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Chapter 478: Deliberate Acting

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Ye Tang smiled and shook her head. “She recognized me and wanted to put on a show for me.”

This also proved that the two of them were not really together.

Yao Yun just wanted her to misunderstand and get angry.

Although this kind of trick was low-level, it was indeed very useful for girls who were in love.

Unfortunately, Ye Tang had already broken free from the biterness.

Yu Su picked up her wine gla.s.s. “Yes, she did it on purpose. Do you know her family background?”

She was curious about Yao Yun.

Ye Tang thought about it seriously. “I’m not too sure either. Meng Bo told me that Yao Yun is a distant relative of his. I didn’t investigate her.”

She then glanced at Yao Yun and Yu Miao. Their side profiles were really too similar.

There must be something fishy about this.

Ye Tang asked, “Do you think the two of them might be related by blood? Or are they sent here on purpose?”

As the daughter of the Ye family, under the guidance of Old Master Ye and Old Madam Ye, she was also very sensitive to such matters.

Yu Su stared at them for a while and replied in surprise, “Yes, I looked at their physiognomy just now. They are half-sisters.”

She was also quite surprised.

The dead He Wan was Yu Miao’s half-sister. Now, there was actually another one.

Yu Su was certain that this Yao Yun was also closely related to the person behind everything.

Yu Su thought for a moment and muttered, “Her surname is Yao, and Yu Miao’s sister’s surname is Chen, so Yu Miao’s surname should have been Chen. What’s the connection between these two families?”

Ye Tang also scratched her head. “There must be a secret here.”

The two of them didn’t look familiar with each other!

Why were they half-sisters? Did they not know each other’s existence?

Yu Su said, “I guess even they themselves don’t know!”

Ye Tang nodded. “That’s possible. These sisters are really fated. One stole the

Yu family’s love, and the other stole the man I used to like.”

However, Yu Su’s gaze turned cold. “Perhaps it’s not a coincidence.”

Just how big of a game did the mastermind play?

Ye Tang felt a chill run down her spine. “What do you mean? Did someone arrange this on purpose?”

Yu Su nodded. “Yu Miao’s birthday is the same day as mine. This way, they can use some secret techniques.”

She only found out about this when she arrived at the Yu residence.

At that time, the Yu family was celebrating Yu Miao’s birthday, but they had completely forgotten that Yu Su’s birthday was also on this day.

Now that she realized that Yu Miao and Yao Yun were sisters, Yu Su felt that something was wrong.

Yao Yun might very well be a p.a.w.n of the mastermind.

However, she couldn’t say this in the bar for the time being. There were too many people here and it wasn’t convenient. She could only tell Ye Tang when she returned.

Ye Tang was shocked when she heard this. “What? Her birthday is the same as yours? Yao Yun’s birthday is the same as mine.”

When she was overseas, she wanted to go on a date with Meng Bo on her birthday.

However, Meng Bo celebrated Yao Yun’s birthday with someone from the company. At that time, she felt that it was very unlucky for the two of them to have the same birthday.

Ye Tang was also puzzled. “Is it really such a coincidence? Also, what secret technique are you talking about?”

Yu Su’s expression was a little solemn. “I’ll tell you about the secret technique when I get back. We still have to investigate Yao Yun’s family background and who arranged for her to come over.”

“Alright.” Ye Tang nodded. “My grandmother knows a detective agency that’s quite powerful and highly confidential. I’ll contact them.”

Yu Su nodded and looked at Yao Yun suspiciously.

On the first floor.

Yu Hong sat at the side and looked at the stage alone, drinking alone.

Meng Bo and Hu Rui were drinking and chatting.

Hu Rui said helplessly, “I heard that my aunt was seriously injured by Mrs. Ye and was poisoned by a parasitic poison. Her stomach has become especially big.”

Meng Bo didn’t expect Madam Ye and Madam Yu to fall out. The two of them used to be very close. How did it become like this?

Meng Bo shook his head. “Then how are you and Ye Chang going to be friends in the future?”

Now that the elders of the two families had caused such a ruckus, the younger generation would also suffer.

Hu Rui raised his gla.s.s and finished it in one gulp. Then, he said slowly, “It depends on whose side he’s on. If he can’t distinguish right from wrong, I’ll pretend that I don’t have a friend like him.”

He, Ye Chang, and Yu Hong had known each other since they were young, and their relationship was quite good.

He didn’t expect Meng Bo to be the only one who could drink with him now. Yu Hong ran to the table beside him to drink alone. He didn’t know why he was being so pretentious..

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