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Evan has recognized Gai, but Albert had something on his mind so he inquired.

「Say, was it fine to let Evan decide on his own without consulting Anemos and others?」

「I have contacted them via the communication while you were talking about how stupid I am, so everything is all right」

Albert and Gai couldn't object the words of the grinning Evan and fell into silence.
When the talks regarding Gai ended and the women and children left so that the Dyner House could be dealt with, Evan brought up a certain topic.

「So? How many people in here are able to use warp?」(Evan)

「Tsk…… you have not forgotten about it」(Claude)

「Among us, only Claude, Austin and I can. I will tell you right now, but it's not that we can warp by ourselves, it's the magic tools we have received」(Lewis)

「As I thought! Why was I the only one not informed!」(Evan)

「Grace and I saw Lewis use warp by accident, so it was only a coincidence on my side」(Austin)

「We heard about it from Al」(Miguel)

「Dylan and I heard it from Miguel and Nathan」(Adam)

「Give me one too!」(Evan)

「That's not going to happen. It was given to us as a present for making time to train them even though we were busy at work. Meison, Blake, Angela, Lucas, and Clare declined though」(Lewis)

「Lucas-san and Clare-san told them “You mustn't hand over a national treasure-cla.s.s magic tool so carelessly like that” did they not?」(Nathan)

「We really didn't need it in particular. However, something like this might happen again in the future. If you guys are fine with it, can I get one?」(Lucas)

「I did refuse before, but I might also ask for one now」(Meison)

「Could I request one as well?」(Blake)

「Sure, it's fine! Yes, here you go」(Albert)

Albert took out rings with little, clear gems from his item ring and handed them to the three.

「Right, let's give “that” to Rihito, Feli」

「Yes. I intended to give it to him on his birthday, but it might be better to give it to him now」(Felice)

What Felice retrieved from her item ring was a sword similar to the one they gave to Evan.
Austin inquired in puzzlement.

「This…… to Rihito?」(Austin)

「Yeah. This is a sword made only for Rihito's sake. Except for the magic stone, everything else was made out of my parts」(Albert)

「You made it with your scales?」(Austin)

「You are wrong there, Austin. It's not only the scales」(Meison)

「It's as Meison said. The handle is made with scales, the guard out of my claw, the blade is made out of my fangs」(Albert)

「Wha!? …… I'm thankful, but isn't it too early for Rihito?」(Austin)

「Stop joking~ Of course, we know that. Rihito, try touching it here」(Albert)


Albert gently took the hand of Rihito who didn't understand what's what, and the sword started shining when he placed Rihito's hand on the magic stone that was attached to the end of the handle.
When the light disappeared, the sword vanished.

「The sword vanished!? Albert?」(Austin)

「The sword is currently within Rihito. Everything's fine, it has no influence on his body. Once Rihito grows up, he will be able to take it out by himself. Until then, it will protect him」(Albert)

「Albert…… Thank you」(Austin)

「Thank you very much」(Angela)

Austin and Angela lowered their heads to Albert with gratefulness.

「That sword is not only Rihito's, it will also protect those with the divine protection of Kokuryuu near him」(Albert)

「Is that so? It will apply to Felice as well then」(Austin)

「What are you saying? It's not only Felice」(Gai)

Gai asked Austin who nodded in consent in puzzlement, but Evan and others t.i.tled their heads at his words.

「If it's the divine protection of Kokuryuu, then that's only Felice and Rihito, no?」(Lewis)

「Eh? Do you guys not appraise yourselves? In this room, everyo――guha!」(Gai)

Albert kicked Gai flying before he could spurt out anything.

「Gai!? What are you doing, Al!?」(Felice)

「There was an insect. I had no other intentions」(Albert)

「Y…… you…… hiding your embarra.s.sment has its limits!」(Gai)

Gai drew closer to the nonchalant Albert and both started pointlessly quarreling once again.
In the meanwhile, Lewis warped to get an appraisal tool, and when he confirmed everyone's status upon his return, they all had “Divine Protection of Kokuryuu”.
By the way, Felice had “Divine Protection of the King of Resentment” attached to her status, so the person herself was being watched over twice without her knowledge.
Albert who noticed that only after the appraising was done spoke in a panic.

「Ff, for your information, it appeared there on its own! It's not like I did it intentionally or anything!」

Everyone was delighted by Albert's words.
“On its own” basically means that he unconsciously thought of wanting to protect them, even the person himself didn't notice.
Felice too, looked at Albert happily, but there was something she was really curious about all this time, so she tried asking Gai who was standing next to her.

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