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In the evening, when Su Yutan went into the bathroom to wash herself, she found two fat c.o.c.kroaches on the sink.

She took off her slippers to kill the c.o.c.kroaches, lest they crawl in and scare the little Dove at night. But she saw the wings and back of the two c.o.c.kroaches suddenly split to the sides, revealing the small boxes hidden in their belly.

Su Yutan's eyes widened.. After the extreme surprise, ecstasy burst in her heart.

It turned out to be a mechanical c.o.c.kroach!

This… Was Qiao w.a.n.gchuan looking for her?!

She hurried forward, reached out with both hands and picked up the two small boxes.

The backs and wings of the two mechanical c.o.c.kroaches closed, and it quickly climbed into the sink and crawled away to the drain.

They went back to the sewer from where they came from.

Fortunately, the two boxes looked very dry. Its “cargo compartments” were well sealed and it was not too disgusting even if they came from sewers.

Two small boxes, one containing a pair of contact smart gla.s.ses, and the other containing what she couldn't see, but the box said ‘ear ca.n.a.l invisible headphones'.

She quickly washed her hands and put on the gla.s.ses and headphones. When she wore it, she was shaking with excitement.

“Is that you w.a.n.gchuan?”

After putting on those devices, Su Yutan yelled tentatively.

On the other side of the line, there was a low cheer from a group of people and immediately followed by Qiao w.a.n.gchuan's voice.

“It's me!”

Immediately after, his appearance was projected into her field of vision by the smart gla.s.ses.

He was a little thinner, his eyes were darkened, but he looks quite extremely lively. He seemed to be in a large tent, surrounded by a lot of projection screens and instruments she didn't recognize. Beyond those projection screens and instruments, were people in police and military uniforms.

Qiao w.a.n.gchuan smiled at her, “There is no surveillance camera in the bathroom, and the surveillance cameras outside have been invaded by me, so you can speak normally without lowering your voice.”

Su Yutan let out a long sigh of relief and patted her chest.

As soon as she was relaxed, those long-pressed fears, anxieties, tensions, helplessness, grievances and other emotions came together and quickly dominated her mood. All the fortified rationality, calmness, and strength disappeared at this moment.

With a sour face, hot tears burst into her eyes. “How did you… find me now? I… I'm going mad here… Do you know?!”

When she said that, her voice was very depressing, and her tone was infinitely aggrieved.

After speaking, she sat down on the toilet lid, sobbing and covering her face.

“I'm sorry! I was not good enough…” Qiao w.a.n.gchuan apologized. His eyes were full of distress, and he was a little overwhelmed. “Wait for me to come and let me handle it for you. Don't cry! If you do I will be distressed.”

Su Yutan even felt wronged. She cried for a little while, venting her long-suppressed negative emotions, then she stopped crying. She cleared her mood, and was ready to talk to Qiao w.a.n.gchuan.

After all, there was a string in her heart that was constantly taut. She had been pretentious for a long time that it was uncomfortable.

She washed her face at the sink, wiped off the water on her face, and asked Qiao w.a.n.gchuan, “Okay, I've calmed down. What should I do next?”

Qiao w.a.n.gchuan let out a long breath, “We decided to break you out tonight. Because tonight, the little Dove is by your side. The rescue operation will be much simpler and so the risk is much smaller.”

Su Yutan did not talk nonsense, nodded directly, “Okay! What should I do?”

Qiao w.a.n.gchuan replied, “I'll send you a topographic map now, and you should try to get familiar with it."

“After the operation begins, I will help you open the door and guide you to flee. At the same time, two rescue robots will be sent in to meet you. We will act together to take you out of the ruins as quickly as possible. Understand? “

Su Yutan took a deep breath, “I understand!”

A holographic map appeared in Su Yutan's vision.

The layers of rooms, corridors, stairs, and halls were like a labyrinth.

According to the map, she and the little Dove are in the lower middle area of ​​the “maze”, and Sha Jun was in a relatively large independent room below them.

Su Yutan couldn't help asking, “What kind of place is this? The terrain is so complicated!”

She originally thought that she was in the bas.e.m.e.nt of a private house.

“This is the remains of an underground military base hundreds of years ago, and Sha Jun did some repairs, reinforcements and alterations.”

“How do you get such a detailed topographic map? You even know which hole the wall has.”

“It was scanned layer by layer using a newly developed neutrino stratigraphic scanner in our laboratory. Our scanner also uses some new technologies and algorithms. Thus, I can get such a detailed topographic map.”

Su Yutan was convinced. Can a stratigraphic scanner be used?

Stratigraphic scanners are mainly used by geologists and the Disaster Prevention and Reduction Bureau to study the internal structure of the planet.

Through the scanning and a.n.a.lysis of geological fault zones, the Bureau of Disaster Prevention and Reduction can roughly predict the time and magnitude of earthquakes.

Geologists could do more with stratigraphic scanners.

“Why are the roads you marked so complicated and go around?”

“Because only by walking around in this way can we avoid the war robots and security nets laid out by Sha Jun, and I can guarantee that you will be unimpeded along the way.”

Su Yutan, while bathing, seized the time and devoted herself to learning the topographic map.

Although Qiao w.a.n.gchuan would guide her in the formal operation, there was no harm in getting familiar with it. What if his guidance signal gets disturbed?

Then she remembered one more thing and said to Qiao w.a.n.gchuan, “Wanchuan, I want to talk to you alone and don't want others to hear it.”

Qiao w.a.n.gchuan said directly, “Just say it! Now, only I can see you and hear what you say.”

Su Yutan took a deep breath and said quickly, “Sha Jun told me that he is your half-brother and your mother's remains were deposited in the Bodhi Temple on the outskirts of Xinhai. There is a small wooden sign on the neck of little Dove. It may be a storage card."

“Sha Jun also said that the time you were caught by the gangster in Misty Stars, you were able to escape because he put pressure on the gangster behind the scenes…”

She said all the key messages in one go.

As for what to do after knowing these news, it was up to Qiao w.a.n.gchuan himself.

Qiao w.a.n.gchuan stared at her blankly, and he was dumbfounded.

“Chuan, be calm. Little Dove and I are waiting for you to come and rescue us!” Su Yutan looked at him dumbly and wondered if she had said something wrong.

Qiao w.a.n.gchuan said, “I know.”

Then he quickly cut off the communication.

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