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Brother and I was just coming in when we found Little Treasure waiting by the door.

When Little Treasure saw us, he ran directly to big brother and hugged his leg.

Aaah, so cute! He is like a fluffly, cute koala!!

I asked Little Treasure on what he is doing and what he wants.

Big brother seems to understand what Little Treasure wants. You two, speak clearly, stop this telepathy. Have pity on me, let me hear some gossip, erm, news now...

Ah, Little Treasure must be missing Xiao Xi. When big brother rejected his plea, Little Treasure latched onto my leg. Kyaaaa, my little nephew, you are so adorable~~

I was so overwhelmed, I know I cannot win from this cuteness overload!!!


But I knew even if he plays this cuteness card, there is now way I will win against the great Demon Lord which is his dad. (>_<>

When he heard me say that, he let go of me immediately.

I laughed so hard I have to hold the wall to keep myself standing. This little guy, hahaha, I tried convincing him that when his father marries Xiao Xi he can see her everyday... but he just run out.

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I had to turn to my brother and ask what we should do now. When brother reminded me Little Treasure ate a lot, I got a bit rea.s.sured. Well, hunger strike is out.

But loud sounds came from downstairs. We have to run downstairs to see the racket Little Treasure is doing.

Big Brother was very angry he shouted Lu Jingyu right away. Oh no, my darling nephew, you stepped on the tiger's tail this time! What to do, what to do~

Little Treasure was terrified, he started screaming on top of his lungs and ran around to break more things. I have to run after him to make sure he does not hurt himself (>_<)>

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