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Parents' Day, the day when parents come to school to observe their child in cla.s.s.

Though it is an event that many in elementary school look forward to with excitement, by middle school is becomes nothing but sheer mortification for the large majority.

Surely there are those going through their rebellious phase who find their parents annoying, and there are those in their adolescence who can't sit still seeing their parents intruding into what they see as their domain.

But with all that said, it's something that is over in a day. So in most cases, it pa.s.ses over without much issue.

…… In most cases, that is.

——How did things become like this.

That line pretty much sums up the current internal state of the summoner apprentice aka Elte-san.

The middle school that Elte-san attends is a completely normal middle school. Well, the moment that an otherworlder began attending was the moment it lost its status as a 'normal' middle school, but let's not think too deeply about that.

That middle school is in absolute chaos at the moment. Mainly because of Elte-san.

"Dude, isn't that guy the Prime Minister?"

"It really is something else to see him in person. He's got this, like, aura around him or something."

The reason why students are whispering furiously to each other despite cla.s.s being in session is because of the Prime Minister aka Adachi-kun. At the back of the cla.s.sroom, he is quietly watching the cla.s.s in session with a smile on his face, fielding the occasion request for handshake and commemoration photo from the other moms.

Those of you who want to tsukkomi about why he's appeared without any SP around, or inquire about whether he has so much free time despite being the Prime Minister, just remember that he is Adachi-kun.

Because he is Adachi-kun, it is absolutely normal for him to stay until the end of cla.s.s, then to go up to the school's rooftop and get picked up by a helicopter that flies him directly to another country.

"Oi, that person's Princess Shiina, right? Her hair really is blue!"

"And she's so cute too!"

"That's Linbel-san over there, right?"

"It's my first time seeing a real elf!"

What has exacerbated the problem even further is the presence of the former princess and dark elf who, for reasons unknown, decided to come observe the cla.s.s together with Adachi-kun.

Whereas Shiinsan is smiling while responding appropriately to those around her, Linbel-san is looking at the cla.s.s in a somewhat impressed manner.

Elte-san is just itching to tsukkomi 'why the h.e.l.l did you guys come too?!' but cla.s.s is in session so she can't tsukkomi.

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