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The one who promptly inquired from Al was Blake who was already used to it.

「Do you have a clue?」

「Adam and others have our convenient magic tool, right? They took it off for the match, but I happened to see Miguel and Nathan putting it back on after」

「I see! So there was still that!」

「Convenient magic tool?」

「We have made tracking magic tools for Adam, Dylan, Miguel, and Nathan. With that, we can tell their whereabouts」

Al took out a transparent plate from his item ring.

「That ring…… no, rather than that, tracking! Can you really do that!?」

「It's fine…… look」

When Ricardo and Blake looked at the plate just as Al said, four red dots flashed on and off on a map.

「That place is…… the abandoned building at the outskirts of the town」

「Where's that?」

「Don't you remember? There was an abandoned building on the way to the forest where you found Gai, right?」

「Ahh…… it was a residence of a fallen n.o.ble or something like that, no? You said the head of the household partic.i.p.ated in the illegal slave trade?」


「Then, I will be going!」

「…… Transfer magic」

Ricardo who saw Al transferring stared dumbfounded, while Blake reported to Lewis.
When Al transferred near the abandoned building, he concealed his figure with『Stealth』and entered inside.

(No barriers or traps. The number of guards…… about twenty, huh)

The guards had not seen Al's figure whatsoever, so he uneventfully arrived at the place of his objective.

(There are eight presences inside. Now then,『Unlock』)

When Al opened the lock and went inside, he found Adam and the other three, Katie, Sh.e.l.ly and another two students with their limbs tied up and a『Slave Collar』around their necks.
Seeing the collars around Miguel and Nathan's necks, Al broke out in anger.
Adam and the rest who noticed that got tense.



「Wait, this feeling……」

「Is that perhaps you, Al?」

(Dammit…… can't be helped)

Thinking it would be bad to make them worry needlessly, Al showed his figure.


「As I thought」

「You have came」

「What, it's you, Al?」

「That startled me」

「Sorry for startling you, keep your voices down」

Slowly approaching Miguel and Nathan, Al's eyes dangerously narrowed as he touched the collars.

「Sorry to let you see us in such bad shape, Al」

「We ended up like this immediately after making our minds to become strong」

「No. I have not thought of something like that. It's just that seeing you like this makes me recall her from that time, I can't just put up with it」

「First of all, will you tell me the details? I will report to Claude and others」

「Eh!? You won't save us right away?」

「That can't be!?」

The two students reacted to Al's words.
Before Al could answer, Katie sighed in disgust.

「Haah~…… you two can't understand? If he rescues us right now, we won't get to know the culprit, alright?」

「Why? If the goons get interrogated-」

「The goons don't matter, even if we find out the culprit through them, we won't have any evidence at hand, it wouldn't be possible to judge the culprit either」

「Then, we have to stay like this until we grasp who the culprit is?」

「Correct. Let's talk in cooperation with Al to quickly find out who the culprit is」


Al didn't know the names of the two students, so they introduced themselves first.
The male student was Rousseau, the female student was Monet.
Putting everyone's story together; While Adam and Dylan who were cleaning up the room, a girl of about 8 years of age entered while crying, so they comforted her intending to make her stop crying, but in the meanwhile, Miguel and Nathan who were in the other room noticed the cries.

「You…… at last」

「To think you would do something like that」

「Haah!? Wait a moment! You are misunderstanding!」

「Ahh~…… it's was a misunderstanding this time」

「Dylan!? What do you mean by “this time”!」

「Jokes aside, what happened?」

「Yo, youu!」

「Ojousan, I am Nathan. Can you tell me your name, please?」

Ignoring the speechless Adam, Nathan tried talking to the girl, but she just continued crying without replying.
While the four were troubled, Katie and Sh.e.l.ly arrived, looking at them with suspicion.

「You guys are horrible for ganking up on a little girl and making her cry」

「「「「It's a misunderstanding!」」」」

「Umm~ is this some kind of a game?」


While the four were simultaneously denying Katie's words, the girl's shoulders trembled as Sh.e.l.ly gazed upon her.

「What do you mean? Sh.e.l.ly」

「I mean, this girl…… she's not really crying, are you?」


Everyone's gazes gathered at the little girl.
Before everyone noticed, the girl already stopped crying.
While the silence permeated in the room, Rousseau and Monet entered.

「Oh, there you are. You are still not done cleaning?」

「The celebration is about to begin」

The moment Adam and others looked at the two, the girl emitted with a strong light, and everyone lost their consciousness the moment they saw it.
Al who was listening to their story pondered with a serious face while Adam and the rest watched him in silence.

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