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Chapter 957 - 958 - They are Sacrifices

Mu Jin looked at Shang Li helplessly: "Iris, help me investigate something. About the Great Mage from an underworld clan!"

"The Grand Warlock?" Wei Yuanwei heard this phrase. She was not unfamiliar with the Great Mage, but she was unfamiliar with the addition of the underworld clan.

"Yes!" Fifty years ago, the underworld clans once had a Grand Warlock industry. This Grand Warlock even discovered two whirlpools, one that is connected to the outside world and the other that is connected to another world! " When Mu Jin said this, the smile in his eyes had already been retracted.

"How do you know all this?" Wei Yuanwei was extremely surprised. She had never heard of this Great Mage before.

Mu Jin stood up, looked at Shang Li and said: "Shang Li, I don't want you to meddle in my matters with Wei Yuanwei, so I didn't tell you just now that that person was not Han Yue, but the young master Fu Chen of the underworld clans!"

When Wei Yuanwei heard the two words Fu Chen, she also instantly stood up. How did he find this place? "

The moment of panic in Wei Yuanwei's eyes, it made Shang Li, who was beside him, feel it easily.

Someone who could make Wei Yuanwei show such an expression must be a powerful being.

"No, ever since the last incident, I have been in contact with Sir Fu Chen. I was the one who asked him to disguise himself as Han Yue!" Mu Jin's tone of voice was light and gentle, as if trying to dispel Wei Yuanwei's doubts, "The things that I said earlier were all told to me by Sir Fu Chen. Moreover, Yao Yao and Cang Chu are descendants of the Great Mage!"

Shang Li pondered for a moment, "Just what kind of trouble did you guys encounter? Why have you never told me about it, Mu Jin?"

"Shang Li, once I help you attack Chang An, I will have to settle my own matters. This matter has nothing to do with you, and I do not wish for you to interfere, so I did not tell you!"

"Descendant of the Grand Warlock?" Cang Chu said that he is the descendant of the High Priest. Wei Yuanwei frowned. She had never heard of this profession before in the underworld clans.

Mu Jin then told her everything that Fu Chen had told him.

By the side, Shang Li more or less understood the situation.

"Don't tell me you and Feng Yin are that Sacrifices?" Shang Li said as if he had hit the nail on the head. Otherwise, why would he keep pestering Mu Jin and Feng Yin, and not kill them?

Especially Cang Chu, he was an expert in martial arts and had stayed in the Medicinal Family for five years.

Shang Li's words immediately woke Mu Jin and Wei Yuanwei up.

They had always suspected that Cang Chu wanted something from Mu Jin and Feng Yin, but they never thought that they wanted to use him and Feng Yin as the Sacrifices s to open the forbidden gate.

Now that he thought about it, it made sense. Twelve Zodiac Spiritual Beads were used to open forbidden whirlpools, and they were used as Sacrifices to remove the curses on their bodies.

"Mu Jin and Feng Yin are Sacrifices?" When Wei Yuanwei said this, her entire voice trembled, the fear that came from the depths of her soul, caused Wei Yuanwei's spine to suddenly shiver, as a chill ran down her spine.

The ancient sacrificial ceremony was a cruel and merciless ceremony. Before, just looking at these characters caused her to feel fear. However, she didn't expect that she would have to personally experience something so shocking.

"I was just saying it casually. As for whether it's true or not, no one knows. In any case, if I want to remove the curse, I need something to sacrifice!" Shang Li was also not sure if what he said was true or not.

He just said it on his own.

However, Mu Jin's expression had already changed, the kind of ruthlessness and coldness that seemed to corrode one's bones shot out from his pitch black eyes.

Obviously, Mu Jin agreed with this point.

Wei Yuanwei looked at the cold aura that was growing thicker on Mu Jin's face and said, "Mu Jin, could it be that it's really like this?"

It was fine if Cang Chu had betrayed her and deceived her, but today, she found out that everything that had happened from start to finish was deceit. Furthermore, he had to treat Mu Jin and Feng Yin as Sacrifices s, so it could be said that he had been chilled from head to toe.

She could not imagine how Cang Chu, whose eyes were bright and clear, could be so terrifying.

Mu Jin turned his eyes to look at Wei Yuanwei, who was nibbling on her lower lip due to fear, and then, lightly nodded: "Feng Yin and I very possibly were the Sacrifices they wanted, and furthermore, this plan should have been carried out since a very long time ago. When Cang Chu first entered the palace to disguise himself as a little eunuch, and later disguised himself as a woman and snuck into the Duke's Palace, all these various indications are enough to prove that Cang Chu's appearance from the very start was a premeditated plan!"

"How can this be? Why did this happen? It's been in place for a long time. How long is it? " This time, Wei Yuanwei was truly aware of the terror behind people's hearts.

It was truly terrifying, even more frightening than a human eating a human.

How long? Even Mu Jin probably didn't know, but Yao Yao and Cang Chu were merely people they knew. Who knows if those people who didn't know had gotten close to them before?

"Fu Chen said that if you want to remove the curse, you need to restart the forbidden door on the fiftieth day after opening the forbidden door, and then present the offerings. Only then can you remove the curse, and based on time calculations, there are still two months left, so this is why a few years ago, or even longer, you don't feel threatened at all. However, the closer we are to the fifty year mark, the more threats you would feel from the surroundings, forcing us closer step by step!" Mu Jin's reply already stated that the descendant of the Great Mage had already planned this plan for a very long time.

It should be said that they had been planning all this since the day the Great Mage and the others found out that Feng Yin and he were Sacrifices.

"But why is it you?" Wei Yuanwei was unable to understand this point.

Was it just because Feng Yin and Mu Jin were twins?

But in this world, other than Mu Jin and Feng Yin, there were still other twins!

"Why us?" Mu Jin also wanted to know the answer to this question as well as why it was between him and Feng Yin, "Since they found a way to remove the curse after leaving the underworld clans …

That means I can find out why. "

Shang Li's gaze turned. "So you plan to directly interrogate Cang Chu?"

Cang Chu did not seem to be afraid of death. The fact that he was able to hide beside them for so many years showed that Cang Chu's perseverance was definitely not ordinary.

Mu Jin shook his head: "I am unable to get anything out of Cang Chu's mouth, even Cang Chu is already prepared to die!"

"Then what are you going to do? There are only two months left, there's no rush! "

Mu Jin turned his gaze towards Wei Yuanwei, "Iris, your father should know about what happened fifty years ago!"

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