao woke up in the morning, she felt things were strange. Little Eighth was completely gloomy, and occasionally he would glance at his wings, revealing a dreary expression. Little Bai was in a similar state as well, as his face was filled with the word 'dispirited'.

Zhu Yao glanced to the left, then to the right, and instantly began to piece up everything in her mind with the hundred and eight unspeakable things that the two of them could have done last night. Just what in the world happened to them last night? Don't do anything stupid while I'm not here, hey!

"Grandma…" Little tyrant took a step forward and said with a stern look. "My injuries have already healed. Do we now… leave?" He could not help but turn to look in the direction of Ness Cesary Sect, his eyes were mixed with complicated emotions. There were worry, pain, and traces of resentment and perplexity.

Zhu Yao frowned, patting on his shoulders. "What's wrong? Can't bear to leave?"

His eyes sank, and he only spoke up a moment later. "I grew up there since I was young… Now that I have such an apt.i.tude, I most likely won't be able to cultivate anymore…"

His head lowered even more, his hands unconsciously clenched tight. Even his body was beginning to tremble.

"…" Zhu Yao frowned.

"Grandma…" He suddenly raised his head and anxiously asked. "Why… Why don't anyone trust me? Even Sect Master Master… I truly did not intentionally conceal my spirit veins. If I had known about it… I would have…"

"If you had known about you possessing penta spirit veins, what would you have done?"

"I…" Little tyrant was startled, a trace of fl.u.s.ter flashed across his eyes. Yet, he could not give an answer.

Zhu Yao sighed as he turned to glance at Ness Cesary Sect. "Little tyrant, are you angry?"

"…" He did not speak, instead, he dug his nails into his palms.

"You're angry, right? You're angry at them for their injustice towards you. You're angry at the Sect Master who had watched you grow up for not understanding you either. You're angry at them for ousting you out of Ness Cesary Sect and treat you as a n.o.body the moment they realized the truth regarding your spirit veins." Zhu Yao looked straight into his eyes. "You're even angry at them for making me hand over Skybond Peak because of that, and you hate yourself even more for possessing penta spirit veins, right?"

"Could that be wrong?" Little Bai instantly grew agitated. "Grandma, I don't know what I have done wrong. Is possessing penta spirit veins really such a heinous crime?"

"Haah…" Zhu Yao stroked his head and looked sternly into his eyes. She suddenly felt a little glad that she had left with this child. Otherwise, with this experience of falling from such a high standing, and without anyone to guide him at the side, he would simply lean even more to the extreme. In the end, either he would become crippled, or he would become a new bug who would take revenge on society.

"Little Bai, grandma can't say for certain if it's wrong for you to be angry at them. However, I just want to say that no one in this world has a definite obligation to treat you well. Though betrayal is indeed really shameless, it had still gone into foundation you had made the effort to build. You mentioned that it would have been fine if you had known about being a penta spirit veins holder. However, if you knew about it right from the beginning, would things really not end up like this?"

Zhu Yao said in a sunken voice. "You know more about the rules of Ness Cesary Sect than I do. If you possess penta spirit veins right from the beginning, then you wouldn't have entered the Inner Sect. You wouldn't have your master, nor would you be taught by the Sect Master. Furthermore, you might possibly be suppressed by others, living a worse life than now. You obtained a lot more things than others in the beginning, and they probably don't belong to you. Now that these things are taken away from you, are you going to blame them for not continuing to give those resources to you?"

"…" Little Bai did not speak as he grew even more confused.

"Little Bai… When looking at things from a human perspective, they are indeed too much for doing things in such a manner. However, based on logic, it's completely understandable. Qu Jiang and you indeed have a relationship of master and disciple, but at the same time, he's the Sect Master of Ness Cesary Sect. It's not like he doesn't believe you, rather, he has no choice but to do things this way. As for the others, they were all outsiders in the first place. When discussing about this matter, they chose the prestige of the sect and sacrificed you! No one can criticize them for what they did either."

"In the end, you are just on unstable footing. In the past, you were standing at high ground, now that you're down here, you will naturally feel that there's a gap. But what you should truly be thinking about how you should climb back up again, and not blame on the people who pulled you up and ended up letting you go."

"But… But what about grandma…" Tears began to well in his eyes, the streams guilt within seemed to have joined and formed an ocean. "Then what about grandma? Little Bai can be ousted from the sect and be left with nothing, but… grandma clearly did nothing… but still… What about grandma?"

This child. He was actually most worried about her. Zhu Yao's heart instantly softened, as she went up to hug the young man who had already begun to cry.

"You think that grandma minds about that?"

He raised his head, his reddened eyes were filled with questions.

"Those things in Skybond Peak are not mine in the first place. I have simply returned them to their rightful owner." Back then when she entered the hall, the old man w.a.n.g Shang had explicitly said that the things inside were left for Ness Cesary Sect. She had never seen them as hers. "They respected me as their senior-martial aunt, allowing me, a Foundation disciple, to carry the same status as a DemiG.o.d Sovereign. Since I enjoyed this status, I helped them guard Skybond Peak. Now, they no longer me to take care of it, so naturally I have to return the status as well. Silver in exchange for goods, it's very fair! Why do I have to mind?"

"But… But… Little Bai still felt that there was something amiss, however, he could not point out what it was.

"You feel that they shouldn't have treated me that way, but that's because you simply care too much about the opinions of others." Zhu Yao continued. "However, cultivation is after all, still a personal matter. In this world, if you're flawed, it doesn't mean you can't progress. Without Skybond Peak, does that mean I can't seek the Dao? You're no longer in Ness Cesary Sect, does that mean you can't cultivate? When did the Heavenly Dao have such a rule? Or could it be that everyone who wishes to become a deity, needs to have the same resources found in Skybond Peak, and join a huge sect like Ness Cesary Sect? Little Bai… This world is really huge, and Ness Cesary Sect isn't the only sect out there. Head on out and look at other sceneries, don't let your hatred hinder your footsteps on the path to the Heavenly Dao. Do not allow your sense of inferiority to become your excuse for not progressing onwards."

Little Bai's eyes regained their clarity, as if he had understood something. He clenched his fists and said. "But I presently have the apt.i.tude of penta spirit veins, how could I possibly have any hope left…"

"Are penta spirit veins really bad?" Zhu Yao reb.u.t.ted. "Or do you feel that its unfortunate that you have been born with them?"

"Is that… not true?"

"Little Bai…" Zhu Yao sighed. "How many people do you think there are in the world?"

Little Bai did not understand why she asked this question, but he still honestly replied. "Ten million?" With the various sects, clans and wandering pract.i.tioners, that should be a good estimate.

"Are you certain?"

He was startled for a moment, and only then did he understand she was talking about humans as a whole, and not just pract.i.tioners. "If we add the mortals, it's countless…"

Zhu Yao smiled. "See… Among the countless humans, there are only ten million pract.i.tioners. No matter how weak of a pract.i.tioner you are, you are still ranked within this ten million. If you feel that you're unfortunate, then wouldn't those mortals be incredibly unfortunate at the time of their births?"


"Little Bai, you must see beyond what you can see with just your eyes, don't restrict yourself to just what's right in front of you." Zhu Yao stroked his head. "Penta spirit veins do not mean much? Nor does it represent the Heavenly Dao."

After saying that, she immediately released her power as a DemiG.o.d. In an instant, he watched as the surrounding trees and plants receive some sort of immense pressure, as they collapse one after another. The earth shook immensely, and under this pressure, even insects and beasts had stopped their cries. Their surroundings were in complete, utter silence.

This… This is…

Bai Zhiyuan had a stunned look. The power to topple the mountains and split the seas, the might of a DemiG.o.d!

"Grandma, you… y-y-you…"

Zhu Yao nodded, as she slowly spoke. "Little Bai, don't forget. I have penta spirit veins as well."

Little Bai was stunned, wave after wave of excitement surged in the depths of his heart. Something called hope began to slowly sprout. It was as if a door to a brand new world had opened in front of his eyes.

Maybe… Maybe he could do it too, just as grandma had said!

A long while later…



"You actually did it on purpose, right? You wanted to leave Skybond Peak in the first place."

"Uh… Hohoho, children shouldn't say random things. Grandma here just wanted to give others a chance to perform."

That's clearly the case, right!?

"Grandma, I'm already fifteen, I'm no longer a child."

"So what if you're fifteen? A fifteen-year-old is just a little wimp in secondary school, someone who has yet to complete his nine years of compulsory education. On what basis can you tell me you're grown up, huh!?"

"…" What's nine years of compulsory education?

Zhu Yao initially wanted to return to Tranquil Valley, but when she recalled that pitiful amount of spiritual energy in the valley, she instantly changed her mind again. Because the seal on his spirit veins had been removed, little tyrant's cultivation had directly fallen from the third level to the first level of Essence. This meant that his cultivation had been completely reset.

Since she had already decided to raise little tyrant into a new role model, naturally she had to greatly supervise his cultivation. And, finding a place filled with spiritual energy was the most basic of basics.

Once his cultivation is raised, his name will be known throughout the world and shake the four lands. It's simply so easy! Just the thought about it made her feel a little excited.

"Grandma, Cold Imperial City is just right in front." Little Bai pointed at the large floating city in front. "Cold Imperial City is the largest pract.i.tioner's city in the western continent. Should we rest there for today?"

"Mn." Zhu Yao nodded.

Finding a place filled with spiritual energy was not easy! Furthermore, most of the spiritual pulses had already been occupied by the various sects and clans. They had no choice but to do this slowly.

The moment they entered the city, they were welcomed by an Essence disciple who looked like he was a waiting staff.

"Fellow daoists, are you looking for a place to stay? The cave residences in our shop are s.p.a.cious and comfortable, and safety is guaranteed. Not to mention a spiritual pulse is located at the back, with spiritual energy supplied the entire day!" He inspected the two people in front of him, and had his line of sight focused on Zhu Yao whose cultivation was the highest. "I see that this is the first time fellow daoists have visited Cold Imperial City. Peaceful Spiritual Forest is just five kilometers from this city, no matter if you're searching for treasures or beasts, our shop has various talismans and spiritual pellets on sale. Fellow daoist, do you want one?"

"No need, we just want to look for a place to rest." Zhu Yao rejected.

"Alright! Then this little one shall bring fellow daoists over to look at the cave residences?"

Thus, the waiting staff led the two of them into the city. The inns in the cultivation world were different from the mortal realm, most of them were cave residences, and there were no so-called management by storekeepers. At the entrance of every cave residence, several formations were placed. If pract.i.tioners wanted to stay in one of these cave residences, they just had to insert spirit stones in the formation cores at the entrances to head in. A low-grade spirit stone for a single night, and after time was up, the formation would automatically transfer the residents out. They were all automatic equipment, convenient, efficient and pollution-free. Inside, all necessities were accounted for, and spiritual energy was being supplied twenty-four-seven. It was simply a sacred must-stay accomodation for tourists.

Provided that, she must have the money.

"Little tyrant." Zhu Yao nudged Bai Zhiyuan. "Pay up!"

"Grandma…" He said with a guilty look. "I… didn't even bring out my storage pouch. So…"

"It can't be? Not even a single spirit stone? A low-grade will do too!"

Little tyrant shook his head.

"Hohohoho… Fellow daoist." Zhu Yao chuckled at the waiting staff. "Why don't you us a discount?"

The waiting staff's expression instantly darkened.

"A lottery! One that gives rewards will do!"

The waiting staff's reply was… chasing out the two of them out of the city.

Thus, they had no choice but to silently set up a straw cottage outside the city. They felt as if their lives could no longer improve. If she had known about this, she would have stripped off a few more floor tiles!

She placed down a spiritual energy guiding formation for the five elements for little tyrant, gave him a few instructions, and then returned to her own cottage.

She had no choice but to enter a meditative state, to seriously calculate the cost needed to raise an elite, a huge problem at the level of an imminent national economy crisis.

Just as she have entered the meditative state, she suddenly sensed a few traces of yin energy in the surroundings. They were very weak, as though they could scatter with a small breeze of the wind. A voice sounded outside the cottage.

"It's night, let's scare her!" A female voice resounded.

Chapter 300: I Feel Like My IQ Will Fall

"What if it ends up like last time?" The man reb.u.t.ted. "That person's yellow paper was really incredible, even my leg went missing."

"Don't worry, don't worry. Look, she's not even moving. She will definitely be afraid. We will soon become a ghost officer."


"If you're not going, I will."

That strand of yin energy floated into the building. Zhu Yao opened her eyes and looked at the white clothed female ghost who suddenly appeared in her cottage. Her hair was disheveled and her face was covered in blood, her long tongue dragged across the ground. She had a rather terrifying look in the first place, but her tongue just had to get stuck at the seams of the door.

"Aiyo!" The female ghost only realized she was stuck after floating halfway into the room. With her two hands grabbing onto the long tongue, she stomped on the door and acted as if she was competing in a tug-of-war. After pulling for a short while, she finally managed to save her tongue. Yet, because she did not have a stable footing, she ended up falling flat on her b.u.t.tocks.


She rubbed her b.u.t.tocks as she crawled up, her eyes coincidentally met Zhu Yao's stare. She was instantly stunned silly.

"You came up to the mortal realm to scare people?" Zhu Yao asked.

The female ghost obediently nodded. "Mnhm!"

"How many more to become a ghost officer?"

The female ghost blankly stretched out three miserably pale fingers. "Th… Three."

"Ou…" Zhu Yao nodded, and stopped speaking.

The female ghost blanked for a while. As though she had just recalled her goal, she immediately swayed her tongue and spread out her hair. With two resounding crackles, two ghost fires lighted up on the left and right, looking as though she was anxiously giving herself makeup to look even more terrifying. Then, he plucked out her two legs, and they slowly began to float. With an ominous voice, she said. "Look, I don't have legs… I don't have legs…"

"…" The corner of Zhu Yao's lips twitched. Was having no legs really terrifying? She immediately stood up and patted on her own chest. "Look, I don't have b.r.e.a.s.t.s, I don't have b.r.e.a.s.t.s…"

Female ghost: "…"

The room was silent for two seconds…

"Guaahh…" The female ghost seemed to have suddenly collapsed. She laid on the table and cried out loud. "I'm actually less scarier than a human being, being a ghost is too hard!"

Zhu Yao: "…"

Was she sent here from the Netherworld to sell her cuteness?

"Enough, stop crying." Why did she feel as though she had just bullied a teenage female ghost. "You're really scary, really scary, is that good enough for you?"

"But… But…" She raised her head from the table. Her face was filled with blood in the first place, but now the blood was scattered all over. "In the end, you still weren't scared. I can no longer become a ghost officer, wuuuuu…"

You're blaming me?

Zhu Yao's face darkened, as she looked at the ghost who didn't seem to be stopping anytime soon. She heaved a heavy sigh. Alright, looking at how I was once a ghost, I shall lend her a helping hand this time.

She cleared her throat, took a deep breath, and then, with the most delicate voice in her life, she screamed. "Ahh~~ You're so scary! You scared me to death!"

The female ghost was startled. As expected, she stopped her cries. Dazzling light emitted out of her eyes as she looked at Zhu Yao. Uh… If only they weren't actually emitting out green light. "This is wonderful. Now I'm only left with two more."

"Grandma!" The door opened with a bang, as little tyrant and Little Eighth appeared at the doorsteps. "What's going on, I heard… a female ghost!"

Little tyrant's expression gravely changed. Forming a hand seal, he was just about to launch an attack. Even Little Eighth was beginning to converge a fireball.

"Wait a minute!" Zhu Yao immediately stopped the two of them. Though the female ghost looked terrifying, she was actually weak beyond compare. If their attacks were to land, her soul would most definitely scatter. "This is a misunderstanding." Thus, she lightly explained to them the ridiculous setting of a ghost needing to scare ten people in order to become a ghost officer.

The two's expressions: 囧

"Yet another one!" The female ghost who lacked nerves however had an excited look. She was completely unaware that she had almost lost her life just a second ago. After touching up her own ghastly looks, she gently floated towards Bai Zhiyuan. "Wooo… I'm a ghost… A female ghost."

Little Bai: "…" Are all the ghosts in the Netherworld like this?

Little Eighth: "…" Are you certain that she didn't die from stupidity?

Zhu Yao: "…" Just forget what I just said. I don't know this idiot.

The female ghost demonstrated her scaring tactics for a long while. She realized that Little Bai was not even taking her seriously, let alone being scared. With her teary green eyes, she glanced at Zhu Yao, as though she was quietly complaining: See, even he isn't afraid of me. As expected, I'm not terrifying at all. Wuuu…

You're blaming me!?

"I still need two more…" She pitifully stretched out two fingers in front of Zhu Yao.

The corner of Zhu Yao's lips twitched. She turned to look at Little Bai. "Brother, play along for a bit."

"…" Little Bai's face stiffened, twitching for a few moments. After a short while, with a monotonous tone, he finally said. "Ah! You're so scary!"

The female ghost instantly celebrated, spinning circles in the air. She then stopped and straightened her index finger. "One more… Just one more left."

Zhu Yao quietly looked towards Little Eighth. Does a Phoenix count?

"Don't even think about it!" Little Eighth turned his head away. "I, a mighty G.o.d race, isn't even afraid of a Devil, how can I possibly… Aiyo, seventh elder sister, you actually plucked my feathers!"

"See, it got scared!" Zhu Yao blew off the bird feathers on her hand, and looked at the female ghost.

"Ten. Ten! I got them all, I can become a ghost officer now." The female ghost was immensely happy as she raised her chest high with pride. "I just knew that I look really terrifying."

The three people at the side: "…"

"I'm returning to the Netherworld now, goodbye!" The female ghost waved her hands at Zhu Yao. "In the future, be careful. Don't be frightened by other ghosts!"

Take care of yourself first!

Zhu Yao sighed. She watched as the female ghost float out of the building. Recalling the matters in the Netherworld at the Spiritual Realm, she could not help but clench her fists. She wondered what happened to w.a.n.g Xuzhi? Since he had already become a DemiG.o.d, he should be able to ascend before long.

And there's… Yue Ying.

"Ghost Chen, where are you…" Suddenly, the anxious calls of a female ghost sounded outside.

Zhu Yao felt it was a little strange. When she headed out to take a look, she saw the female ghost anxiously circling around the straw cottage. "Have you guys seen Ghost Chen? The one that came along with me."

Hearing this, Zhu Yao then recalled that she did indeed hear the voices of a male and female earlier. "He most likely already returned to the Netherworld?"

"Impossible!" The female ghost shook her head. "Ghost Chen was scattered by a yellow paper before, and from then lost his leg. He can't return to the Netherworld on his own, so I wanted to bring him along."

Yellow paper? It must be a talisman! Could these two have met other pract.i.tioners before this? Also, a ghost could have his or her soul scattered in an instant. He sure was extremely fortunate to escape with his life intact.

The female ghost looked around worriedly, and continued to ask. "Are you guys certain that you haven't met him before? He's a ghost who was hanged to death, surnamed Chen. He's called Chen Zhen."

"What!? Chen Zhen!?" The h.e.l.l, wasn't he her neighbour in the Netherworld? "Speak clearly. What yellow paper? What was scattered?"

The female ghost was startled. As though she was frightened by Zhu Yao's anxious look, she meekly said. "It's… back when everyone came to the mortal realm. We were blown here by a huge, huge wind. Many ghosts were sucked into that yellow paper. I was standing the furthest, so I wasn't sucked in. Chen Zhen was standing a little closer, so bits of him were torn off and sucked in."

"Wind…" Zhu Yao frowned. "You're saying, you guys weren't here in the beginning, but was blown here by wind?"

"Mn, mn, mn!" She nodded hastily. "This place is too far from the gate to the Netherworld, we wouldn't even think about coming here! But that wind was too huge. When we regained our senses, all of the ghosts were taken in by the wind."

"Grandma…" Little Bai's expression paled.

Zhu Yao nodded. "Soul Beckoning Banner."

Only the Soul Beckoning Banner could gather ghosts from far away. She felt it was strange since earlier. Though ghosts were supposed to scare people, they wouldn't dare to offend pract.i.tioners. Most of them would just scare mortals. Yet this female ghost openly ran into her cottage to frighten her. In the beginning, she thought that this female ghost was stupid in a unique way. So it was actually the work of a pract.i.tioner.

"Do you still remember where that yellow paper blew you guys off to?"

"I came floating from that direction!" The female ghost pointed in the western direction.

"That place is…"

"Peaceful Spiritual Forest." Little Bai replied.

Zhu Yao frowned. No matter what, she couldn't leave Chen Zhen alone.

"Female ghost, hurry and return to the Netherworld. Remember, do not show yourself and scare people anymore! Ghost Chen will return soon as well." Zhu Yao instructed the female ghost, and then bringing little tyrant along, she flew towards Peaceful Spiritual Forest on her flying sword.

Initially, she had wanted to leave little tyrant here. However, she thought that it would be good to have him face a few situations to strengthen his heart.

"Little Eighth, look after little tyrant." Zhu Yao turned and cast a glance at Little Eighth on her shoulder.

"I understand." Little Eighth unwilling leapt onto little tyrant's shoulder, crawled onto his head, and laid still there.

The one using the Soul Beckoning Banner was most likely a heretic pract.i.tioner. Using souls to cultivate was a very ominous and dark matter. An ordinary famed and upright sect would condone such acts. Furthermore, though the Ghost King refined by the Soul Beckoning Banner was incredible, the usual souls of ghosts would carry yin energy to some extent. After a long while, these yin energy would seep into the pract.i.tioner's body and corrode it. This was why very few people would practice such heretic arts.

The moment they entered Peaceful Spiritual Forest, Zhu Yao released her divine se

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