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Translator: Churnie

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At this time the headquarters of the Killing G.o.d Guild was immersed in a swords drawn atmosphere, except for Drunken Evil Of The Throne, the members of the top level were all here, their face were imposed toward a piece of memory crystal on the table, the picture played in the crystal was ordinary, but In this case, this “ordinary” picture is enough to kill people.

(T/n: 剑拔弩张 swords drawn (idiom) means; a state of mutual hostility/unfriendliness; at daggers drawn) 

“Six Ways, I think it’s better for you to explain.” Looking at the picture of the memory crystal, Perfect Storm stared at the figure that came out of Black Mark’s room, he seriously said.

“They invited me to go to the Abyss of h.e.l.l, i refused because i thought the Guild was going to build a city in the near future,” Six Ways of Reincarnation looking at the picture in the memory crystal with a headache, it was supposed to be a very ordinary visit, but at this time —— He really jumped into the Yellow River and couldn’t clean it.

(T/n: 跳进黄河 jumped into the Yellow River and couldn’t clean it (idiom) means: to become inexorably mixed up; mired in controversy; in deep trouble)
“That’s right, I went with the boss in the morning to find them, I also saw the notes left by Cold Wave, they did write that they were going to the Abyss of h.e.l.l to play, I complained to boss that they would not take me.” A Ghost Dragging Knife hurriedly said.

“The Bobcat members didn’t say goodbye, immediately after that the building-the-city order is gone, isn’t it too coincidental…” Not Crazy Not Survive frowned.

“Building-the-city order fought back by everyone’s nine deaths lives, they have no reason to help us get it, and then steal it!” Coming out of Ressiutta is kind of going through a life and death experience. Extreme Element absolutely did not believe the Bobcat team will do such a thing.

(T/n: 九死一生 nine deaths live (idiom) mean; a narrow escape; new lease of life)
“Don’t forget, Cold Wave also said that they are mercenaries. Mercenaries just take money to do things for people! Since they can get building-the-city order for money, why can’t they steal the building-the-city order for money for others?” Snowy Days Memories’ voice sounded in the hall, pressed a huge stone on everyone’s hearts —— Indeed, they were all there when Cold Wave said that, they were stubborn and unwilling to join the Killing G.o.d guild. But after Drunken Evil Of The Throne offering money and reward they happily promised to help…

“I don’t believe they’re such people!” Extreme Element snapped and glared at everyone.

“Sit down, Extreme, what’s the use of yelling now?” Perfect Storm glanced at Extreme Element and used his gaze to force the thief back into his seat.

“But… it seems that they are really suspicious…” Unparalleled Warrior said hesitantly, although she did not want to think so, however…

“It’s bad! The building-the-city order just appeared in the auction house! it was bought by  Hidden Dragon from Dragon War Four Boundaries Guild in the sky-high price with a 100 crystal coins!” A thief rushed into the conference room quickly and he said out of breath.

……………… This news is tantamount to a bomb exploding in the crowd and Killing G.o.d’s members were fried with dizziness ……

“Can you find out who the seller is?” Six Ways of Reincarnation calmed down first then asked the thief eagerly.

“I can’t find out, the seller is anonymous. I asked GM because it is a normal transaction, but the system does not promise to check the transaction record for us in order to protect the player’s privacy…”

Everyone’s heart ‘boom’ sank into the bottom of the valley, it was so perfect, from stealing to selling, it was done in one go, neat and clean…

“s.h.i.t, Dragon War Four Boundaries!!!!” A Ghost Dragging Knife rushed to the door with cursing, but was stopped by Six Ways of Reincarnation. “What’s the use of going now? Even if they’re making sinister plot, but they bought it from the auction house in a decent way! What can you do to them?”

“Yes, it’s useless now, the priority is to find out that the man who stole the building-the-city for the sake of the boss, us, and the Killing G.o.d brothers!” Perfect Storm waved to the thief who just ran to the house and said: “You go outside now and bring all the memory crystals installed by Killing G.o.d, even if it can keep an image for 24 hours only it should be enough.”

Five pieces of memory crystals were placed on the table, Six Ways of Reincarnation was speechless facing all kind of look from everyone, a crystal clearly recorded that he walked into Drunken Evil Of The Throne’s room, plus the previous crystal prove that he had been to Black Mark’s room… Six Ways of Reincarnation smiled bitterly in his heart, and this is really ‘mountains of irrefutable evidence’.

“What’s the use of nagging here? Just ask the Bobcat members can’t it?” Steel City beat the table and stood up, “get them here, doesn’t it all be clear if we’re face to face?”

“Are you a fool? You stole something and you will honestly admit it?” Rose of Versailles looked at the orc warrior with a bad look, this guy is a simple minded, the most important thing is the evidence, building-the-city order was stolen by the Bobcat team. they stole it, if there is no evidence everything is empty talk, and mutual suspicion will only cause internal division!

“Remember that Cold Wave was blocking the skeleton sea for us with all his wounds?” Six Ways of Reincarnation’s bitter voice sounded. “Remember Black Mark and Silence consumed half of their life to prop up the protective wall for us? Without them we wouldn’t get the building-the-city order at all!”

“You don’t have to speak for them, explain all the things you’ve done yourself first!” Snowy Days Memories sneered and looked at Six Ways of Reincarnation.

“Nonsense! How could it be Six Ways?”

“So who did you say it was? Build-the-city order fly itself to the auction house?”

“This is not the time to act impetuously, everything should be said with evidence.” Unparalleled Warrior said, indeed all the evidence points to the Bobcat team and Six Ways of Reincarnation…

(T/n: 感情用事 to act impetuously (idiom); to act on an impulse) 
“Six Ways, you explain why did you go to his room when the boss was away yesterday.” Perfect Storm’s heart is also bitter. Emotionally, he never believed that the Bobcat team would do such a thing, and he does not believe that Six Ways of Reincarnation will betray the Killing G.o.d, but the evidence was directed at the Archer, Drunken Evil Of The Throne gone, he must give a statement to the guild members.

“Oh~~~~~ Is there anything else to say?” The Elf Archer’s voice sounded in the hall, heavy as if pressed by the stone, bitter as if soaked in by berberine, and Six-Ways of Reincarnation’s eyes swept through the faces of everyone present on the scene, after half a day he said, “Now I’m indisputable, you don’t believe me, I have no way..”

“There nothing to say, is there?” Snowy Days Memories took out the staff. “Is the thief still thinking about leaving the door safely and without any trouble?”

“Snowy! What you’re saying is too much!” Extreme Element stood up and stopped in front of Six Ways of Reincarnation.

“Six Ways, say you did it or not?!” Not Crazy Not Survive blocked Snowy Days Memories, pressed the staff in her hand, eagerly said to Six Ways of Reincarnation. After all, what he faced was the person who started to work from the beginning of the b.l.o.o.d.y battle to the present, how can he just pa.s.sed him?

“You should ask yourself if you believe I did it!” Facing of the brothers who have been fighting side by side for a long time, Six Ways of Reincarnation can’t bear to say this. If the building-the-city order is lost, you can go to fight again, misunderstanding will one day be clarified. But how can the collapsing trust come back?

“Six Ways, if you don’t make it clear, you can’t get out of this gate!” Steel City took out the weapon and stopped in front of Six Ways of Reincarnation.

“Are you crazy? That’s Six Ways!” Extreme Element looked at Steel City in disbelief. This d.a.m.n warrior is really terrible, his brain is hamstring but can be so stubborn and make people helpless!

“Six Ways, you really have to give us an account, although you are also vice leader, I can’t do anything to you, but…” Perfect Storm also stood up, now the atmosphere in the conference room was so tense that it was stuffed with gunpowder, could break at any moment. If it is impossible to properly solve the Killing G.o.d guild is bound to face the fate of disintegration.

“Storm, I have nothing to say.” With a weary sigh, Six Ways of Reincarnation pushed away Extreme Element who stand in front of himself. “If there has to be someone who’s going to bear this thing down today, then let me take care of it.”

“You finally admit it?” Snowy Days Memories pushed Not Crazy Not Survive and a blue light on the staff shot to the archer. The ice blade slashed on the shoulder and the blood flowed out instantly. A Ghost Dragging Knife hold the injured Six Ways of Reincarnation and shouted “d.a.m.n it! Are you a crazy woman?!!!”

Rose of Versailles’ staff was lifted up, but it was crushed by Perfect Storm. Today’s situation has deteriorated to this point, Six Ways of Reincarnation can’t come up with evidence to prove his innocence, If he is not die once, indeed he can’t explain to everyone —— He knew that Six Ways of Reincarnation had to play the scapegoat today.

Steel City’s great sword has also been cut to Six Ways of Reincarnation, Extreme Element pulled out the dagger and blocked the blade that fell, he scolded, “You coward, don’t bully too much! Lao Zi can’t bear it!”
“Extreme, stop!”
“Stop it! Do you want to see Killing G.o.d split?”

Hard to block the dagger, Extreme Element didn’t over do it, he can’t bear to see the sharp blade cut into Six Ways of Reincarnations, a white light has flew away, A Ghost Dragging Knife hold Six Ways of Reincarnation corpse, his cold eyes swept through to everyone in the house: “Today’s matter, it won’t be like this, Lao zi swear, wait until we find the real culprit, whoever it it, I’m going to cut him to level 0 myself!!”

“And you, coward! Idiot is not a reason, wait for Lao zi to stab you 100 times in the future!” Extreme Element put up the dagger and went to the resurrection point, those who were resurrected from death will have a brief weakness, he’s not worried about Six Ways of Reincarnation.

“Is this so simple? Is it enough to understate the death once?”

“Snowy!” Rose of Versailles looking at Snowy Days Memories in disbelief. Since in Ressiutta, the feeling of Snowy Days Memories has changed. She could not believe that such words would come out of the mouth of the gentle female sorcerer with a smile.

“Don’t bully too much!” The familiar voice sounded clearly and successfully smothered everyone’s eyes to the door.

i’m so confused…. didn’t the notification from the system prompt say it was Six Ways who stole it?? Didn’t those guild member see the notification?? And what’s with that girl Snowy?? i….am….lost.

i finished this in 4 hours because i can sit down without any distractions, and it’s rather short anyway. ?

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