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After dumbfounded for a while, an adventurer-like man called out to them.

「What are you doing in a place like this?」

「We are students of the Radius Academy. We came to see Sh.e.l.ly who lives here, but」(Katie)

「The house over there was burnt down about a week ago」

「Eh!? Sh.e.l.ly…… what happened to the family living here!?」(Katie)

「I don't know that much, but the father was an adventurer, so how about asking at the Adventurer's Guild?」

「Thank you! Let's go!」(Katie)

With Katie in the front, the group went to the Adventurer's Guild.
Felice and Albert were carried under Gai's arms.
When entering the guild, the gazes all gathered at them.
Not paying attention to the gazes, they moved to the counter and spoke to the receptionist of their bussiness.

「h.e.l.lo, I am the receptionist, Millie is my name. How may I help you?」(Millie)

「Excuse me, I have something I would like to ask」(Katie)

「Yes, what is the matter?」(Millie)

「We are the students of the Radius Academy, but when we went to visit the house of my junior, it was burnt down. We heard that her father was an adventurer, so we came here thinking that you may know something」(Katie)

「Is that so? Do you know the father's name?」(Millie)

「…… Name? …… Do you know, Monet?」(Katie)

「Eh!? I don't know……」(Monet)

「Won't she know from the name of your junior?」(Gai)

「Her name is Sh.e.l.ly」(Katie)

「Sh.e.l.ly-chan? In that case, she's in the medical room」(Millie)

「Really!? May we go there?」(Katie)

「Yes, I will take you there. It's just, I think it would be better for the children not to go. Silvsan…… Sh.e.l.ly-chan's father has a terrible injury, and the Healer did all their best just to keep him alive. He's being healed even now」(Millie)

「I will go」(Felice)

「Me too」(Albert)

「The two aren't a problem, please take us there」(Miguel)

「I understand. Please, follow me」

Millie guided Felice and the rest to the medical room.
When they entered the room, what they saw was Sh.e.l.ly sitting on the chair in an exhausted state.

「「Sh.e.l.ly!」」(Katie & Monet)

「Eh…… Katie-san, Monet-san…… why are you here everyone?」(Sh.e.l.ly)

「You weren't coming to the academy, so we went to your house out of worry」(Katie)

「We heard that it was burnt down, are you all right, Sh.e.l.ly?」(Monet)

「Yes, the house was on fire when I returned home, so I hurriedly went to get the fireman, but…… Otousan has already……」(Katie)

There was a bed behind a curtain where Sh.e.l.ly was looking.
When everyone was looking there, a woman came out from behind the curtain.
Seeing the woman, Miguel and Nathan raised their voices, while the woman's eyes shined dimly.

「「Ah」」(Miguel & Nathan)

「…… What, it has been a while, boys」

「「Long time no see. Obasama」」(Miguel & Nathan)

「What are you doing here?」

Miguel replied to her question.

「Sh.e.l.ly is my junior. We were worried because she wasn't coming to the academy, so we came. Still, when did you return from your travels?」(Miguel)

「Two weeks ago. It was so hectic I had no time to inform you」

「You are doing the treatment, Obasama?」(Nathan)

「Yeah…… he's in a terrible condition though. I can heal his wounds over time, but his limbs were severed and his eyes crushed, so he won't be able to return to his everyday life」

「Wait a moment! Are you saying it was just a fire?」(Katie)

「Hey, come to think of it, where's the rest of your family, Sh.e.l.ly?」(Monet)

「…… I don't know. I searched, but they were nowhere to be found…… I had the guild search too」

Seeing Sh.e.l.ly desperately try to endure spilling tears while questioned by Katie and Monet, Miguel took action.
When Miguel approached her, he put his hands on her cheeks and lifted her face to make her look into his eyes.

「…… Umm…… Miguel-sama?」(Sh.e.l.ly)

「You look terrible. What about eating? How about sleep?」(Miguel)

「O, Otousan is in a serious condition. My family is missing too……」(Sh.e.l.ly)

「Is your father going to get better if you don't eat? Will you find your family if you don't sleep?」(Miguel)


「What you are doing is futile. If you understand, eat and sleep properly. With your body like that, you won't be able to move when it counts」(Miguel)

「F, futile, you say…… I am just worried about…… O, Otousan and my fami…… worried…… ugh…… waa…… ahh~n!」(Sh.e.l.ly)

Reaching the limit after hearing Miguel's words, Sh.e.l.ly burst into tears.
Miguel separated his hands from Sh.e.l.ly's cheeks and hugged her while gently patting her head.
Sh.e.l.ly continued crying in Miguel's embrace, but her cries turned into a sleeper's breath after a while, so Miguel lifted her up and carried her to a nearby bed.

「Oy, if you have something to say then say it. No need to smirk like that」(Miguel)

「No~ it's just that I did not expect you to do something like that」(Katie)

「But, it's good she cried. Her mind was under a strain」(Monet)

「As expected of Aniue」(Nathan)

「Oniisama, you were cool~」(Felice)

「Niisama is good at making people cry, huh」(Albert)

「So there was such a way too?」(Gai)

「”Oniisama” and “Niisama” what's up with that?」

Each had their impressions of Miguel's actions, but there was a person who was caught by Felice and Albert's way of addressing Miguel.
To answer her questions, Nathan introduced them to each other.

「This reminds me, it's the first time you guys meet, no? You two, this person is Father's elder sister, Charlotte-sama. Obasama, this is Albert and Felice, our younger siblings」(Nathan)

「How do you do, I'm Albert」

「Nice to meet you, I am Felice」

「You weren't there when I went on the trip. Just when did they make you two? Oh well, I'm Charlotte. Address me as you please」(Charlotte)

「Then, I will call you Obasama」(Felice)

「I will do so too. Also, for your information, we are adopted」(Albert)

「Is that so? At any rate, since the two recognize you as a family, you are a family to me as well. If something happens, you can find me at the treatment place in the town」(Charlotte)

「「Yess~!」」(Felice & Albert)

When Charlotte patted the heads of the two who gave a cheerful reply, Miguel spoke to her.

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