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Taoist and Little Fox – 20

“Ah……” Su Tang blushed. Lowering his head, he asked in a low voice, “How will you eat, ah?”

“En, first I think I’ll wash it. Then, take a bite and taste it, to see if my family’s little baby is sweet.” Ling Si earnestly finished, then looked down to see Su Tang’s face had already become a small red apple and instantly felt that it was very cute.

He squeezed Su Tang’s little hand and place his mouth close to the other person’s ear. His voice was soft, with an unexpected hint of seductiveness. “You tell me, should I start to eat from the head or start eating from the feet?”

“……all over.” Su Tang’s voice was soft like a mosquito, but Ling Si heard it.

All of a sudden, his heart began to beat rapidly, as if he was finally able to obtain a treasure he had always wanted. However, looking at Su Tang’s small form, he could not help but continue to tease him. “Do you really know what I mean?”

“You……” In an instant, Su Tang was angry. As if to prove himself, he suddenly grabbed the Ling Si and bit down fiercely on his lips. However, afraid that there would be pain, he gently and cautiously licked afterward before angrily saying, “You love to eat or not, just don’t eat at all. I’m not playing with you anymore.”

“Ai, baby, I was wrong.” Ling Si hastily hugged Su Tang, the corner of his mouth curving as he kissed his head. “Love to eat, love to eat, but can’t eat right now. Have to wait and return home to eat.”

Hearing this, Su Tang blushed, feeling somewhat embarra.s.sed. “You love to eat, then eat it, like I am cherish.”

“Yes, yes, I will cherish,” Ling Si said with a smile. Touching along the frame of the other person’s red eyes, he sighed. “You always like to cry so much. Does your eyes hurt?”

“A little.” Su Tang nodded. The night wind was very cold, just a little blow making him tense up. He was tender and delicate, his body precious like gold. It was only natural that he was now feeling very uncomfortable.

“Lean on my body and rest for a while. Wait for me to finish these things and I’ll take you home to sleep.” After Ling Si finished speaking, he took off his clothes and let Su Tang climb up onto his back before placing the clothes on top and wrapping him up.

From the beginning to now, Su Qing had been standing at the side watching the two, from Ling Si’s care for her little brother to Su Tang’s dependency on Ling Si. It seems like some form of mutual understanding had already taken shape between them. Every little movements were natural and harmonious, not allowing anyone to enter, including herself.

“The one who Tang Tang will depend on in the future is you.” Su Qing walked to the side of Ling Si, watching Su Tang small appearance as he closed his eyes. She eventually sighed. “My little brother has been pampered and spoiled since childhood, never once having suffered hardship. Later on, you will become accustom to how much you should spoil him.”

Ling Si nodded and the two then said their goodbyes.

In the early morning of the second day, the eleven missing girl in the capital were finally recovered. They were only a little weak and could be cured after a while. As for why they had disappeared, many rumors spread within the capital city but no one could truly say why. When asked, those young girls were also at a loss, unable to remember what had happened before.

Su Tang followed Ling Si back to Great Purity Monastery, delivering Li Ping’s ashes to Ling Si’s master. The other person merely shook his head and saying that he had sinned, scattered the ashes over the mountain, returning it to the earth.

The two stayed at the monastery for only one night. After packing up their things, they were expelled by the master. After all, Ling Si had already awakened his demon soul and staying at the monastery would harm his demon power filled meridians. His master’s mouth was as sharp as a knife and his heart as soft as tofu[1], unable to say anything pleasant but always taking them into consideration.

When the demons who a.s.sisted Ling Si’s father in the past heard that a new demon king had awakened, they returned to seek asylum. In pa.s.sing, they brought the two to the former Demon King’s residence. Su Tang saw that it just so happens to be built on Phoenix Mountain where the two first met. Truly an amazing coincidence.

Today is the day the two will be getting married. Ling Si had sent out the invitation cards and the demons on the mountains have come, all wanting to freeload and drink the wedding feast’s liquor.

Su Tang also drank two cups today. He did not drink anything else, only tasting some of the sweet fruit wine. He barely felt anything when it first entered but as the strength of the wine started to come up, he became somewhat intoxicated.

Even though Su Tang was drunk, he did not cry or cause trouble, only openly and guilelessly sat down on the bed and stared at Ling Si with big eyes. It was exceedingly adorable.

With Su Tang looking like this and their wedlock wine not yet exchanged, Ling Si also did not want to force it. Approaching Su Tang’s side and sitting down, he reach over, wanting to remove the other person’s coat.

“Don’t take it off!” All of a sudden in a bad temper, Su Tang attempted to grabbed Ling Si’s hand to prevent him from moving. Worried that he wouldn’t be able to hold on, he pressed it under his b.u.t.t.

Ling Si’s hand, caught between the soft bed and small, soft b.u.t.tocks, the tactile sensation was very good. Immediately, his entire body felt feverish. Coughing and adjusting his expression, he asked, “Baby, what happened?”

“Hey, do you think I’m good-looking today?” Su Tang asked, and holding onto Ling Si’s face, he lean in close to let him get a closer look.

Sweet wine mixed with a milky fragrance floated over and Ling Si was itching to tug the entire person into his embrace and smell. However, since Su Tang had his hand under his b.u.t.t, he dare not move.

Lifting his eyes, he looked at Su Tang. Today, the other person was dressed completely in red. It was not the traditional phoenix coronets and robes of rank[2], but rather a small mandarin collar[3] chang pao[4]. His skin was white, making it most suitable to wearing this kind of attractive and beautiful color. Against his snow white skin, it was tender and charming, adding a touch of spiritual air.

Moreover, Su Tang was also drunk. His cheeks were slightly flushed red and his eyes were covered in a layer of watery mist. With just a blink towards Ling Si, his soul would be taken away in minutes by the other person.

“Is good-looking, ah?” Su Tang asked again.

“Good-looking.” Ling Si could not stand it anymore and moved closer, moving directly to Su Tang’s earlobe. White and tender, it was very attractive and he could not help but put it in his mouth. “The baby is really bad. You know that I am greedy and I, your husband, is now very hungry. How will you take responsibility?”

“Um… eat if you are hungry. Anything you want to eat, you can call the cook to make it.” Su Tang turned his head and his body moved. His small b.u.t.tocks were soft and Ling Si had to press down a burst of agitation.

“I want to eat you.” After Ling Si finished speaking, he lean over and pressed Su Tang down. The other person’s body was already very soft and he collapsed on top of the the bed right away. Because of the wine, his reaction was somewhat slowed and could only pitifully stare up at Ling Si. The other person weakly asked, “What are you doing, ah?”

“Eating you.” Ling Si said with self confidence and took his hand out from under Su Tang’s b.u.t.t. Lowering his head, he kissed Su Tang’s soft lips. Between his lips and teeth, they were completely fill with the sweet smelling wine.

Su Tang was kissed until he was dazed. After a while, he was somewhat out of breath. He tried to cry out but the other person did not listen to him at all. The tongue was always inside, searching and probing deeper and deeper, chasing after that sweet and unctuous taste.

At the same time, he pulled at Su Tang’s clothing, finally exposing his smooth skin. The cool air blew, provoking a whimper from Su Tang, but it was quickly swallowed up by a watery sound.

The two men rolled into a single lump, and Ling Si’s hand began to not so innocently move…


“You bully me.” Su Tang sobbed and weakly beat down on Ling Si’s chest.

“Only bullying you.” Ling Si replied. Holding Su Tang’s hands to his lips and kissing, he then asked in his ear, “You do not allow me to bully?”

“……allow.” Su Tang hummed, his entire body already completely red.

Translator’s Note:

First arc complete. I pretty much rushed these cause I just wanted to get this first arc done with. The first arc has been left incomplete for quite a while after all. I actually want to go and re-do chapter 1-17 before starting on the next arc. My compulsiveness to have everything consistent and in one place is getting the better of me… Or I can just start on the next arc. >_> Opinions? Just so you know- I’ve already roughly done ch 1-8 >w>;; Just need to edit and link up the footnotes. Then, I can post them… if yall want them.


1. mouth was as sharp as a knife and his heart as soft as tofu // 刀子嘴,豆腐心 // dāo zi zuǐ, dòu fu xīn – idiom; his bark is worse than his bite, to have a sharp tongue but a soft heart

2. phoenix coronet and robes of rank 凤冠霞帔 fèng guān xiá pèi -idiom; also called phoenix crown with superb power, it refers to the the wedding attire worn in ancient times by rich/influential women when they marry to show their honor and glory

3. mandarin collar 立领 lì lǐng – or standing collar, is a short unfolded stand-up collar style on a shirt or jacket. Mandarin collars start at the neckline and typically rise vertically two to five centimeters.

4. chang pao 长袍 cháng páo – means long gown or robe, it is a traditional clothing of the Qing Dynasty

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