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Chapter 25 – Not a Bad Person 

Not only was Song Chengshu stunned, but even Zheng Jiahe himself was surprised. He felt his hands and feet weak just now, so he didn't have any strength at all. He just subconsciously raised his stool to stop the corpse, but he didn't think it would work.

Zheng Jiahe looked down at his palm as it seemed like something he could not get over quickly.

“It seems to be a strength ability.” Zhang Yun smiled and said, “It's good.”

Zhang Yun heard Su Ruizhe say that people's awakening of an ability in the apocalypse is very diverse, and physical-upgrade abilities are a common type of ability. Considering whether Su Ruizhe's powers can be easily exposed, Song Chengshu and himself have no powers at present to protect him. If they take this person with them, their safety will be more guaranteed.

When Su Ruizhe's eyes met Zhang Yun's, he understood what Zhang Yun was thinking. In the early days of the apocalypse, the physical based abilities could play a very important role. If this person's character was good enough, then he can join them from now on.

“You…” Zhan Yun was about to ask him what he planned to do next. Suddenly he heard someone screaming as they rushed past the door of the drugstore, followed by the murmur of zombies.

“Tut! Come on, we can't stay here!”

Sure enough, the next moment, there was a “bang bang” outside the door.

The doors and windows of the drugstore are all gla.s.s. Although Zhang Yun has already blocked them all with cabinets and tables, but it is obvious that it will not stop the zombies for long. They must leave here immediately.

The four men hurried to the toilet behind the drugstore. The toilet was very narrow, and the air windows could only accommodate one person.

“You go first, I'll take the back!” Zheng Jiahe lifted up a metal shelf, gently exerted some force which broke off a piece from it and held it in his hand as a weapon.

Zhang Yun and others looked at each other and did not waste any more time to say anything. They began to climb the high window directly. The first person to climb out is Zhang Yun. He has to go outside to see the situation first. If the situation is not good, he can use a gun to remove some of the threats and help the others with a bit of cover until they come down.

The second one is Song Chengshu. With Su Ruizhe's help, he stumbled and climbed out. The third is Su Ruizhe. When he started climbing, the gla.s.s door of the drugstore was smashed. Several grim-looking zombies were stretching their arms to get in.

“Hurry up!” Su Ruizhe climbed up the windowpane and shouted at Zheng Jiahe.

Zheng Jiahe made a leap with his strength and succeeded in climbing the edge of the high window. When Su Ruizhe turned and jumped out of the window, he also jumped out. Only when he landed, the wound on Zheng Jaihe's leg oozed blood again, and he clenched his teeth in pain.

Attracted by the smell of fresh blood, several more zombies began to sway and gather in the street.

“Tut, run!” Several people had to start running desperately.

However, Zheng Jiahe's leg injury made him unable to run fast at all. Song Chengshu wanted to help him, but he refused.

“You go, leave me alone!” Zheng Jiahe pa.s.sed his hand through his messy hair, stopped his steps, held the metal pipe tightly in both hands, and was ready to die with the zombies. He was injured and could not help them at all. Instead, he would only drag them down. It would be better for him to lead these zombies away and win them a bit of time to escape. The b.l.o.o.d.y smell from his body should attract those zombies more.

Zhang Yun looked at the five or six zombies behind them, and then said to Su Ruizhe, “You stay with him, and Old Song and I will go find a car.”

In this case, they had to find a car. They had an injured person and could not run far without a car.

“Okay.” Su Ruizhe agreed without saying anything more.

“How can this work?!” Zheng Jiahe was anxious and opposed, but he saw Zhang Yun and Song Chengshu run quickly across the road, leaving him and the teenager beside him facing the zombies that came after him…

At that moment, Zheng Jiahe really doubted whether they wanted to throw them away who are the two burdens. After all, Su Ruizhe looked too young, too thin and had no fighting power at all.

His uneasiness reached its peak until Su Ruizhe pulls out a toy hand-gun from who knows where.

Just the next moment, he knew his guess was wrong.

Su Ruizhe aimed at the zombie who ran close to him, pulled the trigger, and after three shots, blew up the head of the zombie. Then he fired several more shots and killed two more zombies.

After all, Su Ruizhe has little experience with guns. It is not easy for him to aim at these moving targets. Fortunately, he had a lot of bullets, so he aimed at the head of the zombie, and fired continuously, which made him always able to hit.

Zheng Jiahe:…

When Zhan Yun drove over with an 80% new Buick Business Vehicle, Su Ruizhe had used his “toy gun” to kill four zombies, while Zheng Jiahe had only solved one.

“Get in the car!” Song Chengshu opened the back door and waved to them.

Su Ruizhe quickly helped Zheng Jiahe and got on the car. Before they could sit properly, Zhang Yun rushed out with one foot of the accelerator.

Zhang Yun rushed back to the villa area like a whirlwind, driving the car directly into the garage, and returned to the villa through the garage door. Several people are in a mess with blood and sweat which made them really uncomfortable.

“Xiaozhe, you go upstairs and take a bath first. Old Song, you use the downstairs bathroom!” Zhang Yun turned on the air conditioner in the living room, then took off his dirty clothes and laid down on the sofa, unwilling to move.

They need to take advantage of the water and electricity now.

Su Ruizhe looked at Zhang Yun's strong upper body, and his face turned red again. He trotted upstairs and dared not look anymore.

Song Chengshu glared at Zheng Jiahe and said, “Go take a shower. I'll find some fresh-keeping film for you to wrap up the wound and some clothes to replace yours.”

“Okay! Thank you! ” Zheng Jiahe was covered in blood that included zombies and his own, which had turned dark brown at the moment and looked really nauseating.

Song Chengshu quickly took a few clean clothes out of his room and wrapped Zheng Jiahe's wound with a fresh-keeping film*. After he had taken a bath, he would clean up the wound for him.

“How do you feel?” When Zheng Jiahe entered the bathroom, Zhang Yun asked Song Chengshu.

“I think that guy is pretty good.” According to Zheng Jiahe's previous performance, Song Chengshu thought it was quite good.

Zhang Yun nodded. He also thought Zheng Jiahe was good. If he had nowhere else to go next, it would be okay for him to follow them. They can't keep hiding in this villa area all the time. Cheng Qihe and Cheng Jiao are still in A city. He has to find them, and then…Find a safe place to settle down, preferably a base established by the military. There will be more and more zombies in the future, which they cannot fight against with the strength of only three people.

Su Ruizhe said that after the apocalypse arrived, many large and small bases were gradually established, including several large bases established by the military. Unfortunately, they were too far away. At that time, Su Ruizhe had with him such a large family that was a heavy burden and was unable to go. Finally, he was fooled to go to such a tiger-wolf land…

*It just means that its a jungle-like place*

Thinking of this, Zhang Yun frowns deeply, this life, he will never let Su Ruizhe repeat the same mistake.

Su Ruizhe took a shower quickly, and his white skin was tender and steamed red by the hot water, which made people want to pinch it.

“Brother Zhan, you can go bath now.”

“Okay.” When Zhang Yun stood up and pa.s.sed Su Ruizhe, he kissed him on the cheek.

Song Chengshu was caught off guard against being stuffed with a large ration of dog food, he knew that his eyes were going blind.

Su Ruizhe's small face suddenly turned red like a monkey's b.u.t.tock*, leaving a sentence “I'm going to cook” and ran away.

*This was pretty funny to me XD*

Song Chengshu, who was left alone in the living room, turned on the TV dully. Unexpectedly, there was only static. In this case, the TV station really could not work properly.

The impact of the zombie virus is global. Just last night, nearly a third of the world's population turned into zombies at the same time. After that, he doesn't know how many people were attacked by their relatives, friends and even colleagues without any precautions, and the number of zombies is increasing rapidly. According to Su Ruizhe, one year after the start of the apocalypse, only over six billion people survived, which is less than one-tenth of the global population.

Thinking of this, Song Chengshu sighed deeply, the situation of the hospital must be worse, so if not for Zhang Yun and Su Ruizhe, he might have joined the zombie team. Now it's only the first day of the apocalypse and it's already so thrilling. He doesn't know what the next day will be like.

The author has something to say:

[The Little Theatre at the Dawn of the Moon]

Young man: Ah, I was bitten by a zombie. What should I do?!!

Doctor Song: That's all right. You're about to have an ability.~

Young man: Ability? What the h.e.l.l?

Then a hammer smashes the corpse into paste.

Doctor Song:… [nothing to say. jpg]

#The future Wifey is a Hercules so how can I break him?? QAQ#

#I'm just a doctor, OTZ*#

*Its an internet slang which could be like saying ‘G.o.d why did you do this to me' because it looks like this emoji ○ ̄ _ *

#Author, come out! Why don't you give me abilities!?#

[Small theatre on the street]

Su Xiaozhe: More than 20 chapters. We haven't officially introduced ourselves yet. h.e.l.lo, everyone. I'm Su Xiaozhe, a person that was reborn. I'm good at… Plants VS Zombies. (^_^)

Zhang XiaoYun: h.e.l.lo, everyone. I'm Zhang XiaoYun who was the hero in the last life. My favorite is Su Xiaozhe. (^_^)

Song Chengshu: h.e.l.lo, everyone, I am Song Chengshu, a single dog who has been abused. I was a conscientious doctor. Later, when the apocalypse came, I became the background character who is being stuffed with dog food.

Zheng Jiahe: h.e.l.lo, everybody. I am Zheng Jiahe who has finally stopped lying down like the dead! I am not a young man! Please remember my name. h.e.l.lo! I'm good at… Ha ha, (a chair is taken up to squash the zombie into paste) What do you think? (^_^)

Together: h.e.l.lo, everybody. We are a foolish and small team. Do you want to eat enough? Want to live? Come and join us! Don't 999, just don't 999*, as long as you have enough courage, come to join our team, from now on, under the light of the main lead's halo, it will be ensured that you have no worries in the apocalypse!

*It means don't die and it's based on a Thai movie which is called 999-9999*

Buick Business Vehicle

Fresh-Keeping Film

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