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your note. What did you mean, then, about not being able to live the lie anylonger? I thought you meant the lie that was our marriage."She touched his lips with her own."I meant the lie that I didn't care when I did. For a while after we got back from the islands, I thought we might make it. And then. . then it seemed to start falling apart. You went to Montreal, I went to the Hamptons,and things began slipping away. You got more distant. And Stephanos told meabout Eleni."

"What about her?"

"Just that everyone thought she would have been a good wife for you, exceptyou were married to me.""d.a.m.n Stephanos," Damon muttered."It wasn't his fault. He was right.""No one is a better wife for me than you," Damon said fiercely."You're everything I ever wanted in a wife.""And you didn't even know it when you married me," Kate teased gently.He smiled."I didn't know you when I married you. But it didn't take long. You got under my skin. You became a part of me. I love you, Kate. When you left I

thought I'd die."

"I almost did," Kate said, and it wasn't a lie. The essence of her being was so tied to Damon that she'd barely been able to survive without him.


"I found your calendar the one where you were marking off the days. .

"Kate nodded shakily.

"At first it was because I just wanted to get through them, like a kid

waiting for summer vacation. And then she ducked her head then I didn't want it to end." She buried her head against the strong wall of his chest."I love you, Damon," she murmured.She felt his lips touching her hair, her ear, her cheek."I love you, too," he whispered and found her lips with his."Thank G.o.d for Stephanos," she murmured after a long, long moment.Damon rested his forehead against the top of her head."I guess we do owe him, don't we?" he said a little grimly."Yes. You ought to give him a holiday."Damon shook his head."On the contrary, I think the way to repay him is to give him more work.

He's carried the whole business for the past week and a half and right now

he's off closing the deal with Belliard. I think I'll have to make him CEO

after all."

She looked up at him.

"But what about you? Won't you miss it?"

"I won't have time to miss it. The company presidency is a bit more than a

figurehead t.i.tle." He grinned at her, then gave her a wink."Besides, I have other plans."Kate c.o.c.ked her head, smiling at him, loving him with all her heart."Oh, yes? Such as?"He drew her against him and touched his lips to hers."Such as showing you over and over and over again how happy I am that you're my wife."


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