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Chapter 704: Heartbroken


Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

In another office, Yu Su held Zhao Lan’s phone and restored many of the messages and calls she had deleted, but she still did not get much useful information.

She only knew that the person was resourceful and had connections with people of all walks of life.

Yu Su and the others could not determine if that the person was Peng Chan.

Yu Su tried to locate those numbers, but she realized that the signal had been cut off by something and could not be located.

The interrogator showed the message and number to Zhao Lan and interrogated her again and again, wanting to get effective information about the mastermind.

Unfortunately, the next morning, he still did not receive any information about that person.

Zhao Lan made up her mind. Even if she had to sacrifice herself, she would not give that person away. It was as if she was possessed.

At nine in the morning, Ruan Dong knocked on Director Yan’s office with the evidence he had obtained so far.

Director Yan praised Ruan Dong fiercely and asked him to hurry up and submit the doc.u.ment to his superiors to convict Zhao Lan.

Ruan Dong originally wanted to interrogate her for a few more days, but after thinking about Zhao Lan’s condition, he realized that even if he interrogated her again, he probably wouldn’t be able to obtain any effective information about the mastermind, so he decided to forget it.

He submitted the evidence and the confession to a higher court and awaited her sentencing.

With the Xiao Family’s urging and the attention of all parties, the court quickly judged and handed down the verdict two days later.

Zhao Lan was found guilty of hiring a murderer.

However, because there were no casualties, they could only sentence Zhao Lan to three years in prison and ask her to compensate Yu Su and the others 50,000 dollars each for mental damage.

Considering that Zhao Lan had colluded with the metaphysical world, they were afraid that ordinary prisons would not be able to lock her up, so they sent her to a special prison to serve her sentence.

The special prison was filled with special people like metaphysical masters.

The facade of the outer wall was three meters tall. Twenty meters away from the outer wall, it was also firmly sealed by a steel wire net. There was also a special array protecting the inside of the prison, preventing magic power from being used inside.

Even if someone came to save Zhao Lan, it would take a lot of effort.

Based on the ruthlessness of the person behind her, he would definitely not spend so much effort to save a p.a.w.n like Zhao Lan.

Therefore, Zhao Lan would definitely have to serve three years of her sentence.

In the temporary prison.

Prison Pipe: “Zhao Lan, the results of your trial are out. You will be sentenced to three years in prison. You will also have to compensate Yu Su, Ye Chang, Ye Tang, Xiao Han, and Yu Hong for their mental damage. You will have to compensate each of them 50,000 dollars.”

After hearing the verdict, Zhao Lan was about to break down.

She sat on the rusty iron bed, her eyes listless. She said in a m.u.f.fled voice, “I’m the madam of the Ye family. All the madams in the capital have to give me some face. It’s impossible for me to go to jail. How can you sentence me to jail? Impossible! Absolutely impossible! I still have to support the Zhao family and make them a wealthy family!”

As Zhao Lan spoke, she slapped the bed agitatedly. “You don’t have the right to sentence me to jail. I’m the madam of the Ye family.”

It was impossible for her to go to jail. That person would definitely come to save her.

The prison warden at the door said coldly, “If you stay obediently for three years, you can leave. If you don’t, you can stay in prison until you die.”

He had seen many conceited madams like her, so he was naturally not surprised.

After hearing the prison warden’s words, Zhao Lan became even more agitated. She patted the bed crazily and kicked everything on the bed off. “Get lost! I don’t believe you. I won’t believe what you say.”

She tossed and turned for the entire afternoon, and her angry curses spread far and wide.

At night, Zhao Lan forced herself to calm down and threatened the prison warden by hitting her head on the wall to get them to come over.

When the prison warden arrived, Zhao Lan’s head was covered in blood. She leaned against the wall and said weakly, “I request to contact the Ye family. I want to talk to my husband and sons. I want to contact them…”

The prison warden had no pity for her.

However, the prison guard was not too harsh. After the doctor bandaged Zhao Lan, he stood in front of Zhao Lan and called Ye Heng to tell him what had happened.

Ye Heng said coldly, “You don’t have to call me anymore. My relationship with her is over.”

After saying that, he immediately hung up.

The prison warden called Ye Chang and Ye Tao again. Their answer was the same. They didn’t want to see Zhao Lan at all. Even if they heard that Zhao Lan was injured, the two of them didn’t react.

Zhao Lan heard their answers clearly and cried her heart out.

She asked the prison warden over and over again, was she really going to jail?

The prison warden ignored her and brought her back to the cell. Then, he turned around and left..

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