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Chen Ming walked towards the city alone. He felt empty in his heart. He would often turn to look at the spot where Li Jun was last standing. The emptiness was killing him, he wanted to see Li Jun again and be with him, but he knew that Li Jun wasn't from this continent but another and in order to get where he is, Chen Ming will need to grow stronger. Once he was outside the Chen mansion, he was recognized by one of the guards who opened the front gate for him.

Chen Ming immediately looked for his grandfather. He's been gone so long and during that time his grandfather was all on his own. Chen Ming first looked for him in his bedroom, not finding him there Chen Ming looked for him in the garden, he looked all over the house. Chen Ming wasn't able to find his grandfather, there was only one place that he can look for him now and that was his secret study. He walked to an unknown area of the mansion that was only known to the Chen family and some others who are very close and trustworthy.

As he guessed he found his grandfather in his secret study. He was looking at a piece of paper while his face showed tiredness. Chen Ming couldn't help but shake his head, he knew that his old man of his didn't take care of himself properly throughout the few months that he was gone. It also looked as though he aged a few years.

" I thought I told you to sleep early grandpa", Chen Ming said as he got walked to his grandfather. Li Chen looked up to see that his grandson has returned, he couldn't help but feel his heart be at ease. He got up from his seat and walked to Chen Ming giving him a big bear hug.

" Oh my precious grandson you're finally back, your training must have been really bad, look at you, you've gone skinner. Come I'll get someone to make some nice food for you", Lin Chen said as he got Chen Ming to sit on the chair that Li Chen was sitting on before and left to call someone. Chen Ming looked down at the doc.u.ments that his grandfather was looking at and couldn't help but open the scroll a bit more.

What he read inside made his heart shake to the core. Chen Ming couldn't believe what he was reading, he rubbed his eyes thinking that they were deceiving him. The more he read the more shocked he was, he was about to find the location when he heard his grandfather coming back, Chen Ming rolled the scroll back to the original position and acted as if nothing happened. It worked at his grandfather didn't say anything and sat in the seat opposite him. They talked for a little while before the food came in. While they were eating Lin Chen and Chen Ming talking about what they both did in the few months that pa.s.sed. After finishing his meal Chen Ming was getting ready to leave when his grandfather's voice halted his movement.

" Ming'er, these something grandfather has to tell you", Lin Chen said, he paused for a little while before taking a deep breath in and looking at Chen Ming dead straight in the eyes.

" Your father was a very strong man, all the other kingdoms in this continent were aware of his strength, although it wasn't the highest he was close to a breakthrough to becoming a Cadet, the highest rank one can achieve in their lifetime. He has been stuck on Lieutenant for a long time, but after your mother become pregnant he pushed himself to the max. Your mother was also a very strong woman after your birth both your parents couldn't bear to see their precious son fall ill, they had set out to find the flower which grew at mountain peaks, which mountain wasn't specified but your mother was able to identify it. We received news about your parents dead, but we were also able to get the rare flower saving your life as well. For 15 years I had mourned your parents dead until recently I had news about something. Ming'er your parents might not be dead, read this and keep it with you. Your brothers are far from home and they have their own stations to guard, I can only leave this task to you", Lin Chen said as he pa.s.sed the scroll into Chen Mings hands.

Chen Ming headed back to his room after talking with his grandfather for a bit longer. He sat on his bed and re-read the whole scroll again. It said that his parents might have been taken to a distant place, far from the Da continent known as the Demond Terrotiry. Chen Ming has read many books about the world that he lives in, there are three continents, the Da Continent which is placed in a barricaded area, meaning ranks and power levels of individuals are lowers. The Sao Continent didn't have a barricade enabling to have large quant.i.ties of sprite particle resulting in them having higher ranks and more power. The last continent is known as the Demon Continent or the Demon Territory. There isn't much about this Continent, only that this place is full of powerful people, if the Continent wanted to they can trample both the Da and Sao continent in one go. Another thing was that those who try to enter the Continent never come back, overall it was like h.e.l.l on earth.

If his parents are really alive and have been taken to the Demon Continent he must find them and bring them back. However, what the level he is at now, he might not even survive in the Sao Continent. Chen Ming then remembered that he got those rare herbs from the forest. Putting everything away, he used the herbs, amazingly enough, he was able to rank one whole rank and became a higher tier, Major. For someone his age, this was an outstanding feat. After taking a bath, Chen Ming noticed that there was a small bag inside this own. He opened it to find a small bottle of liquid and a small note. On the note, it reads ' Dear Ming, if your reading this now it means that we have parted and that you have reached home safely. During our time in the forest when I was helping you look for the herb, I knew that you were trying to open your veins. This is something that I thought might be useful to you, once you drink this you won't have to use anything to keep reopening your veins. I truly hope that you can become stronger and come to find me. My feeling for you is true. From Li Jun.'

Chen was shocked reading the note, he didn't think anyone would have been able to identify what the use of all the herb was, but then again he was talking about someone who might be from a stronger continent. What shocked him, even more, was that he was willing to give him something this valuable. However, he knew something that gives such amazing effects doesn't come without having to pay something, Chen Mings guesses were right as he turned the note to find a few more writing from Li Jun.

' Even though it widens and opens your veins, there are some things that you need to do before drinking it all. You must be prepared to be mentally and physically tortured by it. The liquid will put you in excruciating pain, if you pa.s.s out or faint the effects won't happen, you must be awake the whole time. I advise that you don't take this liquid until you become a Cadet. Li Jun'

Chen Ming couldn't help but roll his eyes, he knew someone bad had to happen before the good stuff comes along. He couldn't believe that he had to become a Cadet to drink this, even his own father couldn't achieve this feat. However, Chen Ming was impatient, he was to find his parents and he has to get stronger to be able to keep up with Li Jun. before he drank the liquid he told the two maids outside his door to not let anyone, not even his grandfather disturb him and for them to leave and wait outside the courtyard.

Once everyone left he sat on his bed and opened his cork from the bottle. The smell coming from the liquid was fresh, when it went through Chen Mings nostrils it felt clean. Chen Ming made a quick prayer that he doesn't die and drank the whole bottle in one gulp. After ten minutes of nothing happening, Chen Ming couldn't help but think to himself that this wasn't as bad as he thought it was. As he was about to stand up his body suddly started to tremble.

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