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Chapter 3 - Looks like the world had gone wrong!

It was after school.

Just as I went out of the cla.s.sroom, eager to go home soon to enjoy the exposed panties ( striped panties version) {Oh yeah…that’s how I like it >.>} event in my H-game,

“Hey, Morii!”

My friend, Shimizu, stopped me in the hallway.

So I turned around at once.

It feels like something’s weird, like something out of place has come into my line of sight.

My cla.s.smate, Shimizu, was certainly not a weird thing.

So then what was it?

“You know, Morii, you especially picking that one with the peeking the little sister at a bath event was brilliant.” {OMG!!!Any lolicon here?}

“Oh? Ah, yeah….”

I was not concerned with Shimizu anymore at the moment.

I was more occupied with the strange feeling I got earlier.

Hmm…. I somewhat felt concerned with the cla.s.s next door. Even though nothing had changed, something felt unnatural.

“That’s not just simple ero, inside is a world full of love and affection between the elder brother and the little sister…..hey, what’s wrong?”


I know! I finally found the reason to my disturbed feeling.

“See that?”

I pointed at the sign hanged on the adjacent cla.s.sroom.

“That! Look at that!”

I pointed to the sign that which should be written with ‘Year 1 Cla.s.s 7’, though no one knows when did it changed into ‘Devil King Room’.

“Huh? Where?”

“That! That one there, the ‘Devil King Room’!”

Whose prank is that, changing that thing up there? Why did the students in that cla.s.sroom didn’t notice at all? Then again, what was this Devil King Room, it made no sense at all.

I think that Shimizu should have realized the weird situation by now. But…

“Devil King Room? What is that?”

“That’s what I have been telling you, the plate on the next cla.s.sroom was changed into ‘Devil King Room’, see that?”

“Hei Morii, there is no cla.s.sroom next-door. What are you talking about?”


Hearing such unexpected answer, I was completely flabbergasted.

The cla.s.sroom next door didn’t exist? What was he talking about?

Even though there’s the possibility of Shimizu playing a prank on me, this time it didn’t look like it.

“Okay, I’ll go back first, next time don’t forget to lend me the ‘Little Sister Naked Ap.r.o.n Events Episode 3’ ‘Kay. Bye now.”

“Ah, wa, wait a minute!”

I hastily called Shimizu, but he had already left with fast and loud footsteps.

What did he mean by there is no cla.s.sroom next-door? If what he said is true, what is this cla.s.sroom with the ‘Devil King room’ plate?

Ah…that’s right.

A little peek to see what’s inside was okay right?

If the students of cla.s.s seven are inside, then Shimizu was mistaken, and this ‘Devil Room’ plate was also just a prank.

That way, all the mysteries would be solved.

While thinking about it, I had already arrived and opened the door of that cla.s.sroom.

And then…


A girl.

There was a girl inside.

This girl, called Mano, whom I got acquainted to yesterday, was inside.

And she’s naked.





Why is she naked in the cla.s.sroom?! Ah, her clothes are halfway up though.

It seemed that she was getting dressed.


Our line of sight met.

She began to tremble badly.

This situation….Wasn’t it not good at all?

What to do now?

What can I say to escape this predicament?!

“Well….I will be waiting under the legendary tree! That’s all!”

I said this kind of incomprehensible sentence and closed the door in a heartbeat. And then I sprinted with all my might.

I don’t think I managed to slip off easily like that though.

No, compared to that…

I saw it.

The white and soft skin! Slim and supple waist! And flat chest as expected! Experiencing this kind of H-game scene felt so wonderful! You also understand it right?!

Yeah, that’s how it should be!

….Then again, where should I go now?

Anyway, I went back to my cla.s.sroom.

“Oh Souta, didn’t you leave for home already?”

Nao, who was still in the cla.s.sroom, asked me quizzically.

“Er…I wonder whether if I should be happy forever or not…”

“Hah? What is it?”

Nao got even more confused, however putting her aside for a while, let’s think about it calmly.

Although I escaped without hesitation, I hadn’t apologized to Mano for seeing her changing her clothes, that’s really not good. I hope she wasn’t angry.

Although I felt a bit nervous, I went back to that cla.s.sroom once again.

If she’s still in the middle of changing her clothes that would be good…no that’s wrong! It would make a lot of problems so I knocked at the door and opened it slowly instead.

“….Excuse me…”

The same as earlier, Mano was inside the cla.s.sroom.


Apparently she had finished changing and now wore black clothes properly. What a pity.

No, it’s not the time to feel sorry.

Mano kept silent and stared at me with eyes full of hatred.

Oh dear, naturally, she was very angry. Her face looked a bit red. Sure enough she was feeling shy.

What a bad situation. I really didn’t have any bad intentions at all.


Mano looked really unhappy.

“Y,yes? What is it?”

“…..Did you see?”

“Yes! I saw it clearly! I was very excited! It was fantastic!”

“Wait a second! That’s nasty! Don’t answer it that bluntly!”

My attempt to cover it with ‘Yesterday I watched the soccer match broadcast you know!’ kind of answer naturally didn’t work.

“I’m really sorry. I really didn’t mean to do that. I didn’t know you were changing clothes.”

“…….Umu… I forgot to lock the door….nothing can be done about it…”

Mano’s expression began to ease up a bit.

Maybe it’s because I apologized to her directly, and since she was also in a confused state, it seemed that Mano was willing to forgive me.

As I exhaled a relieved sigh, I remembered that door plate which read, “Devil King Room” .

“Oh right, that ‘Devil King Room’ on the door plate outside was Mano’s work?”

“Ah, yes. It’s because I want to make this place as my room.”

“Huh? Make this cla.s.sroom your own room?”

“ Mhmm. Isn’t that nice?”

Mano, feeling a bit proud laughed with a ‘hahaha’ sound.

While I was still wondering what the heck was she talking about, I began to observe my surroundings.

I only noticed just now that there were no chairs or desks in the cla.s.sroom.

Instead, there was a bookcase, table and sofa, and even a bed.

What originally was the teaching podium was now a luxurious chair which had Mano sitting on it.

I don’t know how she got all this stuff and where did they come from, but all of these made the place a ‘Devil King Room’?

Also, she remodeled this cla.s.sroom without permission, the teachers would be angry if they know about this.

“Er…You are called Souta, right? There’s something I want to ask to you.”

“Huh? What is it?”

“Well, I think that you came here too soon.”

“Too soon? What do you mean?’

“I think I told you that I’ll wait for you to become stronger, and then after you will come back to me and have a showdown.”


I was absolutely unable to understand what she was saying.

“Ah, that’s right, I forgot!”

“Huh? What is it?”

Mano slowly stood up from her luxurious chair, and crossed her arm with a haughty feeling and said :

“Mwahahaha…! Souta the hero…..! To come so soon to challenge me, Mano the Devil King, such a stupid guy!”

“Huh? You still want to act as the Devil King?”

“Ahhhh, annoying! That’s not it! This is not an act! It’s the normal me! Totally truly me!”

“Huh? Aren’t you a member of the drama club?”

After I finished my sentence, Mano tilted her head, looking at me in surprise.

“Er…that is…surely you’re not…You still don’t believe that I’m a devil king?”

“Huh? Are going to insist ‘I’m a real Devil King!’ again?”

“Ah, yeah. That’s how it is. Well, you can tell it from just looking, right? Here, am I right?”

Mano put both of her hands on her hips, as if to say “How is it? I’m a Devil King”, making an amazing pose.

“….How should I say it…As far as I can see it, I can only regard you as a cute ordinary girl dressed up as a Devil King.”

“Cu…Cute….! W, wrong! Tha, that’s not the case! Annoying!”

Her face was very red and she began to make an ‘awawawa’ fl.u.s.tered kind of sound.

Really cute indeed.

“Then again Mano doesn’t really resemble the Devil King.”

As I said that, Mano’s ‘awawawa’ suddenly stopped.

Huh? What’s wrong?

“You…You would go so far as to say that….? To go so far as saying a Devil King is not like a Devil King…? To go so far as to say the most forbidden thing to the Devil King…?”

“Ah, not allowed to say it?”

Mano looked like she couldn’t decide whether to cry or to get angry.

“WUAAAHHHH……! Th, th, th, that’s it! I’ll show you! If that’s the case, I will show you! The power of the Devil King! After seeing it, you’re not allowed to say I don’t look like a Devil King okay?! Also not allowed to say that I’m a pettan { Actually : have no breast. But PETTAN’s JUSTICE! } okay! Do you hear? Hey, do you hear me?”

Such a sudden outburst! And also there are unnecessary additional words there!

“Wait, wait, please clam down! I didn’t say you’re a pettan { again }!”

“Okay…so be it! I will now enlighten you!” { enlighten ME please!!!!}

“Hu, huh!? You want to show me your b.r.e.a.s.t.s?”

Though it didn’t looked like it would happen, Mano quietly raised up a hand.

And at that time.

Something I was unable to comprehend happened.

A pitch black sphere.

From Mano’s hand something like that suddenly appeared.

The spinning black sphere began to increase in size.

Wha…..What is this….?

“Mwahahaha…..! Have a good taste of the Devil King power….!”

Mano quickly extended her hand. The dark sphere was shot out at an astounding speed.

And then it hit the barbeque set {What the heck???} inside the cla.s.sroom. The sound of explosion filled the room and the wind blew up debris all around.


What was that just now? What was going on? Why was there a barbeque set in the cla.s.sroom? { I wonder too }

No, it’s not about these kinds of issues.

What was that black sphere?

“How’s that, this is the power of the Devil King…! Just now it was a special magic to destroy barbeque sets! Awesome isn’t it! Nevertheless, this type of magic cannot harm humans!”

I was speechless. It indeed looked like magic.

But even if it was.

“…..That….Why did you make such a small scale magic…?” { Or maybe small scale. As in target. Poor BBQ set}

I thought that the Devil King usually used magic to destroy everything. What’s with this magic that destroys specific things?

“Huh? Was it too much to comprehend? Then should I show you another magic, the magic of incineration?”

“You can also use that kind of magic…?”

“Though it’s a specialized magic to incinerate barbeque set.”

“That’s why it is such a small scale magic! And besides, you destroyed the barbeque set just now!”

“Ah! Oh no! I broke it!”

In the end…what is this girl? She said she wanted to show me the power of a Devil King, and she summoned otherworldly magic, it really feels like a real Devil King stuff.

But then again, a Devil King is only imaginary stuff. It’s not supposed to be real.

But now, in front of my very eyes, incredible things had happened, an impossible phenomenon.

“….Mano…you…What are you?”

“I am a Devil King….Why are you still asking even now…”

“No no no no! A Devil King should not exist!”

“Wha…. You have seen the magic with your own eyes but still say things like that…”

“That, that sure was really like magic!”

“Yes that’s the case, so, I’m a Devil King right?”

“Huh? Er…not right, that alone is…”

“My appearances also look like the Devil King right?”

“Mmmm….the clothes do indeed have that kind of sense…”

“See, I’m a Devil King.”

“Er…really…a Devil King…?”

Everything’s so unclear now.

But one thing could be concluded, this girl called Mano was no ordinary girl.

“Ahhhh…That’s good! Finally you understand. Then Souta, go and fight nearby monsters and become stronger little by little. Good luck.”

Mano with a ‘byebye’ smiled and waved at me.

“….monster? What’s a monster?”

“Those are all around right? Well, things like a dragon or a golem.

She meant the monsters like those mobs you found in RPG games.

“That…Those kinds of things don’t exist…”

“Huh? Don’t exist?”

Mano made a, ’What is this guy talking about’ kind of face. Actually, I wanted to make the same expression.

“Er….to say it clearly, this world absolutely doesn’t have that kind of monsters.”

“Absolutely not? So then… this world absolutely doesn’t have that kind of monsters?”

“Hmm, hmm. Absolutely none…. Was it necessary to repeat it perfectly?”

“Huh? So there are no dragons or golems or Ii Naosuke?” { A j.a.p Politician at around bak.u.matsu period if you don’t know who’s this. Ii Naosuke as a demon might have to do with something like n.o.bunaga Oda = evil. Heck if I know. Go google it.}

“Ii Naousuke is not a demon…”

“There’s also no Russian pie, borscht or Russian style sour cream beef? { Pirog, Borscht and Smetana…? Heck I don’t know Russian food.}

“Those are all Russian cuisine…”

Questions marks were floating above Mano’s head.

“That’s weird…. There should be a rebellion of monsters in this world…”

“If this was a fairytale or something, I only know of those kinds of fantasy worlds….”

“Not a fairytale, these kinds of worlds do exist. I intended to go to that kind of world, to be ruling as the Devil King there, but ….”

Mano muttered in a soft voice.

“Then, what is going on?”

Although it’s very hard to believe, the so called ‘different worlds’ do exist.” { Yuuko? x.x.xHolic? Tsubasa Chronicle?}

And then ‘To be ruling as the Devil King’ meant….

“Could it be…Mano is planning to conquer this world?”

“I’m not going to conquer this world. It’s only something the real Devil King can do.”

“….Huh? Mano isn’t a real Devil King?”

“I’m ‘Devil King-like’. The ‘like’ is a very huge difference.”

“Devil King-like….”

Say, the first time I met Mano, she did called herself, “Devil King-like.”

“I want to do something like a Devil King would do in this world, leaving a legend of the Devil King and the Hero.”


“Yeah, it’s a common story right? The tale of the hero who tried to overthrow the Devil King who rules the world.”


“The arc demons in the magic world like these kinds of stories.”

“…..The arc demons are kinda strange huh.”

The arc demons surely were the ultimate leaders and they like the story of the Devil Kings being overthrown? {Either Mano’s mistaken or the arc demons are crazy or my TL’s wrong, pick one please. }

“ ’The Devil King is a horrible and formidable existence’ that kind of legends are commonly found, why is it? Because it’s cool.”

“That’s right…”

“But then I began to want to leave behind ‘A Devil King is actually a good person’ kind of legend. ‘Also, she’s cute and beautiful’ and so on.”

“I think these kinds of legends are uncommon….”

Then Mano said, “ So that’s how it is…” she looked a bit down.

Anyhow, she didn’t really resemble a Devil King.

“But nowadays there are almost no legends left. There is a serious shortage of the Devil King numbers.”

“Well, since the Devil Kings are overthrown, the numbers will of course be reduced…”

“Thus the worried arc demons finally came up with an idea. It was to send the Devil King-like to worlds like this, to make an act like the Devil King, making a new legend.”

“….an act? In other words, just for show?”

“Yes yes yes. Not conquering the world for real, but just an act. This of course, needs the hero role, so the devil king-like on the world must go and find a person and appoint him to the role, making him act as the hero.”

“Hm, certainly without the hero, it won’t do.”

“Right? My mission is to find that person resembling the hero to play the act of defeating the devil king, preparing the Devil King castle and magical things and so on.”

Devil King’s castle….wait a sec, this cla.s.sroom is the Devil King’s room, so that means---

“….It’s unlikely, but…is this school Mano’s Devil King Castle…?”

“Ah, yeah. I’ll set this place to be my Devil King’s castle.”

Making a school the Devil King’s castle… Not even a glimpse of the so called Devil King! And also just hanging the sign of it on the cla.s.sroom’s door plate, it resembles a part of the campus so well.

“ Wa, wait a sec! This kind of thing, won’t it affect the students!?”

“It’s okay. I already expanded my area, those in the school will completely obey my order.”

“Completely under the Devil King domination!”

This Devil King simply muttered such dreadful fact casually.

“Just now, I issued the command of,’ no one will realize there’s this Devil King room here.’”

Mano smiled to calm me down.

So the reason that my cla.s.smate, Shimizu, didn’t realize there’s this Devil King room here was that.

“….Huh? Then how come I can find this Devil King room here?”

“It’s because my spell has no effect on the hero.”

“Huh….what do you mean by that?”

“Well, Souta is the hero.”

Ah….So that’s why. Because I’m the hero, the spell had no effect on me huh?


“Awawawa!? I told you that yesterday right!?”

It looked like Mano was startled. No no no, the one who’s startled should be me!

“That can’t be! Why am I set to be the hero!”

“Ah, that’s because of what happened yesterday. Well, the Devil King and the Hero had a serious talk right?” { or dialogue or something }

“A serious talk…? Ahh, that miserable act huh?”

“Wait a minute! It’s not miserable! Didn’t Souta also feel it? Like you are the hero, with the mood like, ‘Ok, I’m going to go’ right? Like a hero who believes he’s truly the chosen hero to defeat the Devil King.”

To be honest, those dialogues actually make people feel that it was lame and sloppy.

“Well, that Hero, what’s he supposed to do generally?”

“Um…For example, going on an adventure, helping people, entering dungeons, searching treasures, overthrow the demons. By doing it, the hero will grow stronger, and ultimately defeat me, the Devil King.”

“Huh…overthrow …!”

Won’t that mean I have to kill Mano?

“Ah, even though it’s said as overthrow, me feigning to be defeated and knocked down quickly is enough. That’s the final task of the Devil King.”

“That way it is good enough!?”

It made all of this sound like a farce.

“After that the hero says to the people, ‘The battle with the Devil King was extremely hard’. That way the people will remember this tale and record it in history, successfully making it a legend, then I can go back to the arc devil, and declare my mission as accomplished.”

Mano finished her explanation, ending it with ‘so that’s the way it is, I am sorry to have bothered you---‘ { can someone reword this?? It’s like ‘sorry to bother you’ kind of feel. }

In other words, she wants me to act like the hero in an RPG game? I feel like all of this whole drama was just a bad farce ….

“….then again, all of this is for the Devil King, so won’t the Hero felt reluctant? I don’t think the Hero would like to help, doing such things.”

“Ah, not true, this kind of secret will be kept away from the Hero.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes, asking the Hero to cooperate with the Devil King to fake overthrowing the Devil King simply won’t do. It won’t be able to leave behind a true legend if something like that was to be done.” { I think I need to retranslate this sentence somehow. }

So that’s how it is. The Hero never knows that he’s actually being used by the Devil King?


“So, Mano…”

“Um? What is it?”

“You just told me the ‘Hero’s secret’ story to me.”

Mano suddenly froze in place.

“AWAWAWA! I really did say it !”

She got extremely fl.u.s.tered. This girl, she really didn’t realize it? { Or maybe just use the term ‘airhead’ ? }

“And you told me so much about it.”

“ S,S, Souta the hero… You’re such an idiot! All I said were total lies….! You got tricked uehehehe… Wrong, I mean, mwahahaha…!”

Mano began to act like the Devil King.

It seemed that she was trying to cover up her mistakes. Seeing it, I couldn’t help but pity her.

“….I think that everything you’ve done up until now were useless. Those kind of lies just now too.”

“Awawawawa! Over! It’s all over now!”

The disheartened Mano went down kneeling on all fours, her head lowered, frustrated.

Although I’m not really clear of it, I think it’s now ‘over’.

Disturbed by the fact that I was named the hero, I want it to be cut off at once. Also, for her to quickly return this world to the original state.

“Er, so can you cancel the mission now? There are no monsters here anyways.”



Mano stood up unsteadily.

“After setting the Hero, as matters stand, it’s impossible to cancel the mission.”

“I, is that so…?”

“Furthermore, when I was in the Demon World { Or underworld or demon world, which do u prefer?}, they said that ‘Mano will surely fail her task in a moment, she’ll come back soon’!”

“….You sure were looking forward for this.”

It looked like that even in the Devil World Mano was regarded as an airhead.

“Then..then… All the research I’ve done before coming to this world would be in vain! I haven’t even gone to the Saitama’s sea {or beach} for a survey!” {I don’t get it either}

“If you did a research, why didn’t you check that this world has no monsters! Monsters only exist in game or animation!”

“Th, there might be a place somewhere with them! So Souta, go on an adventure to find them like a hero!”

Even if she’s so stubborn…

“That is…impossible.”

“Awawawa!? Wh, why is that?”

“Since there are no monsters in this world, it’s not possible for me to do those ‘Hero’s Quest’ right? Even if such a story were to be spread, no one would believe it. And again, using the cla.s.sroom as the focus point, the Devil King’s room, the atmosphere feels completely wrong.”

“Oh wow!? How, how is…. how to …But in the end Souta managed to do things like a hero huh…”

Huh? What?

She began to mutter incomprehensible things.

“….Er…You said I managed to do what a Hero does, what is it?”

“Huh? Well, just look at your right arm for a sec.”

Although I was confused, I looked at my right hand.

“Th…This is!”

On the back of my right hand, something like a crest could be seen.

What is this! When did this come out!

“Well, that crest is the proof that ‘setting’ you up as the Hero succeeded. Whenever it shows up, Souta will have the hero’s essence.” { Or like having the mind / behavior of hero. But it translates literally as essence.}

“He, hero’s essence? What is that?”

It seemed like something she had mentioned before.

“So you see, making a non-hero like someone to be a hero is weird right? So, this Hero’s Essence will forcefully make him act like a hero.”

“What the heck is that! It’s called meddling with other people’s mind! Don’t do that!”

“Huh? But once it appears, it will continue like that….”

“Then make it disappear! Hurry up!”

“The rule is, a hero like Souta must become stronger and has to defeat me, and then the crest will disappear by itself.”

“Make it an exception this time for my favor!”

“It’s a bit….the rule states it clearly.”

d.a.m.n. This airheaded Devil, does she have to be so strictly following the rule? She has no intention to help me at all.

Anyway, I have to find a way to deal with this crest.

No, wait a sec.

Even if she told me that I would do hero like things, I saw nothing weird today….


Wait, there were! There were some weird things!

Earlier today, with no reason at all, I checked inside other people’s shoe lockers.

And then I also checked Nao’s school bag.

It….It wouldn’t be.

“Hey, Souta? What’s wrong?”

I ignored Mano for now, and slowly approach the wardrobe in the corner of the Devil King’s Room.

“Th, this is…?!”

The feeling of want to investigate! Even though I don’t know why, but I really want to check the wardrobe in front of my eyes! Precisely this one!

Even at other’ people’s place I can have the urge to check out the wardrobes like this!

This must be the Hero’s Essence!

Although it’s not really hard to control, I can’t restrain it a bit!

“Th, this is….!?”

I reached for the drawer, and opened it up quickly.

“WOW! Panties! So many of them!”

White, pink, and beige! There’s also black! As expected of the Devil!

DING DING! Souta acquired the colorful panties!

“Whwhwhwhwhatttttt!! WAIT A SEC! Why did you open my wardrobe!”

Mano’s face was red and began to snarl with a ‘wuwuwu’ sound, and she also began to make that black spherical thing from before.

“Ah-ah! Th, that’s not what it looks like! It’s all because of the Hero’s Essence!”

I quickly closed the wardrobe and moved away from Mano.

“…….mumumu…..Is that true….”

“Ye, yes it is!”

Although Mano casted a suspicious glare, but then muttering ‘this guy—‘, she canceled her magic.

Fuuuh…. That was dangerous. Because of a bunch of panties I almost turned into pieces.

“…..forget it. At least now you know that the Hero’s Essence can’t be restrained, right?”

“I understand the horrors of it….but somehow the impulse is all gone now….”

Certainly up until a while ago I was really eager to check out the drawer, but now not anymore.

“Ah, that’s because the impulse caused by the Hero’s Essence will cease when it’s satisfied, that’s how it is.”

“So that’s how it is…”

In other words, just now was the impulse to check out other people’s belongings.

Though why did it become satisfied with panties?

“That being said, now Souta knows what to do to become a hero and the purpose, work and strive to be stronger.”

“No, such a thing, I will not do it. And I will not be the Hero either.”

“Huh--… but the one appointed as the Hero, haa to do hero-like things….” {she doesn’t say heroic}

“Even if you said ‘have to’, I have no intention to do so!”

Mano is truly vexing, but I don’t care. From the beginning, she has been talking from her own side, obviously I don’t want to be the Hero.

“Despite of what you say, the Hero Essence will finally make you do Hero like things you know?”

“What Hero Essence! I got plenty of H-Games Essesnce!”

“What is that!? It feels so weird!?”

It looked like Mano’s a bit concerned, but I don’t care.

I will certainly not start to be the Hero.

What I want is to do more H-games like things.

“Basically making someone they met just for a short time a hero is very weird! Think about it a bit!”

“That’s because….I thought the timing was right…”

“And again, Mano hasn’t investigated this world enough, right?! In this world there is no such thing as a hero! You airheaded Devil!”

“Awawawa!? A, airheaded Devil!? How is that….so cruel…!”

“Even more, Mano just now said about rules here and rules there but ended up telling me the secret right! Obviously breaking the rules right! You’re a confused ghost!”

“I have become a simple confused ghost!? Go, good or bad I’m still a Devil King! U….Uwaaaaaaaa! Stupid Souta!!”

Mano immediately started crying and ran out of the Devil King’s room, weeping.

Hhhhh. Even though it was a little bit harsh, but it was okay this way.

It was to make Mano forget her intention to make me the hero.

I nodded to myself, all alone in the Devil King’s room.

Well then—this crest….What to do now?


Pay attention to these! Mano notes ②

Articles about Mano in the Demon Realm ( Or something like it!)

Using fire magic to warm oneself up but burned the clothes, pay attention!

Mano : Cape catches fire easily!

Careless when using the cursed chopsticks and unable to let go of it, pay attention!

Mano : There’s also the convenient ‘ Eat anytime ’ !

Intending to give herb to monster, but careless and gave green pepper instead, pay attention!

Mano : Rubbing salt on the wound….

Careless and drank holy water, pay attention!

Mano : But it’s surprisingly tasty huh.

Tripped on her own clothes, dropped and broke the {ancient idol?}, pay attention!

Mano : To be so easily broken, it’s so weird…

Souta : The creatures at the demon realm must be very happy now…. {Mano…..}

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