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Magi Craft Meister 396 Part 1 - A reunion and Elsa's debut

“Ahh! This level of detail is amazing!”

Everyone who received a medal expressed their surprise at their precise craftsmanship.

The medals were 2 centimeters in diameter, about the same size of a 1 Yen coin.

Their margins had subtle patterns engraved into them. This level of detail was something unlikely to be able to achieve with human hands.

Those who didn't know much about Magi Craft were impressed by the mini golems' manufacturing power.

Those who had some knowledge of Magi Craft were marveled by the skill that it would take to make golems of such a small size.

And those who had a good grasp about Magi Craft were awestruck at their practical uses.

After Reiko got back up on stage with the Mini-Smiths, Jin made another announcement.

“That concludes my demonstration for today, but tomorrow I'll show you something at the Main Plaza that will defy your conventional knowledge. Thank you very much for your time.”

Jin bowed down at the audience and stepped down from the stage.

The audience had various impressions of Jin's presentation.

“Just who is that young man?”

“I don't know. They did say he was some Honorary Magi Craftsman from Egelia Kingdom. You don't think he has something to do with that uproar at the Golem Party?”

“But did you see those tiny golems? Being able to produce those would mean having the world's leading processing technology!”

“Certainly. Look at the level of detail of these medals! Just imagine how much these would be worth if they were made of gold instead of bra.s.s!”

Everyone was surprised and in an uproar after seeing that kind of technology for the first time.

“Hoho, you never cease to impress, Jin. It was really worth it to have invited you to our country. And I'm really looking forward to what you may have in store for us tomorrow.”

“Yeah, I've only been watching since Her Highness was so immersed in his presentation, but it was indeed impressive!”

The people who had only heard a bit about Jin were simply astounded.

“Who would've thought he had those mini golems up his sleeve? That Jin… They may not look like much at first, but the possibilities are endless! I'm sure other people understand this much, too.”

“Regardless of whatever Jin could have brought with him today, I knew it would be beyond our expectations.”

And those who knew Jin well could not suppress their surprise.

Someone ran up to Jin as soon as he came down from the stage.


It was a blond young boy with blue eyes, a bit shorter than Jin. Behind him were a female bronze-colored golem and a woman dressed up as a maid. And standing right next to him was a lady whose Jin recognized instantly.

“Your Highness! And…”

The young boy was Ernest, the third prince of Egelia Kingdom. The golem was Lotte, naturally, and the other woman was Layla Sorius from the Royal Secret Maid corps who had been appointed to the prince.

“Long time no see, Jin.”

Finally, the lady who Jin had easily recognized was Lieschen, the Princess of the Klein Kingdom.

“Long time no see. How have you been?”

Jin felt that the princess wouldn't ask that herself, so he asked first.

“…I'm doing fine. Just a bit tired, but I'm pulling through.”

“Ah, Jin, it's just that Lies has been put under a forced march in order to bring her back to the Shouro Empire.”

'I see', Jin thought. The Egelia Kingdom may be far away from where they were now, but coming here all the way from the Klein Kingdom, which was even farther away, must have been quite tiresome. Both for her and her attendants.

“Glad to see you're well, Jin…”

Even Jessica Norton, Captain of Princess Lieschen's Imperial Guard, was not looking as energetic as usual.

Seeing that, Jin thought about sending some provisions to them later, but then realized that sending provisions to such an important person from another country would be quite troublesome.

“I was to have a formal meeting with Lies, but I wanted to come see this expo as well. Then Lies told me that she wanted to see me too, so we thought about coming here together.”

The Celuroa Kingdom stands between Egelia and Klein. So they arranged to meet in Tellurus, a city close to the Celuroa metropolis of Essaia, and headed towards the Shouro Empire in order to attend the Technology Expo together.

Perhaps they were being a bit selfish in taking such liberties and coming here, both of them being so close to inherit their respective countries' thrones.

“But you're okay, right, Your Highness?”

“Yeah, we came here on that carriage that you made for us Jin, so it was still a pretty fun trip.”


A horse-drawn carriage furnished with a Golem Suspension does have a different feeling of comfort when riding it. Without it, the level of burden one would feel while in a forced march would be in a completely different league.

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