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Chapter 2137: the last record book


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It was also like there had been a huge gap in his heart for many years, but this sentence had instantly filled up the gap perfectly.

That kind of shocking and indescribable feeling made him almost unable to bear it for a moment.

There was a numbing and numb feeling in his blood.

Jing luochen held the phone for a long time before he managed to calm down.

But he still didn’t know how to respond.

hence, he hung his head and held his phone for a long time. he typed a line and then deleted it. he typed and deleted it dozens of times, but he still couldn’t send a single sentence.

In the end, he could only sigh and give up.

an xiaowan didn’t get a reply, but she didn’t care. after all, jing luochen was a cold and n.o.ble man in a painting, so it was normal for him not to reply. What’s more, elder Jing had said that Jing luochen had severe autism.

she wasn’t a kind person for no reason, but she really wanted to help jing luochen.

she thought that maybe it was because jing luochen had helped her before and was a good friend of lu bei’s.

After an Xiaowan found an excuse, she threw her phone aside.

But in the following days, whenever she was free, she would send a message to Jing luochen.

She didn’t mention anything about family Jing, nor did she urge him to go home. she had already found out from lu bei that he had moved out of the castle alone and was now living in a villa that lu bei had found for him.

without the servants at his beck and call, he felt that his life had become a lot more chaotic, but he also had more freedom.

the feeling of not having eyes around him was not bad.

time pa.s.sed by quickly.

in the blink of an eye, it was already the seventh day of the appointment between youzi and mr. hua.

There was only one book left.

Youzi’s eyes flickered. She raised her hand and took out the extra thick last notebook.

only three days left.

Youzi was actually a little anxious, but he did not speed up his reading, because every word was like a very nutritious meal, and he could not help but try his best to absorb it slowly.

however, up until now, one could feel that the person who wrote these records was getting more and more desperate.

She had already given up once in the middle of it. She had given up on it for a few months, and then she suddenly started all over again.

She had a new idea, and after many experiments, she finally had some results.

She also decided to experiment on white mice.

pomelo opened the last notebook excitedly. after another day of reading, he had read about one-third of it.

a month had pa.s.sed since the experiment on the white mice.

there were a total of 11 white mice in the experiment, and five of them died quickly due to the dosage issue at the beginning of the experiment. as for the other five, they had actually undergone tremendous changes in the span of a single day!

The white mice that originally only liked to play with gra.s.s and the Wheel of Fortune in the cage actually began to act in other ways!

For example, picking on food and observing the surroundings.

in fact, during the eight days of the experiment, one of the white mice opened its cage and escaped!

Youzi looked at the record book. The excitement and agitation revealed in the slightly trembling handwriting made him feel excited. The last record book was already one-third full.

however, there seemed to be no problem with the experiment.

so, when did the problem occur?

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