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Al who was listening to their story pondered with a serious face while Adam and the rest watched him in silence.

「I don’t understand. Why…… why was Sh.e.l.ly the one to notice?」

「That’s what you don’t understand!?」

「I mean, when it comes to observation power, then Nathan is the best, no? And yet, it was Sh.e.l.ly, you know? For Sh.e.l.ly who is unable to doubt people to notice, don’t you find it strange?」

「I have many siblings, three of those are little sisters, so I have gotten used to their frequent crocodile tears」

「Ah~…… I might understand. My little sister does that too. She’s spoiled because she’s the youngest child」

When Monet agreed to Sh.e.l.ly’s words, the others started talking as well.

「I only have an older brother and young brother, so I wouldn’t know」

「Our family is full of men, so I wouldn’t be able to tell at all」

「Grace is that patient, so she rarely cries」

「The only times that child cries, she cries for real after all」

「Feli also cries seldom. She generally puffs out her cheeks and glares when she’s sulking」

「That only looks cute, not scary at all though」

「How envious. When those girls cry, our parents are all like “you are the big sister” and force them onto me. I would like them to notice their crocodile tears already」

「Yeah, true. “Because you are the big sister” often comes out, doesn’t it?」

Sh.e.l.ly and Monet were starting to complain, so Adam and others changed the topic.

「A, anyhow, this is all we remember」

「So far, the only connection to the culprit is that little girl. It’s possible that Adam and Dylan were the targets」

Everyone became quiet with Al’s words.
If the aim weren’t the students of the academy, but the royalty, the implication of the incident would change.

「Were you targeted because you are the princes, or were you targeted because you are the children of the royalty…… if not, it’s possible that it was Miguel and Nathan who were the targets」

Having a bad feeling, Al quickly contacted Claude and Austin the Capital.

{Tousama, Austin, can you hear me?}

{How’s the situation! Did something happen?}

{Is everyone safe!?}

{n.o.body is hurt. I have talked with them and it seems that it was Adam and Dylan who were targeted. But, it’s also possible that Niisamas were the ones who…… it’s likely that they are targeting the royal blood}


{Therefore, I want Tousama to confirm the safety of Grace and other members of the royalty}

{Got it!}

{Austin, is Rihito with Angela?}

{Yeah, they should be home……}

{Quickly go and confirm!}


After giving instructions to the two, Al contacted Blake next.


{Did you understood something?}

{The hostages are safe. I will tell you the full story later. I will be going to the royal palace first}


Ending the communication with Blake, Al shifted his attention to Adam and others.

「Sorry, but I will be right back. Miguel, what happened to your magic tools?」

「Sorry. They were taken away from us when we were out」

「Those are just ordinary jewels to others, so let’s get them back later. For the time being, wait for a while」

Al began working on something in the corner of the room.
A few minutes later, he handed Miguel something from his hand.
The things were pairs of transparent earphones and rings.

「I will give you this. These go to the ears, the right one is for communication, the left one has a recording function. This ring fits to the back of teeth, it grants protection against all abnormal effects」



「I see, it won’t get exposed like this」

「As expected, they wouldn’t check even our ears and mouths」

「You did well coming up with this~」

In comparison to the dumbfounded Katie and others, Miguel, Nathan, Adam, and Dylan accepted them without any questions.

「「Why aren’t you surprised!?」」

「Wait a minute, what’s that supposed to be!? I haven’t seen anything like that before! Did you just make it!?」

「Al-sama, you are not only incredible in fighting, I see. Normally, creating magic tools in that short period of time should be close to impossible」


At Sh.e.l.ly’s words, All made “I did it now!” face, while Miguel and others were all thinking “What is normal again? Getting used to things like this is scary!”.

「I, it was a gift! There’s no way I could make it this fast. Rather than that, there’s no time, so I will untie the ropes. I’m going to tie you up again after you equip it, alright?」

Al unfastened the ropes and tied them again after everyone equipped the magic tools.
For some reason, only Adam’s was tied way too tight.

「Ouchhh!? You did that on purpose, didn’t you!」

「How terrible of you, being this suspicious~ it was just a mistake. Definitely not on purpose」

「That’s even worse!」

「Then, I will come again. Let me know if there’s any movement」

Ignoring the angry Adam, Al transferred out.
Katie and others have no words to speak, Miguel and others decided to speak of the future while soothing Adam.
Al has transferred to the room in the royal palace where Felice and others were, but he only found Samantha and Andria there.
The two called out to him who appeared all of sudden.

「Al!? What’s the matter?」

「Have you found them!?」

「I did, they are not hurt. I have come here because something was on my mind, but where is Feli and Gai?」

「The two went to Grace’s room」


Al hurriedly called Felice via telepathy.

{Feli, can you hear me? Feli! …… Answer me, Felice!!}

Even when he called out loudly, there was no reply from Felice.
Al felt something dark rising from the bottom of his stomach, but he frantically suppressed and decided to see Grace’s room.
After he simply explained the situation, he hurried with Samantha and Andria to Grace’s room, but starting with Evan, Claude, Lewis, and soldiers were standing before Grace’s room.

「Why are you guys here!?」

「What are you doing!」

Evan and Al spoke at the same time, so their movements stopped for a while. Lewis then spoke to Al.

「There is a barrier preventing us from going inside, and the dispelling is taking us time. Why are you here, Al?」

「I talked to Feli via telepathy, but there was no reply! Move aside! I will do it!」

「Everyone, step back!」

Seeing Al’s alarming state, Lewis instructed everyone to step away from the room.
When Al placed his hands on the door and concentrated, a lump of magical power crashed into the door and destroyed the barrier.
Evan and others went inside after Al, but they were at a loss for words at the scene before them.
The room was destroyed and two bloodstained maids were collapsed at the left and right walls.
Gai was sitting in front of a closet he seemed to be guarding, but there was no sight of Felice and Grace.
To confirm what had happened here, Al rushed over to Gai and shook his shoulders.
Looking closely at Gai, his clothes were tattered here and there, there were also places that exposed his bones.

「Gai! What happened!」

「N~……… five more minutes…… guu~……」

「………… Do you want me to put you into eternal sleep?」

「Joking, joking, I was just joking! I am sorry! …… Rather, you are slow! Geez」

Gai opened the closet while complaining.
When Al and others peeked inside the closet, they saw Felice and Grace sleeping peacefully.
While everyone was feeling relieved, Al inquired from Gai.

「So, what happened?」

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