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Chapter 535 Taking Her as His Student

Ding Ning was an ordinary person without ambitions in his bones, and he had never thought about reaching today’s height.

He was not keen on fame and fortune. His biggest wish was to be able to reunite with his parents and relatives one day and then open a small clinic to live the simple life of having a wife, children, and a warm bed.

However, it seemed that everything that happened was G.o.d’s will. The reality forced him to move to the current situation step by step, so that he had to live a life against his original intention.

Anyway, either becoming an excellent martial arts pract.i.tioner or getting the magic charms or even the l.u.s.trous and dazzling Chiyou inheritance was only a supplementary means to success for him, not an aim.

He had never changed his original intention. That was to become a doctor who saved lives and healed the wounded. He liked the sense of fulfillment he got after healing the sick, which could bring the greatest happiness and satisfaction to his heart.

A doctor’s profession was extremely sacred in Ding Ning’s heart, and he did not allow anyone to profane it.

And quacks were those he hated most, so he never allowed himself to train anyone for a quack.

For this reason, he stopped smiling and looked at Wen Rourou carefully with his clear eyes, which seemed to penetrate her true heart.

Wen Rourou stared at his eyes without fear. With a clear conscience, she did not hide anything insincere in her mind. She did want to be a doctor, just like experiencing her first love. She was stirred by it, and then she proceeded without hesitation. In this life, she would never regret it.

After waiting a long time, Ding Ning saw her determination and courage and asked seriously, “You don’t regret it?”

“I don’t!”

“You’ve decided?”

“I’ve decided.”

“Okay, finish this box first, and let me see your sincerity.”

Ding Ning pointed at the beer box on the ground, looking serious.

The others changed their expression when hearing the words. “That is a box of 12 bottles of beer that has not been opened yet!”

Although Wen Rourou was a good drinker, she was still a girl. Just now, she had finished no less than two boxes of beer. If she drank one more box now, she would die, wouldn’t she?

Mosquito looked anxious, ready to say something, but Huzi, who wore a serious complexion, stopped her with his hand, signaling her not to make sounds.

One wanted to take the other as her master, and the other wanted to test the one. No matter how good their relationship with Wen Rourou was, it was not suitable for them to step out to plead for mercy, but Huzi believed that Ding Ning was a man of sense.

Wei Biaobiao watched this scene as he sipped his beer, and he had stopped a few guys who wanted to talk, signaling them not to make trouble and only to watch.

A doctrine could not be pa.s.sed easily. A master was a person who pa.s.sed the doctrine, which means that one must be willing to do as the other required. Was it useful for them to plead for mercy? Even if Ding Ning agreed to be merciful for the sake of not hurting others’ feelings, how could he teach her medical skills carefully? Wei Biaobiao had taken someone as his master, so he naturally knew it very clearly.

Although the procedures for doctors and warriors to take people as their masters were slightly different, they shared the same principle. Ding Ning’s medical skills were exactly as good as those of the TCM masters, or even better than theirs. When these TCM masters took people as their students, they made various appalling requests. Compared with their requests, Ding Ning’s test was kind enough.

“I will drink!”

As soon as the three words came out of her small red lips gently, she opened a bottle of beer with the screwdriver and began to pour it down her mouth.

1 bottle… 3 bottles… 5 bottles… 7 bottles…

Time seemed to have stopped. All the people were silent, watching the stubborn girl pouring beer down her mouth bottle after bottle in the light of the night.

When she finished drinking the 8th bottle, Wen Rourou felt dizzy and had a pain in her stomach because it had swelled up. Her stomach churned, and the beer kept rushing to her throat.

“There are only four bottles left. Hold on, there are only four bottles.” Wen Rourou encouraged herself. She took a deep breath, picked up the 9th bottle, and poured the beer down her mouth.


After one mouthful went down, she could not hold it anymore, so that the beer squirted from her nostrils and mouth. Wen Rourou’s tears welled up in her eyes, and she coughed violently.

Mosquito felt so sorry for her that her tears ran down. Hurriedly, she stepped up to support her, patted her back to ease her suffering, and cried, “Don’t drink it! Don’t take him as your master, okay?”

“No, I must take him as my master. My master said that he would not take me until I had finished the box. I must finish it. Rest a.s.sured. I am okay, and I have not drunk too much.”

Wen Rourou broke free of Mosquito’s hands and reached for the beer, but before she had time to drink, she opened her mouth and hiccupped. Then, she covered her mouth with her hand, hurriedly scuttled to the roadside, squatted, and puked wildly, making a series of irksome sounds.

Red-eyed, Mosquito went to her with a bottle of mineral water and patted her back. When she finished vomiting, Mosquito rinsed her mouth with the water.

After a long time, Wen Rourou regained her strength. As she frowned, she began to drink again.

Ding Ning had been expressionless and did not even look at her, so that Mosquito accused him of being cruel in a crying tone.

These several girls couldn’t bear it and wanted to say something for her, but no one dared to open her mouth when they saw Ding Ning’s face that suggested that anyone should not come closer.

Yagyuu Asamayu did not know what was going on and looked curiously at this one and then that one…

Again, she continued to eat her crayfish. For her, as long as she was with Ding Ning, other things were not important, eh, except for food.

Finally, Wen Rourou finished the last bottle, staggered to Ding Ning, and stood straight. “I finished it.”

“You threw up just now. That can’t be counted as qualified. Drink one more box.”

What Ding Ning said was like a bolt from the blue, making everyone shocked.

Mosquito, who had been restraining her temper, could not restrain it anymore. Regardless of the pull of Huzi, she went to Ding Ning red-eyed and shouted angrily, “Are you out of your mind? What’s so great about you? Can embarra.s.sing a girl show that you are an able man?”

Ding Ning looked up at her lightly, but did not care about her. Instead, he turned to Wen Rourou, “Have you heard what I said?”

“Yes, I have.”

Wen Rourou gritted her teeth and continued to open beer bottles.

Mosquito wanted to fly into a rage, but Huzi covered her mouth and took her away. Mosquito kept hitting Huzi while crying, and the latter allowed her to hit him with a wry smile.


Ye Le weakly wanted to plead for mercy, but when seeing Ding Ning’s cold glare, she flinched and pouted with grievance, thinking that Ding Ning was quite strange and scaring today.

Ye Huan held her hand and shook her head to her, signaling that she should not say anything and Ding Ning must be doing this for a reason.

When she drank the 3rd bottle, Wen Rourou squirted the beer. All others could not bear to watch it anymore, thinking that Ding Ning was too aloof, so they all opened their mouths.

“Ning Brother, do me a favor, and let’s end it.”

“Yeah, Brother Ning, Rourou cannot hold it anymore.”

“Brother Ning, don’t torture her anymore.”

“If she still has to drink it, let me drink it for her.”

“Right, let us drink it for her.”

Facing the begging of everyone, Ding Ning, who had been expressionless, raised his head and looked around coldly, and no one dared to look at his eyes when they fell on them.

“You can drink it for her today, but can you drink it for her for a lifetime? Or let’s put it this way: Can you make any decision for her?”

Everyone was speechless. No one dared to respond to this accusation. It was only either her elders or her lover who could make the decision for her. Although many people pursued her, those who dared to claim to be her boyfriend were not many.

All others helplessly saw that Wen Rourou turned a blind eye to all this. Although she began to be unsteady, she still kept drinking and vomiting stubbornly and repeated the two actions.

Ding Ning looked extremely serious, but his tone was milder, as if he was explaining to everyone or speaking to himself. “The doctrine can’t be pa.s.sed easily. This is a rule pa.s.sed down from the ancestors. It’s not that we can make an exception casually because we are good friends. No matter how well they talk, if they can’t move me, I will never take them as my students, but as long as I take her, it means that she has been approved by me and is my successor, and I will teach her everything I have learned without reservation. Maybe you won’t understand and think I am aloof, but compared with what she can learn in the future, do you still think that the sincerity of drinking two boxes of beer is too much?”

“Not too much. Not to mention drinking two boxes of beer, even drinking two boxes of liquor is not too much. By doing so, Brother Ding wants to test her, teach her the way to respect her master, and also tell her a truth that nothing in the world can be gained without making efforts and anyone who wants to get something has to pay a price.”

Wei Biaobiao suddenly made an explanation for Ding Ning.

Everyone had an expression that they suddenly saw light, and Mosquito stopped whimpering and looked at him thoughtfully.

However, many people still disagreed and pursed their lips secretly, but Wei Biaobiao saw all their expressions and said indifferently, “What do you think of Brother Ding’s medical skills?”

“Brother Ning’s medical skills are very powerful, and my serious kidney deficiency has gone now.”

Lu Tingzhen said with a shameless smile. All of them laughed at once, and Mosquito could not help laughing.

Wei Biaobiao shook his head with a wry smile and then said seriously, “Brother Ding’s medical skills are quite good, but what you guys know is only the tip of the iceberg. I don’t have to say anything anymore, and you will know it later.”

Ding Ning shook his head. Although what Wei Biaobiao said was right, he didn’t hit the nail on the head completely. In fact, Ding Ning had never thought about taking anyone as his student and only wanted Wen Rourou to beat a retreat in the face of difficulties.

Born in a rich family, she was used to the life of a young lady who ate ready-cooked meals without doing anything. In her bones, she had the habit of living like a princess more or less, so how could she bear sufferings or accusations?

Ding Ning thought that this was just her whim or the result of her vanity, enjoying the touch of grat.i.tude from the patient, which was totally different from his understanding of the holy profession of being a doctor. A doctor must have a kind, compa.s.sionate heart, perseverance, and determination.

He would have thought that his unreasonable request would make Wen Rourou fly into a rage, and then he could take the opportunity to reject her request for being his student. Even if they would depart unhappily, it was better than taking an irresponsible student.

But Wen Rourou’s performance was beyond his expectations. At the very least, she had a very good att.i.tude, showing much respect for her master, so he had a feeling that he had set a trap for himself, but he was also inexplicably gratified.

Wen Rourou seemed to be immersed in her own world, ignoring everything around her but the box of beer.

Maybe she got used to vomiting as she vomited. Initially, she looked drunk, but now when she vomited as she drank, she became more and more energetic.

When she finally finished the second box of beer, Wen Rourou stood respectfully and obediently in front of Ding Ning. “I finished drinking, but I vomited again, so do I need to drink one more box?”

Ding Ning glanced at her and saw that she was full of antic.i.p.ation with sparkling eyes. Then, it was hard for him to refuse her, so he poured a cup of tea and put it on the table. “Kneel!”

Mosquito and others changed their expression. “We kneel to heaven, earth, and our parents, but what’s the meaning of asking a girl of a similar age to kneel to you?”

Wen Rourou, who seemed not to know what was going on, stood there stupefied, not knowing what to do.

But Wei Biaobiao laughed and said, “Congratulations, sister!”

Wen Rourou, who was still confused, suddenly had an inspiration, and then she knelt down with a heavy thud quite joyfully, kowtowed three times respectfully, and picked up the teacup with both hands. “Master, please drink tea!”

It was only then that all these people suddenly saw light. “It turns out that this is the tea for acknowledging him as her master! There are five important elements for a person: heaven, earth, sovereign, parents, and master. Although the ‘master’ is put in the last place, she must kowtow to him, but this master-acknowledging ceremony is a little too simple.”

Since what was done could not be undone, Ding Ning took the teacup without feeling guilty and put it on the table after a sip. “Get up!”

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