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When soiled, clean with gasoline and cornmeal. To restore the gloss, rub the hat with a very fine piece of sandpaper which has been tacked over a small block of wood. Rub with the nap. To complete the process, remove the sandpaper and subst.i.tute a piece of velvet. Rub this on a hot iron, then on beeswax. Continue the operation of rubbing the hat with the nap until it is restored to its original freshness. The crown must be packed with cloth before rubbing to keep it solid enough to do satisfactory work. If the brim of a felt or beaver hat needs cutting down at the edge, mark with a piece of chalk where the brim is to be cut. Sew on this line with an unthreaded sewing machine several times, and the felt will be cut through and the edge broken off at this point. This looks much better than when cut with shears or with a knife.


To freshen velvet and raise the pile, brush well to remove the dust.

With the wrong side down, hold it over the spout of a tea-kettle of rapidly boiling water. An a.s.sistant is needed to brush it lightly as it is pa.s.sed back and forth over the steam. The great force of the steam will raise the pile much more quickly than the method of using a damp cloth over a hot iron. If the velvet after steaming is found to be still too imperfect or faded to be used on the hat plain, it may be gathered a half inch apart or more and used either on the crown or the brim, or it may be mirrored by ironing on the right side with a hot iron, always ironing lightly one way, using a sweeping motion. Do not let the iron rest for a second on the material or it will leave a mark.


Brush the crepe with a fine brush to remove the dust. Clean in gasoline if necessary. Crepe may be made to look like new if pinned down smoothly and evenly on a padded surface, a damp cloth placed over it, then a hot iron pa.s.sed over it without touching it, but near enough so that a slight amount of steam will dampen the crepe. Remove the cloth and allow the crepe to dry in place. Crepe becomes shabby-looking quickly if not given the best of care.


To clean, immerse the feather in gasoline to which has been added a few spoonfuls of cornmeal. Draw the feather through the hands several times until it is clean; rinse in clear gasoline and shake in the fresh air till dry. A very light-colored or white feather may be tinted by dissolving some oil paint in the gasoline used for rinsing.

To curl, draw the flues, a very few at a time, over a blunt knife. A plume is rather difficult to sew on a hat and produce the desired effect. The end of the quill may be sewed very firmly to the hat, while the tip of the plume should not be sewed close to the hat, otherwise it will look stiff.


If soiled, they may be cleaned in gasoline or soap and water, using a brush. Do not rub or wring. Hang up to drip dry, or wind tightly around a bottle and leave to dry. Do not press until after twenty-four hours, if cleaned in gasoline. To produce extra stiffness, rinse in a weak solution of sugar and water. It is also very easy to change the color of ribbons by using any of the commercial cold dyes.


If flowers are faded, they may be touched up with water-color. If they are pink, rouge may be used effectively. If the edges are much frayed, trim them slightly with the shears. Green leaves may be dipped in hot paraffine to restore their gloss, or pressed with a warm iron without paraffine. Even very imperfect flowers may be made to look well if veiled with maline or georgette.


Quills are sometimes improved by pa.s.sing them between the thumb and finger on which a small amount of vaseline or oil has been placed. A quill may be curved by holding it over the spout of a tea-kettle of rapidly boiling water. Place a dull knife on the underside and press the quill hard enough to make a sharp dent. Do this every half inch. If the quill is sufficiently steamed this may be accomplished easily, and the result is permanent.


Loose feathers should be glued in place and the wing covered with maline or a hair net of the same color. Wings may be covered with a coat of sh.e.l.lac which stiffens them and gives them a very glossy look.


Most laces may be washed in warm, soapy water. Press gently in the hands--do not rub. Press the water out after having rinsed the lace well in warm water. Shake gently and pin down smoothly on a sheet, being careful to stretch and pin each scallop in place. Allow it to dry. If necessary press slightly with a warm iron on the wrong side. Some laces are greatly improved by pressing.


Malines may be used to good advantage, even if parts are badly worn and faded. Place a thin, damp cloth over them and press with a warm iron.

Allow to dry thoroughly before removing from the ironing-board.

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