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Chapter 1188: Chapter 1188


Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation   Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Tang Nannan was afraid that his mother would ruin things, so he quickly pulled her to sit down with a smile in his eyes.

“Mother, we don’t need to support the three of them. When they die, their things will be ours.”

Hearing this, the old woman’s eyes lit up, and a trace of ruthlessness flashed across her eyes.

But then, she thought of something and frowned.

“Do you know where they keep their silver? We also need to find a place to store their silver properly. I don’t want the silver to acc.u.mulate dust. We have to make good use of this money.”

Tang Nannan was stunned when he heard this.

In the end, they did not know where Jiu Zhu and the other two had stored their silver.

He also felt that it was impossible for them to hide it. Where else could these three people hide their silver? They probably only carried it with them.

He told his mother about this, but his mother was smarter than him. When she heard this, she immediately slapped him.

The slap was loud and attracted Tang Xiaoxiao’s attention.

Tang Xiaoxiao’s hands could not help but slow down. “Mother, why did you hit Nannan? Nannan didn’t do anything wrong!’

Her mother snorted coldly.

Usually, she would respect her daughter and not hit Tang Nannan. But now, she felt that Tang Nannan was really stupid.

However, she did not curse out loud. She only said coldly. “He deserved to be slapped. ”

“Mother, why did you say that?” Tang Nannan was already confused by the slap. He could not help but feel upset when he heard this. He could not understand. “Do you think I deserve this?”

“Doesn’t he deserve it?”

The old lady rolled her eyes and then looked at Tang Xiaoxiao. “Stop right now. Who told you to hit Jiu Zhu? Find another doctor and cure the other two.

If they can’t be cured, I’ll ask you to cure them.”

As she spoke, she moved swiftly and decisively, wanting to stop Tang Xiaoxiao.

Jiang Ming and the other two, who were hiding at the side, could not help but be stunned.

They had clearly heard what Tang Nannan just said. He obviously wanted to kill them. Why did his mother suddenly change her mind? Did she suddenly realize something and want to do something good?

Yuan Hehe was confused.

“What’s going on? I think it’s really strange. This shouldn’t be possible. This old woman is a little too strange.”

Sikong Wuyuan also shook his head. “Even I’m confused. I really don’t understand.’

However, he could not say anything.

He only felt that they should not go out now. No matter what, they should let their clones deal with it.

He had a vague feeling that other than these people, the people from the Red Organization were also secretly watching them from behind. If they went out, they would be killed.

Just as she was thinking about this, the old woman had already reached out and wanted to pull Tang Xiaoxiao over.

Afraid that she would accidentally hurt her mother, Tang Xiaoxiao quickly stopped, but she was. .h.i.t by Jiang Mings clone.

The clone hit her head. Tang Xiaoxiao felt her head buzz and fell to the ground.

Seeing her daughter injured, the old woman was extremely nervous. She quickly went forward and asked, “Xiaoxiao, how are you?” Are you feeling unwell?”

She was very anxious.

She did not expect that Jiang Ming would kill her daughter, but she could not blame him. After all, she knew her daughter too well. It must have been her son who forced her to do this.

If her son had not made a move, Jiang Ming would not have made a move either.

At the thought of this, she could not help but look at Tang Nannan resentfully.

“How did I give birth to such a stupid son? What should I do in the future?”

She still needed to find a smart woman to discipline his son.

She had already thought about it for a while. When she looked up, she saw her daughter clutching her chest, feeling a little uncomfortable and unable to breathe.

Tang Xiaoxiao wanted to say something, but she could not. This made the old woman nervous.

“Xiaoxiao, what’s wrong with you?” She pushed Tang Xiaoxiao’s shoulder.

“Don’t scare me. Wake up quickly.”

However, Tang Xiaoxiao was like a mute. She could not speak at all, and she even panted in pain.

People who did not know better would think that she had asthma.

Jiang Ming also made the clone stop moving and let him stand there straight.

Tang Nannan quickly went forward and shouted at Tang Xiaoxiao, “Xiaoxiao, what’s wrong? Xiaoxiao, say something quickly and let us know that you’re safe and sound.’

Tang Xiaoxiao could hear their conversation, but she could not speak.

She opened her mouth and felt a little uncomfortable. Tears flowed down her face, and her eyes were filled with regret.

If she had known that her mother would come and interfere, she would have sealed her mother’s room with spiritual energy first. This would not have caused such a disaster.

However, she also knew that there was nothing she could do.

Things had already happened.

Tang Nannan and the old lady were heartbroken to see Tang Xiaoxiao like this.

The old woman also began to regret it.

Perhaps she should not have pushed Tang Xiaoxiao away. Otherwise, Tang Xiaoxiao would still be fine and would not have suffered like this.

However, there was no medicine for regret in this world.

She could only sigh. She looked at Tang Nannan and said, “Tang Nannan, you have some medical skills. Hurry up and take a look at your sister. Treat her injuries.”

“Mother, my younger sister can’t be cured. I’m afraid she’s going to die.” Tang Nannan felt resentful.

This sentence made the old woman feel as if she had been struck by lightning.

The old woman’s hands began to tremble. “How is that possible?” she stammered. “Your sister is a lucky girl. No one can kill her. When I went to the fortune-teller, the fortune-teller confirmed her fate.’

Tang Nannan smiled bitterly.

“Mother, you always believe in superst.i.tious things, but this is a solid palm strike. How can it be healed so easily?”

At this time, Jiang Ming and the other two were hesitant.

Logically speaking, their clones should be saying something right now, but they really did not know what to say.

After thinking for a moment, Jiang Ming decided not to speak.

The old woman seemed to have gone mad again. She ran straight to his clone and asked, “How could you do such a thing to my daughter? Jiu Zhu, I’ve always protected you. You’re really hurting my heart. No matter what, you have to give me an explanation now..”

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