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New Journey

"Congratulation, you've ranked up to D rank. We are expecting your other great achievements from now on."

Several days have pa.s.sed since our fight against Shinigami, and now we've ranked up to D rank.

I'm happy that with this we're now capable of taking subjugation request, but….

"How about this komyoni one?"

"Well, I think its strength should be around mid D-rank."

"That isn't nearly powerful enough. I want to fight against a more powerful opponent."

"For D rank request, having to subjugate D rank demonic beast should be a matter of course, isn't it?"

We can take subjugation request, but D rank demonic beast won't even enough as warming up.

Normally I'd gladly take on any demonic beast, but after fighting against Brokkina and Shinigami, seems like my opponent standard had increased without I noticed it.

To put it simply, D rank demonic beast is too boring. What I crave is a fight that can make my blood to boil and my flesh to dance.

Understanding that half-a.s.sed training won't make me any stronger, I'm kind of frustrated because of it.

"Will there be any Brokkina appearing around, I wonder?"

"If such monster does just pops around here that easily, this town would disappear in an instant, you know?"

"I'm here, so there's no problem. Or rather, just bring it on."

Firia makes a sigh while putting her hand on her waist.

All adventurers inside the guild who see her doing so are also similarly sighing.

Perhaps they're fascinated by her. But I do understand them, though.

With her hand on her waist, her distressed expression is indeed charming.

"If only her personality is slightly more decent."

"I can hear you."

Without I noticed it Firia is angry. However, seems like she isn't seriously angry, though.

It's been several weeks since I first met her, as expected after together for this long, I can pretty much tell it apart.

And then, I suddenly remember something.

"Say, Firia."

"What is it?"

"Do shoot magic at me again."

When I say so, Firia fl.u.s.teredly blocks my mouth with her hands. And then she looks around restlessly.

'What is it?' or so I ask her with my eyes.

"I'd done it once for you, didn't I? I'm not doing it again."

"Fai? I's fun, wa.s.sit? (Why? It was fun, wasn't it?)"

A few days ago, I had her to shoot magic at me. It became quite a good training.

Perhaps her ability is slightly inferior to that of A rank.

From fire to wind element, all of her magic was pretty powerful, I rarely saw such powerful magic. Moreover, seems like she still hadn't put her best in those attacks.

She said "It's really dangerous, so I won't use it", but upon hearing that, it's obviously human nature to get curious about it instead.

By the way, during that training when I got in high tension and said "More… shoot it more!", Firia suddenly stopped shooting me magic and dampened my tension. I was very sad.

Pretty please, I really hope she'd shoot magic on me again including her reserved ones.

"It wasn't fun at all! Yuri-san, because of you there's a strange rumor blowing, you know? 'That beautiful elf is a pervert who find happiness in shooting magic at her companion, you know?', they say."

"Are you not?"

"I'm not! Anyway, I'm absolutely not doing that again, you hear?"

If she's that unwilling then it can't be helped, today we should just take a D rank request.

"Argh, boring!"

I shout so from the bottom of my heart.

We've been taking D rank request for around ten days straight.

Simultaneously with money, my frustration is also pilling up.

"From what I heard, excluding forest of death, the areas around Astat vicinity are considerably safe. And it appears that Brokkina also appears only once in several years."

Hearing her words, I'm shocked.

This is the first time I hear that. Did she hear that when we acted separately, I wonder?

"What!? Such important information, why did you not tell me about it before?! These several days, I've been impatiently waiting for Brokkina to appear, you know?"

"If I told you that, I'm sure you'd say 'This town is boring. Let's go to another town', wouldn't you? However, seems like you're about at your limit already, so I decided to tell you about it."

When she's saying so, I can hear voice becomes slightly strange. Is she imitating my way of speaking, I wonder?

It's not similar at all… oops, such a thing is not matter at all at the moment.

"We're leaving this town, Firia."

"…*sigh*. Very well, I'll accompany you."

"Are you sure? Honestly speaking, I was sure you'd object the idea, you know?"

"Even if I did, it'd be in vain anyway. Moreover, I'd decided to accompany you in your journey, after all."

Now that we've decided on it, the rest is just a simple matter.

After looking for information about any seemingly interesting town, we got several candidates, and among it, we decided to move to a town named Mussenmorges.

Before that, we decided to say farewell to Sharon and her pet, Kurosuke, whose request we took before.

Despite only ever meeting her once, perhaps because she'd taken a liking to Firia, Sharon was bawling.

She didn't even spare a glance at me, though. But well, perhaps that's the effect of appearance.

When we happened to meet babandongas, we told him that we were about to leave the town.

He said 'Just like you, I'm also an adventurer. I'm sure we'll meet again in the future'. I see, he indeed had a point.

Despite having such ridiculous hairstyle, quite a good word he said.

"I believe it's about time we depart but, what are we going to ride?"

Firia asks me so.

Perhaps because I skipped the story too much, Firia knows nothing but we're going to Mussenmorgen town.

I scoop up the asking Firia, and then put her, on her abdomen, on my shoulder.

"…umm, what are you doing?"

From atop my shoulder, Firia dubiously asks me such.

"What are we going to ride, you ask? Then, let me answer your question. You're going to ride me."

"Mussenmorgen town is around a hundred kilometers to the west from here. If I run, we should be there in several hours."

Hearing that, Firia squirms atop my shoulder to change her posture and then turns at me.

"…eh? Don't tell me, we're running there?"

"Of course. That way is faster, isn't it?"

'He is insane' or so Firia murmurs atop my shoulder. And with that, we depart to Mussenmorges.

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