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Chapter 876 - Chapter 876: The Child Is Here

Chapter 876: The Child Is Here

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Jiang Ming did not know what to say. He noticed the wound on Zhu Asi’s foot and roughly understood something.

Liang Sisi and Sikong Wuyuan did not know what was going on. They shook their heads.

“I saw what happened.”

Jiang Ming squatted down and carefully bandaged Zhu Asi’s wound.

His actions made everyone understand everything. Then, they followed Jiang Ming and said, “Can this injury be treated?”

Jiang Ming was about to answer when Xie Qianling was kicked to their side.

Her face was ashen, and she could not move at all. She could not get up from the ground.

Although she had already fallen out with Xie Qianling, Xie Zhizhi was still related to Xie Qianling by blood. Seeing Xie Qianling like this, she quickly went up and shouted, “Xie Qianling, what’s wrong?”

Xie Qianling pouted, wanting Xie Zhizhi to leave, but Xie Zhizhi did not understand what she meant.

In an instant, Xie Zhizhi was directly swept away by a huge stream of water, and half of her teeth were knocked out.

“What is it?”

Such a huge commotion attracted the attention of Jiang Ming and the others. Jiang Ming looked in the direction of the water flow strangely.

A hole appeared in the middle of the water, and there were some small vines in the hole.

Jiang Ming used the bandages to draw out the thorns around Zhu Asi’s feet. He then used the bandages to wrap up the thorns that had been moving around.

Jiang Ming felt that these thorns were very threatening. He bandaged the wound into a dead knot and then faced the hole directly.

This time, besides Xie Qianling and Xie Zhizhi, even Ling Yunxiao was pushed to the front by the thing in the cave.

His condition was similar to Xie Zhizhi and Xie Qianling.

Just as Jiang Ming was looking, some spring water came out of the hole. The spring water was controlled to rush toward him.

Jiang Ming raised his hand and blocked the spring water.

The spring water did not seem to be retreating. Instead, it continued to move forward.

Jiang Ming felt the resistance was as strong as a river, but he felt that he was alright. It was manageable.

Sikong Wuyuan was afraid that Jiang Ming would not be able to stop him, so he followed him.

However, at this moment, another river rushed toward Sikong Wuyuan. Sikong Wuyuan also raised his hand like Jiang Ming.

However, he was not so lucky. The river directly washed him out.

Sikong Wuyuan did not fall to the ground, but he was covered in wounds.

At this moment, he was sucked into the hole.

Sikong Wuyuan struggled to leave, but he could not do so.

At the critical moment, Jiang Ming rushed to Sikong Wuyuan, stretched out his hand, and shouted, “Sikong Wuyuan, quickly grab my hand.”

Sikong Wuyuan quickly grabbed Jiang Ming’s hand. However, the suction force was so strong that Jiang Ming, who was originally standing straight, bent down a little.

As for Sikong Wuyuan, he felt like his face and body were about to be stripped off.

When Liang Sisi saw this, she wanted to help, but she had Zhu Asi on her side and could not free her hands. She could not help but feel anxious.

Jiang Ming simply released a huge ball of spiritual energy and let it block the hole directly.

As the hole was blocked, the suction force decreased.

Sikong Wuyuan felt that the pain in his body had lessened. He could not help but let out a breath and said, “Fortunately, I’m safe. Otherwise, I feel like I would have been sucked away.”

Jiang Ming pulled Sikong Wuyuan out. Half of his body was stuck in the hole. Sikong Wuyuan stood still and carefully observed the scene at the cave entrance.

At this moment, more green vines appeared at the entrance of the cave. These vines looked like they would continue growing.

Sikong Wuyuan was curious. He pinched the vine, and it actually moved. He became even more curious and wanted to pull the vine out.

However, not only did he pull out the vine, but he also pulled out a child.

This vine was attached to the child.

The child was angry that the vines on his body were pulled away. The vines on his head were even swaying out of anger.

Sikong Wuyuan was a little shocked when he saw the child shouting angrily. Then, he heard his muttering.

“Who told you to grab my body? How dare a commoner like you hold onto me?”

When Sikong Wuyuan saw this child, he immediately remembered the child he had seen in the temple before. “Are you the child who stayed in the temple?”

The child immediately patted his chest and looked at Sikong Wuyuan with disdain. “Yes, I am that child. Now that I have already cultivated to become a G.o.d, many clever vines have appeared on my body. This is a gift that can never even dream of having.”

“I don’t want it. Those vines are driving me crazy!” Sikong Wuyuan shook his head and continued angrily, “Kid, I don’t have any enmity with you. Why are

you sucking me into this hole!”

Finally, he looked at Jiang Ming and sized him up. “Are you the companion of

Sikong Wuyuan who blocked my entrance?”

Sikong Wuyuan was very angry. “Of course. The friends I have are not people you can know.”

The child suddenly became angry, and the dark vines on his body fell one after another.

The vines turned into darts and were controlled by the child as they rushed over.

Jiang Ming did not expect this child to have such bad intentions toward him.

He immediately went forward and grabbed the vine.

However, the number of vines was too large, and they were not under Jiang Ming’s control at all. Jiang Ming could only use his spiritual energy to mesh with these vines.

The child widened his eyes.

He was a little shocked. This was the first time he had seen someone who could integrate his spiritual energy into his vines.

Following that, the child began to panic again.

It was not easy for him to cultivate this spiritual energy, but in the end, it was used by others. This was not a good thing.

Jiang Ming noticed that the child seemed to be in a daze. He went forward and picked the child up.

The child struggled with all his might and spat at Jiang Ming.

The drool formed a magic array and surrounded Jiang Ming and the child.

Jiang Ming raised his hand and poked the array. It broke immediately.

The child was shocked again.

How could this be?

This was too bizarre.

He was unwilling to give up and spat some more.

Jiang Ming also noticed that the array was formed by the child’s saliva, and he could not help but grin.

If he had known earlier, he would not have touched it with his hands.

Just as the array appeared, Jiang Ming used the child as a target and charged at the array.

The child felt dizzy..

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