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Chapter 1851: Taking Control

*Vup, vup!*

Suddenly, the twins found themselves right in front of the three towers from before. However, they quickly noticed something else. All the clouds around them disappeared, as well as the lightning bolts that were being absorbed by them. 

"Seems like the Foundation Fragment was the reason for the tower to turn out that way. Now that we took it, the environment has changed," said Roan.

Rean, on the other hand, ignored it and opened his hand. There, he had the Foundation Fragment they acquired from Fratekla. "Time to have you join the others." Right after that, he sent the fragment into the Soul Gem Dimensional Realm.

Sure enough, as soon as it appeared in the Dimensional Realm, it shot in the direction of the other two, fusing together once again. There weren't three fragments but only one large one now.


[Congratulatons, hosts! Another fragment has been recovered, and the previous schedule for the upgrade of the system has now changed. The upgrade will now start a week after the acquisition of the last fragment. The update time has been increased to 30 days. During this time, the system's reward system and other system-related perks will be unavailable.]

Rean and Roan then waited for the system to continue. However, that was all. It went completely silent after that.

Rean's mouth twitched as he asked Sister Orb, 'Sister Orb, where's the Destiny Point reward for acquiring a second fragment?'

[Oh! That? There's no reward,] replied Sister Orb straight away.

"What?!" Naturally, Rean and Roan were taken aback. Fragments had always been the things that gave them the most Destiny Points, after all. "Could it be that there won't be Destiny Point rewards anymore?"

[That's not it,] Sister Orb denied, clarifying, [It's just that the system's reward function has been deactivated after you got the first fragment. Now you just so happened to obtain a second one while it was preparing for the upgrade. With that said, its Destiny Point calculator wasn't functional. It's as simple as that.]

Rean felt like breaking the system into pieces after he heard that. "This is bulls.h.i.t! If I knew that, I would have waited until the upgrade was over before sending the fragment inside!" It was then that he remembered something. "First of all, why didn't you warn us?"

[You didn't ask...] Naturally, Sister Orb played innocent.

Roan could only shake his head in the end. "No point getting angry over it. What's done is done. Besides, it's not like we don't know how useless that orb can be from time to time."

[Hmph! After all the work you made me do, you still have the guts to say that?] 

"This is this, and that is that," Rean answered.

Well, Sister Orb was used to it already. [Anyways, it's a good thing that you added the other fragment straight away. After all, there's nothing concealing its presence from the outside. The Soul Gem Dimensional Realm can conceal its presence, but a normal spatial ring definitely can't.]

The twins had to admit that she was right on that point.

Rean then looked around their surroundings after that. "We should get out of here first. Since the fragment is gone, perhaps the barrier that keeps this place locked has disappeared as well. I don't want to be here if someone comes and investigates."

Roan agreed with Rean on that, saying, "That's a good idea. Let's go."

A few hours later, the twins found themselves moving away from the area where the Cultivation Suppression Formation was located. That was the area where all the compet.i.tors were gathering and fighting for control. After all, this would most likely guarantee the victory of the continent that got it.

At the same time, Roan took out a Thoughts Transmission Talisman before sending a message out.

At the moment, the situation in the area was very heated. s.p.a.ce was greatly contorted as countless skills were launched everywhere. Naturally, Olly and the other Walfure Region members were there as well. They also understood how important it was to have the formation for themselves. 

However, it was then that the Thoughts Transmission Talismans in the spatial rings of all Walfure Region members activated. The talisman that Roan used was one connected to everyone else, which was made during the war.

Although the situation was dangerous, Walfure was one of the bigger groups, so they had enough time to at least hear what Roan was saying.

-All Walfure Region members, retreat immediately. No need for more sacrifices. We will meet at the spatial gate that connects Walfure to the central region. This is an order. As for the Walfure members who joined from lost regions, you can stay if you want to defy our authority over you. Just don't blame me for what happens later.-

Everyone was taken aback, especially the members that had joined Walfure after losing their regions. Since there was no monitoring, they were waiting for a chance to strike back at Walfure. However, it was just way too early. Walfure still had the highest level of power since the others who joined were not exactly allied to each other.

Olly and the others wanted to know why Roan would send such a message out. In any case, one thing was sure. He had never been wrong in his strategies during this war, so he earned at least that much trust from the others.

Olly, as the leader of their group at the moment, immediately sent a Divine Sense message to the others. 'Everyone, retreat. We'll gather at the spatial gate!'

Without wasting time, Olly and his group separated themselves from the heat of the battle. The other regions were curious about why Walfure decided to leave, thinking that they might be planning something. Nevertheless, the formation was right in front of them, so they couldn't retreat now. As long as any of them took control over it, any other trick would be meaningless, so they didn't leave.

Luina, who wasn't in the middle of the battle due to Roan's advice, also heard the message and went back. Eventually, everyone converged around the location of the Walfure Region's spatial gate.

Seeing their puzzled expressions, Roan faintly smiled while he told Sister Orb. 'Sister Orb, you can control the formation now.'

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