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Chapter 586: The Cause of Bad Luck


Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Therefore, Chang Ji s.n.a.t.c.hed An Ming over and gave Xia Bo’s resources to An Ming. He also used Xia Bo’s popularity to pave the way for An Ming.

After several months of operations, An Ming’s reputation grew.

Later on, Chang Ji set up a trap at the banquet and let Xia Bo jump into it. Xia Bo offended the upper echelons of the Yu Corporation and became an abandoned p.a.w.n.

Chang Ji did not hesitate to leave Xia Bo to the other managers and let him fend for himself.

Who would have thought that Yu Miao, who was doted on by the Yu family, was actually a fake daughter? She was even chased out of the family!

The more An Ming thought about it, the more surprised he became.

He thought about Chang Ji’s words again. “Maybe Yu Miao really pa.s.sed on her bad luck to me. A few days ago, she even swore to me that as long as I was willing to accompany her for a night, she would give me the second male lead role of Director Huang’s drama. Could it be that she was lying to me?”

Thinking about it carefully, it was indeed possible.

Now that he had lost his role and was being stepped on by Xia Bo, he was really unlucky.

Chang Ji frowned again and said, “Yu Su might know about your relationship with Yu Miao. She deliberately targeted Yu Miao in this matter and s.n.a.t.c.hed the role away, deliberately using Xia Bo to attack you.”

An Ming’s expression was as ugly as if he had eaten sh*t. He gritted his teeth and did not speak.

In the past, he was an artist in the company and met Yu Miao by chance. He fell in love with Yu Miao and often went out with her to have fun.

After watching the variety show clip, he knew that Yu Miao would suck away men’s luck.

This was also the reason why he would be unlucky for a period of time after having an affair with Yu Miao. Hence, ever since the show was broadcasted, he had never contacted Yu Miao again and wanted to stay away from her.

What he did not expect was that Yu Miao had looked for him a few days ago and the two of them had agreed on a deal.

Unexpectedly, he didn’t get the role and became unlucky again.

An Ming sighed. “I’ll stay away from Yu Miao in the future and never see her again.”

Perhaps one day, his luck would be completely sucked away.

At that time, it would be too late for him to regret.

Chang Ji agreed and said, “That’s right. She has become an abandoned child of the Yu Corporation and doesn’t have any resources. There’s no need for you to lower yourself to see her. If you cause a scandal, it won’t be worth it.”

At this moment, in the president’s office of Yu Media.

As the CEO, Fang Han sat at the head of the table while the rest of the higher-ups sat around him.

Yu Hong sat at the side.

If not for the fact that today’s meeting was related to him, these higher-ups would probably not let him partic.i.p.ate.

“Yu Hong, our Yu Media is indeed the Yu Family’s business, but us old people also have to earn money to support the family. Look at what Yu Su has done again. The Yu Family is not a place for your Yu Family to fight!” A higher-up surnamed Jia said coldly.

After he finished speaking, many people nodded in agreement.

A steward surnamed Wan also mocked, “Young Master Yu Hong, you should return home first and settle the matters at home before coming back to work! Even if you don’t find it embarra.s.sing, I do!”

As an old employee of the Yu Corporation, he was naturally not afraid of Yu Hong’s status as a young master.

“Exactly, exactly!”

“That Yu Su is clearly going against our Yu Corporation. We’re too aggrieved.”

“The people outside are all mocking our Yu Corporation for not being able to defeat Yu Su’s small studio.”

“Second Young Master Yu, persuade your sister. Even if you have cut ties with her, you’re still related by blood. She can’t go too far.”

“Rumor has it that our Yu Corporation is afraid of Yu Su’s studio. What nonsense.”

As the higher-ups spoke, sighs sounded one after another.

Yu Hong listened coldly and did not say anything.

Fang Han rubbed his forehead worriedly and sighed deeply. This matter was a little difficult to handle.

Losing resources was fine, but if the reputation of the Yu Corporation deteriorated, it would be a huge problem.

Now, it was rumored that as long as the Yu Corporation suppressed or neglect an artiste, they would have a chance to become famous in Yu Su’s studio.

This rumor made everyone in the Yu Corporation panic. Many not-so-famous artistes had the idea of jumping ship to Yu Su’s studio.

Previously, after the outdated actor of the Yu Corporation, Zhao Duo, went to Yu Su’s studio, he won the Best Actor Award last month.

Li Li had successfully made it to the top of the charts of the hottest singers. The popularity of hers songs had never been low, and she had even been invited to attend the gala of various satellite channels..

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