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Chapter 413: Druids

After the Green Protectors were watered, the dead wood's vitality was quickly restored and the leaves turned green once again.  This terrifying restorative speed could be seen with the naked eye and a single pool was enough to water four-five hundred Green Protectors.  This quickly solved the problem of the gnomes wasting effort, which Chu Tian accomplished with a wave of his hand!

The branches and leaves became more lush and each leaf was covered with a blood line that could be seen with the naked eye.  It was like a faint vein or some kind of array, allowing these Green Protectors to release a special aura that was stronger than before.

The gnome priests quickly looked over them.

"The G.o.d of the Forest has come!"

"These Green Protectors have had their vitalities increased!

"Each Green Protector's regeneration, resilience, and strength have all be increased by a large amount!"

These puppets had been suppressed by an unknown curse and energy, but now it  was like every cell had obtained a baptism that allowed all of its qualities to soar.  The Green Protectors could last at most a thousand years, but now the gnomes could not estimate the upper limit of their life spans.

"Unbelievable!"  Clark looked at Chu Tian, "The gnome priests last increased the Green Protectors a hundred year ago and could not find any way to upgrade the Green Protectors again.  However, you accomplished this with a small bottle. Can you tell me what it was? As long as we can gather this thing, Green City's strength will certainly increase!"

"Of course I can tell you, but you won't be able to collect it with your ability."  Chu Tian softly said, "This is the essence blood congealed by an ancient G.o.d before its death.  A G.o.d's blood can break curses, so it was able to quickly restore these things."

The gnome and the fox girl was frightened.

What did you say?  Was there a problem with their ears!

Chu Tian shrugged his shoulders as he explained, "These Green Protectors were formed from fragments of an ancient tree, so it should have an ancient G.o.d attribute, so it has a high absorption rate towards Divine Blood, allowing it to change.  This batch of Green Protectors will not only become stronger, they will also no longer fear curses."

Spiritual G.o.ds were existences of legends!

How could Chu Tian even have this kind of thing?

The most important thing was that this precious item was taken out by this human just to save an ordinary puppet?  This was like throwing the most luxurious crystal into the latrine, this was just too G.o.dd.a.m.n extravagant!

Delores' eyes quickly it up, "You have these kinds of divine items on you?"

"This doesn't count for anything."  Chu Tian naturally waved his hand, but he was filled with heartache.  However, he believed in the principle of not feeling regret when doing something, so since he took it out, then that meant he took it out.  He waved his hand and said, "Alright, place the cured Green Protectors near the Necromancer's temple and let them bathe in the sun!"

These restored Green Protectors being placed in front of the Necromancer's temple was not just simply to let them bathe in the sun.

This would be a powerful deterrent to the Necromancers.

First, it would be a huge shock to them that their Necromancer's curse was actually dispelled.

Second, the restored Green Protectors being placed there would also send the Necromancers a message.  That was that Green City already knew their mischief in killing so many Green Protectors.

Third, these Green Protectors would be enough to take care of the Necromancer temple, so not a single Necromancer would think about escaping.  This was a psychological warning for them and also equivalent to taking them hostage, not allowing the troops they built up outside to act rashly!

This deterrent would be enough to make the Necromancers hesitate in acting.

Chu Tian just need to calm the chaos quickly, then he would have time to deal with the Necromancers.

"There is still enough time now."  Chu Tian looked up at the clear sky, "We have time to take care of a final problem.  I want to visit the Druids."

Clark did not think Chu Tian would have this idea, "The Druids will not give you face, they are all unruly fellows."

"Ha, ha, ha, that is not certain."

The Green City area was very large.

To be accurate, Green City was a mountain area.

It would take half a day to fly from one end of Green City to the other end on a flying demon beast.  Just Green City alone was more than five-six times larger than the Southern Summer Imperial City, but while the Southern Summer Imperial City had seven-eight million people, Green City only had around a million people.  Moreover, Green City was a three dimensional structure, being built into the mountain, being completely different from the plane like city of the humans. It was like Green City was one with nature.

If they added in the natural mountain ranges which were walls for Green City, Green City was over two hundred times bigger than the Southern Summer Imperial City and was half the size of the Imperial Region!

This was just a single city.

Green City also had a lush, wide mountain range and a vast lake, where demon beasts and rare Immortal Herbs were hiding.  In short, there was no lack in diversity of living beings or changes in land structures, so this was not a strange thing in this special city.

This was the southeast area of Green City which was covered in lush rainforests.  There was a tall mountain peak with supporting pillars around it, all covered in lush plants.  It was distributed following a pattern that looked like a natural source energy array.

In the depths of the rainforest.

There was a temple covered in moss.

This was the Druid's temple.  The Druids were a free power in the forest, not belonging to any other powers.  The believers of the Druids were very wide spread, having elves and spirit beasts.  It even involved areas outside the Forest of Chaos and there were even some human believers in the Druid Religion.

Chu Tian led Delores and Clark through the rainforest towards the temple.


A loud warning roar came from the rainforest treetops to the side.  There was an especially large wolf there that was using a pair of green eyes to stare at these intruders.  This was a level three Shadow Wolf and was said to be a terrifying a.s.sa.s.sin in the forest, being able to kill any prey silently.

The Shadow Wolf did not attack, as it used its eyes filled with intelligence to look at these people.  From its large and fierce wolf mouth, it said, "The Druids do not welcome outsiders. If you dare take another half step, don't blame the Druids for being impolite."

When it spoke.

There were many Druids that appeared around them.

These Druids had transformed into beast shapes.  There were giant apes, giant bears, and earth dragons, each one being a powerful demon beast.  The most important thing was that they weren't wild beasts, rather they were beasts with intelligence.  A clear mind and the Druid's power, they were much stronger than normal demon beasts.

Perhaps with only an order.

The Druids would immediately rip the intruders to pieces!

Delores and Clark were both vigilant as they felt that the killing intent around them was real.  The Druids were wild people and were completely unruly. They worshiped nature and following one's wishes, so they always acted on their own premise, making it difficult to restrain them with Green City's rules.  Even if they recognized acting City Lord Clark, the Druids would not show mercy.

This group of Druids was very powerful.  Although the Druids were very relaxed, their direct battle strength was above the Shaman Sorcerers and the Necromancers.

Chu Tian calmly said, "I am here to see Prophet Yoda."

The Shadow Wolf jumped out and lit up in midair, strangely turning into human form.  When it fell onto the ground, it turned into a strong wolf clan member. It roared out at Chu Tian with killing intent that filled people with fear.

Delores and Clark revealed vigilant expressions.

When faced with this wolf clan Druid baring his fangs, Chu Tian was still very calm.  This was because he was certain that the person inside the temple would not be unaware of Chu Tian's arrival.

As expected.

A low and deep voice came from inside, "Rarely do guests come to the Druid temple, ask them to come in."

Chu Tian did not even spare a glance at the threatening wolf clan Druid and walked into the Temple of Nature.  Clark and Delores hesitated for a few seconds before they followed behind Chu Tian.

The surrounding several hundred high level Druids turned into human form with depressed expressions, looking very unfriendly.  Are these d.a.m.n fellows worthy of disturbing Lord Prophet?

The Druid Religion pursued nature and simpleness, so there was no decorations inside the Druid temple.  It was a primitive and ancient giant house with a large G.o.ddess statue high up. This was the G.o.ddess of Nature the Druids believed in.  The giant wings were spread to protect a throne in front of the statue and there was a strange person sitting on the throne.

Chu Tian had never seen this race before.

He was only a meter tall and had the green skin of a goblin, but also the pointy ears of an elf, while also looking like a gnome, looking to be a mix of the three races.  He was wearing a simple robe and there was a staff on his crossed legs. He was covered in a layer of mysterious aura.

Could this be the legendary Druid Master Yoda?

[TL Note: It really is f.u.c.king Yoda…..]

Delores had never seen him before and had only heard his names in legends.

Yoda was a Prophet among the Forest of Chaos Druids.  For a person to be monikered a Prophet among the Druids, that was equal to a Bishop, which was much higher than even the High Priest.  No one in Green City had seen Yoda fight before, but it's said that before coming to Green City, Yoda had transformed into a dragon to fight with an ancient beast.

What kind of terrifying being was a dragon?

If these legends were true, the Green City's High Priests added together were not Yoda's match still!

The most powerful point wasn't this.  It's said that the Druid Prophets were different from normal people, having the Spiritual G.o.d's prediction ability.  If there was something big in the forest the Prophet wanted to know, it could not be hidden from them.

This was also the reason why Clark was afraid of the Druids!

The Druids were more low key compared to the others, but the threat they posed to Green City was not below the Shamans or the Necromancers.  Not to mention this was a bunch of unruly fellows, so they wouldn't be safe in the territory of any power.

Prophet Yoda was not an easy to see person.

Clark had only seen Yoda two times in thirty years.

This was also why Clark tried to stop Chu Tian when he learned he wanted to see the Druids, it was because it was a futile effort.  If he disturbed these sensitive Druids, perhaps he would cause unnecessary trouble.

Who would have thought that Yoda would directly accept Chu Tian's request.  This was a hard to believe matter.

Prophet Yoda opened his eyes.  His head was small, but his eyes were large, just like a young creature.  It was not pure and innocent like a young creature, rather Yoda's eyes were very clear, like it was filled with wisdom.

"I am called Chu Tian, I have always admired the fame of the Druid Religion.  I'm lucky enough to see the Druid's Prophet, it really isn't easy." Chu Tian did not avoid Yoda's clear eyes, "But since I'm this fortunate, how about Master Yoda read my fortune?"


When these disrespectful words came out, the surrounding Druids all exploded with rage.

The Prophet had a very high status in the Druid Religion and each Druid took orders from the Prophet.  This weak human was being disrespectful to Prophet Yoda like this, he was simply looking down on the Druids, this could not be forgiven.

Clark and Delores' expressions changed.

They also never thought that Chu Tian would come to the Druid temple and would actually make a request to their Prophet in front of all these Druids.

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