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A Group of maids with colorful garb stood outside the courtyard of the Fifth miss that was suddenly transformed overnight. They had festive bells and chimes decorated on the beautiful parcels they carried to block the hot sun. Each of them had beads of sweat on their faces but they didn't dare to wipe the sweat from their brow, because a monster maid greeted them at the entrance by the name of Gutless. The mortal maids can only hold a smile in hopes the honored guest would listen to their message. However, they never got permission to speak. Gutless didn't bother looking at their miserable states, and only faced the direction of the end of the estate where the surrounding woods was. But what left the maids stunned out of their minds was the infamous beat down courtyard of the Westhaven estate, somehow turned into a crystallized ice palace overnight. The semi-transparent crystals weren't extremely cold to the touch but it lowered down the temperature within the courtyard that made the unbearable heatwave into comfortable spring weather. However, the troupe of mortal maids was just outside the courtyard and could barely feel the refreshing breeze.

The older maid that was leading the troupe couldn't bare the conditions anymore. Her beautiful clothes that were allowed for her status was sticking to her skin and the makeup that she applied to her face was already turning into a cakey texture from all the sweat pouring from her forehead. The other pretty and younger maids also weren't fairing much better. If this continued any longer and the grand plan that the headmistress for the Westhaven estate thought up for them was going to fail. The only reason they were dressed up and were picked for their looks was to capture the heart of the Red Ancestor. He was a powerful man that n.o.body could get close to until now. The headmistress was able to deduct the honored Ancestor, favored the beautiful since the escorts that he left behind are worldly beauties. And the fact that the once sickly, broken and ugly fifth miss was able to transform into a divine beauty due to his guidance was proof enough that the man was vain.

The headmistress was always applauded for her understanding of men and that's why she was able to stay in good graces with her lord husband. The women of the estate also have a general understanding of what men want, especially the extremely powerful. The rarer the flower the better and with that mindset, the lead maid finally got the courage to initiate the conversation. She bowed gracefully which caused the bells and chimes on her let out a sweet sound before she spoke.

"Honoured guests and esteemed Ancestor, we are here on order of the headmistress to kindly attend our humble welcoming banquet we have prepared." she smiled shyly and sweetly. The only reason that the maid was able to lead the other maids of the welcoming troupe was that she had the best teeth out of the rest of them. Thus gave her the right to speak for the troupe and to lead.

Gutless stood there motionless like she didn't hear anything that was said. The lead maid was patient and didn't take offense. She accomplished her mission and got the message across, the only thing that they could do now was wait for an acknowledgment. However, the other younger maids weren't so well mannered as her. They grew up with pride in their bones in the estate, because they were the best in the looks department from a non-n.o.ble background in the estate and they were the headmistress's welcoming party of pleasure maids. Their sole existence was to please the hearts of powerful men that visited the estate and were treated second best to the young miss of the Westhaven family which was the headmistress's daughter.

A fellow maid in the troupe stiffly smiled and start to fan herself in a bashful manner. "Please excuse my behavior, honored guest. I'm sure it isn't proper to leave us weak females to deliver a message to your master to suffer under the elements."

The lead maid wanted to wring her neck. She just insulted the honored guest to be of similar status as her being a servant is lacking in training and manners. While she was cursing the outspoken maid to death, to her surprise the other maids started to follow suit. The started to open up their fans and complained in a chorus of childish tones. The lead maid became so fl.u.s.tered she wanted to beat all of them to death. It became hard for her to reclaim the peace and was ready to pacify the situation. However, Gutless didn't look once at them and only stared at one direction like she was waiting for something.

The outspoken maid didn't take kindly to the unfazed Gutless and decided to confront the woman on her rude behavior.

"I didn't think the honored guest would be jealous of someone as lowly as me and my sisters. And purposely sabotage our good appearances before we met the Red Ancestor." she haughtily declared as if stating a fact.

The lead maid could only tremble in shock and fear as she watched the other maids make fools of themselves. Did that think that they were on the same level as an expert? Just because she was serving as a maid didn't lessen the fact that she could flatten them with on her thumb. She was only left with one thing to do, was to beg for mercy. With a dunk sound, she dropped to her knees and slammed her head against the pavement.

"Honored guest, please excuse this lowly one!"

The outspoken maid was flabbergasted and then instantly became fl.u.s.tered. Her pretty face distorted into a twisted knot as looked down at their poor excuse for a leader, Tinya. The leader that she always felt hatred for made her look bad in front of a maid of the Red Ancestor. Even though the Red Ancestor is a powerful master, but made him different the from the other powerful masters that came through their doors. They were the best of the crop and the driving force why wealthy masters came through to experience their flesh. It was normal for maids from the outside would a.s.sume a more submissive role once they enter their household, but the maids of the Red Ancestor were too full of themselves.

"Everybody can see you're not fit to be our leader." the outspoken maid laughed in disdain while she didn't bother to look at her on the ground shivering. "I, Lind—"

Before anything else was heard from the haughty maid that was about to declare herself as the leader, a divine being touched down onto the land.

"Welcome back, mistress," Gutless said in the utmost reverence as she bowed.

Nisha clothes fluttered in the wind before it settled down which left the chatty pleasure maids breathless. The lights in their eyes seem to dim as their reasoning was completely consumed by her presence. It was signs of her vampiric charm turning them into mindless animals. Before they could become a nuisance to her, Nisha held out her hand and flicked her finger towards them. The mortal maids fell like broken dolls.

Tinya trembled while she was kneeling with her face down. Sweat and tears dripped on the stoned ground, the maid didn't cry nor make a sound. She was too scared to look around her and knew that the people she came with was most likely dead. Nisha also noticed the kneeling maid, she looked towards Gutless for an explanation.

"A maid was sent to us to deliver a message for the Red Ancestor, mistress," Gutless said.

"So be it," Nisha said before she disappeared into her courtyard. "Bring our guest along."

Gutless bowed again and walked to the sole survivor of the pleasure maids. Tinya couldn't help but realize how a simple trip to the fifth miss courtyard turned into a ma.s.sacre, they were like newborn chicks against a hammer.

"Come along," Gutless said with indifference.

Tinya was too scared to more and didn't have the strength to obey, but she felt an invisible force tighten around her body like an extra pair of skin. The unknown force moved her in a standing position with her back straight. With Tinya's face revealed she was able to see the mess that became of her makeup and the bleeding bruise on her forehead. Gutless took note of it and controlled her to follow her into the courtyard.


Nisha looked at her face in the mirror of her bedroom in which her sister still slept in. She touched her face as she examined it. Her face was beyond measure and if a simple look can turn mortals into mindless slobs, then what about her sister? Ana was still too weak to be completely exposed to her, the only thing she could think of was to change her. Nisha didn't want Ana to follow the path as the same as her. Nisha wanted Ana to grow and someday have a family.

"Luna and Una."

The monster maids stood behind her side by side and bowed the moment their mistress called them.

"Provide me with clothes to wear and a veil."

Luna went into the next room and returned with several dresses that resembled Victorian styled dresses, she was pleased with her maids with attention to details. There was no proper support for her if she wore loose robes all day. Men would be okay, but women wouldn't fair to well. Nisha picked a pastel lavender-colored and white dress, the white skirt had layers of frills and tiny ribbons. But it stilled had influences of common dress styles, for example, the sleeves were wide and heavily patterned with threaded pictures of flowers.

"Prepare a matching set for my sister."

Luna bowed and went back into the other room for a matching outfit for the sister of their mistress. Una, on the other hand, combed her mistress's hair into a stylish updo with jeweled white hairpins. And the finishing touch was a matching colored veil covering her features. Nisha was satisfied with her appearance and went over to her younger sister. Ana was still sleeping soundly as she stroked her red hair.

"Ana, it's time to eat." she gently said.

Ana only snuggled more into the bed, which gave her the appearance of a lazy cat.

"Bring food for my sister."

Una bowed and left the room but soon came back with a tray of food that was all tightly covered. The moment Nisha smelled the food, she knew that her maids needed further training. She opened up one of the lids in the tray and saw thick blood with bits of human flesh in it. She let out a soft sigh and closed the lid.

"This is not something a human child can eat."

Una cutely tilted her head in confusion as she looked at her mistress.

"Bring it back to the kitchen and share amongst your sisters."

Una bowed and left the room at the same time that Luna returned with Ana's dress. It was like her sister's but with more puff in her skirt that would give her the appearance of a decorated cupcake. This lightened up her mood to see here sister dressed in fine clothes.

"Luna, wake her up gently, and get her ready for the day."

Luna bowed in acknowledgment while Nisha made her into the hallway.

"Gutless." She called out.

"Yes, mistress," Gutless said as she appeared out of nowhere. The black fog was lingering on her that soon completed her form.

"Where is our guest?"

"The outer room mistress."

Gutless followed her mistress to the outer room to find Tinya glued to her seat. The woman didn't dare to clean her face and reapplied her makeup. She sat there as her life depended on it. Nisha looked a.s.sumed at the girl who was like a frightened bunny.

Tinya looked at Gutless and the woman that came into the room and was instantly starstruck. She never knew a person like Nisha could even exist. Even though her face was covered in a veil, her voluptuous figure along with her exposed skin and long midnight hair was something no human could process. The young woman before her was like an immortal treasure that came to make the world jealous. Nothing in Tinya's mind could drum up the ident.i.ty of this divine person. The only thing that she can think of was the 'Red Ancestor'.

Without waiting for Nisha to speak, Tinya jumped up from her seat and bowed as elegantly as possible towards her.

"This lowly one greets the Red Ancestor," Tinya managed to say with much difficulty.

Gutless eyes narrowed at the maid groveling on the floor. She wanted to stomp her head in, for confusing her mistress with being a man. Nisha, on the other hand, was startled at first for being confused with a male figure she used to pose as her master. In all her years she was called a monster, she witch, and many other things, but never a man. Nisha couldn't help it but laugh out loud. Gutless looked confused at her mistress but kept it to herself and withdrew her killing intent towards the mortal maid. Tinya couldn't help but be dazzled by her joyous laughter.

"What makes you think I am the Red Ancestor?"

"Th-the Red Ancestor is an immortal figure on top of this world, and seeing a Expect such as yourself-"

"Do you think of me as a man?"

The realization hit her like a ton of bricks. This person wasn't the Red Ancestor then was this another hidden Expert? Tinya started to panic and tried to think out of this situation that she dug herself into.

"Forgive me!" Tinya shouted in grievances, she didn't want to die like the other maids that came with her.

Nisha walked to a comfortable chair and sat down with Gutless by her side.

"Your cute little one, sit down and tell me what message you are here to deliver to my master."

Tinya looked at her wide-eyed at the divine woman before and finally realized that this woman was the infamous hidden daughter the fifth miss of the Westhaven estate. Tinya never had any real impression of the fifth miss nor did she interacted with her before she found her master. But everybody knew that the fifth miss was a complete waste in looks and body const.i.tution. Yet this woman is the fifth daughter of the estate. Tinya can't even convince herself that the person she sees now is the waste from the past. The transformation was too great of a difference.

"The headmistress wishes to hold a humble tea and lunch for the Red Ancestor," Tinya bowed respectfully despite knowing her true ident.i.ty.

"I see," Nisha said with a smile on her face but no one can see it behind the veil. "What do you plan to do after this?"

"I will return to my previous duties, young miss."

"Tell me your duties, young one."

The maid couldn't understand why the young fifth miss kept on calling her young one even though she was older than her by over a decade.

"It's improper to discuss the nature of my duties to the young miss."
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Nisha unleashed her chilly aura within the room. Tinya knew that she upset the young miss from the chilly pressure holding her in place. Her heart pounded in her chest like a drum as she awaited her punishment.

"Can you cook?"


"My mistress asked you a question!" Gutless finally said after she lost her patience. Nisha held up her slender hand to stop her monster maid from continuing further. Gutless merely frowned at Tinya as she resumed her position.

"Y-yes..." Tinya couldn't help but stutter. It was her main goal to become a maid in the kitchens of the Westhaven estate despite the rumors that were said in the dark, but once she was hired to work, the headmistress saw potential in her to fulfill 'other' needs. She wanted to run away, but she never made it close enough to the gate to escape. And if she did manage to escape somehow, her family on the outside will be killed and she would experience something worse than death. Thus she endured all these years, she couldn't fight back so what was the point of trying.

"Good," Nisha said. "Come to me, young one."

Tinya body couldn't do anything else but obey Nisha's command. The closer she got near the young miss, the more she noticed how unnatural she was. She was too perfect and something about her made her body fl.u.s.tered. She began to blush as a shyness began to take over her. She felt like a young woman again that saw her first love.

Nisha took her hand and brought her wrist to her f.a.gs and gently bit down. Tinya's body shivered with an unknown feeling she never knew that she was able to feel. It felt like love, true love. It wasn't the twisted love that the male guests of the estate made them endure. It was pure and made her weak to her knees. She couldn't contain soft moans escaping from her lips.

Nisha tasted the memories of Tinya's life within her blood. She was an ideal candidate to handle the human needs of her sister, and her need for fresh blood. It was sweet, with a pleasant lingering aftertaste. Even though Tinya's blood couldn't compare to Temple's she couldn't risk developing a dependency on him. Her body was already started to react to him, she didn't want it to develop further. Without taking too much blood, Nisha left a red mark of a blooming flower in the middle of her forehead.

"Tinya, you will no longer pleasure other men to bring benefits to others. You serve and will be protected under me, do you understand?"

Tinya meekly nodded her head, as she took back her arm reluctantly. She was too afraid to look at the fifth miss if she did, she wouldn't be able to hide the feelings knotted in her chest.

"Gutless, show her the way to the kitchen, your first task is to cook something befitting for a growing child."

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