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Chapter 46 – Evolving Zombies

Translator: Callis

Co-Transalor: Jostena (I still didn't do a lot here XD)

Editor: Dragon

Before they departed, the soldiers issued some precautions. After going on the road, the army's vehicles were responsible for leading the way. Under no circ.u.mstances were the survivors' vehicles allowed to overtake theirs. In addition, no honking would be allowed. If the honks attracted the zombies, then they would have to bear the consequences by themselves.

The vast convoy drove for a few kilometers before they got onto the highway, but they could only go slowly. The road was full of crashed vehicles. Without moving the cars, there was no way for so many vehicles to pa.s.s through.

The army in the front was responsible for opening the road, followed by the survivors' vehicles, and finally the 78 military vehicles that were responsible for defending the rear. Although the speed was slow, no one showed any impatience and all of the vehicles were moving steadily.

Every now and then, there would be the sound of a gunshot. It was the soldiers clearing the road of the zombies that occasionally emerged.

Although it was a little slower, they were still moving forward. Even if the speed of the cars was low, if they continued progressing like this, they would reach the next service area before dawn.

After four hours, they could already see the sign for the service area, which was about 1.5km away. However, the closer that they got to the service area, the slower they went, and the more gunfire they heard. As A City was a tourist city, there were many buses coming and going on weekdays, most of which rested in the service area near City A. As a result, most of the people in this service area became zombies when the apocalypse broke out.

Hundreds of zombies smelled the fresh flesh and rushed madly towards the convoy. This amount of zombies made it difficult for the teams responsible for clearing the roadblocks to withstand them.

"Everybody, get out of the vehicle and increase your numbers!" Emergency orders came from the intercom. For the survivors, however, they could only hear the gunfire and saw the soldiers jump from their military cars and rush forward. They weren't clear on what was happening.

Zhan Yun's group was the same, their vehicle was in the middle of the convoy and they couldn't see anything at all, but their noses could already pick up the faint smell of blood.

"Zombies! There are zombies!" Some survivors screamed and ran from the front of the convoy, where the gunshots were becoming more and more dense.

Zhan Yun frowned slightly. It was inevitable that there would be zombies in the service area, but it seemed like there was something wrong with the intensity of the battle. Thousands of soldiers couldn't keep up with the few hundred zombies in the service area? Unless……

Su Ruizhe also reached the same conclusion. The two looked at each other and got out of the car.

"Lao Song, A' Liang, Wu Jing, stay and protect Dongdong. Jiahe, let's go."

"Alright!" Zheng Jiahe picked up his golf club and climbed out of the car.

The three men moved forward. The originally faint smell of blood became stronger and stronger. More and more people were abandoning their vehicles and running from the front of the convoy to the back.

Suddenly, a zombie popped up out of nowhere, fell on a man, opened its mouth and bit on his neck, pulling out a large chunk of flesh and splattering red blood onto the gla.s.s of the car beside it.

The woman hiding in the car screamed when she saw this b.l.o.o.d.y scene at close range, almost splitting eardrums. The zombie drank two mouthfuls of the man's blood, then looked up at the woman in the car next to it. Then, it stretched out its sharp nails and easily pieced the car's gla.s.s, trying to catch the screaming prey inside.

"AAAAAH!!! Save me!!!!" The woman dodged desperately and cried out for help.

Only then did the three men see what the zombie looked like. It had slender and sharp nails, and its skin wasn't as green-grey as that of ordinary zombies, but rather a deep inky-blue color. The skin on its body wasn't as waxy and loose, but had distinctly hardened.

There were black pupils in its b.l.o.o.d.y red eyes. It looked like a beast's vertical pupils, making it look more like a man-eating monster.

Being stared at by such b.l.o.o.d.y and cruel eyes made the victim feel fear from the bottom of their heart.

"They're evolved zombies! You need to be careful!" Su Ruizhe reminded them.

As soon as his voice fell, the evolved zombie seemed to have found something more delicious. Turning its head, it looked at Su Ruizhe's group of three with b.l.o.o.d.y-red tinged vertical pupils.

Zheng Jiahe raised his golf club and smashed it hard against the head of the zombie.

This zombie seemed to have noticed. It leaned sideways and successfully avoided Zheng Jiahe's attack. The head of the golf club hit the top of the car and dented it, showing Zheng Jiahe's great strength.

The zombie's vertical pupils fixated on Zheng Jiahe and it roared angrily from its throat. It jumped up and pounced in Zheng Jiahe's direction.

The leaping ability and speed of this zombie was amazing. It raised its hand, which had sharp nails, and slashed at Zheng Jiahe's head.

"Duck!" Su Ruizhe shouted.

Zheng Jiahe quickly ducked down, and Zhan Yun took the opportunity to push his hands flat. He actually pushed the zombie out for two or three meters with his gravitational ability.

However, by the time zombie stood back up, a red, round bomb had fallen at its feet.

With a 'boom' sound, the zombie was blown to pieces.

Su Ruizhe went and gathered a light red crystal nucleus from the head of the zombie.

Finishing off an evolved zombie, the three pressed against the flood of fleeing people and continued to move forward.

As last, they could clearly see the situation ahead.

There were countless zombies lying on the ground. The corpses of soldiers laid beside the bodies of the zombies. The b.l.o.o.d.y horror was a scene from h.e.l.l.

There were four other evolved zombies like the one they had just faced confronting the soldiers.

All four of the evolved zombies were stronger than ordinary zombies; they could move faster and responded more quickly. Attacking their bodies did not hinder their actions. They could only be killed if they were hit accurately in the head.

But in the face of an evolved zombie, how easy was it to make a headshot?

In the case of not being able to aim and shoot at the head, the soldiers could only fire widely with little effect.

The four evolved zombies could do a lot of harm. One was tall and had b.l.o.o.d.y holes all over its body. It had fired at by the soldiers until it had almost turned into a sieve. As long as it wasn't an attack to the head, it could brush it off like it was nothing. It unscrupulously harvested one life after another with its claws.

Zhan Yun lashed out at once and forced down the four zombies with his gravitational ability. However, zombies were different from people. People might suffer from severe pain from broken bones and chest constriction, but the zombies would not. They just felt like there was something weighing them down, and they just struggled harder and harder, even if their bones were broken.

Given Zhan Yun's ability, wanting to suppress four evolved zombies at the same time was truly too difficult, especially the tall evolved zombie. It struggled hard to get break away from Zhan Yun's gravity.

When it roared at Zhan Yun, Su Ruizhe had taken out two air guns loaded with pea bullets from his s.p.a.ce, aimed it at the zombie, and shot.

A volley of green bullets accurately hit the zombie's chest. Strangely, the zombie, which had been unharmed by ordinary bullets, stopped.

Its skin quickly changed back to the usual grey, and the body, shot into a hornet's nest by the soldiers, could no longer support itself after losing its evolution. It completely fell apart, and the head finally separated from its neck, rolling in front of Su Ruizhe. It was then smashed by Zheng Jiahe and his golf club.

Under Zheng Jiahe's cover, Su Ruizhe quickly picked up the inconspicuous crystal nucleus on the ground, and then continued shooting at the body on the ground.

Even without hitting the head, the pea bullets seemed to weaken the zombies, degrading them into ordinary zombies that would then be easily disposed of.

Finishing off all of the zombies, Su Ruizhe held Zhan Yun up, who was exhausted from using too much of his ability. He pressed two transparent crystal nuclei into his mouth to help him recover the power that he had consumed.

Having solved the biggest threat, the rest of the zombies were quickly handled and killed by the soldiers.

The soldiers gathered to express their grat.i.tude to them, and then went on to clear the roads. They had to enter the service area before dawn. The vehicles blocking the traffic were removed, and the convoy restored order, continued to move forward, and finally arrived at the service area just before the sun rose.

Just as Zhan Yun's group stopped their vehicle, soldiers came to ask them to visit their headquarters. Their purpose was obvious.

Only Zhan Yun and Su Ruizhe went. The rest of their group went to park the vehicle. After all, there were many people with wandering eyes, and they had a lot of goods in their vehicle. They always had to be careful.

"Thank you so much for helping us! What tricks did you use before? How is it so powerful?" When the two men entered the headquarters, they were surrounded by excited soldiers that started asking them questions all at once.

Here's the last chapter for this week and once again guys please thank Callis for all her hard work and awesome translation! As well as Dragon for her awesome editing!

Our reaction when the cherry bombs appeared:

Callis: Legendary cherry bomb debut! 

Dragon: At last! The namesake has arrived!

Jostena: Cherries for all zombies!

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