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Translator: Churnie

Not Edited

Finally the reality… it is so interesting..


“What are you doing here?” Perfect Storm frowned, the arrival of these two people at this juncture will only make things more difficult.

“If we don't come, do we have to let you all killed Six Ways to level 0?” Black Mark's eyes swept over Perfect Storm's face.

“How dare you come?” Steel City squinted with anger and the big sword slashed over Black Mark's head.

“Gw.a.n.g~” The sound of a metal brittle is crisp, Vega Storm machete steadily held the big sword of the orc warrior. “Let's die once again!”

Black Mark went to A Ghost Dragging Knife, looked at Six Ways' corpse, he unhurriedly sat and took out the harp, his five fingers play out a beautiful piece of music from the strings which echoed in the hall, with the sound of the music the restless mood of everyone's miraculously calmed down, the tense atmosphere that had been on the verge of breaking out had also been eased, the sound of the string disappeared in about five minutes, everyone was still immersed in the beautiful sound of the string wishing it to continue.

“Wha… What's going on here?” Although Six Ways of Reincarnation's voice was a little weak, it's hard to hide the surprise, he came out of the resurrection only to found out that he was not punished by death.

“keke ~” Pretending to smile mysteriously, Black Mark leaned back on Falling To The Silence's body, once again playing the Requiem, so he was left with only half of the attribute points lowered again, now he is so weak that he can't walk even one step.

“Bobcat members have come just in time, they can give everyone a clear account.” Perfect Storm secretly sighed, watching the guild members look at the Bobcat team, he's afraid they are also difficult to get out of this door.

“Storm, we are not Six Ways.” Leaning on Falling To The Silence ‘s arms, Black Mark coldly said, after sacrificing Six Ways of Reincarnation, should you also regard yourself as a sacrifice to quell the public anger? Unfortunately, we're not that kind of people who gave up our lives for righteousness* and kill ourselves.

(T/n: 舍生取义  to give up life for righteousness (idiom, from Mencius); to choose honor over life; would rather sacrifice one's life than one's principles)  
“Do you think you can get out of the Killing G.o.d's base camp?” Not Crazy Not Survive wave his hand, and the six devil wolves rushed to Black Mark revealing their fangs.

With a cold hum, Falling To The Silence extremely reluctant to put Black Mark on a chair, then he swayed, in less than 10 seconds the six devil Wolves' head were cut off in an instant, the headless corpse dyed red with blood collapsed, Not Crazy Not Survive cover his chest and fell on the ground with powerlessness, all the summoning beasts were killed in a instant, so his body will also be greatly rebelled. Steel City's big sword is roaring with the wind, Falling To The Silence watched the blade approaching his body with cold eyes, standing still in the same place. The sharp blade was cut to the fragile neck, the people present squinted their eyes, unwilling to see the blood splashing scene. But to everyone's surprise, the scenes they had imagined did not appear, Falling To The Silence's wounded neck didn't even shed a drop of blood, instead as the blade left it began to heal quickly, in the blink of an eye it was as good as ever—— This is the skill attached to the Guardian of the Light Armor Bifflon: Death Exemption.

The Killing G.o.d guild's members were not aware of it, they only know that the person who had the fatal blow should be turned into white light at this time was standing in front of them in perfect condition, Falling To The Silence was worthy of his name, Snowy Days Memories didn't dare to act rashly.

“Six Ways, help me!” Black Mark stretch out his arms to Six Ways of Reincarnation, the latter hesitated for a moment but eventually came forward, he pulled the weak archer from the chair with half-hugging —— although he doesn't know why the other person become like this, but Six Ways of Reincarnation's intuition feels that it has to do with him not being punished by death even though he was died.

Black Mark's whole body is weak and leans on Six Ways of Reincarnation, he smiled toward Falling To The Silence to appeased the latter to calmly cool down. “We all will be clear about the building-the-city order stolen things.” Black Mark's eyes slowly but meticulously swept everyone present, he paused a word and said, “Bobcat members are not good at bullying, the besieged matter this time, we will be doubled it back!”

The others are still okay, but this sentence blew up the pot in the heart of Six Ways of Reincarnation and Perfect Storm ——Bobcat were besieged? ? ! ! Which means that these things are definitely not so simple as to lose a piece of building-the-city order. This is a conspiracy! Drunken Evil Of The Throne is not here now, once they are not calm and clash head-on with the Bobcat members… The consequences are unimaginable…

“Then I believe that the Bobcat team will catch the real thief.” Perfect Storm took a step back and unwittingly gave them a way. Six Ways of Reincarnation gave him a deep look then picked up Black Mark and walked toward the gate. A Ghost Dragging Knife and Extreme Element hesitated for a moment, then followed closely, Falling To The Silence who left behind swept a glance at the rest of the people, make sure they don't dare to act rashly, Vega Storm turned back in his hand and returned to his waist, he also turned and walked away.

“Is that it?” Seeing the five men who gone far, Unparalleled Warrior tempted to look at Perfect Storm.

“What else? Do you really want to be torn apart and put on a fight with the Bobcat?” He took a look at the female sorcerer, Perfect Storm stretched out his hand into a fist and hammered the back of the head with a headache—— This is the feeling when a family is not being good, the good thing is that Drunken Evil Of The Throne will be back tomorrow, all he can do is to maintain the situation without getting worse, wait till the leader gets back and talk…

A little tent was made reserved for three people for Six Ways of Reincarnation and his friends, Black Mark directly lying on the bed like a mud and saying to Falling To The Silence. “I'm going offline and come up tomorrow morning.”

A brief response should be made, but Falling To The Silence look at that man's figure disappearing, the blue-eyed man thoughtfully turned his head and said to Six Ways of Reincarnation : “I'll leave.” He also offline out of the game.

Su Yi climbed out of the game capsule and moved a little stiff limbs, although the deluxe version of the game capsule has a muscle ma.s.sage function, however no matter how advanced it is not as effective as physical exercise. Looking at the pipeline that is still transporting nutrient fluids into the game capsule, Su Yi shook his head and went to a machine and pressed the power ON b.u.t.ton.

The sleep time that originally set the brain is one year, when the sleep time is over, the brain will automatically open and wake him up from the game —— but he has to wake up early in order to investigate the theft of building-the-city order.

“Why did you wake me up, master?” Another ‘Su Yi' stood in front of him, yawning, wearing a blue checkered pajamas with a ridiculous nightcap on his head.

“Randy, even if you are stubborn using my appearance, at least please don't wear such ridiculous clothes.” Su Yi rubbed his forehead with a headache, he is really helpless about this intellectual brain* of his domesticated, he knew that when he created him he didn't set a s.p.a.ce for personality development, the result is that his domesticated's brain has now developed this odd temper.

(智脑: i literally translated it as Intellectual Brain, it's like a Smart Robot i think, i don't know what term i should use, please recommend me if you have any suggestion, )
“Okay~ as you wish my master.” Randy changed shape in a single shake, that cute set of pajamas turned into a furry baby bear outfit, the guy in front of him who had the same face as himself also deliberately clasped two furry bear paws in his hands, posed charmingly naive .

“Randy! Make this joke again, watch out, I will format you!”

“I was abandoned by Master for so long, and now you were so fierce after we met. I am so pitiful~~~~~~” The intellectual brain covering his eyes with his ‘Bear's paws' to do a mournful pose.

…………….. Is this off-line guy really created by himself? Su Yi, who is extremely depressed, had to shake his head and sigh, he is no longer on the clothing issue, entangled with his own intellectual brain. “Randy, help me check things out.”

“Okay, the reward is not allowed to restrain my dress for a month.”

………… “I format you!” Who knows what strange clothes this guy's going to wear in one month with using Su Yi own's face…..

“555555~ Master bullied me, i don't want to live anymore, format it off, i'm fine~~~~55555”

“Okay… do as you like…” The war of master VS intellectual brain, Su Yi ended in defeat…

“What to check?” Although his idea is checking it off-line, but Randy's work efficiency is one of the highest.

“Transaction history of the auction house in 《Lost Temple》game, find out who the anonymous seller is. “Since there is no way to query through the normal way of the game, then we'll have to use special methods”.

In less than five minutes, intellectual brain is ‘whoop' blowing the whistle. “The firewall of this game is really amazing, it took me so long~”

“Don't sell a lawsuit*, who is it, tell me.”

(T/n: sell a lawsuit : playing secretive)
“The information is here, see by yourself.” The hand was empty, then a data form appeared out of thin air. Su Yi looked up at the long transaction record and found the name he was looking for at the end of the form —— So it's you!

“Randy, help me to check the money transfer record of this person from the game to the real world, go through the official procedures and make a copy of the information after you find it, then upload it to the game for me.” You really think that the dripping water you do is not leaking, there's no trace to follow? 100 coins are equivalent to 1 million federal coins (1 gold coin = 1 federal currency, 1 crystal coin = 10,000 gold coins). Where can a large sum of money be hidden? The game's official currency exchange transaction records can be viewed through the normal channels of application, when the time comes the iron is like a mountain*, see what other tricks you have to use!!

(T/n: 铁证如山 iron is like a mountain (idiom) mean: irrefutable evidences)
“Do i have to go through official procedures?” Randy virtually boringly took out a set of office chair, his fingers knocking on the table showing his impatience “The official application procedures also needs to be reviewed, slow like a turtle!”
Su Yi unable to restrain a smile, how bizarre it is not to remind the other person to sit in a decent office table and chair in a baby bear suit. “How long will it take?”

“Because it is not the transferee himself who applied to view the transaction record, so the procedures are going to be a little more troublesome, it will take an hour.” Big yawning, Randy considered whether he wanted to change the office table and chair into a sofa bed.

“Right, you can do me one more favor, help me find the battle record of the group that attacked us earlier today in the Boundary mountain area not far from the Abyss of h.e.l.l, it is best to get the physical image data and the list of attackers.”

“What? Which guy who ate the bear heart and leopard gall* dared to attack Master? I'm going to cut him down!” The intellectual brain's heart filled with righteous indignation**, and the clothes on his body were replaced with a set of samurai costume, with a big and bright machete on his hand….

(T/n: *熊心豹子胆 to eat bear heart and leopard gall (idiom) mean:  to pluck up some courage,

**义愤填膺 righteous indignation fills one's heart (idiom) mean: to feel indignant at injustice)

“About that, Randy, don't be too agitated, those people are just small fish. I just want to get rid of the master mind behind them.” Looking at the emotional Randy, Su Yi hung a black line on his head.
“Okay master, don't worry! Give it all to me!” He pat his chest, Randy's figure ‘whoosh' got into the machine all at once, I can see that he is very hazard  —— intellectual brain's body needs to be supported by a portion of the data s.p.a.ce, Randy used the part of the data s.p.a.ce that is the part of his body to query the clues, showing how much he cares about this matter.

Looking at the way Randy exerting his utmost strength, Su Yi suddenly moved a little —— Even though his intellectual brain odd-tempered, but once he's concerned about his master, he's going to be hazard~ Su Yi suddenly remembered the man with a pair of seblue eyes, don't know what he really is like in reality… he just wanted Randy to help with the inquiry, but the words went back to his mouth, he didn't want to know the latter with this way —— Although querying a gamer's profile is a piece of cake for Randy who has free access to various parts of the world's network.

“I got it, Master!” Randy got out of the machine with a small box in his hand. “It's all in here, does the master want to see it now?”

“No, you give me this information with memory crystal later in the game, I'll watch it in the game, how about it? Is it difficult?”

Randy twitched his mouth, revealing a look that is less despised. “But i need to do simple modification of the data in the game, the main brain of 《Lost Temple》 will never notice!”

“En, everything is up to you.”


In the real life story the author used so many technology term, i'm at lost because i'm not IT person. If any of you know about IT, you can give me suggestion of the words that might come out strangely on the story. ?

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